Saturday, July 31, 2010

masquerade party & being in a relationship

This week have been a blast for myself and the children.
I guess, from now onwards, we will have lots and lots of fun!
I have so much to blog about my work in kindy.
But, i do not have much time =.=!For now, i shall blog about the Masquerade Party
that we had on Friday (30th July)
Every last week of the month, we will take out a day to celebrate birthday.
That Friday, we celebrated the birthdays of July babies.
and the theme was Masquerade Party.

In June, the theme was Beach Party,
and we let children play with water and sand.
It was really fun!
Some of the children did not have mask, or forgotten to bring,
so they wore some really interesting costume.
I have a boy in my class who wore a wizard costume,
and he look so cool! :D

Some of the children brought extra mask, and they gave it to their friend.
It was so nice :)

And some children's mask was extremely nice,
as if they are really going for some ballroom dance.

So, the celebration began with the traditional birthday songs,
cake cutting, presenting presents... eating.. etc

and the moment that everybody awaits arrived
after all the children fill their tummy.

we have teachers to teach the children how to dance waltz.

this is their dance floor,
everybody sit surrounding it.

then the children also started to dance together.
even though their footstep isn't right,
but their smile already tell you how much they enjoy it :)

awww, so cute right?

children at this age also very shy to dance with opposite sex.
probably it is only my class lah.. don't know?
all so shy...
so they find back their own same gender friend to dance with.

really love their smile, they are so natural :)
creating different dance moves, hahaha..

this Masquerade party is really a blast :D
however, there are much lessons that we need to rush on...
T.T hehehe.......
but it can be rush.. don't worry :P

okay, i'm now going to spoil your mood a little,
there's something that i could not NOT let it out!
You know, how many people are so into all these lovey dovey things nowadays,
including myself.
However, don't you think that some couples are just getting way too fast into it?
It's not a bad thing though, it just means that you guys are going very well.
But ever they think about other people's view? hmm..
Not other people as in literally other people, but their close ones like family!
How can you not consider about your family's feelings?

There are some things that couples always neglect about..
that is their family's feelings!
Even I, myself sometimes did that...
in the same time, I'm being selfish,
because i am thinking that I DESERVE to
spend time with my love one during the weekend,
because i am JUST SO BUSY during the weekdays!
But ever did we think of what our parents think??
"Aih, my children so busy during the weekdays,
but even weekends, they could not spend time with us!"

Okay, that is MY SITUATION.. because I am so busy.
But, many other people's situation is..
they spend all weekdays 24/7 with their bf/gf.
and even weekends, they just love to go out and not spend time at home!
Your parents may or may not voice it out,
but, if you know how to think...
you would allocate your time properly..
for your family.. as well as with your bf/gf
AND your bf/gf's family!

Do you know that if couples don't allocate time to go out with each other's family,
they may not earn the family's trust!

Talking about family's trust... some family are really open,
when their girl or boy found their love ones,
they just invite them for dinner, for big events like grandparent's dinner,
some far far away cousin's wedding,
some family trip with the company to Aussie or BeiJing etc.

That is one.

But not all families are like that, they are not those
you-meet-one-time-and-they-approve-you kind of thing.
They need time to accept your bf/gf, they need time to understand them more!
they need communication, they need fellowship!

For instance, you cannot just drag your bf/gf for a family vacation
if your family only see them once!
You cannot ask your bf/gf to join you for a Extended family dinner,
if even your OWN family is STILL NOT FAMILIAR with your gf/bf!

And you as someone's bf & gf, you got to think of this too!
You may consider NOT GOING,
because you and your bf/gf's family is still not stable yet.
You may consider NOT GOING for a holiday with them,
because you only had dinner ONCE with them only.

Geez, sometimes some people just need to think!

I have a situation whereby Jun invite me to Singapore with his family.
However, it's their family trip!
I am NOT their family, or NOT YET!
however, i hope to go, because i thought i could spend more time with Jun,
and get to know their family more!
but, was also hesitating...
and i do not want to make decision myself to follow him or not follow him!

somehow or rather, i know my parents would say no.
and i just told him that i need to ask my parents.
I have a heart that i seriously just NEED their answer..
and whatever the answer is... i would just follow.
but when i ask my parents..
they start telling me moral stories.
(another way of nagging)

and i told them.. i am just asking.

But, my parents say..
You are big enough to think,
you should know what is right and what is wrong.

Sometimes, it is JUST NOT RIGHT to go even though how much you love them..
because you are just not part of them YET!
( but again and again, some families are not like that...
but you just cannot compare.. they are still your family =) )

Jun and his family would be very happy that i could join them..
however, i on the other hand, i have to think real properly..
sometimes some simple thing may just cause others to stumble.

So, being in a relationship is not about BOTH OF YOU IN YOUR OWN WORLD,

i don't mean that everyone don't know how to think..
so, really no offence!
But, i think if you DO feel pierced with what i say here..
maybe you do need to think again whether did you allocate your time properly.
imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7th mensiversary♥

25th July ( Sunday ) is the 7th month Jun and I are together.
After blood donation campaign, we went to Pyramid for Inception.
Before i watch, everybody was saying that it is so complicated,
and that i would not understand.

So, Jun and I focused deep into the movie.
So deep into it, that ...
1. we took awhile to remember what we did before movie,
and where we came from.
2. for me, after movie, cause me lots of daydreaming,
kept thinking as if i AM in a dream..
3. both of us a bit blank out after the movie,
our mind work really hard in the movie, and the movie stop
just like that, the mind cannot stop in time. LOL
4. and for me, i mistaken the way to go back to SS area from Pyramid.
5. for Jun, he cannot different Sweet and Sour beef and Black pepper chicken

But, no matter what, it is really a good movie!
But i felt it's a little dangerous for one to go too deep into the movie.
first time i had to think so much during a movie.. LOL..
glad that everyone told me it's complicated,
it helps to prepare myself hahaha..
else, i will just enter the cinema as if im watching some normal movie,
and i will tell Jun that it's boring :p

After movie, Jun and I went to SS14's Tropicana for dinner.
and i love their service there ;)

Happy 7th Mensiversary dear!

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, July 24, 2010

many topics@ a time

I have many things to say, lots of words.. so bear with me. :D
1) Tankini
I am going to Jakarta soon! :D
Just another 2 more weeks and I will be flying in the air,
to a place I've never been before!

few weeks ago,
i place an order for a Tankini (pic above) wanted to bring it to Jakarta,
however, they came back to me saying this colour is no longer available,
So, i have around RM 50+ with the person now,
if anybody wants any Bikinis for holidays, kindly leave a comment,
or message me at my chatbox :p

i will help you to order, but of course you got to pay me back hahaha!
This is the website :-
Wiki House *not for guys!*

On the other hand, if anyone knows places that are selling nice Tankinis,
do let me know, i do hope to bring it to Jakarta if i manage to get one.
i love swimwears with the skirt if you get what i mean.

2) Waking up @ 3.30am for no reason.
On Thursday night, i met up with my relatives from USA (photos later)
it's been 6 years since we last met.
My cousin's sons who are twins who are my nephews was just 5 years old that time,
and now they are 11! They are now very handsome.

After that dinner, i went home and sleep because i was so tired.
I sleep from 10pm to 3.30am.
And i woke up because i got to submit plannings of scenes and songs concert meeting on Friday.

I planned from 3.30am to 6am, and i went to sleep for 30minutes,
woke up again at 6.30am to go kindergarten.

And i think i did a really good planning, i really imagined out the play and i'm really satisfied with it. I just need to submit it and get approval or probably a few amendments here and there.

However, during the meeting, they told me that they change my scenes. =.=!!

Really waking up for nothing eh? oh well......

3) Blood test
This morning, i went and had blood test with Wen-Jun.
I have been asking him to go for blood donation this 1 month.
and he have been telling me the past 1 month, yesterday, this morning, before the blood taking,
during, after, and now (which is already 4 hours since we our blood is taken) that he is scare of needles!
now that i saw how afraid he was,
i guess.. i shall not mention blood donation to him anymore. hehe.

I admit that I was a little scare, but seriously just a little,
i had experience with a nurses before who told me to relax when injection.
so from then, i face every needle with calmness.
and it was done in 10 seconds, my blood were flowing well.

However, Wen-Jun was so tensed up, i do not know how,
but his blood just flow so slowly.
Probably he was contracting his veins,
probably he was holding his breath.
After he take the blood from the right hand,
he got to take it from his left hand.
so his blood taking was around 5 to 10 minutes.
After which, he was so dizzy, which he do not know the cause.

ahh, he told me..
"If you put a gun and a needle on my head, i'll be more afraid of the needle."

I am not exactly scare of the needle, i'm scare of the result.
I scare that i have bad health. hehehe.

which Jun say, "i see your lifestyle, i know you will have negative results for your health"

eeyer, so bad right.. make me even more scare now.
and the report of my health actually goes to his family first than to me. hmphhh.

but after that he continued, "but i hope that i am wrong."

results will be out next Tuesday, i pray that i will be ok :D
and of course that Jun will be ok too

4) Parent Information Session
After blood test, i went for a parent teacher meeting in kindy.
Em, it's more like a group meeting, where parents voice their unsatisfactory,
and give suggestions.
and since i am the 4th teacher in that class in these 7 months time,
many parents were unhappy with the changes.. of always changing teachers.

However, they are also happy that teacher is changed, and they even said that for the past few weeks after i took over, they see much improvement in their children.
i was so glad to hear that, and it does gives me motivation.

A few comments that i remember from the parents:

" I found out from other children as well, and they always say
'Teacher Siew Fong'love me, she don't scold me'

" I like the way Teacher Siew Fong communicate with the parents, and planning activities to attract the children to come to school."

First of all, I am called Teacher Siew Fong because I am called Siew Fong in my college,
because there are too many Rachels, and 2 Rachel Wong.
and my college introduce me to the kindergarten as Siew Fong,
so I am introduced to the children as Siew Fong :D
*and now, there are 2 Rachel Wong in church.. *

Next, I did scold them, but I reason to them after that, so probably it is also the reason why the children find that it's love more than a scolding.
Maybe i should just call it - positive guidance.

And thirdly, I was just following the kindy's syllabus, and implementing it. :)
So, i wasn't really the one planning it. I am just taking the initiative to carry it out.

i like this comment best...
"Ever since Teacher Siew Fong took over, i see sparkle in my son."

it's like.... wow! :D

But no matter what..
from now on, i will bring out more activities to engage the children and parents' cooperation.
hopefully by end of this year, their children can experience the fun in learning,
and the love from teacher more - me lor. :D
A teacher affects eternity;
he can never tell where his influence stops.
~Henry Brooks Adams

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, July 19, 2010

catching up a lot lately

It's currently 12.33am - Monday. hahaha! I just woke up from my 'nap' after dinner.
Have spent my Friday, Saturday and Sunday wisely, and I want to make a post about it.
on Friday after kindy, i reach Subang only at 7pm. Straight away i went to Yiing's house to change, and fetch her to Melanie's house in Putraheights for BBQ. Kinda far for first timers to go in there, and complicated, so Yiing showed me the way.

when we reach, there are lots of early birds there who already started the fire. Helped with the setting up while waiting for the arrival of guests. Seen much more faces that i have not see for quite some time. I havn't been catching up with them. Sometimes, even Melanie knows more about what they're up to than me. :p

Well, anyway, it was a good time. And suddenly, there are strong winds, rain etc. We shift into indoor. I helped to clear things up a bit, wash the dishes a bit. And my mummy called :p


On Saturday morning, I went for flyers distribution for blood donation. Wen-Jun showed up without informing me. I was surprise to see his blue Cherade parked beside Matt's hot red Saga! hahaha! Seriously, Matt's car is really hot! However, i like Jun's Cherade! It's just as he describe... it is still very faithful even though it is old. Though there will be problems here and then, but it is still working well. And Jun still take care of it properly :)

Anyway, so, we went to Giant Hypermarket and got stopped by the security guard saying that distributing flyers there is illegal. So, we have no choice but to go to housing area. We went to i think 3 housing area until all our flyers is finish. Now, really hope that flyers would fall into people's hand and touch their heart to come and donate blood.

At night, I have youth fellowship. And Uncle Patrick talk on Attitude. *elaborate more next time* But basically, you got to have the right attitude in everything ;)

After youth, i went and sit with the youth for awhile, then went and meet up with my Primary school friends. but just a few of them. However the information got that night was too much to be digest anyway. Because i haven't been seeing them a lot too. hahaha! And glad to meet up with Syahirah, whom i haven't meet since primary school! and she is still so fluent in her mandarin, and so friendly. She is now studying to become a doctor. And, i can imagine how she and her patient would come along already. :p

Approx 11.30pm, i left and find Melanie nearby just to greet them. hehehe. and left to go home.


On Sunday, a guest pastor came and preach. He was a drug addict. And by God's grace he went into rehab center and got saved. After that, he studied and became a pastor. His sermon was so heart-piercing. *elaborate more later* After church, went for mandarin choir. Then to Pyramid to watch Eclipse. Jun and I was so tired spending from choir, both of us almost fall asleep on the cinema chair. Then we get Popeyes and went to Jun's house to eat with his parents. After eating, he fetch Carrinejiejie from KTM, and i went home and took a nap.

Was suppose to wake up at 9.00pm when he called. However i slept back. hahahahahahah! I can wake up easily in the morning. But at night, once i sleep, means i sleep. But today, i manage to wake up.

and now, i want to go and do my work. :)

fyi, i left my eyedrops in my kindy :((

and, i will miss you since both of us are going to get busy again,
even busier this time.

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, July 17, 2010

rebonding time 2010

Hey all!! Melanie is back! Yes, Melanie, the one from Norway, she is back! :D She was back like 3 weeks ago, and i only announce it now. hahaha!

Anyway, because she is back, and because our class havn't met up for a year, Chii Min once again organized a fantastic gathering for 5 Nekad(2007) in Pn. Sasni's house.

I reach rather early with Wen-Jun, and helped to prepare.These are the early birds. *Tweet tweet!*
After waited for quite some time, we decide to start without those who came later.

*don't take my chicken!*

*These are 2 of my teachers that came that night*
*Accounts teacher and Economic teacher,
my best subjects :D*

*happily eating my chicken wings. :D*
Soon after that, more classmates came, but teachers have to go.
It was a really hot night that night, paper plates serves 2 purpose that day! To carry our food, and to act as a fan to cool down our body!
Ning also brought along her baby girl. So cute!! XD
And her baby suddenly became the center of attraction.

Cute little girl.
This is Pn. Sasni's daughter, my librarian junior, JUST LIKE Pn. Sasni!
So funny, so talkative! :D

And ofcourse what is gathering without photo sessions?

I mixed up both of my friend's name :( Dhanaraj and Devaraj ahahaha! And i almost forgot who is Darwin! This prove how long i havn't been seeing them! :D
And yup, if you can see, that is Melanie, the girl with super long hair! And the one in the middle is our form teacher - Pn. Sasni!

It is fun to be with her, she is really funny, she always give us tips on how to get a good boyfriend, and how to know whether he is good or not. hahahahaha!!! I guess i had her tips too much, and i got myself a boyfriend who is almost perfect to me and always make me happy. (of course one is never perfect, and always have to improve oneself. *hint hint!* hahahahahahahahhaha)

oh wait wait......... i never get him lah, he got me! XP
*Class picture altogether.*
Thanks to Wen-Jun who came, even our class photographer get to go in the picture for that night.
I really had no comments on those guys who came in for the girl's pictures. hahaha! They are just them, still them.. XD
*Sheen and I*
Let me retell her story.

3 of us (Sheen, Swee and I) had the same birth month in the class,
and we always take pictures together.
However, now Swee not here :((((

Another story of Sheen and I.
Always buddies for Ben till the end!
However, Ben also wasn't there :((((

"Always buddies "eh? Feel so guilty.
because i always did not go and meet up with them due to my busyness. =p

*Melanie and I*
she is the one who came back from Norway.
and she was the one who offer me a place to rest my feet,
to take a nap, to pass my time.
her house is my 2nd house =o

*Soo Lee and I*

*3 of us*

however 2 person missing. =(
Swee and Sik Yee (Michelle)

but it's still a great time to gather with them, catching up with more things,
see how they've change, listening to their never ending jokes.

Much much thanks to Wen-Jun, the photographer :P
i always think that a person is most happy on earth when they possess people who loves them,
and whom they love, and also having Jesus as their Lord and Savior,
than possessing wealth, health and physical beauty.
Nothing can compare to a life filled with love.

Therefore, never fear to live life as you wish,
sometimes, just stop walking, stop looking at yourself and think life is difficult,
but look at others who have been by your side supporting you,
and continue walking knowing that you are much loved.

Truth is inner harmony - Walther Rathanau

*more gatherings coming up :P*

imperfects may be perfect