Monday, December 20, 2010

we're like staying in the same house!

Almost everyday I see the youth, ahh.. make it 'everyday' next week. Hahaha! So updates again. For more pictures, see facebook! LOL!

So on Monday 13th, there was so many things to do, buying stuff, wrapping and practice!

14th & 15th is off day, no practices! So, Tuesday, i went to Pyramid with Jun!
Had a great dinner in Formosa in the Asian Avenue~! Very nice! You guys should go and try! Normally, they will serve you smaller portion from what you seen in the menu? But, Formosa serve you with much larger portion! We were so bloated! and i love their rice so much, it's so saucy! Yummm...
oohh, went to toilet, saw this quote. And i think it''s nice .. so here it is! SAY NO to cigarettes!
on 15th, i went to Jenny's (TC OUG teacher) house for Christmas Party. It can be said as the last gathering, and next year all will be split to other places.
Yeah, Jun went with me. He is like the only guy wey! Haha! My teachers say they'll bring their bfs along laaa, kena conned. LOL!
on 16th, we have practice at night again.

on 17th morning, we have practice. In the afternoon i went to Pyramid to meet Jun's grandparents, uncle, aunty & cousin Stephy.

hehehe, they speak cantonese, and Jun can't LOL! However they give me task... to teach Jun speak cantonese LOL
saw interesting models at La Senza! LOL they are live models that act like dolls. Copyrighted from Gee?
at night, we go Ara Damansara for caroling. It was raining.. kinda screwed up. But it's OKAY lahhh. Just move on. =/

18th, we got practice in the morning also. Then, go Ya-Qi's house prepare Popiah. Guys do nothing, you see.
So, girls got to do most of the things.
And guys only went there and eat.
And complains about it! HAHAHAHAH!
Ah, just kidding. They did a big help too :P and they commented that Popiah are niceee. Thanks to Ya-Qi and Ya-Qi mummy!
At night is MIYF Christmas Party :)

19th, we have children christmas party. Then we have so many rehearsal....

Ahhhh 20th and 21st planning retreat! 20th caroling. 22nd rehearsal.. 23rd caroling 24th christmas eve 25th Christmas.. and Christmas again.

ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

25th... is a Saturday.

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the month of Dec

so busy la so busy busy busy! It's the month of December, my December are always FULL of plans! Hahaha! Busy, yet fun at the same time.

And again, because there are so many things that is happening, i have no time to blog everyday.
Let me just briefly tell you again, for more information ask me face-to-face, for more pictures, go see Facebook. hahaha!
on 8th December, i went back to TotalChild, to clean up the classroom. I saw children decorating Christmas tree with their own handmade ornaments. I did some too for the Christmas tree. :D

The same day, i went to Wawasan Open University with JunDear to register for my course.
After that, i went to 1 Utama to Fish&Co for Fish and Chip!
On the 9th, a few of us went to Genting 1 day trip. We use the bus from 1 U to Skyway to Genting.

On 11th December, we went to Ara Damansara for flyers distribution and to clean up Gereja Methodist Ara Damansara.

babies don't like me carry them, they'll cry. Sniff. I need more meat to make baby feel comfortable with me lah! ahahah.
The same day, it is Sultan Selangor birthday and Darling Elaine's birthday. She came back that night, and we did very mini celebration for her.
However, without Ya-Pei. =(
But it's okay, we kiss Elaine on behalf of Ya-Pei. Hahaha!
On 13th December, while some of them went for Rapunzel in Summit. Ya-Qi and I went to Mydin to get Christmas stuff. And after their movie, we all wrap the things together. :D

Yup, and almost every night now, we have practices in church! *wiping sweat*

Well, check your schedule... and be there if you are involved :P

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, December 6, 2010

so what's next?

so, i get my camera already, what's next?? I shall snap every moments i have right?
However, i've snap too much, and i am not able to post up everything here.
So just briefly tell you all what happen, and for more pictures... go see Facebook!
2nd Of December is when Jun & I went to Ikea, CineLeisure, Curve etc etc.. we watched Rapunzel, had Meatball & Spaghetti for dinner, and got the camera.
I bought gifts for children, and also for teachers.

3rd December 2010, Jun and Ee Laine had breakfast with me in McD Drive Thru Ss15, before they go Mission Trip, and before I go kindergarten. After breakfast, i fetch them to Un.Teh's house.

at night, I went out with Zhanwei, Matthew, Sze-King & Aaron for a very late dinner in PJ. We had a long time searching for restaurants. King has his pork burger there.
And the whole Friday, I snap pictures of children, because it is the last day of school. And we have Full Dress Concert rehearsal.

This 3 here are the male pirates!
These 4 girls are the female pirates
These are the presidents.
And these are the scientist.
Just to let you all know, the clothes are all designed by me, I am the class teacher mah ;) And it's all tailor made according to my design. :D

on the 4th December, GMSJ got no electricity, so the youth came to my house for MIYF.
there isn't many of them, so they can still cramp in my little house.

and we have truth session during mamak, and that is when i really start having itchiness allllll over my body.
visited the doctor in Sunday Klinik Mediviron 24hrs Clinic. and the doctor inject each of my butt. and the itch gone for that night!

Thank Goodness for that, because on the 5th Dec, I have kindy concert. :)
I control the LCD, and holding walkie talkie to give direction to the music coordinator and light coordinator. Was so tired the whole day. But, really had fun!

Teared when 6 year old class teacher give her speech. Realize how much I will miss my 5 year old children too. and i will definitely miss the teachers as well.

That same night, Jun came back from Mission Trip, and we met up for dinner. Guess what? His car finally cannot start! HAHAHAHAHA! So evil lah me. Battery finally die.
we called my parents, and when my parents arrive, he try starting his car again, and it works. LOL!! Time to change! Hahaha!

6th December, I finally went to school to get my SPM certificate. Yeah! That late -.-!
and then went to Jun's place, had lunch with his mummy and Carrine JieJie in Puchong after fetching his mummy from Dialysis Centre.
We had some Pork Steak Burger in SteakOut Puchong! Yummyyyy! Gonna go back there for more!! Alright, till here.

ok, what's next?
i hear the bells ringing... :D

imperfects may be perfect