Friday, July 31, 2009

was busy lar! and still busy!

i was really busy on Wednesday (29th July 2009)
and therefore i did not blog much!

but, let me just spend a little time telling you all about what i did on Wednesday! this is what i saw early in the morning.

yes, a stiff dragonfly!
and nope, it wasn't dead.
normally dragonflies died after one night,
but this one is different.

after that, i went to kindergarten.
i had lunch there.
and i had otak-otak!
was telling Cherin the day before (28th July) to get me otak-otak!
and coincidently, Ms Cynthia bought otak-otaks for lunch!
guess where am i? (for picture below)
somewhere with really good sunlight in my house during the evening.

and i just love the colour when the sun shines on my hair.
though it may spoil my hair if i had myself standing under hot sun for a long time,
but, it somehow makes my hair "look" healthy for that moment.
*yeah! I am in the toilet!! hahaha!*

i will update on Thursday (30th July) later. =)

imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

busy lar!


no updates!

no need to scroll down!

funny, how people always do the opposite!

but sorry to disappoint you,
really am busy =)

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

meeting up with cherin

Cherin is a friend i knew when i was working in Child Enrichment Centre USJ 12 (CEC USJ12) last time.
before she came, i was the 5 years old class form teacher.
after she came, my principal understand that i will only work temporary,
so Cherin took over my class.
as for me, i went around the kindergarten assisting teachers in need.

but, i often go back to that 5 years old class and look at the children
found out that she is just 1 year older than me..
so, we hooked up
and we became friends =)
*she ordered Tempura Bento Set*

and so, because she was from Johor,
she doesn't really know Subang Jaya,
i brought her around the areas i'm familiar of, with her driving.
After 3 months of knowing her then,
i left CEC USJ 12 and went to Methodist College for my studies
and applied for work in Tadika Eden.

That's how we got separated.
or else, i think we will be teaching in CEC USJ 12 together.
*i ordered Teppan Chicken Set*
*i wonder.. why is there always hole in my hair?*
*and.. the colour of my hair here is SO OBVIOUS, kinda weird! LOL!*

though our paths had been separated, we've often contact each other.
we do plan days to meet up once in a blue moon to catch up with things.
*sometimes she will purposely buy otak-otak from Johor and bring it to my house!*
we are both busy people hahaha!
it's hard to find a time when she and i will be free.

Yet, today is a perfect day that both of us got to meet up together. =)
We had our lunch at 2pm in Bento House SS 15.
Normally, i am the one introducing new restaurants to her.
it's just as well the same today.

however, we did not realize that Bento House actually closes from 3pm to 5pm,
so we sat and chat until the workers there got to off part of the lights to hint us they are closing.

Quickly we finish our food and conversation,
packed and leave.

there were only 2 of us.
i hope we did not leave bad impression.
*but, customers are always right, right?*
Had a great day with her today!
the next meeting with her will most probably fall in December.
*gosh, that is long!*

i am waiting for the otak-otaks =p

imperfects may be perfect

mushroom soup with croutons!

Ever since holiday, my mind is so freed of stress!

even working with children seem extraordinary enjoyable,
i had more space for patience and listening to them.

the best time spent with them are always during arts, cooking, planting and hands-on activities
really love teaching them.
their smartness just give me a sense of success in teaching =p

but when naughty-ness strikes,
you'll see me pulling my hair!
or their hair!
So, i did cooking demo.
and it wasn't really a cooking anyway.
it's too dangerous to bring a stove.

but i did Mushroom Soup with Croutons together with them.

it's a simple, instant mushroom soup.

We just add the soup powder and hot water..
and TA-DAA ..
So, i had the children using their spoon to scoop 2 spoonful of powder in their bowl.

after that, i gave each of them a small cup with handle,
fill in with hot water and have them to pour in.

then they stirred it.

and ready to be consumed.
Aren't they enjoying themselves?
*one of the child was absent =(
that makes only 7 of them*

Thanks to Teacher Rachel that they are so happy!
a happy teacher = happy children!!

imperfects may be perfect

i did not fail to make a difference

...because who i am does make a difference =) i hold responsibilities, but beyond responsibilities,
the thing we should remember is love.
there should be love behind, inside and in front of the responsibilities we are holding.

responsibilities that are committed to,
should benefit self & others.
and how to really benefit self & others if there is no love towards self & others?

sometimes your love to people
may be mistaken by others that we are trying to rub the people's shoe.
sometimes your love to this person,
may indirectly tell that person that you're hating them.
sometimes you love this person so much,
but they are just not satisfied.
sometimes, you thought you are unloved,
but when you count the blessing,
you'll find more love that you yourself didn't expect.

human's perceptions are confusing.

**and i know, my blog is confusing..
from making a difference -> responsibilities -> love -> perception
-> communication -> problem solving!**

therefore, communication is very important.

what is the use of our mouth, our tongue, our teeth and our voice?
it should not sin.

if there are confusion, misunderstanding and so on.
the best way to solve the problem is..
use your mouth to ask to find out about the problem!

and NOT by stating the unproven of what you've perceived,
NOT to conclude things with your own understanding.

Therefore, love your neighbour as yourself.
do to others what you want others to do it on you.

don't sin with our tongue that hurts others as well as self.
Sunday (26th July 2009) was darling Ya-Pei's last Sunday Worship Service in Malaysia.
Next Sunday (2nd August), she will be going to Singapore to further her studies.

Rev. David Boey led the whole church to pray together for her.
All the best, darling

Last Saturday, i coincidently wear checkered shirt with the checkered shirt lover - wei wen.
and we took a picture!
*hahaha! thanks wei wen!*

This is a picture i steal from Wei Wen's blog.
and she edited the picture by censoring our face with panda (me) and hello kitty(wei wen).
because these are the "not-so-pretty-but-still-pretty side" of us

however, these are the pretty side of us =D
*praising self & wei wen*
told you we are pretty!

Because, we are beautifully and wonderfully made =)
imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the taste of holiday

Exam ended!
I'm having semester break for 3 weeks!
hear me shout! WHEEEE!!

after youth fellowship,
Ben, Swee Huan and Sik Yee came.
we wanted to head to Station 1, but none of us had car.

so, we went to Swee Huan's house from Subang Square
(Swee Huan's house is just 1 row away from my house)
it is very dangerous in SS15, especially around our housing area.
many things happen there.

but we got safe and sound anyway, risking our lives in the dark.

but, the reward is..

i don't know the name, but thanks Ben!
(wait wait, am i suppose to pay?
i didn't pay you! how much is it ar?)

at around 10.30pm, we went to Station 1,
and Chin Yong met up with us there.

i ordered my dinner.
Chicken Ham Crossant

and the rest of the night are playing with the block tower
and other funny games.

sadly, block tower game is always ruined by me.
with the concept of 'playing it more challengeably'

i always picked the hardest block to take.

Chin Yong was always preparing to catch my falling blocks!
He looked down on me!

while others only get to play one round,
and when it's my turn,
the tower falls. =/

i will need to start practicing on my skills already.
*disappointing fine motor skills =(*

we lived quite near to each other,
we could easily get to each other's house just 5 minutes drive away!
and it wasn't long since our last meet up isn't it?

and it's definitely not very difficult to remember what happen 2 years ago.

but somehow,
i don't remember, really don't remember!
i open up my house for you guys to cook spaghetti?
and i serve you all with durians?

this is the 2 incident that happen in my house and i don't remember!
LOL! that is why,
it is important to take picture!
and it is important to keep daily records on what you did! ---
So, this was what i did yesterday!

i went out with my friends again FINALLY! =p
and we surely had fun chatting and playing =)

at approximately 12am, our parents called up.
usually, it was only my mom who will call.
but because of all the incident that happen nowadays,
none of our parents are able to sleep well when their children are not home.

we left at 12.15am, and Swee fetched us home one by one.
thanks Swee!
Hey, it's not the end!
we can still meet up =p
the next time we meet,
we must try to get Wei Yiing & Soo Lee out as well =)

imperfects may be perfect

ocean of dolphins!

Last week, i went to the Underwater,
and i see the dolphins!
they are SO CUTE!

Just look at how they swim around the ocean!
they look so friendly and gentle.
feel like jumping in the water to swim with them already!
it's just a blanket lar! =p*This bed belongs to Charmain♥
blue-ish & dolphin-ish!*
*the dolphin blanket is a gift from Karjie*

This is what happen.
Last Thursday, after my Children With Special Needs paper.
i came home and start decorating Charmain's bed with Karjie.

we place our gifts on her bed,
and then we went out.
she found out about the bed while we are out. *the dolphin chain on the dolphin soft toy is a gift from me*

after that, my family celebrated her birthday after her tuition.
my grandparents who were in pyjamas and on the bed,
purposely wake up and change their clothes to celebrate together with Charmain.

and it went typically with songs and cakes for that night =P

On Saturday (25th July),
we celebrated her birthday together with MIYF.
*she was so surprised, yet i think she have already figured out*

*what's a life without this beloved sister - rachel? LOL!*

*and what's life without this whole MIYF?*
Dear Charmain,
One whom just turned 17.
One whom slept with me for 17 years.
One whom i argue most, fight most and share most .
One whom listens while i talk.
One whom alert Karjie and the others once my blur symptom is here.
One whom is caring and sensitive to others.
One whose love had no boundaries.
One whom had no prejudice!
One whom i loved a lot a lot a lot!
A sister, who is always close to heart.

Happy 17th Birthday!
Please be a good girl!

God bless you =)

imperfects may be perfect

just a note

1stly, exam is over!!

2ndly, celebrated Charmain's birthday in MIYF!

3rdly, went out for a small gathering with a few of my old school friends!♥♥♥

4thly, tired...

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, July 24, 2009


Special Needs exam was at 6.00pm,
so i practically spent my whole afternoon memorizing the notes!
but you know?
most of what i memorized was not out!?!?!?!?
i was so hoping that i could use it! =(

anyway, i did my best =)
came home at night, Anna fetched me.
had my dinner with Lorraine.
talk about Hands, Food Foot, Mouth Disease (HFM)
one of the kindergarten in Subang was closed temporary.

please beware!
Charmain came home from tuition,
then, we celebrate her 17th birthday!

yea, with cakes and song.

that's all!


oh ya, happy birthday.
o.O -> o.O.0?*

and i simply do not like the type of consistency of rules you all enforced.
and even if you all tighten the rules,
you all act ed as if WE should know it!
yeah, you all inform.. but it was the same rule as last year,
but last year you all were more linean.
who would have thought of your expectations if it wasn't communicated?
*sigh.. should have been more cautious about it!*

imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

you are still loved♥

*cherry of my eye*

first & foremost, today i have no exam!
it's a break! a bit more relax at first,
but thinking that tomorrow i'm having the exam on Children with special needs,
i got a little scared.

but i will start studying very soon! =)
*wildberry kiss! a cherry red like purple!*

it was raining this morning, i didn't get to see the eclipse.
however, karjie shared to me of a similar situation where an indian parent said not the let their children see the eclipse because it is bad for the children.
i ask "bad for what?"
the indian parent say "overall"

i don't get it. but since they said so,
that indian girl will not be allowed to go even IF there is an eclipse.
but she will miss the total miracle!

*whoever who have information on the disadvantage of eclipse,
please do tell me!*

and i realize, it was partial solar eclipse in Malaysia,
but in China, it is Total solar eclipse.

anyway, since i missed this,
i shall not miss the coming eclipse in 2010 during January itself =)

come and see the eclipse chasers!
*eww! that disgusting tongue again! LOL!!*

and do you know that we can observe about Mars' growth during August?
i'm so waiting for it!
i'll blog about it tomorrow!
*yeah.. it was strawberry again! LOL*

yesterday, i was having Guidance of young children!
one of the way to solve things to to communicate!
and the communication skill is a lifelong process!
and everyone have a different anger of perception.

today, i finally realize how ignorant i was towards someone i called a friend.

in my deeds, i did what a friend shouldn't do
and didn't do what a friend should have done!
i have given many opportunities, but i did not take it to heart!

in my speech, i supports the unproven about her!

in my thoughts, i made false judgement!

but hopefully this friend of mine who i havn't been treating like one can forgive me (and also others).
i have no right to say i am her friend because of all these things.
nevertheless, i hope that i could still be a friend to her after all these years!
because she was loved, still loved, will be loved =)
*this is my real tongue =p*

i've finish blogging!
till tomorrow =)

*anyone having videos on today's eclipse,
please do tell me! thanks!*

imperfects may be perfect