Tuesday, September 29, 2009

unnescessary commitments

Didn't I say i love being busy?
But, i also want some time for my own isn't it?
I also don't wish to have my commitments clashed together!

I've got so many things to do!
I really wonder when it will be done!

Some commitments are so important to me!
Some commitments are of no choice but to do it!
Some commitments are totally UNNESCESSARY!

but, i guess, ... there must be a reason behind it, there must be something to learn from it, there must be a little bit of fun more or less (i hope!)...

and the big news i received today was,
government is planning to set a preschool curriculum that is more of malay language base!

whatever lar, too much stressful information i have received today!

i am going for a short nap, and wake up to study for my test tomorrow!


*i cannot wait for mid-semester break which is next week!
please come faster! i really need a break!*

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, September 28, 2009


i was playing with acronyms, and i created this - GIGATT!
but, to my surprise, it was already created before i do.
* the rachels =D rach tee & rachwsf! *
anyway, about today.
I am suppose to have many meetings today after kindergarten,
adding to that, i was still exhausted from yesterday's trip to Bentong
because i slept at only 2.00am + after finishing 3/4 of my assignment & blogging.

I was really worried that i have no time to study.

Somehow, GIGATT!

My meeting is canceled!
and i was left with time to rest and more time to study =D

Tuesday - Partnership test
Wednesday - Learning Disabilities test
Thursday - Health, Safety & Nutrition presentation!

Do keep me in prayer!

once again to all MIYF-ers,
you all did well!
i have been hearing good feedbacks =)

but, Ya-Pei, you bluff me lor!
good thing i was in Bentong! =p
*aiyah, but i still miss you*

p/s: if you do not know what is GIGATT

go to
www.google.com.my and type in "GIGATT" !
there, you will find the answer.
* who is shorter? hahahahaha! *

Rach Tee, sometimes in life you will feel so short just like in the picture!
it's ok to be short once a while especially if it helps others to feel tall (like me!)
Or to be short is to be humble, that is ok.
But in life there will be up and downs,
and you will feel short, or even shorter!

But, you know that in real, you are tall!
Adding to that, you have us carrying you,
AND AND AND you have Jesus carrying you,
don't that makes you even taller? =D
double, triple taller??

Don't let anything or anyone press you down to be tall!
even when you are sitting, sit up tall!

You are tall, you just got to stand up..
not squart down and definitely not sleeping!

and remember... GIGATT!
till here. study time!

imperfects may be perfect

bentong trip assignment

Yay! I'm back from Bentong!
It's so tiring lar, but productive =D
it should be tiring anyway!

Let me just talk a little bit on Bentong Trip.
i won't evaluate much!
so, i went there for 2 days, 1 night.
on Saturday (26th Sept), after breakfast, around 9.45am, we departed and went to Bentong using Karak Highway.
On the way there, we are suppose to go to Lentang Waterfall,
we turn down to Hutan Lipur Lentang's road.
Then i thought we went the wrong road, so we U-turn and go back on highway.
After that, i realize we already reach Bentong's tol,
that means, we've missed Lentang Waterfall already.
So, we decided to just turn in to Hot Spring.

After Hot Spring, we use the old KL road to Bukit Tinggi for lunch.

Then, from Bukit Tinggi, we wanted to use Karak Highway and go to Lentang Waterfall.

However, we went to the wrong turning.
We only realize it after a long time when we saw the signboard that points Kuala Lumpur.
And it leads us all the way to Gombak, to Batu Caves =/

We make a U-turn there, we pay double/triple tol for going so many wrong ways =/

Then, all the way back to Bentong,
and this time we did not miss Lentang Waterfall.

We do some mini river trotting there, and also taking pictures.
Had some mini fellowship.

After that, we went to my grandfather's house to unload luggage and to rest for awhile.
When we finally reach grandfather's house, it's already 3.30pm!

Then, we went to Chamang Waterfall.

Then, at 6.00pm, we went back to grandfather's house,

Then, we went to famous restaurant 牙CC for dinner.
i don't remember where it is, so i asked the old man there.
never did i know, he is the restaurant owner himself lar!
we had dinner, and chat with him, interviewing him directly about Bentong.

After that, we went to Vega Mall,
friends bought some clothes because they did not brought enough.

Then, at night went back to grandfather's house.
We did our assignment together until around 2.00am!
The next day (means today - 27th Sept), we woke up early to Morning Market.
Bought the famous Tau Foo Pok & old ginger.

Then, we went for breakfast.
And we went to church for Sunday Worship.
The pastor speaks on using songs of praise to spread the gospel.
in the same time, he speaks on Christ's Death boughts Love.

Then, went back grandfather's house to pack things.

Lunch at Restaurant 食为鲜 & had famous Mangali Mee.

Then, we walk around Bentong Town taking pictures & interviewing locals.

Then, at around 4.00pm, we went to the ice-cream shop for famous Bentong Ice Kacang.
But, we went wrong shop lar.
My mom say Kao Po there more famous lar, aiyah! =/

After that, we went to Bentong Rest House & to Bomba & then go home.

Using Karak Highway, jam for awhile, then many cars cutting here and there, impatience drivers,
then oklah reach home already.

So, i just want to thank Mohana, Charleen, Jian Shi, Rachel Tee & Yein Fei for coming together!
Thanks for the transport provided!
Thanks for the fun!
Thanks for the help to interview, to observe around.
Thanks for the accompany & help during late night for assignments.

and so sorry for always leading you all to the wrong way =/

Overall, thanks for making this trip a successful enjoyable and productive for our assignment!
To MIYF committees,
thank you so much for handling the youth & Pastor's day!
i have heard of everything already!
Nevertheless, i still think you all did a great job!
thank you so much for keeping me up to date about what happen!

To MIYF members,
you all did great for the presentation!

To those who bluff me,
you all ar! never kena from me before is it?
memang know i will be worried about all these things,
wanna call up and tipu me somemore!
ex-president pakat together with my committees to kenakan the president hah?
watch out lar, you all! hmph!

To Ya-Pei darling,
i still havn't get the chance to really talk to you or see you yet!
Hope i can find the time.

die lar die lar,
now i got so little time, so much work!
Tuesday & Wednesday got test!
Thursday is one of my assignment due date lar!

must rush rush rush already =P
* i like this picture =p*

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, September 25, 2009

a boring post

because i have a boring life!!
everyone had 1 week of holidays for Hari Raya,
i had to go back to college on Wednesday (23rd Sept)!
the carpark is not even half full! ahahha
main gate not open, but the side gate!
aiyah =/...
*my name =)*

but, i had a greattttt time in college lar =D
i get to eat some Raya cookies!
Umei brought.
it feels like Chinese New Year! ahahha

and wow, see what is this..
it's a bat!
my college has bat lar! LOL!

Mr. Terry also bought cookies!

On Thursday (24th Sept),
my schedule returns to normal.
i had to go kindergarten in the morning,
and college in the afternoon - night.
i wore the Baju Kebaya that Miss Cynthia's mom gave.
though it's a little loose,
had to wear a tube.
but i loveee it so much!

then Miss Cynthia also brought Raya cookies as children's snacks!
i had some too!
After that, went to college.
KTM delayed again!

in college, Ms Jamela bought Raya cookies too!
then i had Hot Roll's banana & chocolate!
i also had Subway!
after that, class was off earlier.
one of our junior had family problems.
for all of you who know,
please keep her and her families in prayer =D --------------------------------------------
right now,
i can't wait, i can't wait!
i can't wait to go Bentong lar!
i havn't go back for like more than 1 year already!
my parents often went back and told me of the changes,
but i havn't see it with my own eyes!

will be departing tomorrrow morning & coming back only on Sunday evening!

i'm going to miss the youth!
i'm going to miss Sunday service in church!
though i am excited to go to Bentong,
but i know i will definitely think of the youths!
worriness dwells!

but, gotta let go of it cruelly to go to Bentong to complete my assignment!
gotta cruelly pass my responsibilities to others!
gotta cruelly close my eyes & let my committees handle it =D

but i will be prayerful & support them in prayer!

i am sure they can do it!
if God can help me, God can help you all too!

before i end, let me share this song with you all.

For Everytime I Pray


Verse 1:
I will come to You in prayer
I will seek Your face
I will stand within the gap
There will I interceed

For everytime I pray
I move the hand of God
My prayer does the thing
My hands cannot do

For everyime I pray
The moutains are removed
The paths are made straight
And nations turn to You

Verse 2:
I am weak and helpless, Lord
You my strength shall be
Guide me with Your gracious hand
There will my victory be


p/s: and i will miss Ya-Pei !!!!
hopefully i can go online, but i don't think i can =)

imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

raya holiday

Oh oh oh, Balik Kampung..

Jangan balik dulu!!!!!
*this board is done by me! =D*


but i havn't wish all of you yet =(

but, better late than never
*mosque done by another teacher, fireworks done by me, ketupat done by 5 years old children, petitas done by my nursery children =D*

Hope that you all had a wonderful time together with your relatives and friends!
And have a safe journey going & coming back! =D

yea, indeed Raya Holiday is ending soon,
my holidays for kindergarten is only until today,
tomorrow, i will be back to work.
my holidays for college is only until yesterday,
i have class starting today.

during this raya holiday

Monday (21st Sept)
Woke up in the morning at 7.45am for captain ball
Say only, didn't even play captain ball.
remember, i don't like ball! LOL!

so, i went and jog 10 rounds with the ee/elainess
jog and talk, jog and talk,
it's a great workout for our cardiovascular =D

i felt healthy once again just for that morning =p
after that, Jun, Darren, Ee Laine & i went to Matt's house,
those who bathed, bathed.
we played DDR a little while.

havn't play that for like 3 to 4 years?
i remember when i'm in secondary school,
sometimes my friends and i went out to Summit together,
and we will surely play DDR!

later, we got addicted, and Melanie borrowed it from a friend of mine,
and i will play the DDR in Melanie's house every morning before going to school!

After DDR, we went to Pyramid to get Pastor&Aunty Julia's present.
*in Adidas shop*

We ate Popeyes.
and i thought we will take a loooonnnnggggg time to choose pastor&AJ's present.
but NOT!
it took us like only 30minutes!
and then we walk around.

bought a fake purple crogs, but still comfortable for RM 29.90 in Pyramid's MOD!
*trying to get Matt & Darren in the picture,
but failed.*

Then i saw my beloved favourite animal!!!!!!!!
Then i saw Wei Wen's favourite cartoon!!!!!!
a combination of Hello Kitty & Panda!
but ofcourse, it is actually HELLO KITTY!
Hello Kitty is just wearing a Panda suit!
oh well, isn't Panda the cutest until Hello Kitty also want to be Panda?
*just joking*

*wahahaha! camwhore in Adidas!*
Went back to Matt's house after that,
everyone felt tired.
Was at a sleeping mode that time.

Then, i asked Lorraine to come and fetch me,
she asked me to accompany her go Subang Parade.
aiyoh, what larr..

then, we saw a new shop!
they sell bubble tea!
Lorraine bought Peppermint Milk Tea,
i bought Strawberry Milk Tea!
is really YUM YUM lor!
i will go back for MORE!

ISH ISH ISH, but you know what?
i went Subang Parade's M.O.D, they sell RM23.90 for the crogs lar!
makan RM 5, ish ish ish!!!

At night, went for practice in church.

on Tuesday (22nd Sept)
i woke up only at 12.30pm!!!!!!
WHAT LAR!!!!!!

Then, went to Carrefour to buy ingredients for spaghetti with Lorraine.
At home, while Lorraine cook spaghetti, i went and mop the floor.

At 3pm, we had our spaghetti! =D

And we watched Rob B Hood!
It is SOOO NICE lar!
i love baby Matthew, he is SO cute!
His expressions in the show is really priceless!
After watching, i went and do my assignment!
i finished it at 7.00pm sharp,
rush and go fetch Charissa & go church for practice!

After practice, go mamak.
Then fetch Charissa back.
Then go home.
Then... surf the internet until 4.00am!
bla bla bla..
Somehow i think you've changed to someone else.
you all, i should say.
seeing how some who are once innocent can become so worldly liked,
rebellious, naive, violence and so on.
looking at how you all have changed break my heart.
i won't give up on friendships for sure.
no matter how good you think you are or how bad i think you all are,
you all are still my friends.
i'm sure you all still have the human moral values.
there will definitely be an invisible wall when talking to you all now,
but, our friendship will not end.

i believe, and i pray you will change.

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

perfect suffering♥

i am amazed.

ODJ: perfect suffering

READ: Hebrews 2:9-18
Prosperity preachers don’t last long in countries where there is persecution. They usually just leave.” That quote by Ajith Fernando from his book The Call to Joy and Pain captures two realities of the Christian faith: (1) Jesus suffered; (2) those who believe in Him will suffer too.

Unlike “health and wealth” false teachers, Jesus taught that suffering was something God uses for our good. In Hebrews 2:10, the writer states that Jesus became “through His suffering, a perfect leader.” This doesn’t mean that Jesus wasn’t already perfect, for He is God the Son. It does point out, however, that death allowed Him to intimately know the final stage of human experience—giving Him an even more perfect ability to identify with our struggles (5:8).

The apostle Paul experienced the perfecting process of pain. He prayed three times for God to remove something that was tormenting him. But God allowed it to persist, saying, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). Paul’s response? “That’s why I take pleasure in . . . [suffering] for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong” (v.10).

Jesus is able to identify with us and help us because of the hardships He endured. “Since He Himself has gone through suffering and testing, He is able to help us when we are being tested” (Hebrews 2:18). He “understands our weaknesses, for He faced all of the same testings we do” (4:15).

Are you experiencing suffering? Don’t fight against it as one who has no hope. Don’t believe the lies of false teachers who wrongly say, “You simply need more faith to overcome your struggles.”

Instead, embrace your suffering as a gift from God—being used to perfect you and your faith in Him (12:2). —Tom Felten

What is God teaching you through your suffering? How can you experience joy and victory even as you’re going through hard times?

*i have already explained about this in the previous post*

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imperfects may be perfect

Monday, September 21, 2009

re: rachel died.

didn't i say rachel died?
but i just realize she isn't dead!
she is still the same!
when will she die lar?

"kill yourself" says someone.
however, to die from present is not by my strength alone.
Even though i kill myself, i will surely live again.
I'm sure God will help me to die from present.

"why die? find a boyfriend to die on your behalf lar!" says someone else.
however, not even a boyfriend (if i had) would help!
if my boyfriend could now stand in my position and lead.
he will know why i want to die.

"when we take this road, someone's gotta go" some other people personal message stated.
some other people claim that that is a line from a song.
but someone's gotta go, someone's gotta die,
and that someone should be should be the present me
The road is a journey spent with each other,
but when we took the wrong road where difficulty dwells and sins reigns,
someone's gotta go, someone's gotta die.
and that would be me, to die from my present self.

But but but but but......
another one's personal message also stated
"actions speak louder than words & they tell fewer lies"
which is so true la!
i say i want to die, i want to die, ...
but i'm still alive with all these bad attitudes!
isn't that a lie that i've told?

BUT, darling Ya-Pei says
"you need time"
To die is easy, but to die from a character is hard!
I do need time and I do need God!

Sometimes, I do need not ask others,
" why didn't you all put yourself in my shoe? "
" how did you lead so well yet i lead so awfully? "
because by the end of the day,
i should still ask myself
" where is my patience? "

Therefore, i want to ask forgiveness from all of you who was hurt by me.
I am really sorry!

If i hadn't been that impatience,
none of these things will happen.
We won't be taking the wrong road where sins reigns,
but instead a road that filled with love of Christ!

Help me O God, little by little to die from my bad character!

imperfects may be perfect

He leadeth me♥

During Sunday (20th September 2009),
Pastor Elaine Goh came to my church and preach.
To be honest, at the first sight, i do not remember her.
After that, i realize it is her!
I went and greet her.

Pastor Elaine:
" Hiiiii!!!!! You are Rachel! "

" Yea, you still remember me! " =D

Pastor Elaine:
" Of course, you are Charmain's sister isn't it? "

" Yea, yes, yes! " =D

Pastor Elaine:
" Grew so big and pretty already, how old are you? "

" 19."

Pastor Elaine:
" Wah, it's been 10 years already. "

Yea, that was how long ago since the last time we meet her,
i am so happy to see her again!

Something that amazed me a lot was the message she speak about.
The title was "Journey of trust"
She speaks on Psalms 73 and she explained every verse that give us a clearer view of what the psalmist really meant.

Firstly, it talks about the psalmist view on the wicked.
the psalmist was very uncomfortable to see the evil ones prospers!
for the evil ones do not struggle, they are freed from burdens common to man,
pride and violence is part of them, speak with malice, ...
they are always carefree, yet increase in wealth!

Then the psalmist went on that he who kept himself clean is punished,
and have been plagued.
Very often, i am just like the psalmist,
maybe worst than the psalmist,
i am very angry, not to those who is as evil as what is said in the bible,
but angry of my family members, my friends, my colleagues and so on...
and i did blame God, why me? why all these burdens laid on me?

this is the tension between the godly believers and the ungodly believers.

however, the psalmist stated that
" till i entered the sanctuary of God;
then I understood their final destiny."
verse 17
the psalmist at that point is transformed!
he was refocused.

I always ask
" Why is all these burdens on me? "
just like the previous post i had.

Yet we forget that God will surely handle all these things fairly.
He is a God of mercy and also a God of justice!
verse 18 - 20

But no matter what happens,
we are always with God, we are very welcomed by Him.
He will lead us, hold us with His right hand.
He will lead us through even when I am senseless
& really not eligible to be called His daughter.
Yet He will still take me by His hand, and lead me like a Father.
verse 21-23---
Living a life as christian is not a life that is easy going,
we are still human and we will still go through troubles,
maybe even more than non-believers.
Yet, after listening to Pastor Elaine's sermon, i was refocused =)
thanks for all the reminders Pastor Elaine.
"Whom I have in heaven but you?And earth has nothing I desire besides you.
My flesh and my heart may fail,but God is the strength of my heartand my portion forever"
verse 25 & 26
--------------------------------------------------- *a picture with Jai Wen (Pastor Elaine's daughter),
she is a very happy and blessed girl *
i usually had many things to handle on Sunday.
many as in many many many many many!
not only on Sunday, but during Saturdays as well.
even during the week days!
as i've said so many times,
i am a very busy person!
i am a very stressed up girl!

but today, i find no stress at all!
because, i am really doing it out of love for God.
no frowns, but smiles =D

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rachel die yesterday. Who died?

Rachel died.
" Rachel was very patience last time "
Quote Elaine, Church Camp 2009

" I miss the old Rachel "
Quote Ee Laine, 19th September

" I realize that you are more prompt to anger "
Quote Wen Jun

" I can see from Rachel's face that she is so stressed up! "
Quote Rachel Lau
*even a new comer sees it!*

" Ever since this year, i always see you so stressed up, no more smiling & laughing like you used to be. "
Quote Ya-Pei, during Easter 2009

" I am no longer patience! "
Quote myself.
*i, myself knew it!*
and indeed, i have changed a lot ever since this year as commitments pilled up.
there was too much to do, and i neglected about the spiritual fruits that i once have.
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness & self-control!
tell me, what do i have?
all are fading and faded!

i love myself now in the sense that i am strong & committed,
i am mature and rational!

i hate myself so much now,
because i do not have the spiritual fruits anymore!
i don't love, i don't feel joy, no peace but worries, very impatient, not kind, not gentle, not good, not faithful, and definitely no self control!
it wasn't exercised and so it faded!

yet, during the present, i thought i was so perfect!
i mean, of course i know i am not!
but, i thought my personality improved.
but it was actually not!
i thought so highly of myself because i was so committed!
but i forgotten the part where my qualities of personality became a rotten apple.

Thanks to all of you who has given me random comments that reminded me of who i am now, and who i am in the past, and who i should be in the future.

From tomorrow onwards, it will be a new me.
Trusting in God to change me into a new person!

New Thinking. New Rachel.

imperfects may be perfect

i just need a hug =)

I look forward to future, I want to be someone who make a difference for God!
I want to touch the children's life & of course get a chance to see pandas,
and maybe even work to care for them!
I have many dreams for my future that i really cannot wait to achieve it.

But, presently, there are so many burdens on earth that are too heavy to carry.
I always wonder, when can i go up to heaven to freed myself from all these?
sometimes, i could stand it no longer.
i'm predicting that i will die of stress & depression & over working!

seriously, when can i go to heaven?
there's too much burden!
But God smiles, with compassionate eyes, He says,
"My daughter, you need to wait.
The time is yet to come.
You still have not finish your spiritual race!
You have yet to see the great things I can do, yet to experience the wonder I can perform.
You must learn to trust Me more!
Why did you force yourself to carry up all the burdens by yourself?
Have you forgotten about my promise for you?
Remember? I have led you through many wilderness when you trust in Me.
Like wise, do the same!
Know that you do all these for Me!
Do it out of love for Me!
That way, you will not feel burdened!
And be reminded always that I am with you & to strengthen you!
I will hold your hands and run with you!
Just trust in me."

I cried.
The weight is lifted away.

At the lowest point of life, you experience His love the greatest!

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, September 18, 2009

as a princess

you can see from my face how tired i am!
just see properly!
the swollen eyes with dark circles!
don't i just have a busy life?
somehow, i am loving it =D

Yesterday (Friday, 18th Sept) night, i dream of Ya-Pei!
=D =D =D =D
i dreamt that she come back to Subang Jaya
i saw her in youth!
but she is still in Singapore lar! LOL!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Darling Ya-Pei!!!!!!


On Sunday (13th Sept) night, i had FuYong Egg Rice.
i really love the FuYong Egg Rice by Restaurant Foh Foh!
it taste good!
I usually eat my rice with lots of gravy,
and FuYong Egg's gravy taste good!
my dad & i eat in this style! LOL!

it's really YUM!
On Monday (14th Sept),
my parents went to Bazaar Ramadhan!
they bought satays and nasi lemaks! And they bought me Roti John!
oh, how i miss SMKSJ's Roti John!
but according to Charmain, they do not sell it anymore. Look, it's so big isn't it?
Canteen's one is just 1/3 of the size!

YUM YUM!! ---------------------------------------------------------
On Tuesday (15th Sept), normal work to college days!
On Wednesday (16th Sept) it is just as the same.

Maybe there are special things that happen,
but i already forgotten what it is.

On Thursday (17th Sept) , we celebrated Mohana's birthday,
which by right should be on Friday!
And Desiree made a very nice video for Mohana,
and Mohana, please remember to read my long-winded message!

Adding to Thursday, sepatutnya saya mem-blog dalam Bahasa Melayu.
Saya sangat letih minggu ini, sebab itu, saya dielakkan untuk mem-blog.

tau tak? Kelas Bahasa Melayu ini sangat membebankan.
Banyak tugasan yang diberi oleh pensyarah sungguh leceh!
Adakah pensyarah memberikan tugasan ini benar-benar untuk membantu kita?

Kita mempunyai peperiksaan lisan yang bersaingan!
Kan kita diberitahu untuk kerja sama-sama?
Tetapi, saya rasa peperiksaan lisan ini mengalakkan persaingan yang negatif antara kawan-kawan kelas saya!

Kerja rumah cuti sekolah pun menyusahkan!
Kadang kala, saya rasa tugasan itu bukan satu keperluan!
Tetapi, menurut pensyarah, kita mesti menghabiskannya supaya tidak dipotong markah dalam peperiksaan!

tidak apa, saya akan membuatnya! =S
On Friday (18th Sept) is a special holiday for schools to have a Hari Raya holiday!
However, i was asked to go back to school for meetings!

it does not matter anyway, because i learned a lot!
it's a marketing training!
it teaches about hospitality and many other strategies in promoting kindergarten.

After which, it is my long-waited CF!
we're playing MAFIA!!!!!!
with Charis as the game master!
Trial Round - Rachel Mafia!
together with Nicole & RachelWYQ
we voted Mark out of the game!

Round 2: Rachel Mafia!
together with Nicole & RachelWYQ again!
we voted Mark out of the game again!!
The game continues with me trying to vote normal citizens out,
but they wanted to vote Nicole out.
if i help Nicole, i'm like the mafia, so i betrayed her!
Later, i voted RachelWYQ out myself.
It left with Kar Hooi the doctor, Emelynn the citizen and myself as the mafia!
i told Kar Hooi,
"in Mafia, your best friend CAN be the most untrustable one! don't trust anybody!"

Eyes closed. I chose to kill Emelynn!
Doctor Kar Hooi saved Emelynn!
Mafia lost!

Round 2: Rachel as civillian!
I know well because of my betraying behaviour as mafia,
everybody don't like me in the game already!
i asked doctor to save me, but doctor (Mark) didn't lor!
so, i was killed right at the beginning.

Round 3: Rachel as doctor
With my first sight, i already know Desiree is mafia!
she was smirking!
Anyhow, firstly i save myself, civillian died!
Secondly, i save Mark who is a mafia! i died!
and yes, i'm right,
Dessiree is mafia lar!

Round 4: Rachel as game master!
Charis as doctor!
Desiree died at the beginning because she was the mafia at previous round!
another ghost return revenge! hahaha!
But, anyway, finally, all mafia died! =D
Civillian won!
Ms Doreen came, it is time for sharing.
We are given the topic on Royal Priesthood!
1 Peter 2:9 -
But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

a priest in old testament is very holy and sinless!
if they are to sin, they should not enter the temple, or they'll die straight away.
a priest in old testament offer offerings on the altar & pray for the people.
people last time cannot talk to God because of their many sins,
priest are the clean ones who could serve as the middle person between God and man.
a priest in old testament clean the ashes and keep the fire burning for God!

but know this, the highest priest is still Jesus the Messiah!
He came in flesh and He put all the burden on Himself!
By that, all of us could go to the Father!

With that, we are all chosen, we are all royal priesthood!
R-O-Y-A-L P-R-I-E-S-T-H-O-O-D!
the font in the bible may seem so small, but this is in fact a large and heavy word!
it is not something we should take lightly!
How often we have neglected about the royalty in heaven we have
and neglected our commitment to God!

The prince and princesses of every kingdom, of every king have their own responsibilities to play.
we as the prince and princesses of God's kingdom, as prince and princesses of God,
we HAVE a role to play!
we are called to be royal priesthood!
we are to keep ourselves holy!
we are to intercede for others!
we are to keep the fire burning!

Saying is easy, doing is hard!
Very often, the fire of our own heart distinguished!
Very often we feel like giving up!

Being a royal priesthood is NOT easy as we are sinful human!
but let not the limitations of human prevent us to do great things for God!
ofcourse, that is also with God's help =)
We will definitely fail God.
We must always repent and ask for forgiveness!

Remember, we are God's precious sons and daughters!
He will never leave us nor forsake us! =)

After CF, i took the LRT back to Kelana Jaya.
My parents were in Gong Gong's condominium,
and as soon as they receive my call,
they came and fetch me.
However, there was a traffic jam,
they asked me to walk to the opposite of LRT station (at 7-11) to wait.

At the same time,
i was waiting at infront of this very nice shop.
I saw the things in there, and i felt that it was all so nice!
I went inside and i began to look at the things,
WHOAH! reasonable prices!
in fact, they are rather cheap!

my eyes laid on something!
i bought 25 of it as Birthday Bash present!

I think i will buy LOTS of presents from there next time!
so, please don't go into that shop,
or else you all will know what i will buy for you all!

They sell many things,
festival things,
decorative things,
beautiful kites at RM 3 to RM 8 ++
kitchen tools,
planting tools,
children's toys and so on!

All at very reasonable, in fact rather cheap prices!

The children's toys are interesting and good for development!
however, there is no certify sticker that says it is safe for the children.
so, please do take note of that if you all want to buy toys there for your children =)

On another thought, please go inside that shop!
and buy me this!
HAHAHAHA! It only cost RM 20!
but it is for children of age 5 to 8!
i saw the introduction of game behind of the box,
it is rather boring!
BUT, i really don't mind having it!
i can play it with my children =D I shop around there for almost 1 hour,
and my parents arrived.

went to Atria 's Esquire Kitchen for dinner.

In my opinion, the waitress there did not do a good job that night!
they weren't having smile on their face,
not even one! i'm serious!
and ask them to do things,
they do it so unwillingly!

but, the food is really GOOD lar!
i love to go Esquire Kitchen!
i love their dumplings, their tong bo pork meat,
their wo tip, their siew long pau,...
i love their dishes there lar!
BUT, please put a smile next time. =)
------------------------------------------- Tonight's (Saturday, 19th Sept) program is Bible study & birthday bash!
Please bring your bible study materials!
wear nicely but don't wear skirt!
we're playing games!

imperfects may be perfect