Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka mafia countdown

first & foremost, everyone make mistakes.
today is Sunday, i've always remind, and i was always there at 8.30am
as usual, i should be there at 8.30am as well.
however, i slept late on Saturday night (my bad!)
and i accidentally push my handphone (aka alarm) down the bed
(unintentionally, my bad!)
and i did not hear the alarm!

when i wake up, it was too late for the first service.
quickly i called up to make sure there are sufficient people on duty.

*a BIG thanks to all of you who've helped me through & did not complain =)*

Then, quickly, i rushed for 2nd service.
I didn't get to listen to the sermon, but i know it is good.
and i've read it through pastor's email.h
owever, that doesn't take me off from the feeling of guilt!

i hate being late!
that is why i was always early!
and that is why i am always the alarm clock & reminder to others!
everytime when i'm late,
i will automatically have the feeling of guilt & shamefulness of the irresponsible act!

i don't need you all to tell me how wrong i am
because i know how terribly i've act!

and i think, i only need to explain to Him.
the promise to observe Sabbath by coming to church
is kept between Him and i.

BUT, i thank all those who asked out of care!
Thank you so much =)

Next, when i say i'm not means i'm not!
you don't have to
put words into my mouth
and announce to the world that i am!
i already say i am not!
you are the one who thought i am.
i've even explain well to you that i am not.
anyhow, the world knows that i am not!
and i know that i am not!
whatever you want say i am,
is none of my business!
i don't need to waste time and i don't want
to waste energy to explain.
i know well it's pointless.
enough said!

Merdeka, merdeka, merdeka, ...
This year's national day celebration is so dull.
i only experience spirit of merdeka when i'm in kindergarten,
hearing the children sing merdeka song.

but during this school holiday.
the spirit went down dramatically! LOL!

However, there is still a nice merdeka celebration.
Just that, we aren't gathering to really countdown lar..

Rachel: " Ee Laine, Mafia date tonight, countdown @ ss17's field."
Ee Laine: " Har? You guys serious ar? "
Rachel: "Yeah, 9.15pm meet at ss17's field there, merdeka countdown!"
Ee Laine: "Every night also play wey! Really crazy"
etc etc..

yeah, it was just for mafia =.=! again!

while waiting for each other to gather,
the guys played their basketball,
the girls sat and chit chat.Then finally, started.

Round 1: Rachel is Mafia!
acted as civillian!
Got emo when Wen Jun suspected her!
But still got kicked out of game.

Round 2: Rachel Mafia!

Round 3: Rachel Mafia!
Samuel suspected Rachel because she talk so much!
Rachel said she is civillian, obviously, no one believes.
Rachel out of the game.

Round 4: Rachel Mafia!
acted as civillian!
"Mafia, kill me please!"
"Doctor, don't heal me."
once i wake up, all kutuk me already.
I played along, "yeah, i'm mafia."
Out of game.

Round 5, 6, 7.. etc... ...
a few round as civillian and the last round as detective.
but got voted out really fast.
it was revenge for 'killing'! LOL!
When it was 12am, we didn't countdown.
There wasn't any motivation to countdown also.
We were too into the Mafia game already,

Some of us tried singing Merdeka songs
and lots of other songs to bring up the mood.

But, it was disturbing! LOL!
Anyhow, at 12.30am, Charmain and I went home.
We are really punctual! =p
parents are worried =D

Happy Merdeka to all of you =D

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, August 30, 2009

special thanks to..

1. Wei Yiing for dedicating to me a special post of appreciation!
i love it very much as it brings back memories of more than 10 years ago!
thanks Yiing =D

2. Sis. Lorraine aka Karjie
for her special post to congrat me on my success.
thanks a lot!
i will continue to do my best & shine for God =)

3. Samuel Tan
for finally giving me a rose =D
thanks Sam, that was really a nice rose you've drawn.
and very sweet indeed.
and you know what?
you seriously is very cute marr!
*don't scold me!
say thank you!!*


Thanks all. Much love.

imperfects may be perfect.

awards night

Award Nights 2009 was on 27th August (Thursday).
Last year, i was also invited to get my certificate on stage,
however it was on a Saturday and i had youth.
i didn't attend.
somehow, i was also thinking,
what's the big deal man?
it was just one semester.
This year's Awards Night,
i was pursuaded to go.
The college purposely had classes off on Thursday night
for the Graduation & Awards Night.

At first i didn't want to go too.
But after that, i just decided to go lor.
And i was already warned that there will be a lot of speech.
Karjie came with me as it will be her first & last time to see me get my award.
But, the feeling is just.. normal.
That night was a rainy night.
Karjie used NPE highway to get to Brickfields.
Typically, Brickfield is having traffic jam.

The ceremony start at 8.00pm,
but we were asked to reach by 7.30pm.

However, because of the jam,
we reach only around 7.45pm.We are all greeted by lecturers at the main entrance.
Though i am just a student who is getting a certificate,
but i just felt special suddenly.
Mr. Terry was there greeting us too.
We walk upstairs to the hall.
Met some of my DECE friends there.

Then, Karjie got to sit at the left side of the hall with other parents.
I got to sit at the right side following the name to be called to take award.
The ceremony wasn't started punctually,
but it was JUST 5 minutes late.
which i think MCKL is really making difference bit by bit.
Normally, ceremony like this will not start only after 15 to 30minute of the actual time.
However, after speeches and speeches and speeches.
I was getting bored.
But, it IS like that, couldn't expect much.
Some of the elements in their speech are really touching and had great meaning.
From their speech and testimony,
we know how God guided them,
how God watches MCKL grow.
Then there is choir singing MCKL's song,
i suppose this is the first year they had it.

MCKL's motto :
Veritas Vincit Omnia - Truth Conquers All

MCKL's song
Title: MCKL Veritas Vincit Omnia
Adapted from the hymn ' I would be True '
Lyrics by Howard A. Walkter (1906)
Music by Joseph Y. Peek (1911)
MCKL Adaptation (2009)

MCKL Veritas Vincit Omnia's Lyrics
MCKL Veritas Vincit Omnia
We would strive on for excellence always;
We would look up to God for His own wisdom;
Help us to build a heritage in Your name,
Help us to build a heritage in Your name.

We would be true, for there are those who trust us;
We would be pure, for there are those who care;
We would be strong, for there is much to suffer;
We would be brave, for there is much to dare.
We would be brace, for there is much to dare.

We would be friend of all, the foe, the friendless;
We would be giving, and forget the gift;
We would be humble, for we know our weakness;
We would look up, and laugh and love and lift.
We would look up, and laugh and love and lift.

MCKL Veritas Vincit Omnia
We would strive on for excellence always;
We would look up to God for His own wisdom;
Help us to build a heritage in Your name,
Help us to build a heritage in Your name.

This is the tune for MCKL's song.
But the choir sang it much lively and cheerfully.

And then, finally is the Prize Giving!

And ta-daa, Karjie manage to take 2 shots of me while i went up the stage.
I was wearing high heels,
my fear was that i trip and fall when going up the staircase.
But luckily i didn't.
After i receive my award,
i happily went down the stage. *i was walking wth big footsteps LOL!
i was walking really fast lar..*

After that, i went back to my seat and sat around for awhile.
That time was already 10pm ++

Later, we are asked to go and take picture.

Cohort 2009's dean list
in the picture: Shi Pui, Mr. Terry, Emerlynn, Crystal
and not forgetting Briget who went off earlier.

Cohort 2008
in the picture: Wai Khoon, Mr. Terry, Yian Ngo, Rachel, Yein Fei, Charis, Jian Shi.
and not forgetting Charleen who was unable to make it.
Umei who went off earlier.
This is all of us =D
Karjie was complaining.
We had our last picture and we left.
but, i'm rather sure that she did not regret coming to see me too.
She will not have the chance next year already.
We left early before everything ends,
we didn't even stay for supper.
But Karjie and I went else where for supper.

After that, we went home.
imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, August 29, 2009

a blessed life - day 3 *end*

(continue from a blessed life - day 2 - part 2) Like i've said, after the previous night's Mafia game.
some of us went back to room and sleep.
Some of us stayed up chatting.
I was the one who was hyper on that night.
I practically stay awake with Matthew until 5.30am!
We even planned to go gym at 6.00am!
But, failed to wake up!

I was the alarm clock the next day, waking everybody up!
(as usual)
"aiyoh, rachel, you so annoying larrr! like my maid only!" said Michelle
"have to wake up, 7.30am already!" said Rachel
"cannot trust your time, your time is always fast." said Michelle
"really, 7.30am! i go and change now, when i come back,
both of you must be in toilet already."
said Rachel.

i went back to EER's room.
Elaine was still sleeping.
"Elaine, wake up!" said Rachel.
"Mm.." Said Elaine.
"Don't Mmm, wake up! Wake up already or not?" said Rachel.
"Wake up already." Mumbled Elaine.
"I don't believe, sit up straight!" said Rachel.
Elaine forced herself up. LOL!

After i changed, i went back to WMC's room!
Guess what?????
Michelle & Wei Wen WENT BACK TO SLEEP!
ish ish ish ish ish!!!!

At least Charissa was already in toilet that time!

LoL! oklah, so after that, everybody woke up.
we weren't too late for Praise & worship and Morning Devotion.
I was early instead.

But, hahahaha! Matthew & his gang was still asleep in their room =.=!!
Matt was having lots of explanation to make that day.
(this picture was taken on day2)

After breakfast, Elaine went home following Sean Ha's car.
She had to go back to register for college.
*Oh ya, i havn't ask her how is it yet. *

Then, we went for Praise & Worship and Theme Talk 4

Theme Talk 4
How do we response to the blessed life that God has given to us?

1) Live a life worthy of God
Let us be operated with by God's instructions.

2) Live a life that is characterized by love
Love = humble, gentleness, patience, peace, ...

3) Live a life of quietness
Take a break from work, close your eyes & talk to God.
Listen to Him carefully.
God doesn't speak to us when we are busy.
God don't speak in loud voices.

When our spiritual life is dry, we must make time!
We must say, "i WANT to make time for God!"

Information + Formation = Transformation
of God of obedience of life

4) Live a life of unity
It is easier to criticize than to encourage.
But as a church, learn to love & care.
To love is to risk!
Take the risk to love!
By our love, many will know that we're christians.

The Christian gospel = gospel of reconcilation
= gospel of unity & love with God & others

5) Live a life that is submitted to God
All of us had gift & talents!
Make the best use of it to serve God and move on!

6) Live a life of maturity
To be mature, we must grow.
To grow is to learn.
To learn, we must face problems & difficulties.

Getting out of the comfort zone physically, mentally or spiritually is the best way to learn.
When we are out of comfort zone,
it is either we take the challenge to move forward
or hide at a corner & don't come out, stagnant.
Often, we are forced to learn because we do not know much about it.
And that is how we can go forward and climb to higher grounds.

Growing is exciting.
Especially for children.
We as children of God should be of the same.

To grow spiritually excitedly!

There should be desire, determination & discipline to grow!

Best way to keep growing = is to be accountable to someone.
Be it family or friend.
Remind each other to grow.

Again, we come back to the topic of unity.

If your friend is injured half way down the spiritual race,
help them to finish the race!

Teamwork = Love @ work!

There, it all comes back down to LOVE =)
That was the last Theme Talk, and it was followed by Children's presentation.
It is the best camp ever!
I was deeply moved by the word of God.
The children presented with joy & strength in God!

Just by looking at their presentation,
we know that God changed them too,
bit by bit =)

After that, we had our lunch.And we left Century Pines Resort.
and we went to the market at Brinchang for Strawberries =p
I wanted to buy strawberries that are bigger & cheaper,
but the bus is going soon,
so i got the smaller ones but still cheaper,
but quality lower =(

Remember? i said that i lost my sunglasses?
i really thought i will not find it again.
but some kids on the bus were playing around, probably hide and seek.
one of them looked under the seat,
and found a sunglasses.
and they ACTUALLY remembered that it belongs to me!
well, they were sitting infront of me on the first day.
but i couldn't believe it, that my sunglasses is found!
=D =D =D =D =D

we took another route down from Camerons after that.
it was surely a LONG journey!
VERY LONG! gosh!!!

At that time, i canceled the idea of going up to Camerons for my assignment!
1) Loooong journey!
2) COLD!

Chi Tatt sat beside me, we were sleeping on and off.
Often woken up by the kids who are always full of energy,
chat awhile, and fell asleep.
Woken up by the kids again, chat awhile and fell asleep.
It had been repeating quite a few rounds.

And EVERYTIME we wake up,
we are still on the hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was really a LOOOONG journey!

Yeah, it was cloudly & misty,
after that, it starts raining.

And the window that i'm sitting next to was leaking!
blur me, i thought i felt something cold my right shoulder,
i thought it was probably the cold weather.
when i finally realize that it's the rain water from outside,
my right sleeve was soaking wet!

and it started, my blur-ness strikes!
After the winding road, we finally reach flat lands!
the bus stopped at a petrol station.

i went down for toilet and stretching of legs
and came back up to the bus.

just when i sit down, i heard "crack!"
oh no!
what was that???

I stood up!

It is my SUNGLASSES!!!!

Chi Tatt can't stop laughing!
"Very good lar! very good!" He said. hmph!
One side of the lens is cracked! =/
*I've OFFICIALLY become the prime suspect for Mafia!*

I put on my one-side-lens sunglasses, and showed to the kid who found my sunglasses.
he was like.. "What happen? Why is it like that?"
"aih, i broke it already"
I said,
but with a smile that is laughing at myself.
"Aiyah" He went.

Soon, the sun began to shine again.
and the bus reach church at around 6.30 - 7.00pm
i love this camp! it is so cool!
Camp is always good to renew ourselves spiritually.
And build up social relationship with each other through fellowship!

i love the difficulties met, the tears shed.
i love the smiles widen, and in teamwork we acted.
i love the games we organized and we played.
i love the funny pictures taken.
but i don't like the long journey & the cold weather.
but all these are worth to bear =D

3 days of church camp end here.

p/s: Youth Camp this year will be in CheeFoo, Camerons
Yes, Camerons again!
argh, the long journey & cold weather!
BUT, i'm looking forward =D

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, August 28, 2009

a blessed life - day 2 - part 2

(continue from a blessed life - day 2 - part 1)
So, we went for steamboat.
nice fellowship we had.
and i will not forget the famous phrase of William
"You must learn" After that, we head for Praise & Worship and Theme Talk 3.

Theme Talk 3
Pain is a sensation that is important,
it is to prevent us from harm.

Life can be started enthusiastically, then we'll get tired of the trials and temptations,
difficulties and obstacles in life.
We'll wonder whether we're in the right direction.

Evil is already part and parcel of life.
And so, whatever situations we are in,
there will be difficulties.
But despite all that, just trust God!

Look at things from God's perspective.
God save us & will carry us through.
Some problem not solved.
Some stress or tension to be faced.
But still we should still have joy in God & follow His ways.
Certain things cannot go away,
we must learn to let God overcome it for us.

Pain is so that we appreciate life better,
appreciate and understanding others more.
Through difficulties, we're taught.

Let God mold us to SHINE FOR HIM!

Look into every situation and ask..
What God meant? What is the beautiful purpose of God?
See the good - Think positively that God prepare for us in every situation.
Rev. Dr. Tan ended with a hymn - Higher Ground
Verse one
I'm pressing on the upward way,
New heights I'm gaining every day;
Still praying as I'm onward bound,
"Lord, plant my feet on higher ground."

Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
By faith, on Heaven's table land,
A higher plane than I have found;
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Verse Two
My heart has no desire to stay
Where doubts arise and fears dismay;
Though some may dwell where those abound,
My prayer, my aim, is higher ground.


Verse Three
I want to live above the world,
Though Satan's darts at me are hurled;
For faith has caught the joyful sound,
The song of saints on higher ground.


Verse Four
I want to scale the utmost height
And catch a gleam of glory bright;
But still I'll pray till Heav'n I've found,
"Lord, plant my feet on higher ground."


Climb to the higher ground with God!
After that, we took group picture of MIYF who participates camp.
Bring to you, the hoodie gang!
The Matthew and His angels!*ofcourse i'm the strongest angel among all =D*

However, there is one angel missing.
and we miss her so.
Some of them try to replace her,
but they could not fit in the hole of misery!
Matthew thought it was ok, and he can replace her.
Though he fit the hole well, but nah..
none of us were happy. The gossipers.
The "selfless" After taking pictures,
we met up and play Mafia game.

it was VERY NICE to play, seriously!
i love it a lot!!

I took LOTS of Mafia cards!
and it's nice acting innocent & trick many!

After that, some of us went back to room and sleep.
Some of us stayed up chatting.
I was the one who is hyper on that night.
I practically stay awake with Matthew until 5.30am!

We even planned to go Gym at 6.00am!
But, failed to wake up!
Got up only at 7.15am!
Quickly get dress and went for Morning Devotion.

day 2 end here.
(i will continue on next post)
and you know?
after we come back from church camp,
we played Mafia in facebook using Michelle Status!
*now change to MIYF group already, don't go to Michelle's profile k*
Today, we play Mafia in Timothy's house! =D
This time, EVERY round i play, i got a normal civillian's card!
it was still fun at the first few rounds,
but EVERY round also civillian!
really want to commit suicide in the game so much! LOL!
Then, i switch to game master for one round,
i saw how the murderer kill and act innocent,
manipulates the mind of others, =.=!

And I went back and play after that.
At the LAST round, i FINALLY got myself a Mafia card!
However, i did't get to play long.
Game master give answers wrongly.

But really, COOL game!
i love it! =)
imperfects may be perfect