Monday, September 29, 2008

catching up, catching up...

If you all did read my old blog's post, you will realize that I last updated my blog on 16th May, which is so loooooong ago.
If you all ever wonder what happen between that time until now, I may not be able to tell ALL of it, but I will definitely try to (especially those important ones).

During May-June's holiday, I went to SUFES campsite for my youth camp, and the fun there is unexplainable!

After holidays, i started my work in a new place - Tadika Eden. Just to let you all know. Yes, i still miss my CEC children very much. I do dream of them a lot since then. I cannot wait to meet them again during their concert! Hopefully I am able to go.

CEC's children

Tadika Eden's children

On 10th of July, is my babysean and I 1st Anniversary!
From the first day we are together until today, it's already 1 year and 2 months ++ =P. But I will still often wonder, how long will we be together. hmm...
**updated (14/8/2009)
already ended in Oct08, LOL!**

In August, my church had our family camp in Awana, Genting.

In early September, it's my beloved sister's wedding.. (6/09/08)

And my condolences to Zhanwei, Ya-Pei, Ya-Qi and their mom for the demise of their father. Anyhow, continue to stand strong in God! He is the only one who can give you all comfort now... =)

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imperfects can be perfect

girls are confusing.. or is it just me?

This is not my first blog, but it's the first post in this blog. I shall dedicate this first post to Zhanwei (aren't you honoured?). The reason is because, he is the only one i mentioned to about changing blog. In the mist of telling him that, i struggle through times of making decision.
I have an old blog -->
But I change to this blog all because of peer pressure and I seriously think this blog is so much easier to use. But I really miss my old blog's memory. After all, I've been using that blog for the past 4 to 5 years?
I really like my old blog, but I think I am getting bored of it also. But I really will miss my old blog's memory, but i really want a new blog! (argh, i am really confusing)
So, for Zhanwei, or for most of the guys out there, girls are confusing. That is the first post for today. I've started my blog making everyone thinks that I'm a confusing person. *laughs* Actually, I am not really that confusing. I am just very indecisive. It takes from the range of a few days to a few years for me to decide.
But of course, if it comes to panda.. decision will be made in 0.0000001 second. Yes, it's prettily fast.. Because I just LOVE panda!
Nevertheless, I'm also very blur!! As in super bluuurrrrr...
It will take me at least 30 seconds to catch a simple joke. After catching the joke, I still need 10 more seconds to react in laughing.
Well, everyone who knows me knows that I am super blur! So no need to question. =P
So hi new blog, hi to everything new now..
Do take time to read my old blog too =)

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect