Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3rd Mensiversary

I've already start my practicals (since 29th March).
The teachers there are really friendly.
The children are still children,
there will still be some that is hard to control,
but the atmosphere is so happy.
They even show obvious signs of welcoming me as a new teacher.
i guess i will be enjoying myself a lot for this practicals =D

My parents are already back from Hong Kong and Guangzhou.
Yesterday, Wen-Jun helped to fetch them back from LCCT.
and, end up he went home so late.
and woke up late today.
Hahaha! Sorry, sorry.
but thanks =D

Last week, 25th March is
our 3rd Mensiversary together.

and this is what he gave me..
my last present from China LOL!!
wheeee... what a cuteeee little panda =D

and a pearl pendant necklace
It's really lovely,
simple enough yet elegant enough too =D

hahaha! He got good taste yeah??
is it? or is it not??

but, i would wear anyway it no matter what.

in this case, it is really a pretty necklace!

However, i will not wear it to practicals.
It's just not wise hahaha!
Yeah, till here first lah.
I need to rest early. =)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, March 28, 2010

this whole week of independence

Finally, one week of parent's absence is gone! They will be back tomorrow night.

This whole week, my grandmother called home sometimes to see whether we are okay. She often call late at night, around 9pm or 10pm? Which im normally at tuition or in youth. Haha! But, i guess she figure it out anyway, hope that she is not too worried.

This whole week, i've been writing and reporting back to my parents about the things happen each day. But recently, probably since Friday, i did not write to them about my daily events. Because i was too busy myself.

That Thursday, i drove the car to Puchong to meet up with my friend. Wow, my first time ever on the highway, with speeding cars, and lots of lorries! To get back safely at home is really God's blessing!

That Wednesday night, Wen-Jun took out another gift from China. Actually, he gave me a few already. The Kaleidoscope, the chocolates, the small softtoy keychain, ahhh.. and now this! You all havn't see the small softtoy keychain before, because i havn't post about it yet =P That Wednesday night's gift was to celebrate our 3rd Mensiversary =D

This whole week, mummy entrusted a 'bodyguard' to look after us. Well, though he don't do much at home. He only come at night most days at 10pm. We spent most time in living room watching movie, playing laptop, listen to Charmain's story together, throwing living rooms pillow at each other etc. Sometimes, he did not do anything but just sitting on the sofa beside me quietly. That was because i was tensed up with my things and i just need some quiet moment. And when the clock strikes latest at 12am, he would go to my korkor's room for his goodnight rest.

The morning, the next day, he would try to silently go to work. However, for the 1st 2 mornings, i get to wake up and send him off. Couldn't wake up the 3rd morning. and we planned to go breakfast on the 4th morning, but he didn't wake me up. Yet, he leave a note on my laptop in the living room. For the 5th morning, i told him to wake me up through phone call. I made him breakfast again and then he went to work.

On the 6th morning (which is today), we were suppose to go breakfast, he was already all dressed up for Sunday worship, and he kept calling to my handphone. He even knocks on the door and Charmain opens it. But, in the end, i sms-ed him and told him that i don't want to go, too tired already. Hahaha! So i slept in longer and he wait downstairs patiently reading newspaper and playing with my laptop.

Today, my korkor is back. So our 'bodyguard' could go back to his home sweet home, AT LAST! I guess he is kissing his pillow now. He went home almost everyday before coming to my house anyway, he needs to spend time with his family as well. =) Yup, he is a very family guy. Which is good =)

"I'm very proud of my boy." His mummy told me once. =D

Well then, i'm also very proud of my boyfriend! He DID make himself at home, he make his own coffee using my cup somemore! , opening doors himself and not pressing on the doorbell or sounding his honk this whole week, using my laptop without my permission because he know my password, what else? Other than that, he is such a good guest, he doesn't go into other rooms except for my korkor's room, the toilet, the kitchen, living room and also the back balcony, because i want to show him my daddy's creation =P He is very respectful. =D

Although he'd be away from morning and only reach my house at night. It did bring joy to my heart everytime i hear his car parking outside of my house. And i guess it bring joy to Charmain too, because she have someone else to talk to. Charmain don't like talking to me, as i have very minimal response. Hahaha! Unlike Wen -Jun, he response to everything, he has a comment to everything! hahahaha!

This whole week is God's guidance over my sister and I. There is nothing BAD that happen at home =) And we have neighbours and relatives that call or visit us. Come to think of it, we don't actually need a bodyguard, don't we?

But then, i should say, that this bodyguard have been a good bodyguard to keep us from emotionally insecurities. He kept us secure emotionally just with his presence.

Thanks dear, for just being there for us, laughing happily with us, being the one who entertain us (LOL!), and also to listen to Charmain as she expresses her feelings of work.

Next challenge to become a little more independent, being home alone as in really home alone for one whole week, okay let's make it one month! hmmmmm..................

*tomorrow is my first day of practicals, driving all the way to OUG. Please please please grant me a safe journey O Lord!*
imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a little more independent

It was finally Karjie's last day in Malaysia. The plan is to go HongKong & China with my parents together, and she will leave HongKong & China to USA after spending time there. While my parents will then leave HongKong and come back to Malaysia.

They will be there for one week, they will only be back on next Monday which is 29th March.
The reason i did not follow is the hectic schedules i've made for myself. The easter plannings, the practicals, the tuitions, etc etc.

So, Charmain and I are left at home for one week. This is the first time we will be home alone for that long time. A little uneasy because we've never been home alone before. My parents, especially mummy were very worried to leave us behind, but i told her we'd be okay. Well, ofcourse we will be okay, just not use for not having my parents around at home.

On Monday morning, before Karjie leave to airport, we played a prank on daddy and had some laughters. She hugged me so tightly before she went off with my parents. The moment she went in the car, the moment i turn my back to walk back inside the house is the moment my tears start rolling down my cheeks.

I thought i'd be okay. But, this is my first time, ofcourse i am not use to it. I miss my sister, and I miss my parents. I was wondering how I would be able to survive one week! Ofcourse, my parents leave money behind, they also put down my HongKong and China's relatives' numbers just in case for emergency. They also informed Uncle Francis (Grace's father), Uncle Hason (Neighbour), Uncle Teh and pastor about their absence. They also entrusted Wen-Jun to check on us on and off. He'd be there before and after his works when he's got the time. Though i know that Charmain and I are still well protected, but things just isn't same without their presence.

That Monday, i wrote an email to Karjie telling her how I miss them already. Charmain got up and ask, "What happen to you? ...... Crazy!" hahaha! Well, ofcourse she know what is with me, she probably miss them much too! But it didn't take me long to stop tears flowing, i kept myself occupied with the leftover house chores. I also went for tuition.

Being the oldest one at home currently, made me more and more like mummy. Always nagging Ah Mei and also asking her whereabouts. She is now hired as a part time waitress at Sakae Sushi. I don't really need to be worried about that as it is just walking distance away. However, if she end work after 7pm, i would need to go and fetch her. It is just not safe to walk home in the dark.

With my parents around, I normally need to get their permission, or at least inform them before i go out. Without them at home, I plan my things, and just inform Charmain. However, it felt so uncomfortable. Even though i go through each day like normal, having meals, doing chores, tuition, church, sometimes college. But, i still write emails to my parents to tell them what i do each day, just so they don't get worried about me.

They called back on Tuesday to check whether we are okay. The moment i hear their voice, tears rolling again. I don't know whether I hear wrongly or not, but i think i heard mummy sobbing. Be it mistaken or not, that cause me to tear even more. But, it was a quick 3 minutes call. After the call, i stopped tearing. and get busy with my own things again.

What i do most these pass few days are the laundry! I have BIG PILES of dirty clothes, not mine alone, but my whole families! hahaha! and also towels, and also bedsheets and pillow sheets! Wow!! But, i sort of enjoying the moments of doing house chores. I will not have time SOON to do all these once i start my practicals. There is a huge pile of unfolded clothes on mummy's bed now. Will get it folded very soon =)

And because my parents are not home, i worried for Charmain and my safety. Every night, i will check the doors and the windows. If my parents are at home, they are the one checking on it. =) and everyday, my mummy will ask me what i want to eat. Now, i got to ask Charmain how she is having her meal and whether she have the money to get her meals. But, i need not worry much also since she is a great cook! =) Okay, at least better than me, so much more.

My meals are rather unhealthy as I was having Cup Noodles, goreng pisang, goreng udang, apam malik, KFC, roti telur, McD. But there is a healthy meal on vegetarian also =) But anyway, i think it is a great improvement that i would remember to take my meals and make the effort to go and find it. Normally, if i am busy or if i am just lazy, i wouldn't bother but skipping my lunch. Dinner is a must to me. hahaha!

The other day when i need to go college, i was thinking that i should drive down, giving myself a try and since i have cars at home. However, i chickened out and decided to stick with KTM. hahaha! Tomorrow, i need to go and meet my friend in Puchong. I decided to drive down. I have revised the map with my friend and Wen-Jun. I am also going to revise it again tomorrow. I am very bad at directions, i never dare to drive out of Subang Jaya or USJ or Sunway. hahaha! I will be very careful.

Well, just these 3 days, i did find myself and Charmain more independent. =) Just a little more. Hahaha! I am sure my parents are having a great time of relaxation without us disturbing them in China and HongKong right now. *laughs* They deserve it.

♥ rachelwsf
imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Karjie's Convocation

*the daughters in pink and mummy in afro!
ahahha!*Karjie's convocation was on 21st March (Sunday).
It was her night in Malaysia.

Again, i'm just posting up SOME of the pictures.
she'll upload more in her facebook next time =)

*On the way to Nikko Hotel*
After waiting for TracyJieJie,
we went to Nikko Hotel.
Using the SmartTunnel!
It's a very loooooong tunnel!!!
The journey in the tunnel took up 5minutes!

Then we reach Nikko Hotel's carpark.

*wah! i felt so tall!*
*actually, it was because that the ceiling is very low
i can touch the tiang if i just jump a little

Then we walk around.

*Pleaseeee reach for me!!!!!*
* love the staircase,
felt like in Beauty and the Beast ballroom.

his reason for using leg, "my hand not long enough to reach for you!"
and he continue... "actually, i want to kick you away"
hmphhhh! LOL!*

and went and get karjie's graduation gown.

*some candid blur face*
*helping Karjie with her gown*

Took pictures.

*the sisters*

*Jun and I, and Karjie!*

hahahahahahah! =P

Then we went off with korkor to McD for food.
and left karjie with her friends in the hotel.

*a must to do!*
* There are so many mirrors in the hotel lah!
so tempted to do this! LOL!*

after that, we went back, and there was a huge crowd
infront of the hall's entrance.

*while waiting to get in the hall*

we squeezed through.

*in the hall*
we sat at the 4th row!

then, we waited long enough for karjie's turn!
because her initial is "W"

i have decided.....
next time, my children's name must start with "A"
so, i don't need to wait so long!
LOL!!!!!! but i got some nice name that begins with "R" lah!
nyeh nyeh... just ignore me! LOL!

*Karjie and the chancellor!*
* i loveeeee the chancellor's gown lah!
like Bumble Bee! hahahahaha!*

After the ceremony, we had free food to eat!
wah so crowded you know the place!

Then mummy took karjie's gown to play!
so funny! LOL!!!

*Mummy also want to graduate!*

it's karjie's graduation!
but all of us sort of took opportunity to be "credited" as well!

*helping karjie to take care of her flowers*


that's all! check her facebook for more!
she'll upload when she reach USA!
she is now in China with my parents =)

and check this out....
*copy weiwen! LOL!*


goodnight =D
just in case you all miss out,
Jun's graduation photos is in the previous post =)

imperfects may be perfect

Jun's graduation photos

*Admiring CarrineJie's graduation!*
Before i blog about my karjie's convocation/graduation ceremony.
I shall post pictures of Jun's graduation first LOL!!!

it was on taken on 18th March after he come back from China.

Well, don't expect storylines!
i am putting captions only LOL!

More will be uploaded in his facebook.
i'm putting up SOME =)

*The Cheongs - His family*

*The Cheongssss & a Wong =P* His family took a lot of family portraits together,
and after every photo taken,
his mummy will laugh

*it's my turn!!!*
but i can't help laughing,
because his mummy was standing infront,
and was laughing... LOL!!!

so, control myself a bit,
and took another shot

*take 2*

*Take 3!*
blurr, but good to keep it to laugh about it next time!

*3 graduates!
the future, the present and the past!*


*How i look like with the Graduation Hat?
is it call a hat??? =/*


*i love this picture =D*

but just got to know that my college got no graduation gown for ECE
nevermind, i will take it during my degree then =D

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, March 22, 2010

30 minutes of thirst!

On Last Saturday (20th March),
my family and I went for Early QingMing
We went Tomb Sweeping at my daddy's side grandparents.

Woke up early in the morning at 8.00am,
then went to SS1 and Cheras to the cemetary.
we reach home at 11am because the traffic was very free.
After taking bath and having some rest,
Charmain and I decided to go Subang Parade for sushi!
we were deciding between Sakae and Sushi King.
In the end, we chose Sushi King because Charmain never try it before.
She always go for Sakae.
We ordered Cold Ocha because it was so hot!

Food for me was not bad,
well, i do not have high expectations on food LOL!
so yeah, it was rather delicious!

Charmain was torturing herself a lot with Wasabi!
she cannot stand the taste, she will tear after every bite,
however, she said that it is fun! LOL!
However, i won't be going back to
Subang Parade's Sushi King in this near future.
they really pissed me off!

First of all, Charmain and I decided to order Temaki.
However, it was so hard to get the waiter or waitress to come to you.
When we finally get hold of a waitress,
no smiles nevermind,
but she shows the kind of looks that says "you all so mafan!"
she even roll her eyes,
i don't know for what reason =/

Secondly, Sushi King's water is refillable!
And shouldn't they go around refilling customer's drink
even when they are not called?
But Charmain and I only had 2 cups of Cold Ocha that day!

after we finish our 1st cup, we raise our hands to signal that we want water.
However, we are not entertained.

Then, we ask the waitress, she ask us to wait.
but she walk pass us so many times, and she didn't even refill for us.

Then we ask a waiter, he ask us to wait.
But he never came back.

Then we ask another waitress, after we told her we want to refill,
she went and serve another customer, forgotten about us.
Then suddenly, she look at us again, she ask us to wait.
That time, i'm already pissed off lorrr.. hahaha!
she saw our face, she got paiseh a bit. LOL!
but she also walk off and forgot about us.
Then when she is once again heading to us again,
she didn't even hold jugs to refill for us,
we stared at her,
she turn back and quickly took the jug to refill for us.
she apologized.

When we pay bill, the first waitress who we ordered Temaki from was there,
and she is the same waitress who we ask water from her,
but she walk pass us many times without taking us water.
when we are paying the bill, she was smiling at us!
but i did not response back to her smile.
it's too late, i thought. LOL!!!

Was planning to scold them already,
telling them that we've waited 30minutes for refill!
but, we ended up asking for Customer Feedback Form
and we write our complaints inside.

*i wonder, whether they will look through it?
and take action? LOL!!*

at night, went for MIYF.
The program was Topical Talk - Taming The Tongue
by Aunty Julia.

"For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents,
and of things in the sea, is tamed,
and hath been tamed of mankind:
But the tongue can no man tame;
it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison."
James 3: 7-8

"Death and life are in the power of the tongue;
those who love it will eat its fruit."
Proverbs 18:21

"Whoever guards his mouth
and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles."
Proverbs 21:23

"One who has a perverse heart doesn't find prosperity,
and one who has a deceitful tongue falls into trouble."
Proverbs 17:20
so, all of us should guard our tongue.
Guard our speech!
Think before we speak!

"He who has a poor opinion of his neighbor has no sense,
but a wise man keeps quiet."
Proverbs 11:12

"Even the foolish man, when he keeps quiet,
is taken to be wise:
when his lips are shut he is credited with good sense."
Proverbs 17:28

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, March 21, 2010

yunzi is 7 months old =D

*hi! my name is Yunzi! LOL!!*Look at Yunzi!!!!
He have grown to be a very handsome and cute little panda!
Kinda muscular, having some physical training - climbing trees!
panda cubs are a bit more active than the adults. =P
(like humans lahhh!)
*baby yunzi and mummy bai yun playing =D*

pandas love roly poly games,
they like to roll around on the floor.
that's the laziest exercise mah =D

but they also love climbing trees =D

*yunzi is so photogenic!*see, so cute!
*hanging on the tree.*awwwww.. so cute so cute!
hahaha! i'm sure it will sleep soon =P

*what are you peeking at?*
hahaha! *hey everybody!
i'm on my way... *

*the best smile shown
when he is with someone who he loves,
and loved him*
*hhmmmm... borinngggg.. LOL!!!*
* i spot my prey.. ekekekeke*
*alright! bye bye*
*i didn't intend to do storyline,
just some random captions...
so, don't ask me why the story is not connected. =/*

imperfects may be perfect