Friday, October 30, 2009


Yesterday (29th Oct),
I had Health, Safety and Nutrition (HSN) and BM class.

First of all, I got my test paper for HSN already!
I got 88%.
marks was deducted because of my English,
and some because of insufficient points or poor writing skills.

Anyway, there were many hands on activities,
as though we did not have class at all!
but, we actually learn more through fun!
Yup, that is all! =D

do I seem like I do not care?
I really do care! And I care a lot!
why is it that you all always thought I do not care?
have I not care enough?
I always thought I care too much!
and I force myself to not care that much,
because it would just stress people even more!
and when I did so, I am appearing to you that I do not care?
why is life so difficult?
but I’m telling you now, and again, I do care!
though I always wasn’t there when you are face with problems (so coincidently)
but, I do care!

Do you all know how important a promise is?
when you promise someone, you give someone the definite hope.
but when you break your promises,
be it intentionally or unintentionally, it will somehow cause one’s hope to burst.
and many a times, because of one simple promise that is not kept,
many will have to adjust themselves to it
and some may even broken larger promise with someone else.
imagine, breaking one little promise,
it could lead to great negative consequences!
and keeping one little promise,
it could bless many.


you said you love?
but your actions are so contrasting to your words.
you said your heart is fully for them,
but why is that you kept talking about money?
you said your system is the best
but i have never think of that way.
your system have no liberty of choice,
but you being dominant over choices and rights.
well, there are good results.
and you may say it's all for their own good.
but, there are other better ways.
imperfect may be perfect

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm still alive

it's been awhile since my last post.
right, not awhile, just a few days.

Friday (23rd October),
i went for CF, and we played Mafia.AGAIN AGAIN!
and had Bible Quiz.
My group got the first place =p

At night, went to church for piano practice!
Wow, lots of new songs that i have learn that day!
BIG thanks to Charissa!
As a new song leader, she really help a lot!

Saturday's (24th Oct) morning?
I forgotten what i did!
But, i know i spent my day practicing piano
and watching Sydney White.

Sydney White is a really nice show.
Sydney stands for her own rights.
And she even fight for the rights of the college student.

and the guy, what is his name again?
is so romantic!
sing in the library to ask for a date!

Sunday (25th Oct),
it's children's concert day!!!!!
*i shall blog about it later!*

Monday (26th Oct),
kindergarten had holidays because Sunday was concert.
And i have no class on Mondays.
By right, i should be relaxing at home.
But i went to college to do my social studies (SS) assignment - Big Book
At night, i stayed up and do the SS assignment & Partnership assignment until around 5am.


Tuesday (27th Oct),
i skipped kindergarten to finish up my social studies assignment.
But, still cannot finish.
Went to college still need to touch up on so many things!
Ms Doreen gave the class extra time to complete and compile it.
My group was the last to submit!
Oh well, it is submitted already, hope that it is ok!
*pictures later*
Today is Wednesday (28th Oct),
like duh! ahahaha!

nothing much =p

OK. i have receive a few of my test papers!

Teaching Young Children (YC) BM,
Partnership with Families & Communities,
Teaching Social Studies to YC
& Learning Disabilities Children!

Bad news first ok?
BM.. 53%
so disappointed of myself!
but well, i have expected it already!

Once i finish my essay during BM test that day,
i knew i was out of topic already.
But i didn't have enough time to change it.

so, i can only submit it.
ish ish ish!

anyway, it will not discourage me,
i will do my best in my assignments and exam! =D

now, for the good news! =D =D =D

Partnership .. 90%
Learning Disabilities .. 90%
Social Studies .. 96%

YES, i am satisfied =D

but, take note..
this is JUST a test!

Will still need to work hard in assignments & exams!

*still waiting for another 2 more papers*
*Health, Safety & Nutrition*
*Professional Practice*

Met up with Sik Yee & Swee Huan!

They are graduating soon!
Came and borrow dresses =D


I am graduating only next year!
but, time flies fast, with a blink of eyes,
it will be my turn.
*having mixed feelings about it.
feel like i can graduate ASAP,
but don't feel like graduating so fast... =S*

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, October 22, 2009

bounty makes me smile =)

*terima kasih kepada wen jun dan kak.lorraine!*

Bounty, chocolat yang sedap!
emak saya suka makan Bounty.
Pak Cik dan Mak Cik yang balik dari negara lain tidak lupa membeli kepada emak chocolat yang dia paling sukai.
sebab itulah saya mendapat peluang untuk merasakan Bounty.
Kak Lorraine baru balik dari Australia.
dia telah pergi Australia selama 3 hari.

Kak Lorraine pun membeli banyak chocolat!
TETAPI, saya tidak boleh makan kerana mempunyai sakit tekak. =(

Tau tak? semalam saya mempunyai demam!
saya pun tidak tahu saya telah jatuh sakit.
saya ingat cuaca sejuk yang menyebabkan saya rasa sejuk sangat.
selalunya saya memakai baju besar dan seluar pendek ke tidur.
semalam, saya memakai tee besar dan seluar panjang.
sudah pun menutup dengan selimut, tetapi masih sejuk.

Hari ini saya tersedar dari tidur.
dan berasa sangat panas.

Tetapi, saya sudah berpeluh dan sudah 'recover'

*saya ingat kubur telah disediakan, saya ingin lompat ke dalam saja.
tetapi, kamu memberi kita nasihat dan memberi kita peluang untuk membuat yang terbaik sekali lagi.
sekarang, saya tidak sanggup hendak mati, saya hendak menerima cabaran! =)*

imperfects may be perfect

brain damage!

do you know what contributes to brain damage? the answer is..
*this is one of it*

so, to all of you out there including myself,
make sure you get enough sleep everyday!

somehow the busy world do not allows it.

BUT, we got to try!

and try not to do things last minute! =)

right now, i have plenty assignments to catch up.
one assignment after another.

i never learn!
every semester i complain that i have a lot of assignment,
but every semester i do it so last minute,
so almost everyday i did not get enough sleep.

won't be surprise if i die of brain damage though.

here, see this to de-stress!

Don't scroll down!
Watch finish only scroll down!

p/s: moral of the story:
don't give pandas lollipop!

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i was yet i am

In 2006 when i was still a treasurer in MIYF.
i remembered that i was not stressed up,
and i have positive environment that encourages me to grow healthily in all areas.

That is the time i took the personality test during a baptism class.
I was baptized since 1992, but only taking the class in 2006 for confirmation of faith & as a member of GMSJ.

The end result of personality test in year 2006 was
1) Peaceful Plegmatic
(doing things in easy way)
- 54%

2) Perfect Melancholy
(doing things in the right way)
- 31%

3) Popular Sanguine
(doing things in the fun way)
- 13%

4) Powerful Choleric
(doing things my way)
- 3%

As you can see, I was more of a Peaceful Plegmatic & Perfect Melancholy than Popular Sanguine and the least in Powerful Choleric!

As a peaceful plegmatic that time
i often avoided conflicts and i kept peace.
i was much quiet and timid then,
and i had a pleasing personality.
however, i lacked decisiveness, enthusiasm and energy.
i got depressed when life is full of conflict.
i was afraid of dealing with a major personal problem or making major changes.
i liked it best when others make decision for me, when others will not ignore me and respect me.
however, i would not like those who are pushy, loud, and expect too much of me.
i was cool, collected and calm.
i was well liked and inoffensive.
and i would not cause trouble!
I hid from stress!
Today (19th Oct), i took out the book and i re-do it again.

the end result for this year 2009 is:
1) Powerful Choleric
(do things in MY way!)
- 58%

2) Perfect Melancholy
(doing things in the right way)
- 24%

3) Popular Sanguine
(doing things in the fun way)
- 13%

4) Peaceful Plegmatic
(doing things in easy way)
- 5%

it's a big 360degrees change!
my peaceful plegmatic became the least, yet powerful choleric is the MOST!

so now, as a powerful choleric...
i desire to have control.
i like obedience, accomplishments and credit.
i am able to take charge of anything instantly.
But i am bossy, domineering, insensitive, impatient, unwilling to delegate or give credit to others!
I will get depressed when life is out of control and people won't do things their way.
i like people who are supportive, see things my way, and cooperate quickly!
i do not like lazy people and those who are not interested in working constantly, and i people who aren't loyal.
I can accomplish more than anyone else in a shorter time, because i react to stress by working harder.
I am self-confident.

i like how powerful choleric is independent, self-confident, responsible and initiative!
however, i dislike how powerful choleric is impatient, domineering and insensitive.

too much of something is bad enough!
too little of something is just as bad!
the best is to have a balance of all things above!

probably 10 years down the road, when i retake this personality test,
it would show a different result again.

i don't mind not doing things in a FUN way, because i know that i am a blur person!
i am blur enough to put smiles on others, that is fun enough! hahaha!
i don't want to do things in a easy way and hide from stress.
but i want to be patient like last time & be a peacemaker.
i don't want to have a negative life and always suspicious on others,
but i want to have things done right!
i don't want to be domineering, but i do want to be confident in myself and get support from others.


For now, as a powerful choleric,
i could improve if

1) i allow others to make decisions

2) i delegate authority
(i experienced this, and i saw the result, it was satisfying!
and will continue to do it)

3) become more patient

4) don't expect everyone to produce as i did
(i shall believe that everyone produce what is best in them, not me!)

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, October 19, 2009


TAAA-DAAA!!!! but not much. ahahaha!

Friday (16th Oct),
after kindergarten, Charmain & I went to the Subang Square's saloon for a hair cut.
We walk around asking for the price and everything,
in the end, we decided to go Sam's Saloon.

There are little customer there & more workers.

Ok, they are pretty girls.

And they have it cut rather nicely for mine.

But, Charmain is a little unsatisfy with hers.
Anyway, i like my new look.
(which doesn't really make any difference =S)

I just asked them to cut away dry ends and cut thinner the hair.
coz my hair is very superly thick!
YOU SEE.. it's so thin now!
And STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
Wah! like baru straighten hair like that!
wheeeeee!!! easier to manage now!

But, that is just a style by using hair blower lar!
after wash, it's all wavy again!
gotta face the facts!

in fact, i LOVE my WAVY HAIR! =)

On Friday, the children also wear their concert costume!
Because the photographer came to take pictures.

and the children practice dancing.
they dance so much nicer with their concert costume on =)

There are only 6 (5 4years old , 1 3years old) of them participating in the dance.
the other 2 (3 years old) are not ready for it.

Concert day is on 25th Oct!
It's a Sunday again! =/
could not make it for church again!

but, i am looking forward to the concert.
and i have to go. i need to go. i must go!

commitment clashes again =/
ok. i need to do assignment now.

i am not able to make it for class tomorrow!
another commitment clash! =/

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, October 16, 2009


Friday, 16th October 2009
Today, my kindergarten had a minor celebration of Deepavali!
nope, we did not dance indian dance, sing indian songs and whatsoever lar!
In fact, this whole week, we have been preparing children to celebrate Deepavali as Malaysian!

We had some assembly with children, telling them about Deepavali, telling them the stories of Deepavali, the "do's & don'ts" of Deepavali. We played some Deepavali knowledge game on the computer and we did art and crafts!

I, myself gotten quite involved in it!
You can see it from what i am wearing isn't it?
I borrowed it from my indian friend, Abigail (but she do not celebrate it, because it is a religious celebration) for this celebration.

I am not celebrating it because i trust in their gods, but i am celebrating with the indians to rejoice together with them!
Isn't that what we should teach to our children?
To accept and value each other's culture, believes as well as religion!
That would make us a healthier citizen of Malaysia =)

Ever since i became a kindergarten teacher, i learn more than i teach!
Tell me, who knows the story of Deepavali? And why they celebrate it?

I came to kindergarten, i need to teach the children about it, so i need to learn it, and so i learnt & now i share!

and i think, you all should know it too!

In short, it is a celebration of Krishna's victory over Narakasura. Narakasura is an evil god who conquer the land of India. That cause much suffering to the citizens there. And finally one day, Krishna the good god stand up for his people, and had a war with Narakasura. Well, and ofcourse,
good conquers evil!

So, i hereby wish all of you, and especially to all indians

Happy & Blessed Deepavali!

p/s: and i suggested another name for babypanda
(jie zhuang/zhuang jie)
it means:
1) strong & outstanding
2) a strong hero!

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

友杰 (you jie)

i am so lazy to blog now!
but i really want to update hahaha!

On Saturday (9th Oct),
MIYF celebrated belated Mooncake Festival!
i bought my panda lantern =D
this is my 2nd panda lantern actually.
the 1st one i bought during 3rd Oct, and i misplace it.
So i got myself another one =P

it's so cute!
i cannot help myself from not buying it hahaha!
i will use it next year again =)

on Sunday (10th October), after church,
i went to Subang Parade.
After that, i went home,
and Lorraine told me there are kittens!
At first, we are thinking to hide the kittens away from our parents.
but, they got home even before we could attract the kittens out of their hiding place.

So, we (Daddy, Mummy, Lorraine, Kak Ana & I)
spent the whole afternoon finding and catching cats!
There are altogether 4 kittens, but we only managed to catch 2.

I think, i have not introduce to you all the newborn baby panda!

He is a male, and he is now 72days old!
He was born in 5th August 2009! =)
and he is only 3.5kg!
i love to watch the panda cam!
it is live from San Diego!
though they are sleeping for almost 80% of the time.
but, they do wake up (like duh!)
and when the mummy panda wakes up,
she will carry the baby panda and rock the baby panda like a real human mummy!
and she will always keep him warm =)
it's very nice to see.
This is the 2nd male panda cub born in San Diego,
and since i watched it grow,
i decided to suggest a name online for him!

The name suggestions are opened from 10th October to 19th October!
after that, the 5 shortlisted name will be opened for voting!
the name voted will be announced on 17th November when baby panda is 104days old!
and so, i suggested 友杰(you jie) for babypanda!
it means
1) friendly & outstanding
2) a friend & a hero!

the name probably suit a real human boy more,
but well, this may be a good try =)

This is babypanda's sister - 珍珍 (zhen zhen)
- precious

born on 3rd August 2007!
she already weight 47kg!
i have also watch this babypanda grow!
and now she is a sweet little girl =)

she is soooo naughty lar! LOL!
climbing up and down!
rolling here and there!
but, that is what makes them sooo adorable! =D

Look at her, living a life full of happiness!
and well, she is a sweet girl after all =)
she looks really pretty here.
i want to go to San Diego Zoo!
i want i want i want!!

i only have 2 wishes before i go back to heaven!
1) To go to San Diego Zoo
2) To watch snow falling from the sky, to play with snow!

After that, i can die happily!

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, October 12, 2009

making myself a barbie


* no, i don't mean i will make my hair blonde!*

Anyway, i had no time to blog tonight.
so, let me just upload these photos.
it was done while watching Fushigi Yugi.
and yes, i get the inspiration from there (part of it)
laugh all you want, but i find it nice!
but, i may and may not tie it out.
but i do love pleats =) so china girl right?
or ancient china girl i should say.
i am chinese aren't i?

that's all. bye bye!
and goodnight =D

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, October 10, 2009

twilight, finally!

i have finished watching all 52 episodes of Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play on Thursday.
however, just yesterday,
i found out that there is a continuing episodes to it!
how larrr???

But, all these continuing videos doesn't really make sense and it is rather confusing i should say.
there is nothing in the storyline that really interest me now.

but, it's good to watch it to de-stress!
The way the characters talk in there are really funny!

Anyway, since i had nothing to watch on Friday night before i discover the continuing videos for Fushigi Yugi, i watched Twilight!
i don't know about others.
but, i know many loved Twilight and many loved Edward.
I think the story is very interesting, about how a Vampire stopped himself from eating a delicious meal because of love.
but, i think very stressful lar, Isabella like didn't smile in the movie at all you know.
Then, whenever Edward go close to Isabella, i feel scared for Isabella.
Though Isabella say she isn't afraid at all, but the looks on her face projected it.

The most stressful part is when the Collin Vampires played baseball,
all of sudden the other 'real' vampires who devour real human blood appear.
wah, that time i really damn stress wey!
i thought the Collins and the 'real' vampires would like fight you know. LOL

another one is when Isabella go back to the ballet school asked by one of the 'real' vampire in order to save her mother.
i tell you, that one i ALREADY know Edward will come lar!
it's always like that. ahahaha!
it's expected & it should be! ahah!

The nicest part is when Edward open the door for Isabella to get down from the car in school.
And everyone's eyes is on both of them!
Though Isabella had that kind of stressful expression.
But Edward smiled all the way while he is walking with her,
and he wraps his arm around her!
whoah! i think all the school girls there are sooo jealous when they see that!

I guess Isabella had a very exciting Edward,
he can actually be very romantic, but it's just that he is a vampire!
it's just the vampire part of the story that will give some trembles down the spine,
but that is the point of the story!

i love how Edward carry Isabella on his back and Edward run up the mountains and up the trees!
this is so nice you know?
like so challenging, yet need not to worry because Edward is there. LOL!

alright, enough of dreamy dreamy stuff!
Let me show you a funny video from Fushigi Yugi!
Watched from Episode 4/5 (5:36) to Episode 5/5 (0:20)

Fushigi Yuugi Ova 1 Episode 3 Part 4/5

Fushigi Yuugi Ova 1 Episode 3 Part 5/5

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, October 9, 2009

back to reality!

I have finally finished watching the Fushigi Yugi!
it's SO SO SO SO nice lar!

I love it SO MUCH!
And it is rather hard to explain about the stories now already since my last post!
I think the best is, you all go watch it on Youtube!

Or maybe, just maybe, i will blog about it tomorrow!

Since i have finished, i should really get back to work!
get back to reality!

assignments, test, work!
whoah! there is a lot that i have yet to do!

procastinated just to finish up all 52 episodes!

but, at least i could do things in peace now =)

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fushigi yuugi

Yesterday i watched Fushigi Yuugi until Episode 3 before i go to sleep.
Today, right after kindergarten,
i watch from Episode 4 until now already Episode 14!

It's a very nice story!
but and again, it's rather girlish type of Japanese Anime.

Let me introduce to you..

1) Miaka, the main character
She was sucked in the book and has taken up the role as Priestess of Suzaku.
She is very kind-hearted and she always get hungry!
She had a very jovial character as well. hahaha!
i guess that is what makes lots of the guys in the anime like her =D
or, maybe, it was just going according to the story of "the universe of 4 gods"

2. Yui, Miaka's bestfriend!Yui is Miaka's bestfriend ever since they went kindergarten together.
They were both sucked into the book together.
However, Yui was brought back to the world while Miaka stays there and became Priestess of Suzaku.
Later, Miaka returns to her own world while Yui was sucked once again replacing Miaka's place.
When Yui was sucked in the book, she goes through many things that had blinded her eyes of the true friendship Miaka and her shared.
Yui became the Priestess of Seiryu, and became an enemy with Miaka.

3. Tamahome - 1st celestial warrior of SuzakuA young man who rescued Miaka and Yui when they first enter the book's kingdom from bandits. After Yui was taken back to her own world, Miaka was left alone. She had no choice but to follow Tamahome everywhere.
Ever since then, it develop in Tamahome the protective spirit over Miaka.
Tamahome is also very money-minded.
Miaka was irritated by his money-minded attitude at first.
But after that, she found out that Tamahome had a poor family - a sick dad & 4 siblings.
He grit his teeth and do any work just to earn money for his family.
Miaka was deeply touched by him.

Tamahome loves Miaka, Miaka loves Tamahome.
In the same time, Yui also loves Tamahome.

that serves as a simple reason for Yui's hatred towards Miaka.

4. Hotohori, 2nd celestial warrior of Suzaku

He is an emperor of the kingdom.
He had a very lonely life as an emperor.
He took over the kingdom at the age of 14 all by his own.
He heard of the Legend of Priestess of Suzaku ever since he is young.
He picture the priestess just like how Miaka is.
And when he first saw Miaka, he fell in love with her.
He is also very protective of Miaka.
However, he couldn't do as much as Tamahome,
because Hotohori is an emperor.

Hotohori is very very vain!
but he is really very beautiful too!

Miaka mistaken him as a woman when she first saw him.

this is him after he let go of his hair.
5. Nuriko - 3rd celestial warrior of Suzaku
Nuriko is a guy, but dressed like a woman and have a heart of woman.
He disliked Miaka at first because of Miaka's popularity and dominance over Hotohori.

Later, he became a friend to Miaka, and provide her some woman's listening ear.

i heard that in the future, he will also fall in love with Miaka.
but i have not watch until there yet.

6. Chichiri - 4th celestial warrior of Suzaku
Chichiri always had mask on, however this is his real look.
He is a student under an old lady who take cares of the universe of 4 gods for 3 years.
He knows many tricks or spells.
He could hide himself in a hat and disappear to another place.
He could transfer from place to place with that hat.
And he could also disguise himself as someone else.
He disguise himself as the emperor,
so that the emperor could follow Miaka and protect her in absense of Tamahome.

7. Gento - 5th celestial warrior of Suzaku
He is the leader of some bandit i think?
oh well, but he JUST appear not long ago.

What is interesting about him is,
he had some special papers.
You can write anything you want on those special papers,
the things will appear.


This is the whole gang of them!
The Priestess of Suzaku and all celestial warriors of Suzaku!
There are 2 more who are not found yet!
i don't believe this! there is actually a kid there lar! LOL!

ok, going to watch Episode 15 now =p
after this, i will go sleep already.

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, October 5, 2009

my long waited

not so much energy after all.

Did i tell you all that i am having break already from today onwards?
but, it only last for a week!
and, it's just a break from class.
not a break from assignment, not a break from studies.

assignment due dates are so near to each other,
and test are next week!

but, i have not do anything academically yet.

As usual, i went and work today.
and, after work, i had Mandarin Curriculum Training.
Learnt many interesting songs to teach the children.


The children's concert is up very soon!
it will be on 25th October!
it's a Sunday!

Gosh, another Sunday i have to miss for the concert.

Had many things to do lar for the concert!

It's nice to see the children dance,
but it's hard to train them in dancing,
and it's both frustrating to the children and to the teachers.

but i guess at the end of the day,
everyone would be happy!


really hope all goes well on that day.

I was introduced with this Japanese Anime - Fushigi Yuugi.
it had nice storyline.
And i can see how hilarious it is by seeing how Lorraine and Charmain watching it.
with loud laughters and Jap-looking hairstyles
*yeah, they actually tied their hair to look like the characters in it =/
sweat right?! hahahaha!*

and they discussed about which JapAnime guys they are more interested at.

Anyway, it's story is about: an average middle school girl, Miaka Yuuki, is absorbed into a novel called "The Universe of Four Gods". She discovers that she is the Priestess of one of the four gods, Suzaku. and she have her duty. Along the road, many hardships are faced.
And, ... as usual, there will be love relationships.
Rachel, Rachel. When are you starting on your homework?
and studies? hmm?

I know that many of my friends are having exams now and soon!
but no matter what it is..
a note to you all, and to others as well who is not having exams,
and to myself,

Work as if it was your first day.
Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries.
Laugh without control and never stop smiling.
p/s: Thanks for approaching me for clearing your doubts!
Thanks for sharing your point of view to me,
and in the same time understanding my situation.

imperfects may be perfect