Sunday, November 29, 2009

your story, your destiny

yes, just like i've said,
i went to KL to do a face painting/body painting job.
this is my first design!
on Charleen's hand.
it's easy as long as you know how to draw
and you can manage the brush well =)
Charleen did the star, i did the ugly butterfly. ahaha!the equipments.this is the room where 40 children was in yesterday.-----------------------------------------------------
Today (29th Nov), i watched Slumdog Millionaire on laptop!
it's soooo superly nice la!
(aiyah, rachel what also nicela!)
seriously! very nice!

this movie was out quite long ago,
but the usual outdated me will watch it this late lorh =D
it talks about a Mumbai boy named Jamal, he grew up in slums.
and, he went for the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,
and got every question correct!
He was accused of cheating and sent to the police station for investigation.
But the fact was, his life that he experience was really the answers to the questions!
*Jamal (when he is little), soooo cute!*

He had a really hard life.
His family was killed infront of his eyes during a war.
The orphanage manager who took care of him had a bad intention of making him and other orphans a beggar to earn money.
His own brother (Salim) betrays him a few times.
And he lost his loved one (Latika) a few times also.
However, he goes through thick and thin to find and get her back to his side.
it was a really sad story.
you could really see how those children in rural areas or how is the life of those who are facing poverty.
and again, we can see the selfishness of those who wants good for themselves and sacrificing others.

at the end of the story, Jamal's brother (Salim) died.
However, Jamal and Latika reunited.
the boy who acted as Jamal when he is really young is sooo cute lah!
and he really have a good heart comparing to Salim.

and when Jamal is a grown man,
he got a face that looks blur, like very blur.
he looks blur all through the movie.
but at the end of the movie, he smiles,
and whoah! really killing! LOL!!!

and and, Latika is sooo pretty!

it's a must watch movie! =D

finally a different background for my picture.
ahahha! that is because, i have change my place of sleeping.
i am sleeping on Sis. Lorraine's bed tonight!
or probably, forever =D

p/s: Karjie, did you realize something different about this picture?
YES! the chair is FINALLY cleaned up! HAHAHAHA!

imperfects may be perfect


but whatever!

*see my panda sitting there!*

today (28th Nov), i went to kindergarten for duty!
noh! i am still NOT resigned yet.
although resignation letter is given,
but my last day is 4th Dec (Next Friday)

then, rush to Charleen's place to go KLCC.
then took a Nazaria cab to Top Hat Restaurant!

Look sooo cozy right?
it's just like a home!
and inside is so well furnished!

i do not have pictures for the inside now.
but, really rich people's place!
i do not really know whether the food there is nice or not.
i get to try lar, but i do not have high expectation on food.
anything will do =P
so, if you want to know, go and find out yourself =P
it's situated at Jalan Stoner, Kuala Lumpur.

So, yeah. I went there for a 1 year old girl's birthday party.
i am hired as a face painter.
Charleen did glitter tattoo.
we were there at around 1.30pm
then we start drawing on our own body to warm up as this is my first time.

at around 2.30, the birthday girl came.
at 3pm, probably 3 to 5 children only.
at 3.30 then they start coming in.
it's no fun at all waiting.
but after the children come, i start to have lots of fun drawing different things =)
most of them love having butterflies, hahaha!
easssy job lah!
at 4.30pm, i keep my things and went for the food.
4.45pm, rush to Ampang Park's LRT and go back to Asia Jaya.
Charleen's mom bring us back to Setia Jaya.
my parents fetch me to church.
and start practicing on the songs =D

and i think, Wen Jun, you realllly did well as a first timer lar! =D
my first time was so much worseee than yours!
other than that, no worries, you did your best!
and whatever it is, God sees your heart =)
but, always make space for improvement =)
After that, went for mamak in Canai.
it was good.
but, in the middle of conversations and fellowships.
someone mention about cockroaches behind my seat!
there are SOOOOOO MANY of it crawling all over!!!!!!!!!
realllly! A LOT! and it is SO DISGUSTING!

why SS15 have SO MANY cockroaches???
saddd lar!
we went home at 10.30pm.
such good children eh? ahahhaha!
because we were soooo disgusted by the cockroaches already.
*sorry, not much pictures tonight!
firstly because i am very tired.
secondly, my handphone is left in wen jun's car
(rach tee, plssss don't scold me.. hahahha! i know i am very forgetful!)
thirdly, i did not take much picture also lar actually! ahahaha!*

but, let me show you this.=)
this fox is printed out from computer, but i colour it =D this wolf is what i loveee best lar!
i'm very proud of this wolf =D
i know that it is sometimes so useless to put complaints here sometimes.
because they will not read my blog anyways and i will never give them my blog.
but, just write la. ahahahha!

1. i thought you appreciate? then you say you are disappointed!
probably you must understand why some of us helped, and some of us did not help!
helping is by choice, not by force!
don't you think some of them help because you have force them to?
and then you come telling us (who you did not manage to force) that you are disappointed because we did not help!
have you ever stand in our position to think why didn't we help?
adding to that, we are given things to be in charged of at first.
but after that, you took it away and say it is ok and you ask us to help another time.
so, it's not our fault that we are not involve in helping ok

2. my heart has decided.
whatever will be, will be.
whatever won't be, won't be.
so, it does not matter =)
no matter what, i still know that i am a very blessed girl =D

p/s: i am soooo happy with today's youth attendance =D
and you know what?
we already have 30 people give their name for youth camp!
please give me your camp form ASAP!!!! =)

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, November 27, 2009

reconsidering life

right after Health, Safety and Nutrition class yesterday (26th Nov),

i heard Ms. Doreen cheer "YaAhOo!"
it's like a freedom from teaching us! ahahaha!
everyone was still rather tired from the assignments.
but i guess, most of us let down our hairs already, right?

Today (27th Nov), i went to Midvalley.
was suppose to go there with Anna, but i could not contact her at all,
guess she left her phone somewhere.

So, i went using KTM.
i reach there first, ofcourse.
i promise them i will be there early to line up for the tickets since i didn't get to book it online.

All of us wanted to watch 2012, but when i reach there,
the line was soooooooo loooooong!!
it's public holiday!
plus, New Moon just came out.
so, many of them must be waiting to watch that.
they line up until McDonalds opposite of Midvalley's GCS' ticket counters.
but oh well, i come all the way, i must line up and try to get it.
Wise GCS management ask all of those who are not buying 2012 and New Moon tickets to the Gold Class Counter to purchase normal tickets for other movies
that make the line a little shorter and faster.
It didn't take me long to reach the counter.
probably because i was busy sms'ing my friends for alternate choice if 2012 is full.
was thinking to watch New Moon or Christmas Carol already.
BUT, lucky us!
There were only 8 seats left when i purchase the tickets.
so, i quickly got 6 of it.
and Taa-Daa!

we went for 2012, sitting at the first row.
nope, no neck pain =D
it's ok for me.
i just lie down and watch all the way. ahahha!


Don't read! Seriously!
if you didn't watch, DON'T READ!..
I am warning you again!!!! Don't ReaD!
I have warned!
Ok, read at your own risk.
i do not know about you all, but i really like the movie.
it really makes my heart jumps out!
yes, i do not often watch movie,
i do not have high expectations on movies,
or the storyline.
furthermore, i memang have weird expectations lar.

but, i think the movie really nice lar!
it really makes me ponders about the meaning of life.
Learnt a lot, seriously!

these are a few things:
  1. Jackson is a divorcee. Because he always focus on his work, and neglected his family (and probably friends too.) So, appreciate one another! They should still be prioritize over work.
  2. Jackson was found many times in not following the rules!
    ahahah! and Noah (his son) also follow his footsteps. Noah also disobey when his father ask him not to help. But Noah did the right thing. But he could have been killed.
  3. Many sacrificed soul. Yes, the end of the world is scary. After the movie, i realize, i am still so unprepared for the last days. I must start now!
  4. USA President stayed with his people and die with them. As leader, you should be with them through thick and thin. Standing together as one.

5. The selfishness in typical human beings when danger draws near. Very few will open up the gates like Adrian do.

6. Everyone should be viewed fairly. It doesn't make you more important or special when you are capable, diligent, a genius or what. Because everyone is special and important!

7. Humanity ends when we stop fighting for each other! Let's stand up for each other!

and there are more to learn from the movie! =)

imperfects may be perfect

a bit of mia info

it has been soo long since my last update.
and i was basically sharing how i can get angry LOL!

many things happen this month,
in Eden, there are open day, parents-teachers conference, party, teacher's annual dinner, holiday camp!
but i had no time to blog about it.
i will still upload photos in facebook, you all can have a look if interested.

in college, need i say more?
assignments, assignments after one another.
and also, to organize christian fellowship's programmes!
but, i am really blessed to have good committee members.
i need not worry of the programmes everyweek,
because they will always follow and do their job well!
thank you sooo much =)

and we also had our annual party in ECE already.

in church..
busy preparing for christmas and youth camp!
although i am basically just overseeing everything.
and that makes me really busy too =D

wheeeeee.. but you know.
i have finish alll my class' assignments!
and i will be having a week of break.
after that, i will be back to exams =( ahhahaa!
ok. this is the short update.
i should be back to blogging mood i guess?
but aiyah, no matter what, i am still alive k.
imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, November 21, 2009

my moodless season

nah, i don't need to elaborate much right?
i am often moodless! HAHAHA!
i get angry very fast when, ...

1) i am tired
2) i am busy
and this is exactly what i am facing now ok?
  • don't make me more tired
  • don't make me more busy
  • dom't break any promise
  • don't tickle me
  • don't make me think
  • don't expect too much of me
  • don't criticize me
  • better yet, don't comment
  • don't complain
  • don't get angry of me
  • don't be incooperative
  • don't be late if you are meeting with me
  • don't ask me things that i do not know
  • don't force me to eat when i don't want
  • don't ask again after i give you the answer
  • better yet, don't ask me questions!
  • don't let me wait
  • don't irritate me
  • don't ask me out
  • don't ...
Just DON'T disturb me lar!
unless it is something important!
you know, when i am moody,
just leave me alone!
don't try to act normal and talk to me,
because that would just cause more irritation!

don't even try to cheer my day up with funny jokes when i am busy!
i will not buy it!

if you are boring, and you want to chat,
i am definitely not the person you should find,
unless you want to make me even angrier.

don't tell me that you are helping me to exercise my patience.

this is not a good time to test my limits!

understand right?
please help me!
i working with maximum strength in a minimum time.
i really do not have time to care for everything.

let me finish off my things fast,
then i will gain back my rest, my strength, my time, my joy, my mood ok?

p/s: i am still approachable lar,
please do not hide things that i need to know from me. =)
else, i will be super duper angry!
hahaha! i mean it!

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, November 20, 2009

云子(son of cloud)

babypanda receives its' name on 17th November! =D
and its' name is 云子 (yunzi) - Son of Cloud
because his mother's name is 白云 (bai yun) - White Cloud
this wasn't the original name i've voted,
but i also lovee it very much =D

i didn't have time nowadays to blog.
i have many things to blog about actually since i am so busy with all the events in my life!
and i really love to share the events to you all,
but i really do not have the time to blog right now.

for now, you can take a look at 云子 (yunzi) - Son of Cloud 's sister.
remember her name?
my little precious?
珍珍 (zhenzhen) - Precious is her name.

see, pandas do not literally just sleep and eat whole day!
they are very athletic too =)
and this is one of their sports.

i guess that is also why i love heights =D
p/s: they end up sleeping on the trees anyway =P

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, November 13, 2009

she got to go

And so, the time has come for Karjie to leave us.
Already more than a year for Karjie and Jiefu being apart from each other.
It's time for her to go back to his side and take on the role as a wife,
and maybe as a mother soon. =P

Today (13th November), we sent her to the airport.
She nearly miss the chance to reunite with her husband.
After everything was settled, we had KFC McDonalds!!.
(Not KFC, i remembered wrongly!)Before she went down the escalator, we hug and bid her goodbye.
We tried hard to control our tears.
But already i saw mummy's eyes flooded with tears that are not dropping down.
Then, Karjie's eyes turned red.
Karjie was controlling, she did not want to worry daddy and mummy.
She wants them to know that she is strong and she has grown up.
It is really time for her to go.

She went down the escalator, she checked in.
Then, mummy went to the window where we could look down to her
and we followed.
And that is where Charmain and I started to tear too.
She is really leaving already!

We follow her all the way until we got no sight of her.
Then we went all the way to the other side,
where we could see the train's track and airplanes.
We thought of waiting for her to leave on the train.
But daddy was like
"If you all don't hurry, we will need to pay for another hour for parking."
Then mummy said "ok, let's go."
And we left.
Dear Karjie,
I know you will be worry for us anyhow.
I will take care of daddy, mummy and family =)
please do not worry
and i also love you very much
thank you for being one of the person who mould my life

p/s: spending the whole night with mummy!
teaching her upload pictures from camera,
play facebook,
and listen to her old stories again.
it is so obvious that she cannot sleep.
but don't worry.

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, November 12, 2009

pengalaman meletak jawatan

Kan saya sudah cakap?
saya membagi surat letak jawatan pada hari Selasa?
tapi, saya tidak ke sekolah hari Selasa.
Tugasan belum habis dan pergi jumpa doctor mengenai mata merah saya.
Walau bagaimanapun, saya pergi ke sekolah hari Rabu.
Pagi itu, prinsipal saya memberitahu perkara ibubapa yang membuatnya marah.
Saya pun mendengar dan bersemyum saja.
Surat itu di dalam beg, menunggu masa yang sesuai untuk mengeluarkan.
Tibalah masa untuk pergi ke sekolah.
*continue in English*
It leaves me with no choice but to take out the letter for him.
I walk to his class, knock on his door.
With a smile (as usual), i walk to him.
and i said, "i am not working next year."
Straight away he answer "Hahh??? Why?"
and i explained.
We had smooth conversation. =)
Later, my centrehead was saying that i do not have the colours in my colour pencils basket already.
and she suggested that next year, she will bring down all her colour pencils and we sort it together.
Then, i told her about the resignation. She also straight away "hahhh?"
Yea, right at that moment i already start missing all of them.
The children, the teachers and all.
I seriously start missing them already lar.
I really want to see them grow.
I don't care, i will still go back to see them no matter how busy i am next year!
This is my experience. =)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, November 8, 2009

so? am i resigning or not? should i?

yea, so i did not give my resignation letter.
on Friday (6th Nov), while i was in the KTM.
normally, no matter how or what,
i would fall asleep in KTM and wake up just in time to get down in KL sentral.
but this time, the question "should i resign or not?" floods in my mind.
my mind was filled with pros and cons of resigning!
what if i resign? what if i don't?
my mind is making so much noise that i just could not sleep in the train although i was very tired.

i reached college, i asked Charis.
she say whether i resign or not is depend on what i prioritize.

in the Ii've decided to post, i already said,
that i want to focus in God and studies!

but the thing that blocks me away from letting go of my job is
the children, the parents, the teachers,
and also.. the money!
children, parents and teachers could adapt after awhile, i think.
but, the money, not easy to find,
not easy to just SIT DOWN, FOLD ARMS, CROSS LEG and say..
"don't worry, God will provide."
funny, how sometimes God sees our heart so throughly.
never did i bring to Him the worries about resignation.

but the same day, during the CF,
Mr. Michael talk on QUIET and NOISY.

no matter how noisy our heart is, even if we go to the pond with still water,
it will still feel it is noisy.
however, if our heart is quiet, even at the noisiest place,
we felt peace.

we should bring our worries to God.

and that is when, after the talk, i spend some time talking to God about it.

and my heart was lifted up. =)

After CF, i shared these with Ya-Pei again since she is online.

my college friend introduce me a job in Westin Hotel during alternate Sundays to take care of children,
in another word, it's called Nanny, or babysitter =)
and it would not effect going to church because it starts at 11.30am.

and another job, alternate month as a face painter.

but i was thinking, i will earn too little to live on,
for myself and family.
no one in the family is having a real job now except for me.
and i need money to go University.
Charmain needs money to go college.

i was wondering,
maybe if i could get a part time job during the weekdays' mornings
with flexible hours and alternate days,
it would be so great!
but where on earth can you find such job lar?
i thought Starbucks would be good, i really wanted to ask about Starbucks or 7-11 already!

just when i was telling Ya-Pei all the worries.
my house phone rang and mummy said it was for me, it was Veronica she said.

in my whole life, i only knew 1 Veronica
(ok, maybe 2, including Archie's comic's character)
Veronica is a parent of the child i tutor last time, Nigel.
anyone remember him??

oh well, i stop tutoring him since April or May or June?
because i had too many things to do.

i left the job half way, i felt bad,
i was reluctant to answer the phone.
but, i HAVE to answer, it would be rude if i did not.

So yes, you guessed it right!
she ask, "where are you Rachel?"
"why didn't you come?"

and i heard Nigel's voice behind
"mummy, why Teacher Rachel is not coming anymore?"

and so i explain again the reason i leave.

then, Veronica ask whether i would have time to tutor him during December.
because he will be 7 year old next year, and he did not attend kindergarten!
so, he seriously DO need tutor you know.
BUT, DECEMBER is the busiest time of the year!
so, i rejected her.

but then, a second thought came into my mind,
and i told her.
"ok, Nigel will be studying in the afternoon next year right?
i can come on alternate days to tutor him in the morning,
because i am thinking to resign from my job already."

i got it !!

How all these happen just SO coincidently???
i couldn't believe it myself!
No one knows, execpt for Him who is having your life in His hand.

Within that short hours after i bring to Him my worries,
He did miracle! =)

Prayer is a powerful weapon.
so? am i resigning?
yes, i am.
and like Ben said, the teachers will understand why i leave.
Resignation letter will be given on Tuesday!
*monday going to Umei's kindergarten for assignment*

So, in conclusion,
God is good all the time =D

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, November 7, 2009

palms off?!?! resign?!?!?!

*see la, eyes bengkak! LOL*

As a typical girl (or maybe just me), i am very fickle minded.
but, no. i can be very decisive,
once i decide, things have to be done in the way i have decided!
but, no lah, i still can be very indecisive at times,
i cannot decide on many things.
but when i really decide, i want it in that way lar!
i also don't know la!
so am i decisive or indecisive?
i guess, a little bit of both HAHAHA!
(see, i told you, i AM fickle minded!)

I said in my previous post that I've DECIDED to resign from my job.
because it was really too stressful!
i am loaded with too much commitments,
and i just couldn't handle it with my two hands.
and so, i asked a friend to help me with resignation letter.

early morning when i go to school yesterday (6th November)
with the resignation letter in my bag,
i do not know how i am going to pass it to the principal,
i do not know how to tell my co-workers.
because i have NEVER mention anything to them before.

suddenly, they just came up to me talking about next year's plan.
they have NO IDEA i am going to leave them!
suddenly, i have no guts to take out the resignation letter.

and so, i did not give.
imperfects may be perfect

Friday, November 6, 2009

i've decided to

PALMS-OFF my work! that means resign =D

nope, it is not a sudden decision,
i've been thinking of it since i got all stressed up,
but i didn't leave because i need the money
and i do not want to leave the children.

but it leaves me with no choice,
i just cannot be a vampire that sucks away my restting time everyday.
i cannot part myself into half for 2 events.
i hate commitment clashes!
because i need to make a decision between 2 important event!

i don't like last minute and late notices,
because my time is very precious.

im slowly letting off commitments that are less important.
my commitment now should be focusing on God and studies as a student.

how about money?
i shall believe in God that He will provide.

in fact, He already did.
He already had a plan for me. =)
take a look at the BM Pantun (poem) from my BM class today.

Tema: Kehidupan Pelajar Early Childhood Studies

Pergi ke sekolah naik Nissan,
Waktu rehat makan resam.
Satu subjek banyak tugasan,
Keesokkan hari muka masam.
by Umei, CCYYY, CW & i

Mata pun merah,
Tangan pun sakit,
Tidur pun susah,
Markah pun sikit.

Kami semua ingin ke taman permainan,
Bersama-sama kita berpegang tangan.
Walaupun kehidupan ECE penuh dengan cabaran,
Namun kami masih berterusan.

Let's stand together overcoming things that is on our way to success!

imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

annoyed. but i love my college

i felt so annoyed!
hahahaha!anyway, i just realize i have not update on my children's concert.
and i still do not have time to update on Jason&Fei's wedding.
actually, i am waiting for Wen Jun to upload all the pictures in Facebook also lar.

I have tons of assignments!
so, it is not weird if i did not update my blog.
anyway, my day are like the usual's busy!
Anyway, take a look at my kindergarten's landscape! =D

Next, Brickfield's Old Town White Coffee! wheeee!
now i can enjoy some nice coffee there!
although i do not like coffee hahaha!
other than that, i can eat the Polo Bun?
oh, that is nicee!Elaine Siah? so how? you want to come to Brickfields and visit me or not?
i bring you go Old Town drink coffee hahaha!

yesterday, i stayed up all night to finish up my Foundations in Professional Practice's assignment!
Today, i will stay up for awhile for my Emergency Procedure's slide preparation.
Then, after that i got to work on Learning Disability activities!
I havn't start on that, and that is a lot to do!
Not to mention, we need to do recording on telling children BM story for BM class!
we need to submit a BM essay!
and also submit 5 teka-teki (riddles) !
and also BM storybook that is created by ourself!
yes, thank you for understanding me.
i do have lots of things to do!
I've officially become a VAMPIRE!
i do not suck blood, but i suck off my resting time.
i stayed up at night, and have 2 red eyes now.
no way to cure unless with eye drops recommended by pharmacist!
no more contact lens for awhile. hahaha!

don't know what experience others may have in my college!
but my experience is................

2 weeks ago when I went to college for CF.
i left my mini pink pendrive there accidentally.
i didn't realize that it is gone until last Tuesday when i need to use it
By that time, it was rather late already.
I saw the time table of the room i left my pendrive in.
it was occupied with classes after CF that day.
I am so sure my pendrive is lost already.

This Tuesday, i went in the room for Teaching Children Social Studies Module.
i just try my luck and went to the CPU.
No one actually touch it these 2 weeks!
and it is not like no one use the room!
many people use the room! but it is still untouch!
WOW! I love my college!
I love the students and lecturers there, they are so honest =D
i felt so annoyed lar!
i say 1, you say 1.
i say 10, you say 10.
i say 100, you say 100.
what is with you?
please do not try to be someone else!

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, November 1, 2009

babypanda needs a name

"Hi everybody, i am a new born panda in San Diego.
i am a male panda, and i still do not have a name.
It is open to public to suggest me a name,
and now the names suggested are shortlisted to only 5 for voting!
I need a name, can you please come and vote?
Many thanks."

*click*Vote For My Name!

I am not going to write out what name I have voted for here.
I do not want to manipulate you all with what i think of the names.
So, just click above and vote! =)

imperfects may be perfect

universal prayer for eradicating poverty

Universal Prayer
Joseph Wresinski, October 17, 1987, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

For these millions of children twisted by the pain of hunger,
no longer able to smile, yet still yearning to love.
For these millions of young people,
who have no reason to believe or even to exist,
and who vainly search for a future in this senseless world.

Our Father we pray to You,
Send hands to reap Your harvest.

For these millions of men, women and children,
whose hearts are still pounding strong to the beat of struggle,
whose minds rise in revolt againt the unjust fate imposed upon them,
whose courage demands the right to priceless dignity.

Our Father we pray to You,
Send hands to reap Your harvest.

For these millions of children, women and men,
who do not want to condemn,
but to love, to pray, to work and to unite,
so that a world of solidarity may be born.
A world, our world,
in which all people would have given the best of themselves before dying.

Our Father we pray to You,
Send hands to reap Your harvest.

May all those who pray find a hearting in God's presence
and receive from Him the power to remove misert from humanity,
the humanity created in His image.

Our Father we pray to You,
Send hands to reap Your harvest.

Malay version

Berjuta kanak-kanak menderita sakit dan lapar.
Mereka todak dapat lagi bersenyum tetapi harapkan kesayangan sejati.
Berjuta kanak-kanak yang muda tiada sebab untuk teruskan kehudupan,
tiada sebab dilahirkan,
namun mereka masih mencare masa depan mereka di dunia
yang tiada kesedaran akan kewujudan mereka.
Bapa, kami berdoa pada-mu,
Hantarkanlah tanganmu yang Maha berkuasa
untuk menyelamatkan mereka.
Berjuta-juta lelaki, perempuan dan kanak-kanak,
hati mereka masih cekal menghadapi kesusahan,
minda mereka membantah ketidak perimanusiaan dan ketidakadilan,
namun mereka tabahkan hati,
beranikan diti untuk terus berjuang untuk kehormatan diti mereka yang tidak terharga.

Bapa, kami berdoa pada-mu,
Hantarkanlah tanganmu yang Maha berkuasa
untuk menyelamatkan mereka.
Berjuta-juta kanak-kanak, perempuan dan lelaki mereka tidak mahu dibuli
Tetapi mahukan kesayangan, doa dan cinta untuk bersatu
Dengan ini dunia yang penuh kesayangan dapat dilahirkan.
Satu dunia, dimana semua menyumbang yang terbaik sebelum mengakhiri hayat.

Bapa, kami berdoa pada-mu,
Hantarkanlah tanganmu yang Maha berkuasa
untuk menyelamatkan mereka.
Harapkan kesemua yang berdoa akan mendengar suara Tuhan
dan menerima daripadanya kuasa untuk menyingkitkan keridakperimanusiaan yang wujud dengan imejNya.

Bapa, kami berdoa pada-mu,
Hantarkanlah tanganmu yang Maha berkuasa
untuk menyelamatkan mereka

imperfects may be perfect

eradication of poverty

The Internation Day for Eradication of Poverty is supposedly be on 17th October.
Malaysia Care organized a small event of Eradication of Poverty on 31st October in Methodist Girl School (MGS) beside my college.

i signed up for it along with some of my MIYF friends - Wei Wen, Tim, Edric, King and Tatt; and some ECE friends - Charis, Jian Shi, Xinzi, Desiree.

that morning, i woke up at 6.15am. I was actually late already.
I rushed to Edric's house around 6.35am to fetch him.
We manage to arrive at KTM station by 6.50am.

Later, Wei Wen, Tim and King join us.
Then we went to KL Sentral by KTM.

When we reach there is around 7.56am, we had our breakfast in McDonalds.
Then we went to MGS, the others went in the hall.
I helped at the registration table.
I hope i did not bored them.
(sorry for leaving you all there doing nothing =/)

Soon, many children from different homes came, many college students came.

The registration table was so busy!
I asked Wei Wen out to help.
Thanks yea!

The event's goal is -
Stand up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!

The Theme song is - The Climb by Miley Cyrus.

It's a really nice song =)

The event was started off with Ms. Moey's welcome speech and then Theme Song. Then they had drama on a friendship shake - which i found it very useful to do with the needy children. They actually feel fun in doing it too.

We had some games. But because it wasn't really well organized, it is quite messed up.
But things still went smooth later on.

My team won the game, because of poor organization - that cause our team to have the least member and finishes the fastest! Therefore, we won! HAHAHAHAHA!

Then we had some Art and Craft Session where we need to encourage the needy children to write out their thoughts or actions on how to become someone useful on earth.

(the one in blue) says she wants to be a doctor. She wants to study hard, love everybody and pray for everybody.
Sunthari (the girl in red) says she wants to help the community! She being needy, she say she wants to give the food to the poor! I am so touched!
They who are needy, realize that there are more who are more needy than them and they want to bless them!
We who are so blessed, always neglected those who are less fortunate, that is a shame of us, don't you think so?

God ask us to be Good Samaritans, to care for the needy, to be like Jesus.
How often we do what He says?

The needy children's thoughts are written on paper candles. And sticked onto the picture of flame - signifying that when all the spark come together, they will make an enormous flame. When all come together, they make a big difference!

They CAN be someone to contribute to the society! They CAN!
After that, we prayed the Universal Prayer together.
It is written by Joseph Wresinski on 17th October 1987 in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.
Then, we end with Miley Cyrus's The Climb.
Then, we took pictures together before we leave.
Although it was not a really well-planned event, but it was going well under God's hand.
I am sure many of us learn through this.
Our presence there is already a great encouragement to a lot of them!
They know that we care! They know that we support them!

This year being the first year, there may be many techinical problems!
But i am sure they will learn from this and plan a better one in the future.

That time, hopefully more of the young people will join to STAND UP, TAKE ACTION and END POVERTY NOW! =)

imperfects may be perfect