Tuesday, December 30, 2008


on 29th Dec, i went to Neway Karaoke with
Sis. Raine, Sis. Tracy (Raine's best friend) and Charmain.
We were first shown room 31, extremely small room.
stuffy, and 2 mics for 4.

We ordered many drinks.
I really love their drink's name,
all the love songs =p

these are the drinks we ordered.
really not bad!
recommended*** =)

we are offered with 8 glasses of drinks.
but we exchange 2 glasses of it for these 2 plates.
these snacks really burn a hole in our pockets!
it's RM 9.00 per plate!
*it's not like I'm paying, so don't complain! hahaha =D*
thanks Sis. Tracy!

Sis. Tracy really got good voice!
She is the priminary judge for One In A Million!
*so take chances guys! lol*

Sis. Raine..
how can she not have a good voice?
she need to sing to her husband! =P

no doubt, charmain and i had good voices too!
that can possible break the glass,
kill mosquitoes or make a dog meow. haha!

We take turn to sing.
so when we are not singing,
we select songs like the end of the world.

ofcourse, that's not all we do when we are not singing...

when it's not my turn to sing...
just put on a pretty smile and snap!

when it's not our turn to sing...
just put on a smile and snap!

Sis. Raine and Sis. Tracy duet!
scream it all out of your heart! lolz.

This is the result of a really nice song of Celine Dion's
It's All Coming Back To Me Now
really touchy..
*remember to switch off panda pop sound first*

Our room is really near the entrance,
in fact it is really the first room you can see once you enter!

i guess they sang scream too loud,
the waiter came and said we can change to a bigger room..
with 4 mics!

So here we are...
they are like.. really BFF!

it's not only me that knows how to smile and snap!
know what i mean?
it's family genes! =P

we had fun until around 5.50pm.
we are suppose to leave at 6.00pm.

So just before that,
Charmain and I sang a really rock-y song lolz
And that rock-y but touch-y song made me think of my friends
*aww.. how sweet isn't it?
i know ... =p*

*remember to switch off panda pop sound*

it's 飞轮海 - 超喜欢你
Farenheit! Woo hoo!
I still remember when i'm in secondary school
*which was just one year ago*
we were totally into Farenheit,
they are cute!
especially the duno-whatz-the-name and wu zhun.

remember what this pic is called??
it's CELCIUS people! =P
no meaning for the CELCIUS, just a randomly random name
just to suit the name of Farenheit
teeheee.. old crazy memories.

really miss them,
they are the one who introduces me nice songs. =P
I don't really listen to songs,
even i listen, i won't know who sang them.

and not forgetting..
i'm the most outdated fella in that group =P

but i'm happy being outdated
since they can always update me =)
today (30th Dec), i receive a card.
the first thing i see..
the stamp =P

then i immediately know it's from who. HAHAHA!
way to go!
I only know the meaning of GOD JUL after opening the card. =)
and you still have greeeatttt creativity in words designing! =)

::to mel::
:::our msn conversation:::

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:

::rachel:: says:
"yeah.. wanna come?"

::rachel:: says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:
"come wut"

::rachel:: says:
"oh i playing sketch"

::rachel:: says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:
"did u check ur post box??"

::rachel:: says:

::rachel:: says:
"check post box for what?"

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:

+mel+ Fujimoto Kumiko says:
"u din receive?"

and then i didn't reply already. hahaha!

Mel, I was blogging about it when you ask me. ahahah!

But I really did not check my post box.
Sis. Raine did.
But I did receive the card already =P

I didn't answer or didn't reply
doesn't mean I didn't receive mar =P =P

don't worry mel!
your card is save @ my hand! =P

-end with i-miss-them smiles-

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, December 28, 2008

animal dinner

Annual dinner is here again! =P
Remember our previous annual dinner always is on Elaine and the Agung's birthday.
This year we don't want to celebrate her birthday,
so we put it separately..
hahaha.. just kiding =P

I reach church around 5.15pm.

Aunty Julia:
"I thought which standard 6 is this, cannot recognize."

"oh, i havn't introduce myself.. I am Rachel, you should know me right?"

"i don't know wor.. "
yea yea yea. lolz

Elaine more terror.
She came smilling at me.
After paying for Annual Dinner...

"Eh, Matthew, you cut hair ar?"

" Yea, Rachel also. "

Elaine turns to Rachel:
"eih? yea hor.."

*laughing out very loudly!*

ok. enough of the jokes regarding my new hair cut.
Let's gooooo to Yuen Steamboat!

The attendance was 28.
We booked 3 tables.

Let me show you a cute food. hahaha

cute leh cute leh? hahaha! so cute wey =P

i ate it up in the end.
not only wei wen eat cute animals,
lolz.. i eat too! wheeeee...
just sotong, not cats, not dogs and definitely NOT PANDA!

Zi Sheng & Benjamin ( 2 of the standard six) is sitting with us.
The advantage is.. Rachel will train them to be animalism!
the disadvantage ... they need to get food for us! lolz
*one round only ok.. i'm not heartless =P*

anyway, both of them are seriously cute!
looking at them, i felt so old.
they are like little brothers to me. This is Zi Sheng enjoying his meal.
And Ben playing with his chopsticks.

They serve crap crab in Yuen Steamboat too.
So i asked the question again.

Which crab run faster?
Green Crab or Red Crab?

" Green crab "

" why? "

" Red means stop, Green means go."

smart boy hah?
his answer is smarter than my answer!

Zi Sheng on the other hand was competing with me.
We were competing who can eat MORE. =s

Now it's time for you all to guess who actually won..
IT'S ME! hahaha!
Come on, I've been an animal in youth for the pass 5 years,
how can i lose??

But seriously, Zi Sheng really can eat!
The reason he lose was he left the restaurant early,
need to go to the airport to send his cousin off.

I wonder if Zi Sheng actually stay..
will I lose???



*or is it?*

next up, Matthew and Edric were competing too.

the egg without shell belongs to Matthew.
the egg with shell belongs to Edric.

they were competing see which is the correct cooking of egg. =p

I joined in too, i break the egg and just pour it in the soup.
I didn't use any spoon.

Many of them said it is the wrong way.
But darling Ya-Pei on my side =P

anyhow.. there isn't really a correct or wrong way.
As long as the egg is cooked and is edible. hahaha

matt: " don't disturb me! "
US: "we're not done yet, just resting."

really love annual dinner =P
foooooood is the youth's topic

and really love my new hair cut. lolz
- end with contented smiles -

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, December 27, 2008

boxing day

26th December is boxing day!
However, it is not celebrated in Malaysia. =P

For other country,
i heard that if they open their Christmas Present on Boxing Day
but they are not satisfied with what they had,
they can return it to the shop or change another item.

the question is : how? if amy is the one who gave annie,
annie doesn't like it, how could annie possible bring it to the shop for a change?
she don't have the receipt!

ok. fine. maybe annie go and find amy to get the receipt.
"hey amy, i don't really like your gift,
can i have the receipt so i could change another item?"

how hurtful ... hmmm.....

dear friends, no matter where i am,
what i get, who i get it from...
i will appreciate it. =)

these are my presents for Christmas.

...before opening...

1. face towel + card
thanks Xinzi
2. love filled card
thanks sheen!
3. meaningful bookmark
thanks elaine!
4. photoframe
thanks 'me'
* complicated * i bought this photoframe for charmain's friend for gift exchange.
coincidently, i'm the one who will be exchanging gift with her friend.
so i got it back -.-" lolz!

5. birthstone of march (my bday month)
thanks king!
6. panda pouch + santa card
thanksss mohana!!
7. bracelet + panda bookmark
thank you karjie - sis. raine!!

...after opening... .
And more than 2000 years ago,
God gave all of us Jesus.
Through Jesus, we can receive the gift of Salvation.
Jesus is the one who teaches us about life and death,
showing us examples of love,
telling us that God still love us.
but we rejected Him, and nailed Him to the cross with our sins.
He was crucified, dead and buried.
He died so that our sins are washed away,
He died so that we can go back to Our Heavenly Father.

On the 3rd day, Jesus rose up from the dead.
He is alive! and is now sitted at the right hand side of God the Father.
He is always watching us from above,protecting us. Amen.

A little boy ask:
"mummy, when are we going to give Jesus His present?
i thought it was His birthday!"

it is Jesus birthday, we give gits to everyone but the One whose birthday we celebrate.

So what are we going to give to Jesus?
It is still not too late to give Him the gift.

If you have never trusted in Him as your Saviour,
the thing He desires from you is a believing heart.
why not put your faith in Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross
so that you can be saved from your sins?

If by faith you already know Christ as your Saviour,
then the most wonderful gift for Jesus is the gift He most desires to receive from you
- your body!!

Romans 12:1 - Present your bodies a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable to God.

Our body are to be used for God's purposes.
Because we accepted the gift of salvation from Him,
it's only reasonable that we should present ourselves to the Father.
This is the gift that truly fits the occasion!

What shall I give for Christmas
To Him who gave Himself for me?
To Him I give my life, my love,
For time and for eternity
- Anon.

Give your all to Christ;
He gave His all for you.

-end with smiles and hopes for all of you!!!-

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect