Wednesday, June 30, 2010

farewell dinner

on Monday (28th June), i have finally take over K1A-Helpful, a 5 year old class.
For the first day, everything was so unorganized,
not the lesson... but the things that i need,
i do not know where to find... because i'm new in that classroom.

After school, i stayed back and tidy up the place,
organize everything neatly...
and i'm darn happy now, because whenever i need anything,
i could just find it =)After tidying, i went to Jenny's house to rest.

At night, the staff of my kindy went to NihonKai Japanese Restaurant
to have a farewell dinner for Mohana, Charis and kakak.

This Friday will be Mohana's and Charis' last day.
This Saturday will be kakak's last day.
And i also want to say farewell to my practical season... hahaha!
However, Charis did not make it that day,
because she was having flu.
Aih, she miss the food there lor....
It's really a great dinner, and the place is not bad.
I don't exactly know where it is located,
but i probably can bring you there... because i know the way.
(just pay for my meal lor if i bring you there.. ahahhaha! jkjk!)
Their set meals are very worth it.
We were all so full after we finish our meals.
Really enjoy the fellowship,
especially when my principal's husband came.
He crack lotss of joke!
I practically laugh till my tears keep coming out.
Our dinner was until around 10.30pm that day.
and when i reach home, it was already 11.00pm +.

and, i got a sweet little gift from my dear.
with a sweet little message written by him.

*click to enlarge!*

Thxxx dear!

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 movies in a day!

On Sunday (27th June), my parents, Charmain, Jun and I went for movies. And it was really a blast! My first movie with my parents was The Antz. and my parents' last movie was The Antz!
Yup, we watched it in Subang Parade before their cinema is on fire. hahaha.

Can you imagine how long ago was that? My parents love watching movies in cinema, however after delivering their 2nd child - karjie, they stop watching, because karjie would start crying once they enter the cinema. hahaha!
so, probably after karjie is born... they stop watching in cinema until i am approximately 7-8 years old. That time, my karjie is 15-16 years old! So, my parents stop watching in cinema for 15 to 16 years! LOL!After The Antz, they have not watch any movies due to their busy-ness until that Sunday. When we watch the Antz, i was 7 or 8 years old. And now I am 20! So, another 12-13 years my parents stop watching movie. =P

And whenever I ask them to go, however i wasn't persuasive, and they would say that it is expensive. And then they start comparing to 40 years ago when during their courtship. hahaha
The other day, she thought of following Jun and I to wherever we are going for dating, because she havn't been to shopping malls for quite some time already. After I discuss with Jun, we came out a plan of asking them to watch movies. We told them that Jun had free tickets from some contest to watch any movie!

and since they thinks it's free, and coincidentally there is a movie that suit them, they agreed to watch! :D

So that Sunday, Jun and I watched Toy Story 3, Daddy and Mummy watched Ip Man 2, and Charmain watched Nanny Mcphee 2 alone. hahahaha! My family watched 3 movies in a day, just not together. =P And it's all same time, so we went in the same time, and we came out almost the same time too. So great. :DWas a little worry when the ticket was given to them, i was afraid that they could not find the room, could not find their seats. And also afraid that they want to go toilet, and cannot find. Then later don't know how to exit. It sounds like i was nagging them that day, just not as much as mummy. And when their room is open, i ask mummy whether she wants to wait for my room to be opened so i can bring her in... but she say she can manage. And i just let her go with daddy.

I felt so something when daddy mummy holding hands and leave us, and they went and watch movie. You know that feeling? It's like for once, they could put down everything and go enjoy, and not worry about anything! I felt so happy for them.. the kind of happy that you feel like crying. LOL!

Charmain on the other hand, she watched alone, sitting right in the center. Jun and I watched Toy Story 3. And i'm glad that all of us came out happily talking about how much we've enjoyed the movie! Daddy and Mummy also so happy. They went and bought McDonald Ice-Cream once they came out of the cinema. After that, we went for dinner. We dine at Italiannies. And we ordered 3 sets of the RM 29.90 set. LOL! Then we chat and talk about so many things, ahh.. i barely can remember, but it was a really good time together. We even talk about korkor and karjie! but don't ask me what was it about, i seriously don't remember. LOL! And the food was good! All of us was so bloated up!

Believe it or not. After our dinner, we went for dessert at Snowflakes! hahahaha! This ah Jun lah, he want to eat something cold. (when he is happy, i have to suffer with him.. because he just will not stop eating!... on the other hand, i want to go with him, can spend more time) We wanted to eat at home thinking that there will be lots of people in Snowflake, but daddy and mummy want to go there eat, so we bring them there for the first time.

And we met Chin Chung and Ru Fei there. So all of us ate Snowflakes together. Chin Chung was sharing about Ru Fei's pregnancy symptoms. hahaha! It was so funny. LOL! It is really weird how women will react during pregnancy. My mummy say... when she is having korkor, she crave for sweet food, when she is having karjie, she crave for salty food. haaha!

And Ru Fei was, she do not have any appetite, but when she order.. she will order SO MUCH. But after a few mouth, she don't want already. =/ Then Chin Chung ate up everything for her. hahaha! It was really funny how Chin Chung describe it.

And again, believe it or not. Chin Chung and Ru Fei was having Italiannies before they go to Snowflakes too! hahaha ;)

Though we did not go home late. It was around 10pm when we reach home that day. However, i ask Jun to go home. He came out too long already. And he needs rest.

But it was seriously a really nice day =) I'm looking forward to more days like that.

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reveal of EFNO 2010 K (care)-Series

Regarding the car model yesterday, i was obviously exaggerating and giving fake details! I know there are possibilities that this kind of car exist today, but somehow it doesn't exist that way yet. Especially high quality rubber car? That is the most interesting part and the most doubtful part yeah?

It was a project we did in MIYF Bible Study. We're separated into 5 groups, and each group have to come out with an item that they want to sell, so they got to promote it. This item have to target to people of the world, and must attract them. It must show some value of the culture they are adapting to to especially get them to buy it. And provide reasons for people to buy it.

So, we have a group promoting handphone, hairdye, ... these are the normal ones.

Some of those exaggerating ones are like - EFNO 2010 K (care) Series; PAMS shoes by Matthew Tan's group. They say their shoe has massage machine in there, and it can adjust it's weight according to what sport you are doing, and it work with kinetic energy. etc.. for more details, contact Matt Tan. Then, Jeremy's group sell a kind of necklace which connects to your brain that allows you to speak more languages and able to interpret other messages straight to your brain.

Well, the main point here is... Why there are such products that exist today?
To save time? For convenience? Security? Fame? Pleasure? Comfort?etc..

Like what we've learnt... It's not wrong to pursue all these things. But, if a person who pursue all these above, can he or she be a man or women who could stand out as a person of God?

We have to be different from our culture, to stand out for God...
So that the world may know who is the one true God. =)

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EFNO 2010 K (care)-Series

Let me introduce to you all the brand new car in the world today,
i bet you guys have never heard of it before.
Too bad it's too new to have picture,
else i will post it up already.

EFNO 2010 K (care)-Series
First of all, EFNO stands for Every Family Needs One. It is a perfect car for families. Surely you guys have watched Iron Man, Transformers, Termination Salvation, Batman, and all kinds of movies with high-tech cars. This brand new car, is almost alike with those you saw in the movies, just that it cannot fly.

These are the benefits for owning EFNO 2010 K (care) - Series.
1) 3D gaming for backseats
Children are often unoccupied in the car, and that is when they will misbehave. With 3D gaming for the backseats, children can plug in any gaming device and play while parents are driving. If you don't want your children to play game, give them educational movies and let them watch on the screen. Your children can watch 3D with this screen without glasses.

2) Soundproof system
Because children are playing at the backseat, the sound may be too noisy for the parents to concentrate on the road. There you will have a shade (like the one you see in Princess Diaries) to block sound from backseat to the frontseat.

However, with that shade, parents cannot observe the children. So, there will be CCTV in the car where it is connected to the "cartop", so parents can observe the children behind as well.

This CCTV is also connected to your house TV and your free mobile phone. So just if anybody comes and steal your car, you can see it from your TV and mobile phone who is the culprit.

4) Cartop
Yup, not palmtop, or laptop, or desktop. It's cartop! It's like a laptop in your car! Your cartop is also connected to your car's CCTV, computer at home, and your mobile phone. So contact numbers in your handphone is automatically stored in cartop. You can dial the number in the car and speak with radio's speaker. Whatever information that you store in your house's computer is automatically store in your cartop. So, you don't have to worry about forgetting to save document or bring document in your pendrive. As long as you have your car, you are still safe! Just plug in your pendrive and save information from cartop.

5) Mobile phone
When you buy your car, you will be given a free mobile phone. That is connected to your Cartop, CCTV and your car! Your mobile phone is your remote control! If your lost your car, you can track back your car using your handphone. If you lost handphone, track your handphone using the car! If you lost both, go home and check computer or TV to trace back location of car and handphone.

6) Comfortable seats
With massage chair for front seats! And for security wise, seatbelts can be locked, so that children will not unbuckle their seatbelt.

7) GPS
Yup, most cars have GPS. But what car have GPS on the windscreen? EFNO has! You can see from your windscreen the direction you are heading to! Just incase you are too tired, you can just press the location you want to go to, and the car will auto-drive you there. - don't worry about accidents.

8) Thumbprint
And this car can only be started with registered thumbprints!

9) Don't worry about accidents
Firstly, it has sensor all over the car, it can sense the things around the car, and eventually stop when traffic light is red, when it's at a junction, when there are car heading towards it.
But still, it isn't quite safe.

But...this is the best part of all...


10) It is made of HIGH QUALITY RUBBER!
When it got into accidents, the elasticity of the rubber could absorb the energy produce by the collision and prevent all kinds of accidents! It reacts like a spring too!

And i heard that they are only selling it for 500k! Eh, not a bad price for such product! =)

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

as a practical student in OUG

Yesterday ( 25th June ), my lecturer came to observe me for the last time. So, next week onwards, she will no longer come and observe on my lessons. However, i will need to spend time doing my case study, have to observe a child and provide strong records about him or her.

These 12 weeks in TC OUG is really a blast! Though there are so many things to do, always end up sleeping late at night, and have to wake up so early in the morning to travel down. But, i will really miss these 12 weeks. The teachers there are really helpful. It is really a tiring thing whenever you have many things to do. Everytime given a task, i will felt so tired, or so heavy. But, once i get it started, i felt the fun of doing it.

Staying back for cookie baking, making the banner, decorating the thematic board, making props for occasions, meetings, food, etc etc... all these weren't be fun, and everything will not seem light, if you guys are not there. =)

As much as how you all always say Mohana, Charis and I have helped you all to lighten up your responsibility are as much as you all have been a help to me.

One of the help that touch me most was... you guys willingly stay back to help me accomplish my responsibility for holiday programme. One of you went to college late because of this, one of you went home late and rush to your relative wedding dinner, one of you rush home for family problem and still come back and help me out, one of you stay with me till the end. I really really appreciate all your help.

Well, of course if i have a choice, i will prefer to go home and rest. But honestly, i do enjoy the times when we stay back and do things together. I enjoy the fellowship with you all. Things are done much faster and time spent are more memorable when we do things together.

There is one more week, and i officially complete my credit hours as a practical student in TC OUG. And after that, i will be officially a teacher of TC OUG. There are a lot more times when we will be working hand in hand together. And i believe, we will have great time working together there!

Much thanks to
all of you in TC OUG!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

6th mensiversary!♥

wheeee! it's finally 1/2 year!
Time passes so quickly...
so so so quickly....
i still remember when he first asked,
and i still remember when he second asked. ahahahha!
and now is already the 6th month!
And in between these 6 months,
i have neverrrrr regret (yet!... JUST JOKING!)

dumb people like you will choose me
smart people like me will choose you.

though we don't always see each other,
but we understand each other's situation lah..
and i am really happy being with him,
just that sometimes i throw tantrum because i am tired
but, he is always so patient.
went out at night for Dominoes with him,
together with Matt, Jem and Sam.

and then, we head to 100 Yen shop for Icekimos.

And to Matthew's house for 2 rounds of Gimrami.
Then watch Michael Jackson - This is it.

We got home early because he needs to go school early tomorrow.

And i'm rushing this post for him to see before he go sleep tonight.

Thanks dear for this L♥vely 6 months.....
realllly love you (muaxmuax!)

*aiyah, we didn't take picture! LOL!*

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dreams.. attitudes of people

there are a few topics here, up to you all whether you want to read.
but all these are seriously just my thoughts.

nowadays i have been having weird dreams again, hahaha! Recently, there are 2 dreams that when i wake up, i need to think properly whether it is real or not. And really cause my heart beating when i wake up, and relieve only realizing it is dream.

sometimes something similar will happen in our life, that we've dreamed before. last time, when i was worry about that certain thing, i will dream about that thing!
for example,

1) i rare little prawns last time, and they die so fast, and i have to flush them down the toilet bowl.
Then i dreamed about a BIG PRAWN, holding knife and fork, with angry face and it ask me, "WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?"

2) There was once i bring magazine, handphone and all kinds of prohibited items in the school.
Then i dreamed about the perfects of the school coming for spot check and took away all these things.

3) Assignments that are already finish, but worried of the presentation.
Then i dreamed about during the presentation, everything was actually not done.

wahhhhhh, a lot a lot a lot lah! i got lots of dreams! and i can seriously remember my dreams when i wake up! LOL!!! ohhhh welllll.....

Some people are just so irresponsible. When you are given a task to do, you should commit in it. And, make sure you present it by due date. If there is any inconveniences, and you did not do it, should you lied and said that it is done?

and when we ask for it the next day, you took a day off saying that you are sick. are you really sick??? please don't think that we are easily fooled. everytime something like this happen, you will only know how to avoid it, run away from us, stay at home, rush on it last minute, and present a low quality work!
some people just don't take in negative comments. Don't they know that negative comments are there to build them up somehow? And the negative comments are not demotivating! If your boss come and tell you that "you are late to work today." - it is a negative comment! Should you because of the negative comment, you spent your whole day working in an emotional state?
some people know the rules, but they just want to break it. Not because they love to. But they perceives that they have no choice, when they actually have. Or, they just do not want to choose the right choice. =/ and when one is not abide with rules, one shall be reminded. And when one is reminded, should you think that others are just poking your back?

and because of some small little things, you've slack so badly. And you do not have the heart to work anymore.

Where is the teachable heart that one should possess?

some people just have not grow up yet
On the other hand, i never understand how some other people do not like someone, but always opening chances to that someone. And i also don't understand why that someone would just sacrifice for them. Is love really that blind? Or is it just infatuation?

I never understand, and hated it when people boast about themselves already been into sex, a pre-marital sex i am talking about. Is it something to be proud of? It has never been a good moral act. Sex should be kept to be enjoyed only after marriage. What is the rush? Especially when you said that you don't love him or her, but you still want to do it.. !!!!!!!!!!!! and you boast about it... So what if you love him or her? Can't you wait?

Just, why... is the world in such a disorder today?

I really thank God for my family, thank God for how they did not spare the rod on me. Thank God for not delivering me into temptations. Thank God that He is the one carrying me through in my life, guiding me step by step.


ahh, okay with all these stuff.
Got to do my work now.

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miyf 23rd anniversary!

MIYF 23rd Anniversary was held last Saturday ( 19th June ).
It was sooo nice and soo well organized!
Really thank all of you who put effort into making this event successful!
Thank Matthew Tan (the organizer) especially for his great plannings!
Most of all, really thank God. =)

These are some pictures from Jackie's camera.

=during drama time=
=cake cutting session=

These are some pictures from King's camera.

=praise and worship=


=cake cutting=

=emo girls=

These are some pictures from Jun's camera

=cake made by Joanne=

=preparing for choir, while others are praying. hehe=


=announcing for cake cutting session=

=cake cutting session=

=darling. take 1 ... w/o Ee Laine LOL!=

=darling take 2!=

=with the emmcfs=

=with everybody!=
=all the girls=

=all the girls take 2!=

=all emo girls=

=all the 'animals'=

=what happens when the president is a girl?=



That's about it. a fast post on it. =)

Thanks Jackie, King and Jun for the pictures.
For more pictures, visit Jackie's facebook,
King's facebook and Jun's facebook.

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