Tuesday, April 27, 2010

our date night

We have many similar date nights, but they are always so special! =D
Our date nights always related to food. He likes to bring me to nice places for food
and very often he will be the one who pay for it. (like i've always mentioned)Last Sunday night (18th April 2010), after Mandarin Choir Practice, we went to Pyramid together and catch up with the 5.30pm show.

We watched Date Night.
The movie was not bad, there are funny parts and some not-so-funny parts because i don't get it. But, Wen-Jun basically laughed through out the whole movie! LOL!!

and because we only bought tickets at 5.00pm, we sat all the way at the FIRST ROW. But, it was okay also lah, it's not really anything to me, but Wen-Jun got his backache and neck ache after the movie.

After movie, i ask him, "Where are we going for dinner?"
He said, "You'll see."

As we walking to the place, "Have you ever see people burning the food before?"
"Yes, in the TV" i said.
"No, this one they burn infront of your face.."
"Oh.. okayyyy?!?!"

Then he pull me towards........ Manhattan Fish Market.

"Why bring me to Manhanttan?????? Very expensive wan lahhh!!!" I said.
"Nevermind, i havn't been eating here very long already."
"Manhattan portion don't worth the price wan!"
"It's okay mah, i got coupon, and it's just once awhile."
So, he ordered the set, i don't know what is the name already. But you can see from the picture that it is quite a big portion, and both of us share on that big dish!
We could finish everything, except for the fries, and I have to tapau it back home. hahaha!
However, he did not order the dish that needs to be burn infront of our face, he ordered grilled dishes. It's more healthy according to him, and it's true also lah. hahaha!

In that date night, we didn't plan what to wear. However, very coincidently, we both wear panda T-shirt! @.@ =p
His panda shirt is from China. My panda shirt is from Wei Wen for last Christmas, or was it 19th birthday present? i think Christmas lor. ahahahha! and the shirt sooo cute lor, got different pandas poses.

what i found in google when i type "date night"

Lady and The Tramp
"Felt so bad that you always pay for my food,
and you always bring me to these expensive places to eat."
"It's not about the money mah,
it's about the memories and the people there right?"


imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, April 25, 2010

pre-bukit jalil trip

Oh no, my blog is so far behind! That shows how busy I am =p

Last Sunday (18th April), some of the youths went to Bukit Jalil's park to check out the place to plan for 1st of May - Family Day.
It is really a very beautiful place with nice sceneries. It can be really peaceful just sitting there looking at the greeneries.
(however, it was so hot! because we went at noon...)
It is really a nice place for some relaxation and gathering. However just bear in mind to not go in the afternoon! =P We even wear formal shirt, because it was after church! ahahahha!
Wah, i like the shadow. ahahahha!
and i like my hair colour wheee!
Okay, let's play...
and a picture i edited by myself with Xara using pictures from that day
*Inspired by EMMCF's Jackie. ahahha!*
However, i mistaken King as Jun, so i place 2 Kings in the picture already.
and it cannot be edit anymore because i didn't save the project.

well, you can see other pictures in Wen-Jun's Facebook.. again =P

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MIYF Talent Night 2010

MIYF had their Talent Night on 17th April, at night.

There are compulsory items for ODJ groups, and open category for all who wants to join.
I am going to describe very briefly what every group did on that day, to serve as a memory to myself and whoever who reads my blog.

and also to update those who are not in Malaysia, or did not attend that day to experience this great night with us.

It was only last week (10th April) when we announce about the Talent Night, so means they have less than one week to practice. The ODJ group leader draw lots and get their own title for their drama. The requirement for drama was ofcourse - teamwork, creativity, content... and this time, you must add songs into your drama. Props will be given extra marks as well.

And through out the whole week, and even on Talent Night day itself, i can see how every group really put in their effort! Really, WOW!

So, the Talent Night officially started at 8.00pm, starting with ODJ groups.

Matthew's ODJ on Fishers of men
Jeremy's ODJ on Elijah's God and Baal
Wei Wen's ODJ on Abraham sacrificing Isaac
Jade's ODJ (my group) on Moses crossing Red Sea

Uncle Steven recorded the videos, i hope i could get the video from him and post it up!
patience everybody!

Then we have Open Categories, and amazingly, unexpectedly, we have altogether 7 groups joining! WOW!

The pictures are all posted up in Wen-Jun's Facebook already =)

*Sorry, didn't have time to upload all the drama. So, well.. if you want to know what happen to each group. Go contact them yourself and find out; See the pictures and come join us Next Year ahahaha!*

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a visit to old folks home&orphanage

On 17th April 2010 (Saturday), the church organized a visit to Rumah Charis' Old Folks Home and Children's Home.

We gathered in church at 3.00pm, and to my surprise, there are A LOT of people who went. many children, many EMMCFs, 4 MIYF, many home fellowships, handful senior citizen too!

The 4 MIYF-ers were, Chi Tatt, Hui Qing, Ee Laine and I.
There were many cars that go together, 2 church van. It is all the way in Puchong, and it was a really hot day.

We first went to Old Folks Home, it is a small home. When we arrived, we are like a very big crowd in Rumah Charis' porch. They are already sitted on their chairs waiting for our arrival.
This is the manager of Rumah Charis, and she gave me a feeling like a 'mom', in fact, i think she acts like a mom to all. I can feel her love for the old folks and children even though she has loud voice. I can feel the warmth she can provide for God's people. Praise God for her!

*listening seriously, LOL!*

Next, the EMMCFs gave a short presentation to the old folks. The song is very meaning, it talks about Accepting Christ =) I'm sure their songs will touch them in many little and great ways!

*this is the crowds*

Next, we went to the Children's Home. It is so much bigger than the old folks home.
They even have upstairs garden with BIG trampoline.

I think 10 adults could go up together. hahahahah!
And i guess, that is the children's hobby - jumping on the trampoline. They seem to really enjoy it a lot! I really felt like going up too, but aiyah.. so paiseh. ahahaha!
Then and again, the EMMCF presented their songs to the children. They also went up to the trampoline and played with them, they talked to them and socialize with them.

I was however, standing aside looking at them. I should have taken more initiative.But, i am still very glad that I went. I am sure the presence gave large supports to all of them.

Well then, i can still bless them in many ways. Below is their address and time for visitation, we can still visit them, make donations, write them cards etc. =)
God bless His people.

p/s: pictures are taken from
Jackie Ling's facebook album.
million of thanks!


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Excursion to National Zoo

On Friday (16th April), TotalChild went for excursion to National Zoo! I am incharged of helping my class teacher to take care of her 5 year old children. I stood behind of her 5 year old line.

The first thing the children did in the zoo was to the toilet, and they really took up a lot of time at the toilet. There were also a lot of them, and they have to take turns.

And since the time was cut short, the children have to walk faster to see the animals, and it was so hot that day! Very very hot!

Aih, but to compare the zoo this time and the very first time i went, the animals actually decrease a lot!

BUT, the children were of course fascinated with the animals. They are so happy when they saw the animals.
We also went and watch the Animal Show, i only watch a little bit, but it's the same old show, with sea lion playing basketball, eagle flying, parrot counting etc etc.

After the show, we took our lunch. Then we went back to kindy. Everyone was so tired in the bus, i literally fall asleep a few times, really cannot stand it.

Some children cried because they are very cranky when they reach kindy. However, I'm sure all of them really had fun.
*Couldn't post up more pictures, because it contains the children's face.*

After sending all the children home, i went to a Vegetarian Restaurant with a few colleagues.
Their drinks are so interesting.
I love the drink in red/dark pink, so pretty right? It is actually a flower - Roselle.And mine was the Honeydew Ice Blended. Cold drinks for that HOT DAY... ;)
Mohana ordered some Herbal Noodle, which SMELL very nice too. If i had a chance to go back again, i think you all already know what drink and what food i'll order. ahahaha! =P

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Monday, April 19, 2010

funny first time@Carls Jr.

Last Thursday (15th April), i decided to go Pyramid since I want to check out on kindy's prizes for their Anniversary programmes to come.

Wen-Jun picked me up after my kindergarten and his work at around 4.30pm? or 5.00pm?
and we went to Pyramid.

The prizes got to worth RM 5 only, so of course we went to Hinode shop. Was thinking about a bowl glass with potpouri, animal cups and colourful vase. Wanted to suggest soft toys too, but it's way overbudget. =/

Then, we went to S&J for electrical fan since 16th April my kindy is bringing the children for excursion to National Zoo.For dinner, Wen-Jun bought me to Carls Jr.. It was my first time dining in there, i thought it is some BAR when i first heard of that name. You know, Carls = Carlsberg? = Beer? ahahaha! But, when i saw that place, i thought.. another McD style.

The burgers are really larger than McD's burger, more expensive too! Actually, i forgot what is the name of the burger i order, but i order the chicken one, and he ordered the western (beef) one. and the burgers are as big as my palms! LOL!

You know, everytime he bring me out for dinner, he bring me to such nice places with such 'nice' prices. But, he will always be so happy eating while i will feel so bad because it is so expensive =/. But, last few months when i bring this out, he said
"i feel happy paying for the food, it's like giving something to someone, i will feel happier."
and that also explains why he just loves to give me presents. hahaha!

Halfway through the dinner, he helped me to take more BBQ sauce from the counter. and I having itchy hand, i took the black pepper, i wanted to sprinkle it on his burger but the black pepper ain't coming out. I changed my mind and i start sprinkling on the fries.

But the pepper is still not coming out. And naturally, i will just shake the container harder....


Right after this happen, i was stoning for a few seconds, i didn't know what to do, i screw up his fries (ok, we share it. ahahaha!). He was already on his way back to the table. I let go of the bottle, and i just smile at him cheekily.

Of course, he knew i was up to not good everytime he sees me smiling for no reason.
(We always try to trick each other, it gets funny when we actually falls for it. However, we are both very aware of each other, to not fall into each other's trick.)

and when he saw the fries, his face was like..
"what did you do??????"
Though he was putting on his smile, a speechless smile, but i can read his thoughts that time! ahahaha!

i quickly explained myself, i was seriously not doing it on purpose! hahaha!
Of course he did not scold me. (he dare to scold me and see! LOL!)
he was laughing all the way when i explain, and he was separating the fries from the black pepper.

i guess he must be thinking, Rachel is really humiliating me.
hmmmmm.......... hahahaha!
(seriously, you can't hate me because i screw up your fries yeah??)

"Luckily it's black pepper and not salt." He said.
Well, since it's such a funny accidental incident, and since it's already poured out.
I don't think they want to use the black pepper anymore.

Ignoring the CCTV above Wen-Jun's head, i just play with the black pepper.
Just to take picture, it will serve as a joke in the future.
and to sincerely apologize to the staff of Carl's Jr. for the mess made.

Then we went to Full House to walk around. I saw some panda stuff there, really want to get it. But i guess i shall just wait for people to give me as gift. ahahaha! and we bought tarts and cakes.

then he fetch me to my tuition place in SS12. After that, he fetch me from SS12 and we went to Matthew's house. Then to HuiQing's house. Then back to my home. =)

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

exhausted.. made a decision...

Since when i never complain that i'm tired?
i'm busy? i have no time?
i always said that! because i am! =/

i was so busy until i could say i 80% neglected Wen-Jun =/
although he says he is ok.... but i'm feeling bad...
but i couldn't really find the time to sms him properly to chat,
or to go out as to really spend time =/
and the other day when he messages me
that he is leaving school early because he is having fever,
i actually SAW the message, but i just READ THROUGH,
his message did not get into my head =/ =/ =/ =/ =/
and then i only realize about it when i see him at night to BORROW hard disk
=/ =/ =/ really SO SORRY! =(

and even though that, he did not blame me ='(
(i mean, i think, even if he really did blame me,
i will get angry also lah HAHAHAHHAHA!

but, i am really SORRY...

my body's day and night finally switches it's role.
during the day, i will go to kindergarten,
once i'm back from kindy, i would be naping
will wake up just in time for dinner or tuition.
then sleep back after that.

Wake up again at 2am, 3am or 4am to do my work!
slept back latest by 5am.
Wake up again earliest by 6.15am ='(

Actually, i am not really suffering if compared to my other coursemate.
They really ARE really stress because they have to commit as a staff and as a practical student.
While, i just need to do my part as a practical student.
Some of them have so many children that really challenge their patience and skill.
Some of them have a batch of children who gives shivers down the spine!
I'm lucky, because i am an assisting teacher, and i have well-behaved children.
so, i can do my part well.

But, what makes me really tired is not the preparation of lessons,
not the teaching and not the children.
But always staying back after school to help in their school projects.

i know, i know that it is beyond college requirement already.
it is well stated that Notes for Guidance 1.4 ............. Students are expected to participate in any after-hour activities that are appropriate. However, students should not engage in duties that take them well beyond the college requirement.

Actually, what i am doing, is well beyond already.
staying back until 5pm to help them in their activities worrrr....
the appropriate after hour activities are actually meetings or trainings,
not duties ahahaha!
sometimes, i really do have the heart to stay and help
but sometimes, i really just cannot say no. =/
don't know how =/

Today, my supervisor finally came and do the social visit.
We are meeting again on Saturday for some problem solving
and her requirements for practicals.

and since my lecturer came today.
i made a daring decision for tonight!
that IF my HOD and Supervisor found out, i would be DEAD!

i am going to plan my lesson, prepare materials etc for tonight!
but, i am going to delay lesson plan and write it only tomorrow or Friday!
because my lecturer will not have time to come back in these coming days.

I want to have a good good rest today!
I don't want to wake up early in the morning getting nervous over undone work.

On Friday, we have excursion to Zoo Negara
(boring for teachers, fun for children LOL!
but i am quite looking forward for it actually!)

so, i basically still can rest on Thursday...
but i am really very tired today.
really need rest!

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, April 11, 2010

lala dates♥

One day before he left to Melaka for QingMing,
we met up for dinner (9th April).

we went to The Street Cafe in SS15 for dinner.

They serve Korean food, and it is really tasty!
There are some food that sound like Japanese food.
i think, this is my first time eating Korean food,
and i'm loving that place!
love the food, love the design, love the atmosphere! =D

At first, we sat downstairs.
but the waiter came and ask whether we want to go upstairs.
and so, ofcourse we went upstairs.
Upstairs are normally nicer decorations for every restaurant.
(agreeee or not?)

and all the way while we are walking upstairs,
we saw all kinds of signboards...
road signboards........
well, that is why the restaurant is called The Street Cafe mah =P

and one thing that really makes me "WAH!!!"
are all the notes on the wall!
it's sooooo nice lor!
very messy!
but, it is a place filled with different memories of all kinds of people! They purposely put the sticky notepad (Post-It) on every table,
provide with pencils.
It is FOR us to write or draw and stick it on the wall!
it's so nice reading all the things there lor, really!
and there are some who wrote about JESUS.
and all the notes are POSITIVE!
No vulgar words are over there!
i suppose they will monitor the place, the notes they stick lah =)i drew what i feel like drawing on the paper too,
found an empty spot and stick the paper there =P
hopefully next time when i go back,
i can still see the paper sticking there! ahahah!
I ordered some lunch box set.
Bulgogi Set!
For your information, it's beef!
and it's really really tasty!
Wen-Jun tried it....
and i can sense that he is a little regret to order what he ordered.
"I will come here and order yours next time" He said.

Wen-Jun ordered some chicken set.
Like Japanese Chicken Teriyaki,
but with mustard and some BBQ taste sauce.
which is also actually very nice!
but not as nice as my Bulgogi Set =P
OoOh! And forget to tell you,
upstairs is designed in such a way that is filled with little rooms covered by
half translucent orange cloth.
(that also means, you still got to behave yourself lah! LOL!)

And they place cushions on the floor, and you have to sit down and eat like a Korean.
However, it was so uncomfortable for Wen-Jun and I
because our legs are rather long for that small table!
i'm not saying that I'm tall,
but I'm just saying that the table is very small.

But, it is really romantic inside there lah!
Got yellow lights shining.
very romantic wan lor =P After dinner, we went and walk around SS15,
we actually went to church and tried going to the rooftop like how when we
(myself and those that grew up in GMSJ) played when we are young.
unfortunately, the door to the rooftop is locked,
well, maybe next time then =P

We also went to Laffite, because the view there is very nice wan!
but we went up there as a visitor, but we didn't visit anybody! 0.o! =P
we thought we could find a nice view,
but the view at the carpark isn't as nice as the view from Pastor's unit.
but still, it's so nice standing there enjoying the wind, the view, and his company.

After that, we went to Bean's and bought Barley,
since both of us communicate through coughing the whole night.
(yes, i am exaggerating! LOL!)

Then we went back to my house,
it was around 10pm? 10.30pm?
and once i sat on my sofa, i felt so tired =/
so, we just chat awhile and he left.

that night, i went to sleep straight after he left.
yes, that tired! =P

but, it was a great night! =D

LOOK, SO CUTEE!!!! awwwwwww.........
thank you. thank you. =D

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, April 8, 2010

we are cute!

i rarely have time to blog now as i really want to focus more for my practicals.
i am having a lecturer that is very strict to observe me.
i just can't let silly mistakes to pull down my marks hahaha!

i've been expecting her for 2 weeks already,
she is suppose to come for social visit,
to check out whether we are okay or not,
but still no sight of her yet.... sigh....

so, i wasn't and i will not be all that free after Easter.
i still have practicals (many things to do!)
then Family Day is coming up, and ofcourse MIYF is helping out!
Parents day, etc etc... and, soon it's Youth Anniversary!
and soon, it's Youth Camp!
Look at all the programs stacking up on each other!

*so weird lah my pose LOL!
trying to fit in my head & the tie =P*
But, let's not go that far yet.
Just this week, ever since that Sunday after Easter dinner,
i havn't see Wen-Jun until today.
and soon, he is going back to Melaka for Qingming.
hahaa, hopefully tomorrow being a Friday i could spend more time with him lor,
or else then have to wait till next weekend again lor. LOL!
Check out the tie!
sooo many pandassss!
Wen-Jun got it from China for himself.
so funny, a tie full of pandas!
but so cute =P

i think he wore once to church before? hahaaa!
a picture i draw using Paint in 5 minutes!
so cute leh????
that is Wen-Jun and I in our thick frame glasses lor!
some nerdy lala!
no, not lala! we are CUTE!
lala is NOT CUTE!

get back to work, Rachel Wong!

imperfects may be perfect