Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm so tired now lah, but i want to show you all something.

Before i do, just briefly talk about my day.

Went kindergarten, went for CF
went for lectures, came home.

Lectures on Creativity through Music and Movements.
and Mr. Terry introduce us to Kazoo!
Here, take a look at this very very very very cool video!
must watch!
it's a video with catchy music, definitely won't bored you out.
and i kinda like this Mister Tim and his gang.
they are really chun-ted!


Mr. Terry said that the kazoo most probably won't cost more than RM 5 outside!
So, if you want one, go get one!
and it is fairly easy to learn to play it!

Well, just in case you do not know,
Mister Tim provide a short tutorial!

Load it, and watch it!

for those who watched the video:

Ok. i will go and prepare a little things for kindergarten
then will go and sleep already.
really very tired lah.
Goodnight! =D
imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

panda says hi!

had lots of fun in college today =D
i've finally learned how to make animated pictures!
but too bad, it just won't show here,
they only show the freezed one =(

so, if you want to see,
go and see my display picture in Windows Live Messenger. =D

Anyway, i have talked to the Eden management team already.
Because i'm going to teach the boy in February,
i work for them 8.00am to 10/10.30am everyday for that month.

Then will teach the boy everyday from 10/10.30am to 12pm.

Regarding the practicals,
really don't feel like doing it in Eden.
Eden's requirement don't really suit College's.
Should i pass up the application form to do practicals in Eden?
or should i go and do practicals in Puchong with Mohana?
or should i just let college decide?

ok, before i get VERY TIRED,
i should go and do something more necessary now =)


imperfects may be perfect

1st Mensiversary

it's 25th of January!!!

SO WHAT?????????

ok! Goodnight =)

You probably don't think i'll be that cruel don't you?
How can i not share about it?
25th January is the 1st Mensiversary of the my love story.
*shyyyyy.. LOL!!*

Was thinking to stop going out since my assignment due dates are near,
and there are many kindergarten things to be done.

But, thinking that today is the 1st Mensiversary,
probably we could go out one more time before both of us get more busy.

So, we met up after ALL our works at 10pm.
(yup, we're now both busy people!)
and went to K2K Benta Kaya.

He ordered Curry Laksa, i ordered Kaya Soft Bun & very expensive Hot Milo.

We chatted for an hour plus and went home.
Though it was just awhile, and it was a rainy night.
heavy rain!
it was so inconvenient and we get wet even with umbrella!
(he lah, don't know how to hold umbrella! LOL!)

but, it's a good simple and nice celebration for our 1st Mensiversary.

Throughout this whole month,
Not everything is smooth sailing,
but everything is worth sailing through.

by the way, Mensiversary = monthly recurrences.
Similar meaning as Anniversary, just that Mensiversary is monthly.
from the Latin word Mensis = month
and Versus = Return.
Therefore, Mensiversary =)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, January 24, 2010

bye Wira, hi Saga =D

My family's New Saga Baseline finally arrived on 22nd January!
My mummy say that it is a Cameleon
(you know, the reptile that changes colour? the "four leg snake"?? LOL!)
except that it don't change it's colour to suit the environment!
it's how you yourself see it.

It have mixture of brown, red, purple and grey!
at different times of day, at different angle,
different people will see different colour! LOL!
Yup, it's reaching my height,
that shows how short i am or how tall the car is.

My family loves manual car, so this is a manual car.
I get to drive to church today (24th Jan) and feel the different driving experience.

it's higher, feels a bit smaller, probably it is.
and the clutch, you have to release it a lot for the car to move.
the car only move when there is like 1 cm of clutch left to release.
it's like driving an Auto car! LOL!!
See the car plate number.

WTL 7025

I am so not used to it, yet!

Feels kinda weird looking at the car plate number,
it feels as if it don't belong to the family.
Alright, this is all the introduction to the car!

I will upload more pictures on Facebook.
so, do check my facebook photos =)
Anyway, it's already gone, sold!

imperfects may be perfect


Really thank God for His grace & mercy. =)

Thanks to all who are concern of my mummy illness. Just to update on her problem.

The difficulty in breathing is due to the inflammation of her bronchios (Acute bronchitis) due to the prolong in coughing.

Uncle Ming, the doctor took mummy to Gleneagles Hospital for various test after midnight. And have tested out that it is not Asthma or Pneumonia. He confirmed that is is Acute Bronchitis after tests and chest x-ray.

Mummy is now on medications prescrived. She is still coughing. Hope that all these will subside before Chinese New Year.

King's dad have just went back to the Lord! Stand strong King, YOU know well that your dad is now in the good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ =)

Today, i went to a training by Focus on Family. They mention about this point that i would like to share to you all, especially King & his family. =)

What is DEATH?
Doorway to

So, remember,
that death is not the end to life,
but rather a start to eternal life with God in heaven,
where it is beyond perfect =)

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, January 23, 2010

God's grace& mercy =)

I am quite tired now, but i just want to blog bout this news. I got this news only after i came back from kindergarten.

This morning while i am already out to kindergarten, mummy got up. Due to the constant cough during the night, and the lungs got conjested. She couldn't inhale and exhale at all this morning. She could not breathe at all.

For that moment, she thought that is the end for her. But, my dad was still there and have not left for work, Mummy went to him with sign languages. Daddy got scared too, but he quickly slap my mum's back.

Slowly, air goes in and mummy get rid of mucus in her mouth, and slowly she could talk again.
Then daddy bring mummy to the clinic, doctor gave her nebulizer inhaler. The doctor says that it may be Asthma, and advice her to go on inhaler everytime there is such attack. But instead, she is having steriods and cough mixture now.

When my parents describe to me, it was really scary!
Mummy really thought that that is the end for her.

If ever anything happen, i wouldn't forgive myself as i couldn't BE THERE with them!
i know sometimes things will just happen so coincidently and we may not have choices.
BUT, if ever anything happen today, i will not forgive myself.

Probably i havn't been spending time with them, appreciating them and expressing my love to them nowadays. It was partly because of work and colleges. But, I'm sure if there is a will, there is a way! If you have the heart to spend time with them, you can surely find perfect slots of time to spend!

Well, mummy is much better already, but her breathing are still not smooth. She can still feel the blockage in the airway and she breathes loudly for air now. It's a little difficult to breathe than before. Yes, painful to see it.

BUT really thank God for His grace & mercy on her. =) Thanking God also for that small little reminder that He gave me today.

She have just went to SS2 to visit her brother aka my uncle, who is also a doctor.
Just pray that there will be good news.

Good night.

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, January 21, 2010

can't wait for tomorrow

Went to kindergarten this morning
I even bought the children out to playground today,
and they were having lots of fun =D
I love to see them laugh and play around.
I mean, no one loves to see them cry right? =)

Before I talk about my day,
let me also tell you that tomorrow,
the children can do Banana Split!
Wahaha, of course, I get to eat too =)
Kinda hope that tomorrow comes faster

a random picture of panda car
that i have never see before from
Today's college is kinda boring.
Well, most of the notes are repeating itself.
i went and spend time drawing instead.

Another lecture was mainly on hands on.
We spend 2 hours gaining the knowledge of how to evaluate softwares for children,
compiling questions into a checklist,
and so on.

We wanted to test on the evaluation form,
however many were not runing smoothly.
such as computer, CD and so on.
This was the KTM scene today!
Spot me, i'm standing!
and look, i got 2 big bags and one mounting board to carry!
imagine the shoulder ache!

Choy Wan is sitting.
Others i just draw in black with some actions for some.
but i really do not remember who ride the train with me.

ok. i tired already and it's only 11.38pm!

he is getting new phone tomorrow,
and my family is getting new car =D

another reason that i hope tomorrow comes faster,
is of course because of... ... ... ...

I shall blog about it tomorrow if i'm free =P

and he is still sick lah....
but at least he get medicines already =)

imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Jun gave a morning call and woke me up.
In kindergarten, little Tristan of 2 year old start calling me name.
I realize it when i heard the long drag of /er/
and he kept repeating it.
This is how he sound like
"Yee-chel Eih-cheeeelllll"
Was kind of happy when i hear him calling me.

In the afternoon, i went for ECE's CF,
was playing around before CF starts.We had nice fellowship through fun games!
*thanks Charleen!*

and Abigail shared on her trip to USA's Passion 2010!
Very amazed at what she shared!
It's really an eye-opener to me too!

Had cold spaghetti for dinner.
Taste quite good too!
I don't mind getting it again next week =D
And during Creativity through Music and Movement,
Mr. Terry showed us 2 movies on Theatre Musicals.

I manage to find the videos online.

1. Cats Musical
composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber
i think they had all the full movie in Youtube,
just that it is separated to parts.

2. George Balanchine's The Nutcracker (1993)
directed by Emile Ardolino's The Nutcracker is acted by Macaulay Culkin To watch a scene from the movie *CLICK*
To watch Movie Trailer *CLICK*

A random picture on Rachel Tee's madness & Xinzi posing ----------------------------------------------------------

He is sick =(
But, he will be well =)

Lesson to all:
Please do not overwork!
All of us need time to rest our body! =D

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

how could you?

i love being a teacher
because i love teaching
& i definitely love children!

Working is difficult!
especially with those who don't think before they say or do things!

I am not saying anything BAD about Eden!
Eden is definitely a nice place to work in,
people there are generally nice!
and not forgetting, children are always adorable
most parents are understanding
and teaching is always fun!

Just that,
sometimes some people just don't think
before they say or do things.

Yes, i am still having conflict whether to stay or to leave.

I had a conversation with one of the management team's member.
for once in my life, i stood firm and tell it to his face about my decision.

I am teaching Nigel tuition.
I have promise that I will give Nigel tuition every morning in February.
and, i will not break that promise!

You asked me to tell the parents that i could not commit,
because i need to teach in Eden!

How could you,
as a teacher asked me to tell the mother
that i need to break the promise because i have commitment in Eden!

Then, you mentioned that Eden offers me better pay,
and that the 16 children
need me more than JUST ONE ADHD Child!

How could you,
as a teacher tempt me with money to make me stay
and ask me to break promises?

what do you mean by JUST ONE?
isn't that ONE significant?
Shouldn't he get my attention more than
the other 16 typically developing children?
He is a Special Need Child!
He needs special care!
I don't teach him simply
because i need the money!

Then, you said,
He is ADHD right?
and you said that i should send him to Eden
before he goes to primary school in the afternoon!
It will be much more beneficial to him!

How could you,
as a teacher not understand children?
wouldn't children be too tired and similarly not doing well in school?
8.30pm - 12.30pm in Eden
and 1.10pm to 6.00pm in Primary school??

Not forgetting that, Nigel was once from Eden!
But Eden could not focus on Nigel's problem.
His mother pull him off,
also because they are not so well to do!

Then, you said that i need Eden to do your practicals!
My lecturers may be coming to interview you all for my diploma's certificate and grades.
You all could help to give good testimony!

I told him straight,
"I came to Eden with a heart to help,
i came back because Eden needs me!
NOT because i need the money!
I already promise to teach the boy and i will teach the boy.
I don't mind not working in Eden,
I don't mind not doing my practicals in Eden."

If i love money,
Why would i bother choosing teaching?

I may be soft-hearted agreeing to many things,
and often did not say "NO" because i want to help!
but please don't take advantage!
I may be young, but i know where and what are my goals!
and i am not easily wavered!
i know WHY i choose things i chose!

Am i still teaching in Eden?
Still considering, i shall meet up with someone more sensible
from the management team this Friday and talk about it.
Had college in the afternoon,
I already had my assignments in hand.

National Preschool Curriculum
I am suppose to come out with lessons based on children's story with Dora and Jemica.

Music & Movement
We are to create musical instruments
and present songs and dances with the theme "beach"

Technology in ECE
I am suppose to find 3 softwares online and test it with children,
and evaluate the effectiveness.

And to create an Ebook base on children's traditional story.

YUP, and my first assignment due date is in 9th of February! =/

Look what Ya-Pei just send me.

I love you.
But, i don't like you all the time.
I only like you when you give me 'milo ais'.

just kiding.
and he is smiling in his heart,
right right right?

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday's not so blue

Oh NOOO!..
it's MONDAY again!! =(
BUTPraise the Lord, it's Monday =)
i slept really early yesterday night at around 11.30pm?
and i woke up very early this morning!
Was rolling on the bed and waiting for Jun's morning call.

It's his first day of work in Sri Sedaya today! =D
Glad to know that he had a great day in school!

My morning wasn't that great.
I had a boy who cried non-stop for grandfather today!
and you know how inconvenient it is when children cry.
and he was really bugging me about his grandfather,
i had to trick him a few times,
pretending to be on the phone with his grandfather.
yup, teachers do lie a lot!

And because this boy cried, he cause another boy to cry.
In the same time, there were enquiries!
i do not know why people just love to do last minute work!
it is middle of January, and there are still enquiries?

Busy busy morning i had.


In the afternoon, i send the children to the gate to their parents.
A grandmother of this new boy of 5 year old class told me,
"You are Teacher Rachel?
My boy always tell around people at home that you are very pretty!"
i was just laughing!
HAHAHAHA!!! *shyyyy!*

and this boy actually came down to my class a few times
and i scolded him to go back to his class because he is 5 year old.

i kinda get the reason why he is always coming down to my class now.
*LOL!! a bit perasan adi! HAHAHAHA!*Went and teach Nigel in the evening,
i bought jellies along with me!
and that makes Nigel to really listen to me,
do all his work!
before this, he was only fulfilling the 20% or less of the day's work!
today, he finishes 110%!
i took advantage to drill him more! LOL!

darn glad that everything was so smooth and no stress today!

but, felt a little bad because i am using jelly to bribe him!
Yup, teachers often bribe children!
So, bribing starts since young because the children tends to "work" for rewards.
However, it is much better than his mother holding a cane sitting beside him,
and cane is used for threatening when he misbehave.

Came home around 7pm, and had a little dinner and
waited till 10.00pm to go Bean's Shop with Jun again for dinner.
I ordered French Toast with Ham & Cheese again!
it's really *yummy*!
There was a cat watching us eat, it is really cute!
look at thosee eyes!
Jun gave a strand of mee to the cat.
Quite generous, but a little kedekut also! HAHA!

After dinner, we went home.
Luckily, but actually it's naturally,
i smiled. =)

imperfects may be perfect

what a face expression =D

Sunday, 17th January 2010

Sunday service was dragged until 11am today.
and second service start at 11.05am!
Wow, that rush.
But, it was a good sermon although it was a bit long-winded.
but good points! =D

Speaker, Mr. Cheong Wye Choon took Peter for example.
When Jesus ask him to throw down the net to the sea,
he was at first in doubt.
But because of faith, he do what Jesus says,
and that is obedience!
And because he obeys,
miracle happens!
There were many fishes caught that day!

Because of the miracle,
Peter's faith was strengthen.
Peter really see who Jesus is,
instead of calling him 'master',
he called Him - Lord!

And in the same day,
he left his profitable business,
his family, home and friends to follow Jesus =)
After Sunday Worship, had breakfast at FohFoh,
then went to Carrefour to shop for kindergarten and college.

Then, went home and rest and watch
The Accidental Husband.

Still haven't watch finish, then went out with Wen-Jun.

We went to Pyramid for The Spy Next Door.
We bought tickets on the spot,
and we hide Ireland's potato -Pickle and Mayonaise in my bag
and brought it into the cinema, since i was hungry.
I would go for more Ireland's potato next time =D
And it was a hilarious movie!
i could easily give 10 over 10 if i want to rate it
so that you all will go and watch!
Really very nice! MUST WATCH! =)
Then we walk around Pyramid looking
at handphones, earphones and decorations.
hahaha! After that, it was around 8.30pm, but i mistaken it as 10.30pm =/
We went to PJ's Picadilly for dinner.
There were few hundreds choices,
i want rice, but i don't want to eat too full ....etc etc.....

and he named me FUSSY FONG
In the end, i ordered TomYam Fried Rice!
It is delicious! =D
Really love it.
However i could not finish it,
and Wen-Jun DID offered to eat it for me.
But, he was commenting that
he don't like spicy food and
complaining about those cili padi's in the Fried Rice.
so gotta pick out one by one for him lah!

and i named him CHOOSY CHEONG!

Really hope to go back there again. =)
After dinner, Wen-Jun wants to go Snowflakes.
I told him we wouldn't make it because it was so late already.
But Wen-Jun kept saying that we still have time and Snowflakes close very late.

I looked at my watch, it was ONLY 9.30pm that time!
and all those while i thought we were near midnight!
We did went to Snowflakes, but we didn't eat there.
We 'tarpau' it to my house instead because there were A LOT of people.
and we wanted my parents and Charmain to try too.

But when we are home, parents were watching DVDs,
Charmain is also watching some TVB series on computer.

They didn't want.

So, both of us finish it. and before he goes, he sulked =(
i asked, "what is with that face expression?"
he said, "i don't want to go."

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sad to say..

..i am back here blogging =/

it's not just today, it started few days back when i tempted myself back.
FASTING is actually really not easy.
FASTING food is easy for me, but to FAST online.
it is hard.
i must try again next time.

Day 1: i really use laptop for homework only!
Day 2: still strong in resisting temptation
Day 3: I only open MY blog.
Day 4: Something happen,
that cause me to sign in into my MSN but put appear offline.
Day 5: I started chatting in MSN still appearing offline,
and i open blogs and facebook.
Day 6: is today! I have commented on facebook, and i start blogging already =/
Day 7: is tomorrow!

don't know, but i just feel that blogging is like a must for everyday already =S
it's where most of my memory is.

But, i'm still praying, and i'm praying hard for everything i listed in my previous post,
and additional of prayers in my list for those who are sick and ill.

Well then, since i am here,
let me just start talking about my week.
Monday (11.1.10) was nothing much i think?
see, i don't remember already =S

Tuesday (12.1.10) is when i start my new semester.

This semester i have only 3 subjects,
but i only have 7 weeks to do all 42 lessons.
So that means, we need to go college 2 times a week for each subject!
Everything are in a rush this semester.
Even the lecturers are a little worry, i can see!

So, this is my timetable.

1.30pm - 5.00pm - National Preschool Curriculum
5.30pm - 9.00pm - Technology in Early Childhood Education
3.00pm - 5.00pm - DECE's Christian Fellowship
6.00pm - 9.30pm - Creative Movement through Music and Movement
1.30pm - 5.00pm - National Preschool Curriculum
5.30pm - 9.00pm - Technology in Early Childhood Education
9.30am - 1.00pm - Creative Movement through Music and Movement

And not to forget that every morning I still have kindergarten work =)
yup, gotta rush again! HAHAHA!

Wednesday (13.1.10), i had class!
and at night, i went home then i went out with Wen-Jun for dinner.
went to Bean's Shop SS15!
Ate very niceee Frech Toast with Ham and Cheese!
It's a must try!
Because they have melted cheese in the French Toast,
verrry nice! =D

Thursday (14.1.10), it is just a normal class day lorh.
aiyoh, i seriously don't remember what happen leh =/

but i know that in USA it's 13th Jan,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Karjie, Lorraine =D

Oh, and i know i slept very early!
around 11.30pm i think??
Was really tired!

Friday (15.1.10),
Woke up early, then had a long day in kindergarten,
had meetings to plan for Chinese New Year theme,
and to re-decorate classes.
A lot of things to do =/ =/

Anyway, after that, went to Nigel's house to give him tution.
He was given medication.
He could sit for awhile, but after that, he start moving around again =/
then at night went to church just for some small fellowship. Saturday (16.1.10) morning,
we have Worship Training and Workshop.
skipped college for this,
because it is really rather important to me.
Uncle Steven really did well lah, i learn a lot myself!
And there were hands on for the song leaders.
And they had comments on the spot.
I am sure they learn a lot too =D

At night, we have BBQ in Uncle Steven's house.
Good fellowship! =D
was raining at first, but God really blessed the weather.
it stopped raining, and we have a cooling night =D
Another week gone by,
adding all together it's 3 weeks now.
3rd week of him and i together, as well as 3rd week in month of January,
and 3rd week in year 2010.
Many things gone by, tears, joy, laughters.
But all these are part and parcel of life.
It is intend to help us grow.

Bought a notebook today with some meaningful words,
but it is in mandarin




p/s: thanks Charissa for introducing the photoscrape =)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, January 10, 2010

you crazy ar?

i am just M.A.D.!

Anyways, i was watching =)

Yesterday (9th Jan 2010),
i went to Montessori meeting in the morning.
Among the 4 teachers, i am the experience one,
others are so new!
Then the chair person aka trainer kept asking me to do demo for them to see
but oklah, i did it well. =)
simple, nice and straight to the point =)

In the afternoon, i helped Charmain with her games.
i wanted to play, but she needed help!
Though she is JUST preparing Snake and Ladder,
but it was an edited one.
and it is not easy to prepare.

At night during youth,
it was bible study and fellowship night.
don't know whether the youth have fun or not.
but i think they did, right?

Today is Sunday (10.01.10),
nice date heh!?
I woke up at 6.30am ++, and surf the net,
prepare myself
at 8am, i reach church and practice piano for Sunday school.

Yesterday's Daily Journey and today's sermon slap me on the face with words
Why RESTRICT yourself from experiencing God's GREATNESS?
Don't kept thinking that you don't have the ability to do things,
don't kept thinking of who you are,
but think of who God is!

God is good all the time! (GIGATT!!)
and He is Great!
He is the King!
He is Alpha and Omega!

Whereever we go, whatever we do,
HE IS OUR STRENGTH! After church,
Aunty Julia, Matt, Jem, Jun and I went and look for campsites.

First of all,
we went to some Malay organization Eco park.
There are a lot of things and facilities there that we could use
Sadly, they do not accomodate to Christian based programmes.
Because they focus on Islamic teachings.
Hm, but the girl who speak to us is so polite.
And she kept apologizing to us.
She even introduce us to other campsites around there.

So, we basically went all over the place searching.
However, we couldn't find any.
And it was lunch time already,
we headed to Ulu Langat restaurant for lunch.
(where you all celebrate Zhanwei's farewell last time)

After lunch, we went to the Balai Polis to ask for directions to Broga Hill
since Aunty Julia say we are quite near,
might as well go and look at it.

We went for another half an hour drive maybe?
From Ulu Langat to Broga.
Without realizing it, we are actually at the border of Seremban and Selangor!

We didn't even know that we are that near to Seremban!
Yup! That is how far we've gone today!

And this is the very first time Matthew drove that far!

The venue's name is called OUTBAC - Adventure Camp!
Uncle Billy show us around and we took pictures!
we really love the place a lot!
and the prices are really reasonable!

Scroll down for pictures!




It is a good good good good place!
And the prices are seriously VERY reasonable!
And the people there have warm heart!
and it is well facilitated!
It had dorms with airconds and toilets with water heater!



The place is still NOT CONFIRM yet!
We need you all to put us in prayers!
- Pray that during the dates 28th - 30th May,
the campsite will be available for our youth group!
- Pray for good weather!
If it rain during our camp,
90% of our activity GONE!


For your information,
I am going to FAST all usage of laptop except for homework wise for 1 week.
no blogging, no msn, no facebook!

I will use all the time that i spend on my laptop praying and doing devotion.
I want to pray for World Peace!
especially in Malaysia!
I want to pray for the Muslims!
I want to pray for the Christians!

You all can also join me in prayer =)
-Pray that all parties would learn to respect each other's right
and freedom to practice one's faith and religion.
-Unwanted elements may be retrained from provoking
and politicising the issue for one's own politcal mileage.
-The masses especially the Muslims will see the truth of the matter
and may not be swayed by political agendas and overtones to react negatively,
but exercise mutual respect, good faith and acceptance of each religious groups
and practices in diversity.
-God to overrule all demonstrations.
Peace, order and harmony will be perserved.
-Our brethen in Sabah and Sarawak will be awaken to the truth
and Body of Christ to arise and pray in such a time like this.
-NECF Prayer Alert

Please keep me in your prayer as well that
i will not fall for temptation during the fasting period.

Call or sms my handphone if you all are finding for me.
I reply when I am free.

Thanks Ya-Pei for reminding,
it's not to what extend we can fast,
but what is in our heart!
Had a wonderful day out again!
Though it is sad to hear him say
"I won't be seeing you for this whole week"
because i will be busy already
(Actually, he is also busy lorh!
not all my fault! LOL!!)

BUT, Gotta face it,
gotta accept it with positive heart =)

Well then, i will see you all here next Tuesday!

imperfects may be perfect