Wednesday, December 30, 2009

you're like a baby!

Guess which one is me and which one is my avatar?
*i actually had a nicer picture than this in my handphone lah,
but i cannot find my handphone wire =( *

Anyway, this morning, i went and watch Avatar with Wen Jun,
Elaine, Michelle, Sean, Matt, Sam and Darren.

Tim and Wei Wen wanted to join us but they couldn't make it because Wei Wen need to take out her stitches or something like that?
Wei Wen, you felt much better now already yea =)
Thank God!
Anyway, Avatar is seriously not my type of movie!

See, Wei Wen didn't even thought that i would go for it lah,
but i wasn't fully there for the movie though =D

But trust me, it is still nice,
because I love the spirit the Na'Vi people had in protecting their own land.
and specially love it when Na'Vi is really facing danger,
all of sudden the animals of Pandora Planet came to attack the humans!
This part a bit like Chronicles of Narnia.
When things went impossibly to be settle, because there seems to be no hope,
suddenly, there will be a great hope that come along the way!
hope sneak through the cracks =)

And i superly love it when the girl (don't know her name) Neytiri scold Jake Sully
"You are like a baby! Childish and Ignorant!
You don't know what to do! "

which i think it is a very good line to remind most of us,
sometimes we tends to be so childish and unrational like babies,
so ignorant of the things happening around us,
so spoon-fed by people around us,
and so on. =)

even mothers should not treat babies like babies,
the more the mothers treat their babies like babies,
the slower their babies develope.

the more you say "oh, you are afraid to go, nevermind, stay with me."
the more your baby is afraid!
the more you carry your baby,
the slower your baby learn to walk!
the more you decide on things for your baby
and never allow them to choose with reasonable choices,
the more your baby is indecisive and dependent on you.
language wise,
the more you say 'ga-ga gu-gu' and all baby language to them,
the slower they learn to converse in real language.
get me right?

anyway, back to the movie.
So, for all of you who loves action and fantasy movies MORE than me!
this is a must watch movie! =)
Although the storyline is rather slow,
and some of the part i don't understand what they are doing,
but you'll be amaze at all the Pandora Planet's creation!

After watching Avatar, we went to KFC SS15 for lunch.
Went to my student's house to discuss about some things regarding about tuition next year!
Went to Matthew's house and vacuumed Yee Weng's bed!
Went to Elaine and Michelle's new house and played over there. =D

I had a great day, again! =)

But my 2009 things are still undone =/

today's colour is blue!
tomorrow's colour is maroon!
we are of different colours everyday,
so colourful like when the sun shines
on to the droplets of moisture
in the earth's atmosphere.
hm... =D

gotta grab each and every opportunity,
because when next year arrive,
we'll both be busy.

gotta cherish each and everytime we're out together,
because when next year arrive,
we may not have time for each other.


but, you'll always be in my heart!

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a good good good day =D

Hey people, I am back from my youth camp!
i was back yesterday (28th Dec) at 7pm, but i was too tired to blog.
I slept at 12am, and that is considered very early for me!
I didn't even see much youth online.

anyway, my youth camp was a great camp!
i love it very much lah,
i get to know many of the youths deeper,
get to draw a closer relationship with one another,
and most importantly,
to learn to walk by making a difference in speech, life, love, faith and purity!
i really hope that i could apply these well!
the theme talks, workshops, team buildings, quiet time are all so life changing!
thank you Bro. Kevin and Sis. Sabrina!!


Today, i was busy the whole afternoon doing youth things,
2009 is passing already (no!!!)
and i havn't prepare well for 2010!

anyway, i took the whole afternoon, and i was still not well prepared,
what should be done before 2010 is still not done!
Anyway, at night,
my family, pastor & Aunty Julia, Steven Loh, Sabrina and Wen Jun went to Yuen Steamboat!
Had a greatttt dinner! =D =D =D
i love the ice-cream there lah, so much nicer than Summer's ice-cream!
Daddy and Wen Jun went for 5 rounds!!! (or more??) =/

pictures will tell you all lah,
because i am quite tired already.

after dinner, went home to chat for awhile
and went to Matthew's house for 2 rounds of Granny aka Donkey aka Tortoise,
A round of Bluff (when i only know how to be honest)
and a testing round of True and Dare using cards.
but still, it's a good fellowship!

i really love today lah,
it's like my happiest day in 2009!
everything was just so nice today.
i got good news, i got good messages from my darling
and i spend good times together with my loved ones!!

when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture
in the earth's atmosphere,
will you remember? or will i?

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, December 25, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS! These are my presents! hahaha!

Not gonna blog much today,
i am very tired,
and i need to sleep so that Ya-Qi would sleep.

Yes, she overnight in my house!

If you want to see Christmas Pictures from my mummy's camera,
go facebook =)

my daddy actually recorded a lot of videos,
but i will upload it if i have time =D

I am going to Cameron Highlands (again!) for youth camp,
from 26th to 28th December.

Don't miss me.

imperfects may be perfect

counted down to christmas♥

it was Christmas Eve!
this Christmas Eve brings much joy, especially to me =)

Do you know who is this???
She is sooooo pretty lah!
She look like Vanessa Hudgens!

Yes, she is NOT Vanessa!
Anybody got conned?

Or probably it was only me?

Anyway, her name is Samantha Boscarino.
She acted in the movie - The Clique!

And that is what i watched this afternoon.

After the movie,
i went to church to prepare things for youth camp.

Time really does pass really quickly when you are occupied with things!
i went to church at 3pm, and before i knew it,
it was already 5pm!

Had dance practices. and left at 6pm.

Went home for dinner, and then headed to Subang Parade.

*Yes, this is the tallest Christmas Tree in Subang Parade*

At first, we wanted to go Summit, since mummy havn't been there for quite some time.
But, we make a U-turn at the roundabout when we saw the traffic jam!

Subang Parade is much crowded too!
but, not as bad as Summit or Pyramid i guess =)

We even went to Pedal Works to buy shoes for Charmain and mummy.
Then, we walk around lah.

It was a niceee Christmas eve outing =)

Just before I return the wheelchair
i met my cousin sister and some secondary school friends
- Ben, Chii Min and Yimun =D
After that, we went home.

It was around 10pm?
It is still early for a Christmas Eve to end.
I called up Jun, thought he would be at home to chat.

But, he said he is going to church, so i tagged along.

Those who were in church were surprised to see that he and i came lah,
because we didn't tell them we're coming.

We practiced dance again,
did some props for tomorrow's drama.

some of the others played Monopoly behind.

Then we end with Mafia.
we didn't really countdown!
but, Elaine was sooo excited once the clock strike 12!
That's the spirit! HAHAHA!

After we leave church,
before we head back to our homes.

a love story is about to begin.

after i step down from his car.

the love story beguns.

it's a love story.
baby, i said yes.
-edited from Taylor Swift's Love Story-

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, December 24, 2009

keep moving forward!

This afternoon, i had my McD! yay yay yay! =D
*not angry anymore! ahahha*and i watched Meet The Robinsons
*copied from zw's harddisk last time!*

not bad lah the movie, at some parts i feel like sleeping,
especially during the Hat Guy's scene!
he so LAME lah! Lame until i can really fall asleep!and this is Louis LOL!
He had a very good point
- Keep Moving Forward!
After the movie, It was around 2.30pm,
Charmain and I got dress and went to church at around 3.30pm.

We went and organize the songs in the files for carolings,
photostate missing sheets,
and write down some of the special sequence.
didn't know that we could easily take up 1 hour just by doing all these!
it's a good thing we went earlier.
Was planning to do it only at 5.00pm WHILE practicing dance!

Yeah, so there is dance practice at 5.00pm!
really salute at Wei Wen!
just came out from hospital, she joke so much on her stitches that seriously could burst if she stretch too much!
she was laughing so much, but all the others were so worried of her.
what lahhh.

then, the youths gather, had some little practice,
and then separated into 2 groups.

Uncle Steven led one of it, and i led the other.
We went to Uncle Patrick, Aunty Yvonne's house.
another group when to Aunty Lee Li Ping and Jacky's house.
later we meet up again in Uncle Teh's house.

Though it's just a few houses, but i am really exhausted.
Nevertheless, it is the joy in the heart for spreading the gospel through carols.
Rev. David give a sermon on the past, present and future of Christmas base on Bible!
though it's really long-winded!
but i love the message shared.
Really giving me lots of reminders!

One cannot be too dependent,
you must learn to achieve things yourself!

i remember that time when some of the youths went for Mission Trip,
and King who is normally incharged of LCD and PA is not in youth!
and i was sooo helpless, because i do not how to operate those things!

but, you know what?
i explore it myself, and i learnt!
there are some difficulties, Chi Tatt taught me and i learn instantly!

Guess what?
Ask me on PA and LCD for MIYF,
i can do it in 3 minutes for you!
i never know how to operate PA in main sanctuary as well,
but i learn a bit from Ee Laine, a bit from Lawrence,
a bit from Chi Tatt, a bit from Samuel, a bit from Andrew Ting,
and they only teach me ONCE
and all teaching me different areas.
i have already master how to on the speakers for computer!

I am NOT boosting how fast i learn!
i just want to say, we should not be too dependent!
what if i do not know how to do PA?
then i always ask Ee Laine to help me,
coming all the way from USJ even though she is not involve?
Sometimes it's just not practical
even though i know Ee Laine is really willing to help me!
but, we SHOULD be independent!

*Ee Laine, I'm just using you to give examples! HAHAHA!*
love is not selfish,
it should not stop one's action that benefits all

p/s: gonna stay up till i finish with my work!
told you i'm super busy!

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm so stress free

yesterday morning,
i was woken up by Matthew because we are going shopping for youth camp.
today, i was woken up by Uncle Steven regarding youth camp.
i think Aunty Chu Yong will call me tomorrow then. Hahaha!
*i kinda like my wet hair look,
i love my natural waves especially when it is wet!*

i stayed at home all day.
I watched movie, clean my room and laze around.
this is my lunch!
Western food by mummy,
unfortunately, i didn't have the appetite to eat today,
so i just ate the chicken, 1 nugget, 1/2 burger, 1/2 egg,
1 sausage, a little of baked beans and a little of fries,
and left almost half of the plate full, so wasted.
but i drank milo =)
this is what i watched today - The Wedding Game
very funny and niceee lah!
but, don't like the guy lah, like so useless sometimes,
so coward in doing things standing up for the girl sometimes!
but after that he is very sweet.
but he is a nice guy, because he takes care of the old people there.
That is what made the girl change view of him.
and made them to understand each other more.
oh well, not much learnt from this movie.
but to be honest, to stand up for what is right, to appreciate.
At night, i had to rush for practice,
so i just bought Goodday chocolate milk and drink
i skipped dinner.
(i didn't even eat after practice, because the appetite still wasn't there,
just don't feel like eating, but drank Milo again! hahaha!)

it was a nice stress-free practice even though Darling Ya-Pei threaten us a lot!
she kept us practicing over and over again until perfection!
she is a perfect melancholy!

and she threaten us to dance without mistakes or else we will be punish!
it's a good way though, we did so well and so synchronize =D

but on the 2nd try, we were over confidence i guess?
some of us are punished!
and, the video will be uploaded soon by Darling Elaine or Charmain.

But we had much fun!

we did some video -
Nightmare Before Christmas!
but the video not very clear lah..
it was more "horrifying" on the spot.

::some shots::

yeah, i know you all are laughing!
this is my Christmas preparations =)
we just realize that we BOTH still have time in the midst of busy-ness next year! =D

my college starts only on 11th January =D =D
more holidays!

imperfects may be perfect

camp committees day out

I spent the whole day out with the camp committees today.
Leaving house at around 10.45am,
we went to CIMB bank (beside Subang Parade to fetch Ya-Qi).

We were hesitating whether to go Mydin or Carrefour,
end up we decided to go Carrefour since they sell almost the same thing.
We are supposed to be shopping for youth camp,
but we ended up shopping for our own things.
But, we did went around finding for youth camp things.

After walking in Carrefour around 1 hour,
we realize that Carrefour’s stationaries are too expensive,
and we decided to go Mydin.
Before going to Mydin, we had lunch at Carrefour’s Cili Padi.

Then to Mydin. We got all we need in Mydin, except for some of the gifts,
because we realize that Carrefour is cheaper. =.=!!

So, after Mydin,
we first went to Summit to buy some things as youth camp prizes.
It was already around 4pm that time.

Ee Laine and Ya-Qi wants to go home.
So Matt fetched both of them home.
Matt and Jem were so funny lah!
They kept complaining and the girlsss and i, keep nagging us,like worst than girls.
Ahahhaha! =P

They went to Wen Jun’s place as well, just to disturb?
Then, we went back to Carrefour buying some of the remaining prizes.

Then, we fetch Jeremy back, and then we went to church to do the things needed for youth camp and Christmas.

The time passed really fast, and soon it was already 8.00pm,
we had our Christmas Drama practice,
and then we went for dinner.

Had lots of fun today,
especially when I’m out with the camp committees,
really love that 2 “papaya” in pyjamas.
They are really, SO funny!

alright, what’s my plan for tomorrow?
Ah, don’t care first.
Sleep first. Nitez!

well, enjoy the pictures taken today =)

::the book freaks! hahaha!::

:: Ee Laine was having a dilemma to choose 2 books from 3 books! ::

:: Jeremy is being naughty, look what he did?::

:: and what he did again???::

::Matt and Jem preparing for youth camp 2010! hahaha!::

::Christmas Decos in Mydin::

:: Christmas Decos in Summit::

::Did eye check-up in England Optical, Summit::
increase a little bit, but don't know how much, within 0.2 to 0.5 lah,
will check another time bringing my spectacleas along.

::Matt and his money::
nothing better to do in church, LOL!

See this Matt! LOL!!!!

Matt decorated this.

and we are so fascinated of it! Hahahaha!

Alright, good night =D

i'm going to remember how i missed my McD today!
i want McD!

imperfects may be perfect