Monday, May 31, 2010

Back from Broga Outbac

Woohoo! I am back from my MIYF Camp already. I wanted to blog about it once I am back last night, however I was too tired, and there are too many things to prepare for kindergarten.(yup, back to work ....... *sigh*)

You know, i have so much of work. The day before youth camp (27th May), i was really thinking why did i sign up for this youth camp. Well, that day i reach home only at 7.00pm+ after kindergarten because i need to help my class teacher in preparing the class for Parents-Teachers Meeting that was held on 29th May. Yup, i did not attend, and I am not required to anyway. and i also don't want. HAHAHA!

Yup, so i reach at 7pm, follow by 8pm tuition. Then at 9.30pm i reach home,I was so tired, don’t feel like doing anything, i fell asleep. HAHAHA! Woke up at 12am and remembered I havn’t do Elaine’s card yet. and quickly rush on Elaine Siah's Farewell card. yeah, I only start doing that night! I finally finish everything at 4am, and start packing for camp. Everything so last minute hor. But that time, I was getting a little excited about youth camp already.

Slept at around 5am.

The next day, i woke up at 8am for DimSum breakfast with Wen-Jun. Then went to church. Ya-Pei was there! I was so happy, however she told me she wasn't going. =.=!!

Later after that, she said she is going! And even the camp commander (Elaine Siah) was shocked. So last minute she decided. She wants to surprise us. ahahah!

Aiyoo, don't know whether to trust her next time lah! ahahah! jkjk..

After briefing, we left at 11.30am.
Day 1 - Was so hot! Sitting in our dorm is like sitting inside the oven!
We on the aircond to full blast, but sweat still drop down our backs.

We had opening ceremony, and some opening discussion on our groupings.

Then at 3am, we head for outdoor activities.
The activity that i did that day was to climb over a wall. But it was triple of my height.
But it was fun, you just really need teamwork.

The other group played the rope obstacles. Those are fun too, but my group didn't manage to play it, because it started to rain heavily suddenly.

We ran back to our dorm. After around 15 minutes, the rain stopped.

So, we went to the next station, where we have insert 3 tyres in a pole, without touching the pole with ANYTHING. And that pole is also double of my height! and yes, you need teamwork again.

Then, followed by some giant seasaw game. Where all your group members would need to go on top, and balance the seasaw.

Then, you have games with platforms on the water, but you need 2 wooden planks to cross over it. And you must not fall in the water. Else, that person have to start again.

really fun you know!

Then we have kayak'ing, it's soooo nice leh! So relaxing! A few times we tried to paddle it quickly, but i guess Tatt was doing something funny behind and we fell in the pool. But it was so nice especially when you lie down on the canoe and look up the blue sky. ahhh.....

Then, we went for dinner, and bathe, and had our Theme Talk 1.

Day 2 - we got up at 4.30am, and gather at 5.30am for Sunrise Broga Hill climb. It was so nice, really hiking up the mountain, and in the dark at first. And slowly the sky cames brighter. I didn't manage to reach before Sunrise, because was waiting at some other members. What i like most during the journey to 1st peak was that I was singing all the way up with Elaine and Ya-Pei. That was really some great motivation!

And once i'm up on 1st peak, though no sunrise for me to see, but i saw the view from the bird's eye! it was soo nice! It was rewarding enough! =)

Then came some who suggest to go to the 4th peak. And there we go.. to finish up our journey. At first, there are 8 of us who reached the top, we felt so good, but there is no one to take picture for us! we a bit emo, wanted to borrow from other hikers. Suddenly, Elaine Siah reach the top with her 2.0 megapixel handphone! And Matthew made it with her! WoohoO! So there, 10 achievers! :D

Then we need to hike all the way back down again. A little irritating, because we are already so tired. So we just kept going down and down and down, then need to walk back to campsite. But the breakfast that morning was MILO.. it was really energizing =D

And we had our presentation, then we had outdoor activities after lunch.

The first one was Leap of Faith, where you are asked to stand on a woodplank 5times your height! Your aim is to actually reach for a wooden bar while you jump, and whether or not you reach for it, you will still fall. And there will be ropes attached to you, so actually, you won't die even if you fall! LOL!

Seeing others do is funny, but once you are up there, you know what is fear and what is nervous! You youself will do so many funny things that if you were to look at yourself, you will also laugh. LOL! However, it was a really good experience!

I love heights! but.... i never said that i love to jump down from high places :s

Next was rock climbing, it was really nice! I also love it, i actually don't mind climbing lah. But if you ask me to come down, i will be scare. HAHAHA! I am suppose to put both my legs 90degrees on the wood and kick myself while i come down. But, i only put one leg. LOL! so funny.

And then, it was Flying Fox. I waited really long for that! I was at first not scare lah, but since i waited so long, the courage slowly fade away. While I was climbing up the stairs, i kept looking up at the sky, LOL! But once I am up there, suddenly can just felt nervous and scare. The Outbac guy asked whether i want to walk out myself, or i sit down and he push me. at first i was still courageous, and i told him i walk out myself. But once it's my turn, i sat down and he push me. LOL! and i scream all the way. HAHAHA!

Then at night was Barbeque. After that we had reflection.
It was the last night, so before we slept,we spent some time in fellowship.


Day 3 - Sunday. We had our breakfast, and had our Theme Talk 2 aka Sunday Worship.
After that, we had closing ceremony, where many came out and share about their feelings and experience.
And that is also when we took out the card and give to Elaine.

Yup, she was smiling all the way LOL! She must be really surprise =P

And now she is already in Kampar. She should be ok so far. hahaha!

We left the campsite, with the Outbac people waving goodbye to us. Kinda miss the time of fellowship with them, as well as the activities. They are really friendly and funny. Don't mind calling them my friends as well.

Then we had lunch near the campsite, and we left Broga.

At night during dinner, Charmain and I was sharing to daddy, mummy, korkor and Wen-Jun about our experience in youth camp.

Then we started talking about Broga Hill, and i was so proud of myself because i reach the top with the others.

Then, we ask korkor where he go, and he say he went and climb Mount Kinabalu.. that's why we didn't see him the whole week! And he say Mount Kinabalu is 4000m!

Wah, i suddenly don't know where to hide my face. HAHAHA jkjk. but wah, if i ever climb Mount Kinabalu.. i wonder whether i will make it to the top!

By looking at their pictures, it is so tough! You will need the ropes to get you up and down the Mount Kinabalu. Imagine if you don't trust in the ropes, you know the kind of fear? And it's not 5 times your height. It was.. way way way way more higher! And it's super hard, because Mount Kinabalu is very cold! Will i have the chance?

So, 10 top survivors of Broga Hill, wanna go Mount Kinabalu hiking? LOL!!!!!!!

After dinner, Wen-Jun, Charmain and I went for dessert in TGIF. And we continue talking about youth camp. hahahah!
and then, back to work.. back to my normal hectic schedule.

but this time.... i will prioritize God =)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, May 23, 2010

the one i should learn from

Last few weeks, I watched Iron Man 2 with Wen-Jun, i don't usually watch action movies, but just got to sacrifice.. =P
and trust me, i enjoyed it =) really a new kind of movie for me.
*p/s: but that doesn't mean that i will like every action movie. LOLToday (23rd May), Wen-Jun and I wanted to watch Furry Vengeance, but there isn't a perfect time for us to watch in our busy schedule. The only movie that suits our schedule and sounds interesting to us was --- The Bounty Hunter.

Wen-Jun worries that the movie will not be interesting as he read the movie reviews and comments by others. They said that it isn't nice.
But, from what i saw, it was really not bad lor. Quite funny. And Wen-Jun did laugh quite a lot through the movie. LOL. The funny parts are when the two of them argue lor LOL!
Well, anyway, the main point of my post is..

I really respect Wen-Jun. (Dear, don't get too proud HAHA XP)

Sometimes, the things that he did will really make me think that I do not deserve to be his girlfriend. And then sometimes I will also think I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him, because frankly speaking, there isn't much guy like Wen-Jun now.

Today, we went for Sakae Sushi before The Bounty Hunter movie. And after the movie, we were suppose to be dining with his mummy and his jiejie. However, both of us was still full and we only drink. He was telling me really softly that he doesn't feel well, and he felt like vomitting. (Probably the Sushis weren't fresh, and his tummy could not take it). However, he don't show that he is unwell, especially infront of his mummy.

You'll be surprise that he is actually sick when you see him. He still look like the normal Wen-Jun who talks, make funs of his mummy, his jiejie! But seriously, he was hiding it all along. and I was actually feeling a little uneasy, i didn't know what to do =S

Once we reach home (his home), he quickly went upstairs to his toilet. His mummy ask me where he is... I was wondering whether to tell his mummy. But in the end, i also hid it. I said, "I don't know." and his mummy say, "oh, he must've went and change."

so, while waiting, i watched TV at his living room. Then when he came down, he said he felt better. However, when he was fetching me home, he was taking lots and lots of deep breaths to make himself feel better. I wasn't dare to talk to him either. And all along the way, I was pondering and comparing him and myself.

How Wen-Jun treated his family,
and how i treated mine.
How he prevent his family from getting worried about him,
and how i always got my family into trouble.
How he take out the time to spend for his family even though he is busy and tired,
and how i show my face to my family when I am tired.
How he can talk to his family about almost everything knowing that his family cares for him that's why they want to know,
and how i always ask my family to mine their own business.
How he can react obediently towards his family disagreeing with what he wants,
and how i throw my temper about what i want.
How he can think of his family and his family future and save up the money for them,
and how i think selfishly of myself and using the money for my own needs and wants.

Ofcourse, what I said about myself wasn't ALL THE TIME, but what I said about Wen-Jun was ALL THE TIME. He was all the time obedient and honouring his family. And I SHOULD, as a child, be ALL THE TIME obedient and honouring my family as well.

Not that I don't love my family, i DO love my family... but I must learn to show them better, control myself, and not be self-centered.

I want to thank God that He showed me my faults by using Wen-Jun as an example.
Thank God for using Wen-Jun to be a blessing even though he was unwell.

Wen-Jun did not reply my message, I'm very sure he is already asleep. and I'm sure he'd be OKAY tomorrow. =)

You'll be okay, i know♥

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, May 21, 2010

glad =)

Just went out with Wen-Jun after a tiring day.
We went to A&W, he got me light dinner, and he had his waffer icrecream.

Before he go after putting me down, he asked me to go sleep.
and he actually don't allow me to go online.
He don't want me to blog. LOL!

But, i just want to say...


imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, May 15, 2010

an aggressive driver = dangerous!

Case 1
Remember that I said that the highway i used to go home from practicals is so traffic free? And i speed 120km? Oh, that's not all.. I was beginning to speed to 140km too! Because I want to save time and reach home faster to get rest. *tsk tsk tsk*

But one day, Wen-Jun told me that highway got cameras. I started to get worried. Of course i saw the 'had kelajuan', but i always thought i won't be that unlucky to have police coming after me. and i didn't thought there is actually camera in highways lah! =( =(
*i am always very ignorant of things... i do not know things until i am told."

So, ever since he said there are camera in highways, i stop speeding and drive max at 80km/h!

Somehow to re-confirm about it, i also asked my mummy about cameras in highways. And she also say got. So, i told her that i speed. And she also just ask why, she didn't thought I could ever be that unlucky too.

But that Friday after I came home gathering with Rachel Tee. My mummy pass me a letter of summone that worth RM 300 (for speeding in April)! My daddy was there too, but both of them didn't scold, they just sound really disappointed. Daddy said he will bring me to ask for discount. But i told him that if i go, I may not be able to get my P License back. So he said he will just go with mummy, because the car is under mummy's name.

That week I receive my pay for tuition. So, i quickly took out all i have in my purse and give it to mummy to pay for the summone. I know money could not pay for the mistakes, the ignorance! But, i really learnt. Really really learnt!

On 11th May, I went with them to Puchong's Balai Polis to pay for the summone. But ofcourse, they did not mention about me being the one speeding. But they still get discount and pay RM 200.

But still, if only i had abide by the traffic rules. I wouldn't have lost RM 200 for my family. =(

Case 2
The other day when Wen-Jun drove myself and a few other youths out. There was a taxi infront of Wen-Jun's car that seems like he don't know where he is going. It went to the right lane awhile, then to the left lane, then back to right, and in between. Other than that, he did not signal! And it is not like there is a lot of cars, and he wants to cut in and out. It's so obvious that he don't know where he want to go.

When he finally realizes where he wants to go, he put signals to right, but he move to left. Wen-Jun was driving rather closely behind that taxi's back, and I got fed up with the taxi!

I straight away told Wen-Jun, "Why he don't know where he is going arh? Honk him lah!" And my hand just went and press on Wen-Jun's sterling's honk!

Wen-Jun told the youths, "Now you can see who is the aggressive driver."
Obviously that's me.

It's like a natural thing I am so aggressive.
ohh noo! I wasn't like that before!


Case 3
Today (14th May), i drove to Picadilly with the youths for supper. There is a car that wrongs me suddenly. I forgotten how it wrongs me already. Coming out of the junction suddenly? Didn't signal? I forgot lah! But i know the car driver wasn't courteous. If i wasn't careful, i would've bang on it. And once he wronged my, i straight away say.. "Go die lah!"

OH NO! I even start to curse =/ It's so harshhhh... =( I really feel like giving myself a big slap on the mouth.

Probably because I am driving solo most of the time now, so I didn't express myself much in the car but silent all the way. But when I am with somebody in the car, i tend to express my anger out?? I don't know... but I really must work on my attitude already, especially when i am driving!

A driver is very important, we must think of other's lives and our own life! Must not be aggressive, must be patient!

Be good!

imperfects may be perfect

little meet up

On 7th May, Friday.
I went out with Rachel Tee and Mohana after practicals. Mohana drove from OUG to Brickfields, and fetch Rachel Tee. Then went and park in Plaza Sentral and walk to KL Sentral.
It is really good to see Rachel Tee again! So funny to see that she is still the same old Rachel Tee.
We shared about our practical ups and downs. What happen in the centre etc. hahaha! Life is kinda tough for all of us, just got to strive on!
We sat around for around 2 hours and half then we left. And it cost us RM 12 just for parking that day. =P

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cookies baking

on 1st May (Friday) night, MIYF had fellowship program on baking cookies for parents day.
First time ever MIYF bake cookies. and it was a good experience.Many of us were there to bake the cookies even though it was said that it's an informal activity, but many turn up.

Under the guidance of Jeremy and Carmen, we bake many cookies.There were failures, but it was all a good try!

And with Ya-Pei keeping an eye on the cookies, they just look great, smell great and tastes great =DOf course, not forgetting myself who is the quality and quantity checker =p
That night, we did not bake enough for parent's day.
But it was already up to 10pm, and we have to keep the things because the next day was Sunday.------------------------------------------

On Sunday (2nd May), i didn't bake cookies. But...
After a short dinner with Wen-Jun,
i told him not to disturb me because I need to rush on my lesson plans.
He was so good, he really did not disturb me.
In the midst of preparing, i messaged him.
5 minutes after that, my house bell rang.
Mummy shouted, "It's Wen-Jun".
I was angry,
why do he have to come, didn't i say i'm busy? now i have to change. aiyoh! have to go downstairs. have to waste time.
But when i saw him, he was holding some freshly baked cookies in his hands. *melted*
He was in Hui Qing's house all these while baking cookies.

But you see, it's a surprise, and I got angry again.
Told you i don't like surprises.
Told you i don't like unplanned things.

So, he was hoping to see me smiling and receiving the cookies, but my first expression was that i'm angry. LOL!!!
BUT my second expression is that i am very happy! ahahha,
but too late to show.. can only tell then.

Thanks to HuiQing and Angel especially, for teaching him!


On Monday (3rd May), during Teacher's Meeting in kindergarten. My class teacher decided to teach children how to bake cookies. And she ask me to get recipes.

So on Tuesday (4th May) afternoon, i went with Hui Qing to Carrefour and got some ingredients for kindergarten. Then i went to her house to bake cookies, to test out the recipe with her.

That evening's cookies was so delicious, i separate them into a few containers. One for kindergarten to try, one for home, one for Ya-Pei and one for Wen-Jun.

After my tuition that night, i went to USJ and pass the cookies to Ya-Pei.
Then, i went to Jun's house, but his car wasn't home from tuition, so i waited outside.

Around 10pm plus, i messaged him to check whether he finishes his tuition already or not.
And he said he will go Matthew's house. * =.=!!!!!!*

So, i went there and waited outside.
Then his car came, and i pass him the cookies!

hahahaha! What a sweet revenge! i guess he was shocked! ahahahhaah..
but of course, he wasn't angry. =P

On Wednesday (5th May) afternoon, i bake cookies with my class teacher and Mohana.
We test the recipe again, because we want to make the pastry thicker so the children can shape the cookie.

and we also bake more for the parents and teachers.
We bake up to 7.30pm only we go home.

It was a really long day especially for Mohana and I, but seriously, we were enjoying ourselves a lot! Mohana was acting as if she is presenting a baking show on TV, i really wanted to take a video of her doing it, but I was restricted!

And she even designed a really big cookie aka pan man aka alien! too bad i forgotten to take a picture of it. but it look something like that:

and when i bought it home to cut, it was like cake!
because the pastry was so thick! ahahahha!

on Thursday (6th May), it was the Children's turn! so, early in the morning, the class teacher, Mohana and I prepare the place. And then, we prepare the ingredients.
Then the children was given a dough-like pastry, and they shape their cookie on a baking paper.
They really enjoyed it, I should say.of course, the real baking part is done by the teachers, no kids are allowed to touch oven =P

That afternoon, Mohana and I stayed back to wrap up the cookies. And to bake more cookies for the teachers.
And that afternoon, i accidentally pour 200g of flour on myself.
*pitty the kakak, not me. LOL*

We did not stay long that day, because we were both tired, we went home around 4pm.

On Friday (7th May), we distribute the children's cookies to them so they can go home and give their parents.

At night, i gather some of the youths for cookies baking in Elaine's house, because we did not have enough cookies.

Elaine got a huge oven, i really would love to go back to her house to bake more cookies =p

Everything was okay, except that, we used the wrong salt. It makes the cookies taste a little salty. But it's from our heart mah, oklah =D


on Saturday (8th May), some of the youths get together in the afternoon before youth fellowship to wrap up the cookies.

and on Sunday (9th May), the youths FINALLY can give what they are prepare to the parents.
Looking at the parents smiling and receiving the cookies, really worth the effort of preparing =)

Parent's Day is not over for me yet.
Not for everyone.
Parent's day is an official day to show appreciation and love.
but we can still show it everyday!
so, everyday is also parent's day! =)

*ok, seriously, my official parent's day is also not over yet!*

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Family Day@Bukit Jalil's park

1st of May (Saturday) was labour day...
so my church took it as an opportunity to organize Family Day.

The night before, Wen-Jun, Hui Qing, Angel and I got the things ready for Family Day games. We did until around 12am that night.

And the next day (the actual day) we went to Bukit Jalil park at 7.30am.
Every year, MIYF will be helping out in games. However this year, it is MIYF who organizes it. I was seriously lacking confidence in this. Holding the loud speaker, calling everyone to gather when they are walking around and talking... really make one frustrated.

and Sean Goh came, "Chill la Rachel, they are not small kids."
Then i thought, oklah, i shall be more flexible.

We did warm up, it's lead by Wei Wen. And i think you did great, Wei Wen =)
Then after that, we do the games. We played only 2 games that day, there should be 4 games actually. But because they were complaining about the sun, so we only played 2. Wasted the effort of preparing some of the materials, however the idea is not wasted, they can still be used in Family Camp =DIn the morning, I saw Ya-Pei. I wasn't surprise of that, because since I am the one who organizes the group, i already saw every participants name. I was at first shocked when i saw Ya-Pei's name in the list, i went and confirm with her. And she told me that she may be coming. After that, i realized, Ya-Pei and Elaine 'pakat' to surprise me. hahaha! Purposely want me to be angry for no reason eh? ahahha! However, they failed to surprise me this time =P

After that, it is time for lunch.
After lunch, we went home. The sun was really hot that day, and most of us got sunburn.
But despite that, all of us had fun no matter we are the one planning, playing or watching. I am sure most of us are drawn closer towards each other already.

and i love this picture! =)

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TC's 9th Anniversary - Tiger Show

On 25th April (Sunday) was my practical place - Totalchild's 9th Anniversary.
Yes, it was a Sunday! and i skipped church!
Really really really didn't want it, but sometimes JUST have to. =(

*No tail* With Tail* Yay! with a partner*

So, TC's 9th Anniversary's theme was on Tiger Show - Environmental Care!
All the children and teachers' pants are pinned with a furry orange tail just to blend in with the theme. I still have that furry tail with me at home. =P
These two banners are the teacher's hard work! We stayed back until 5pm for a few days just to get this 2 banners done! Thought it looks simple, but if you look closely, you can see all the hard work.

We cut and paste everything, some we even use crayon to give it more effect. And we pinned up every picture so that it will not fall off from the cloth, and we wrap it with plastic so it will not get rain.

And all these cannot be done in 1 hour time! So, imagine the work duration. LOL!
But in the midst of busy-ness,
there are always fellowships
when you are working together. =)

I was given a duty to be in charged of the Tiger Face Painting Competition. I set up the place with some help from others to arrange the table. Distributed the paint, prepared the water, etc etc.
I sometimes really feel proud of myself to be able to organize things without being told, probably it is all gain from serving in church.

And even when my colleagues say, "Wah, you really can do all this ah."
one of my non-christian friend will say, "She did all these in church, already got experience."
-it's good when others acknowledges that you are a Christian.
These are some of the tiger faces. =)
After that, we have performances by every class.
3 and 4 years old did music and movement using the song "I like to move it move it" and "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight."
They are really verrrrry cute when they dance! sooo cute!!

Next up was 5 year old A class present a song on "Heal The World".
Then, it's my class. Presented the song "Two tigers - 两只老虎" but with edited lyrics.
You can see from the pictures. And they are really cute and funny, and really bringing the message across when they do it.

The message was about a musician who went to the forest, he saw the tigers with missing body parts, and he made a song "Two tigers". It's indicating the loggings, huntings, climate changes that cause the tigers to face extinction.

At the end of everything, the children got together and say, "Please save us... ROAR!"
Then, they have cake cutting ceremony, singing Happy Birthday song. They also invited the children who have birthday in April to come together.

After that, it was refreshment. Then we clean up. And at 1.15pm, i quickly rush from kindergarten to attend Choir.

After choir, rest awhile...
at night, i went out with Jun and family to celebrate his mother's day!

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, May 3, 2010

pre-mother's day

On Friday night (23rd April), Jun and I went to RasaMas in Carrefour for dinner.
and got the presents for Talent Night winners.
during the dinner, i was telling him that i hope to bring my parents to Windmill for dinner to celebrate parents' day.
My parents' first time there was their last time there.
And my guess is, it has been 10 years since we step into it.

And so, Jun also decided to bring his family to celebrate mother's day.
and i followed, to check out on the pricing =D
So, on Sunday Night (25th April), I went to Restaurant Windmill with Jun & his family.
It's such a nice place with candlelights, orange lights, etc.. so romantic.
but what's not so sensible is.. they still allowed smoking even though it is air-conditioned.
They separate the smoking area and non-smoking area with just a pillar (not even wall!) =.=!

But i really want to bring my parents there, just hope that no one smokes that day. ahahh!
*CarineJiejie's drink*

These are the food that we ate. They were all so delicious!
Jun's mummy ordered some fish dish, Jun's daddy ordered Russian Chicken, CarrineJiejie ordered Salmon, Jun ordered beef, i ordered chicken+lamb+spaghetti.
It's a Set order, and the portion is so large!
ahaha, Happy early Mother's Day! =P
i will only bring my parents during early June, right in between of Mother's Day and Father's Day.
Celebrate both significant days together =P

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, May 2, 2010

miyf + emmcf bball!

Last Saturday (24th April),
some EMMCF and MIYF joined hands and recorded a basketball video.
First time in history that MIYF and EMMCF work together.
The video is for EMMCF to show during youth Sunday.
but so glad that MIYF-ers actually come and help support them too. =)

There are some of us who supposedly to go for school's Canteen day,
but we skipped it for this video shooting.
Jeremy also got his ankle sprained that morning,
luckily there is a nurse in EMMCF.

It is so funny when Esther scold Jeremy in mandarin.
Esther wasn't really scolding anyway, she was firm, the way she brings her message was to aware her patient (Jeremy)
and Jeremy was looking at her trying to understand her.
Because she speaks in mandarin.

Some of us just stood aside supporting them mentally.
we "cheer" for them quietly.
Oh well, our presence does motivate them a lot already isn't it?

and this 1 and 1/2 hour ended with some nice group pictures.
We should always keep this kind of spirit,
"we are one in the bond of love"

We are no difference even though we come from different places,
we speak different languages, or how different we are from each other...
we are still..

The Children Of God.

p/s: more pictures can be found in
Jackie's Facebook!

i don't know why pictures are so small after i combine them together.
if you want better view, click on pictures to enlarge.
or go to Jackie's Facebook! =)


imperfects may be perfect