Sunday, February 28, 2010

true happiness

..... comes from warm hearts

Saturday (27th Feb)
we had our last lecture and last class.
after this, we will be having our exams,
then we are all going for our practicals,
and then will not have much time to see each other.

for the time being,
The same day, in the afternoon,
had a small gathering in Ben's house,
his open house has made us gathered and catch up with each other.
really good to see all of you again =)

Some of them, i really didn't see them ever since secondary school!
don't worry =)
On Sunday (28th Feb), after church service
i "babysitted" Angel, Hui Qing and Charmain.
brought them to Subang Parade,
actually i want to check out about the Lion Dance also lah!

Havn't seen Lion Dance yet this whole CNY,
saw one in the morning that only dance around the house =/

We also walked around the Parade,
actually, we spent 90% time walking around in Love It!

We tried on clothes,
each of us got one top LOL!
Nope, it's not the top you saw above,
it's another top.
You will see when you see =)
At night, since there are Lion Dance Subang Parade's schedule.
I suggested to daddy to have dinner in Parade because want to see Lion Dance.
Funny that is, he did not tell mummy.
Then later mummy suggested daddy to have dinner in Parade's Esquire Kitchen!
Mother and daughter think alike =D
Jun joined us for Lion Dance and also for Dinner.

Then, we saw Ya-Pei and Ya-Qi! came with their mummy
Kinda unexpected to see them,
but once i saw them, it was quite expected =P
I guess Ya-Qi purposely suggested her family to come parade because she'd figure out that i would be there! HAHAHA!
Yay! What a great way to see See Ya-Pei!
Then, went around taking pictures.
then went home =)

Spent time at home.
Then Jun went home at 11pm++

Tomorrow, i will not be waking up early anymore,
no work! =D =D =D

But got tuition lah... hahaha!

and tomorrow is MARCH already!
sooo fast =D
Just 6 more days till MY day ahahaha!

"People's mouth can lie, but their hands don't."

"Putting on a pretty dress and living in a beautiful room does not amount to true happiness.
True happiness is all the warm hearts of your friends."

Quote Sister Lane to Candy,
in Candy Series

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd mensiversary♥

when he finally knew the route to my college,
he just will offer to fetch me to college when he is free.

when he knew that i did not take my meals regularly
(and sometimes not taking),
he will regularly message me to ask whether i have eaten.

when he knew that i would not talk if i'm not in a good mood,
he would still message and comfort me,
causing me hard to resist to not reply.

when he knew my favourite animal,
he would just get me pandas very randomly,
with random reasons.

when he knew that i always sleep late at night,
he would call me every morning to wake me up.
sometimes not very effective,
because i would sleep back after his call.
but he will message to ensure i'm awake.

when sometimes i just got too tired after classes,
and he knew that i've already slept,
he will still send me messages or poems just so that i could read it once i wake up.

when he knew that i am busy,
he would not send that much messages so that he don't distract me,
but he still send a few them in the midst of my busyness just to give me support and motivation to stay focus.

when he send me messages everytime,
he would always wish me well in the things that i am doing or i will do.

when he greets me everytime he sees me,
i always wonder, why greet since we are so close?
"good morning,rachel.
hi, rachel."
but, it's a manner of courtesy, it's his nature, his bringing up.
and he never fails to say thank you even for the littlest thing.

there are still lots of hows and whys,
that i felt like the luckiest, happiest girl.
i felt soooo loved, so protected, so pampered.

i should be the one saying...
"i never found someone like you"

chocolate or cheese?
i wonder wonder wonder ...

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect

Friday, February 26, 2010

my journey out of it

STEP 1 (5th November 2009)
"nope, it is not a sudden decision,i've been thinking of it since i got all stressed up,but i didn't leave because i need the money and i do not want to leave the children.

im slowly letting off commitments that are less commitment now should be focusing on God and studies as a about money?i shall believe in God that He will fact, He already did.He already had a plan for me. =)"

STEP 2 (6th November 2009, morning)
"i asked a friend to help me with resignation letter.
early morning when i go to school with the resignation letter in my bag, i do not know how i am going to pass it to the principal,i do not know how to tell my co-workers. because i have NEVER mention anything to them before. suddenly, they just came up to me talking about next year's plan.they have NO IDEA i am going to leave them! suddenly, i have no guts to take out the resignation letter. and so, i did not give."

STEP 3 (6th November 2009, afternoon to night)
"the question "should i resign or not?" floods in my mind.
my mind was filled with pros and cons of resigning! what if i resign? what if i don't?"

"I asked Charis. She say whether i resign or not is depend on what i prioritize

but the thing that blocks me away from letting go of my job isthe children, the parents, the teachers,and also.. the money!children, parents and teachers could adapt after awhile, i think.but, the money, not easy to find,not easy to just SIT DOWN, FOLD ARMS, CROSS LEG and say.."don't worry, God will provide."

how sometimes God sees our heart so throughly.never did i bring to Him the worries about resignation

God spoke to me the same day through a talk in CF, and that is when, after the talk, i spend some time talking to God about it.and my heart was lifted up. =)"

The same day, God bless me - he gives me Nigel, so i could give him tuition.
(just a small amount of pocket money)

"so? am i resigning? yes, i am.and like Ben said, the teachers will understand why i leave. Resignation letter will be given on 10th November!"

STEP 4 (10th November 2009)
"It leaves me with no choice but to take out the letter for him. I walked to his class, knocked on his door. With a smile (as usual), i walk to him. and i said, "i am not working next year." Straight away he answer "Hahh??? Why?" and i explained. We had smooth conversation. =)

Later, my centrehead was saying that i do not have the colours in my colour pencils basket already. and she suggested that next year, she will bring down all her colour pencils and we sort it together. Then, i told her about the resignation. She also straight away "hahhh?" Hahaha!

Yea, right at that moment i already start missing all of them. The children, the teachers and all.
I seriously start missing them already lar. I really want to see them grow. I don't care, i will still go back to see them no matter how busy i am next year! This is my experience. =)"



STEP 5 (3rd January 2010)
"Eden called up saying that they need my help in the whole month of January (JUST January!) and, i being soft-heartedbecause we already build up relationship while i work there,i agree to help them.

Waking up at 6.30am and going at 7.30am and reaching at 8.00am! for one month!"

STEP 6 (4th January 2010)
"i could not stay with them! I have made up my mind. I already promise to give tuition to a boy,and i really want to help that boy! So, when i say I am working in Eden only for January,i will really only work for January!""

STEP 7 (19th January 2010)
"You tell the parents you cannot teach tuition, because you have commitment in Eden. You got 16 children here, they need you more than just that one child. And Eden have better pay!"

"That child is a ADHD child, and i think he needs me more. I already promise i will teach, means i will teach him. I don't mind lower pay."

"He is ADHD right? Send him here to Eden before he goes primary school. It will be beneficial to him"

"He would be too tired for studies then. 8.30 to 12.30, 1.10 to 6.00, it will be a long day for him. He was here last time, but because the teachers could not focus on his needs, so the parents drawn him out and they are also not well to do"

"You continue working here, because you need Eden for your practicals. Maybe your lecturer will come and interview us for your diploma's certificate and grades? We can help to give good testimony to your lecturers."

"I came to Eden with a heart to help, i came back because Eden needs me! NOT because i need the money! I already promise to teach the boy and i will teach the boy. I don't mind not working in Eden, I don't mind not doing my practicals in Eden."

"So, you are not coming back next month?"

"I already told the management team, that i will work until 10.30am because you all need my help, and i leave to teach tuition."

STEP 8 (22nd February 2010)
"So, you will be continuing with us in March too right?"

"Uh, no? I already said that i will have practicals, and it will not necessary be here."

"Is it? Your lecturer called me up and said there will be another girl coming over."
(LIAR: my lecturer says that she close all SUBANG's kindergarten, because it's not travel friendly for them!)

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, they say they are from Segi College one."

"I am not from Segi College, my college is in KL"

"Oh, yes meh? Oh, er.. but i mention your name - Rachel Wong to them, they say they know you."

"Yes meh?"
(Aiyo, in my college alone already got 10 Rachels, in my course alone already got 4 Rachels, among these Rachels already got 2 RACHEL WONG lah!)

"Yea, you will definitely be doing practicals here."

"Don't be too sure, i will ask my lecturer and let you know"

STEP 9 (25th February 2010)
i didn't go kindergarten on 23rd Feb,
i didn't see him on 24th Feb when he say he WILL come,
so i called him on 25th Feb!

"I will not be working next month, my practicals is not here."

"Ah? Next month not working? But you said you will be here for practicals!"

"no, i did not say. I even told you don't be too sure about me coming back."

"Yea, and you say you will let me know, so that is why i did not find other teachers"

"I thought you said you will come, but you end up didn't come yesterday."

"But, you actually told that you work till end of this year right?"

"No, i did not, i said i will help you all only in the month of January at first. But because you all needed help, so i stayed till February."

"Yes meh? You told that you will be until end of this year lah i remember."

"No, i did not say! and i even mention many times that i have practicals means i need to go."

"But next week is too rush, can you stay for one more week? I need to find teachers. Actually, we just had another 3 teachers resign, so we really lack of teachers now."

"Sorry, but i already told you earlier, and next week is my exam week."

"Why can't you come during exam week? Do the same thing lah, teach in the morning, then go for exam."

"Nope, you all already agreed to let me take leave during exam."

Some pause.

"Oklah, nevermind."

"Ok, thank you."

leave with blessings from the teachers.
greet goodbye to the children. no child knows that i'm leaving. no parents know either.
but wishing them all well =)

WILL GO BACK... just for visitation =)
imperfects may be perfect

holiday's fragrance

Tuesday (23rd February)
National Preschool Curriculum presented!
Technology Softwares Evaluation & Reports!
and ended classes at 7pm.
Met up with Jun & Matt for my dinner in Beans.
Tried on Mongolian Chicken Chop Rice.
it's very yummy =D

Wednesday (24th February)
DECE's CF had sharing on the past 2 years!
About how we are blessed and how we could bless others and God,
how we could contribute =)

@5pm, we had people from SMARTBOARD to present to us about their technology for educations.
The screen on the computer can be projected on Smartboard,
and we could operate the computer using Smartboard.
however, it cost RM10K and above or so, depending on the size!

I am more amazed at the Visualizer that acted as Microscope & Overhead Projector.
Where it just like a camera, they take what you place on it.
a book, a leaf, insect or whatever.
and they could zoom in and zoom out.
Which cost a few thousands.

Then, we had Music & Movement class.
Ends at 9pm.
Choy Wan fetched me home.
And we did work on our Ebook until 12am, and she left.

That is why i didn't go for Tim's birthday cake cutting.

Thursday (25th February)
Charleen came after my kindergarten,
we finalize our Ebook until 12.30pm.
Then we went to college together.

Ebook presented!

The holiday is sooooo near =D

there is ONE MORE lah, on Saturday,
but that is a NON-STRESS presentation =)

At night, Jun bought McD to my house for me for dinner.
wanted to go out, but no one is home to take care of daddy.
daddy was sick.

He left at 12am, and i went and sleep.

imperfects may be perfect

today was a fairytale♥

by Taylor Swift Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
I wore a dress
You wore a dark grey t-shirt
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
Today was a fairytale

Time slows down whenever you’re around

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
You’ve got a smile that takes me to another planet
Every move you make everything you say is right
(ok, not always! =p)

Today was a fairytale
Today was a fairytale
All that I can say is it’s getting so much clearer
Nothing made sense until the time I saw your face

Today was a fairytale

Time slows down whenever you’re around
(why did i felt it went by so quickly? LOL!)

Yeah yeah

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way

Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
Time slows down whenever you’re around
I can feel my heart
It’s beating in my chest

Did you feel it?
I can’t put this down

as simple as that =)
imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

how true is that?

As you can see in my previous post,
how busy i am this whole week,
all the assignment due dates =/ =/

However, amid of busy-ness.
There are things which are much more important =)

On Sunday (21st February)

Fellowship No. 1

Went to Jun's house for lunch.

After lunch, we stayed in his study room,
he studies to teach for tuition,
while i do my assignment with my own laptop i brought.

It was hot, and his mummy made us Lychee Drink.
I stayed there whole day until dinner time.

Fellowship No. 2
*no pictures*

Jun and I came back to my house for dinner,
with Pastor, Aunty Julia and Steven as well.

Fellowship No. 3

Then we went to Elaine's and Pastor's house for CNY visitation.

And had a very memorable time spent infront of Elaine's house watching the fireworks =)
For probably 5 to 10 minutes long!
and it was so near, that i could felt the HEAT
i even worried that the sparkles would actually fall on me.
"Don't worry lah Rachel, it won't fall on you!" Hui Qing said
as she keeps hugging to me like a Koala bear hugging the tree!

i DO CNY this year!
Looking forward to next CNY! =D

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
[Ecclesiastes 3:1]

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, February 22, 2010

anticipating for it!

just that 3 weeks!

yup, that 3 weeks! =)

and that day

imperfects may be perfect

faced it, change it!

This semester we have Technology in Early Childhood Education.
One of my assignment is to evaluate the softwares online whether it is suitable for children to be used.
And while i was fiddling with the softwares,
i found pandas! =D
Not everything that is faced can be changed,
But nothing can be changed until it is faced.

Suppose to have my group's Software evaluation to be done by now.
We met up and completed everything just now.

But things happen and cause almost half of it gone!
*kinda understand the meaning of GG now!*

My group and i already have 'fried' brain that time,
but still force out whatever points we could remember and type it out briefly.

i was quite disappointed since the bubble just burst like that.
but nothing else could be done except for doing it again

however, it was all accidents and i'm not blaming anyone.
but was so glad that we still manage to remember much of the points.

I shall now focus and type all out as soon as i can and as much as i can remember!

Don't worry, I'm Okay =D

p/s: but well,
i'm thinking that i don't want to go kindergarten for work tomorrow.
should i go? should i not go?

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, February 21, 2010

strive on to the week to come

Saturday (20th Feb)

Woke up by Choy Wan after 18 miss calls to my handphone and 1 call to my house phone waking mummy up to wake me up, because needed to go college with her early to help her with assignments.

She reached at 8am and fetch me to college. She got me a packet of Nasi Lemak and a packet of hot Coffee. Spent the morning in college helping her with her assignments before class start.

Then, some other of my college mates arrive and they mention about the musical instrument that is needed to show to my lecturer today. I didn't hear him mentioning about bringing, probably he did, but i wasn't concentrating? But my course mates said that he did not mention =/ but most of them bring anyways which make me really worried. I even told Mohana not to bring, because I was thinking that we are only passing up report. I thought we pass up the instrument only after presentation next week.

We went to the office to tell him about it, he was quite upset and angry about it. He said that he already told us to bring. And he said that because we didn't bring today, he will not give us marks. I tried negotiating, but he said it's useless.

Was already getting really worried about the marks because he did said that many did not do well in Creativity through Music and Movements. Many were asking me to call my parents to bring, which i really want to. But, i was so half-hearted because i do not like to trouble my parents. On another hand, i was so worried that I would loose marks.

The time is up for classes already, but i went and call my mummy. And once i hear her voice, the tears just keep falling. Not like i wanted it, but it just did. My mummy also got so worried what happen to me. I just told her that i forgotten my musical instrument and ask her to bring from Subang. Even so she said that she will bring, i still felt really bad because i troubled so many people. =/

I went to the toilet, still sobbing. I sms-ed Rachel Tee out to accompany me awhile. When i finally stop sobbing (although face and nose were still very red), Rachel Tee ask to go in the room before him gets angry.

But, the room door is locked. And looking through the window, course mates were indicating that he is angry about the late comers, so he locked the door. There are 2 doors, so we thought the other door weren't lock. We went to that door, wanted to pretend nothing happen and just go in.

But, he stopped us and said that we are late, so he don't allowed us in. Once again, things rushed inside my mind. I caused Rachel Tee to be in trouble =/ And i thought, if he don't let us in, i will not be able to sit for this subject's exam already because i have already miss class twice for outside activities. Again lah, start sobbing =/ After 3 to 5 minutes, i took up the courage to open the door and explain to my lecturer that i was being late because I needed to call my parents to bring my musical instrument. It was so embarassing, because i was so red and sobbing and asking for forgiveness. But, i just need to apologize then, couldn't care much about my own 'face' that time. And, he let me in. Then came a few other course mates who are late, and all were let in after their own explaination.

Once i sat down, he said that "those who did not bring music instrument, you do not need to purposely go and take it, you can show me next Saturday". I wonder, if i were in class earlier, i would have hear this sentence and i will not call my mummy and i will not cry =/ But, anyway, what is done is done.

So, he continue with his lecture. And i was still controlling my tears. He actually stop and ask me whether I am ok. Which really ease my heart a lot too.

After 15 minutes of lecture, my parents arrived. They passed me my music instrument. I went to the toilet to clean myself. Then, i felt so much better, and calmed down.

I went back to class and listen to the lecture in normal state.

And because today is more of a workshop lecture, which needs us to move about, to experience what the children will be experiencing, it's really a lot of fun! It pushes up my mood, and in no time, i was laughing with my friends and enjoying myself already. =)

However, i still want to apologize to the whole class, because i probably effect their mood in studying. SORRY!

And especially to Mohana, because i gave the wrong information!
and to Rachel Tee for being scolded by Mr. Terry because she went out of the class to accompany me.


Well then, time waits for no one. What is past is past. Shall now focus on our week to come.

All the best, friends!

imperfects may be perfect

what is black, white and asian?

Just a short update about CNY visitation

on Friday night (19th Feb),
the youths and i went out for chinese new year visitation to Matt's, Hui Qing's and my house.

::Scoreboard for Sitiawan Game::
it is a game introduced to us by all the Sitiawanese.
Quite a nice game =)

Every house we went to, we will play the Sitiawan game.
Then after that, we played Mafia in Hui Qing's house.
another card game. LOL!

Stayed in Hui Qing's house till 12am, and we left.

Pandas are the least racist animal,
they're black, white and asian!
-Quote Zhanwei from Facebook
ahhhh!! soo cute!!!
love love love love love

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, February 19, 2010

it's the start...

... of something new =) i havn't update ever since i come back from Bentong =P
and well, sorry to disappoint.
i am NOT updating about Bentong YET.

i have lots of pictures, but the camera battery drained off,
so i got to recharge it first.
anyways, i went to Midvalley on 17th February, Wednesday
for Valentine's Day with Jun, Matt, HuiQing and Angel.and then Jun fetch me to college =D
that was the 1st time.
Today (18th Feb), i went to Jun's house to visit his parents.
so funny to see Jun's mummy ordering Jun to serve me!
i felt like a princess in his house ahahaha!

and you all got to see Jun's baby picture!
but my baby picture cuter lah!
but his also very cute!

then i accompany Jun to go cut his hair with his gay partner - James. After cutting hair, Jun fetch Ya-Qi,
then we all went to Brickfield's YMCA Shiok Cafe for lunch.

and he sent me to college. 2nd time =D

Lecture was boring, probably because it's repeatation of what i've learn!
i got bored, and i drew again

*half faced picture*
After college, Jun fetch me from my house back to his house.
the youths went for visitation =)

we played Mafia over there.

I was really hungry and Jun's mummy offered me Jun's favourite bread from Bread Story.

then, i also talked to his mummy.

"you should follow Jun wherever he go, so he will come back early."
-Quote Jun's mummy.

his mummy is so cute lah and so funny! =)
just like my mummy... so cute and funny! LOL!

After that, we clean up and went to Sri Melur.
then Matthew fetch me home.

he put it inside my bag when i did not realize it.

Look alike or not? Look alike or not??
this panda have really blur looks,
so if i imitate, i look like that.

a bit retarded actually,
but really look alike and so funny LOL!

"your blur looks is your normal look!" Quote Jun.

oh yah
, i don't need to imitate also lah =/
my looks memang like that HAHAHA!

but, i still like my smiling pictures more
"you look better when you are happy and smiling!"
- Quote Jun

who don't? =P

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cannot be explained... symbols of words
Remember i said that i went to 1U with Jun for Toothfairy movie?
*CLICK* hahaha!I finally got the pictures =)

 Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. There meaning can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.
- Martin Luther King Jr.
imperfects may be perfect

Monday, February 15, 2010

eden's cny

on 11th February,
Eden celebrated Chinese New Year with the children.
and they are asked to wear traditional clothes if they have,
these are a few out of many cute ones that i manage to snap pictures of.
 These are the food the children bring.
I got to say that they bring good food,
compare to last year.
Last year, most of them bring junk foods!

this year, there are cakes, biscuits, pasta, cookies and so on!  
These are my nursery class children. =D
aren't they adorable? =D
hahahaha! but there are 3 more who are not in the picture,
because one was sleeping and the other 2 did not come.
i didn't actually get to celebrate fully with them,
because i end work at 10.30am!
but i'm sure they enjoyed =)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a white rose♥

first of all,


Sorry, i will not be posting about my Chinese New Year yet,
as i am now in Bentong when you are reading this post.

so, about my valentine's... gift =D
 I receive this flower during a hot afternoon on 12th February.
I was sms-ing with him that afternoon until i fall asleep.
Then, he called, and said that he is infront of my house.

"Can you come down? i got something to tell you. very fast wan"
he said.

"huh? okayy?? i need to change." i answered.

"ok, be fast." he replied.
So, i changed and went downstairs.

he was standing outside of the gate waiting for me,
since he said that he just needed to tell me something short and fast,
i didn't take the keys out to open the gate or whatsoever.

then, he gave me a flower - a white rose to be exact over the gate.

"huh? what for?" i asked.
"for valentine's day" he answered.


a small little surprise, that caught me,
don't know what to say, and often say the wrong things!
instead of saying thank you, i asked a stupid question!
hahahaha! that is why i don't like surprises!
i often humiliate myself with surprises!

but, anyway
last year, he gave me a champagne rose.

but ever since he knew that i love white roses,
he got me white rose this time =)

why white roses?

"mummy, i want all white roses during my wedding!"
i once told my mummy

"no! cannot, white roses means death!"
my mummy said.

"no, white roses means pure lah!"
i told her.

and for all these while, even though white roses are often used for funerals,
i still stand on what i believe,
i still think that white roses represents purity, innocence and reverence!

today, Charmain check the website about the meaning of A WHITE ROSE
it says,
" a single white rose is used by someone that wants to say 'i am sorry' to his/her significant others"

but read on,
"it also has some other meanings."

"Since medieval times, white roses symbolizes light, purity and innocence, so sending a single white rose may also means that you consider that person to be pure, or that your love is very pure."

sounds better =)
but no matter what ,i felt the love! =)

*although the flower is not fully white! hahahahaha!*

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, February 13, 2010

reunion dinner

13th February,
it's Chinese New Year eve!
and it is a tradition for the Chinese to gather for reunion dinner.

*on the way to reunion dinner*
My reunion dinner is in Cheras, Selangor itself.
which is my daddy's side.
Daddy's family would all gathered at 5thSam's house
 (Dad's side 5th Aunty)Each family would bring a dishes or two for pot bless,
and we share the food together.

We had our dinner at the car porch,
though it's more heaty compared to last year,
but we still have a wonderful time together.

After dinner, the cousins and I helped to clear the dishes.
and then we had our own activity.
Some played laptop, some adults chats around the table,
I sat infront of the TV watching it with a few other cousins and Charmain,
nibbling away the fruits and cookies set before us,
drinking watermelon juice.

and then,
we left around 9.00pm because we need to go home early to rest.
There is CNY Church Service tomorrow. =)

and it's Valentine's Day eve too =D

imperfects may be perfect