Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my Diploma graduation

28th August 2010

That is the day I have been persevering for these 2 and 1/2 years. Not easy to be trained, you got to give so many things to get qualified in return. These 2 and 1/2 years, my parents, probably my siblings could witness my struggles. Staying up late to finish the assignments, or studying. Sometimes, very dark and late into the night, I am still up. My mummy would come to me with a concern heart, "Can you finish?" But, because it was late, and I'm rushing, I would tell her.. "Go and sleep lah, don't disturb me."
Sometimes, early in the morning, I got to go and get my things printed. And mummy or daddy have to send me all the way to Brickfields to pass up my assignments.

Last time, when i was still working in SS14, i need to rush from kindy to college. And daddy always rush from his work to fetch me from kindy to ktm with his motorbike.

Sometimes, i need to rush to college for certain events, and daddy would have to send me to KL, and he alone have to drive all the way back to Subang in his motorbike.
Coincidentally, this graduation of mine coincide with the Church Annual Camp. During these few months, i was deciding whether to go camp or this graduation. After some advice and some prayers, I chose to go graduation. Because, my parents deserve to see their daughter graduate, walking up the stage and receive her scroll. Because they strive with me through and through these 2 and the 1/2 years.

That morning, they are already prepared and only waiting for me. I drove the car, and we headed to college.

There were many speeches, one of it is from Ms. Moey the CEO of MCKL. And she stated about parents supporting children, parents are the reason of children's success.

One of the things i like most about our guest of honour - Dr. Gary Smith is the quote he gave us. It is very motivating.
" When things seems impossible. Break the word down to I-M- Possible."

Speeches are boring. But if you listen carefully, they are words of wisdom! They help you in your life, they motivates you, they open up things that you cannot see. They worth your listening ears.

And not long after that, the graduates of ECE diplomats lined up for their award and certificates. There are altogether 15 graduate that attend that day. I am the 13th. I was far behind from the stage compare to others. While I'm getting closer to the stage, I began to feel nervous but so happy. Finally...
Finally, after these 2 and 1/2 years, i am able to walk up as a graduate... pass with distinction! And all these will not happen if it is not God's plan for me. I thank God for all these.
Daddy was right below the stage, focusing the camera on me. and snap. After I receive my scroll, I went back to my seat and watch the A Levels and Ausmat graduates walk up the stage.
After the ceremony, we had photo taking sessions.
Friends... they are there to lift you up when you fall.
Lecturer, they are there to help you achieve your dreams.
Hand in hand we accomplish those hard times together.

Sometimes when I am up late at night, I saw them online.
Their presence alone is a great motivation to me... just for being there.
Then, i know, i am not running alone.

And even while we are separated to do our practicals.
we kept in touch with each other,
met up once awhile as to encourage each other.

Sometimes when you just feel so down, and you don't know who to look for...
they will come to you..
and they would give you the best and easiest answer that you SHOULD HAVE thought of.

And that's why you need people supporting you throught,
their little words serve as a great reminder!Meeting everyone when I'm in MCKL is a great blessing from God.
Learnt a lot, experienced a lot!

Here, i wish every graduates a successful future!
Continue to be a blessing to others..
Continue to touch children's life.
And continue to shine for God.

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, August 27, 2010

Michelle Phan

You know, there are so many things in Internet!
hahaha, use internet as to learn, they make great teachers too =p

Most girls like make-up, it's an art of beauty. Just that, not all girls are artistic. But, Michelle Phan have been posting out tutorials in YouTube, and I think that she is really creative! I enjoy watching her videos, these are her pictures of some of the videos!

Futuristic Look

Sailor Moon

Barbie Doll


Lady Gaga

Snow White & Geisha

Very interesting right? Of course, some are not meant to be worn outside, unless you want to catch people's attention badly. Some are meant for specific occasions like costume party, concert, prom, etc etc...

But, even if we're not using the make-up, you can watch it... & appreciate the art.
She had lots of make-up tutorials for different events. Heavy and light.
Go and watch it on YouTube *CLICK*
But remember, be yourself ;)

imperfects may be perfect

8th mensiversary♥

Wow! The time passes so quickly.
It is something to laugh and also something to cry about.

However, during all these times,
there are so many unforgettable moments
- those happy ones. XP And every month, he never fail to make me feel special
to celebrate the times we've been together,
to celebrate that day when he first asked whispered,
and i answered whispered back "yes"
(and slam his car door! LOL!!!!)
I've never thought, I always never thought when he plan something...
and these past few days, I have been really busy,
and he too, have been busy.
And really, i never thought, probably he never thought so too.

but somehow, he had some free time, and with his skills,
this was placed in my letter box while i was still taking care of children in school.
he messaged and told me to check my letter box,
however mummy already took for me.
but she never open and read...

just by looking at the envelope, make my heart beating fast.
darn excited!
and when i open it, i start smiling to myself...
after i read it, i laugh out loud!
because i was thinking to myself.. "to the prettiest girlfriend."
that means he got some not-so-pretty, some pretty ones,
some almost pretty, some cute,
some adorable girlfriends too???????

but that was just me laughing to myself...
of course i know...

Yeah! Very confident!

It's the trust.

And It's the feeling of being secure he gave me.

Thanks Dear for these 8 months.

Happy 8th Mensiversary!

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, August 22, 2010

grown ups

It's a purple day! So many people wearing purple today.

Anyway, went and watch Grown ups.
Felt the urge of blogging it..
Because this girl...

Madison Riley is so hot and pretty in the show!
She is mega-tall!
Madison Riley is a little taller than the girl in the picture below.
She is Jamie Chung.
Darn tall right???

and i think Jamie Chung is so hot!
Hotter than Madison...
I like her Asian look... it's so pretty!
Sometimes I DO wish like every other girls to have heights like that!
But... I am also thankful that I am me,
short as I am, imbalance body shape,
even with heavy eyebags, pimples,
un-smooth hair, uneven teeth, etc etc...
They still love me for who I am.
and He still see me as complete.
and he accepts me for me.

that shows that when they love me,
they accept my imperfects as well.

yup, i am that loved & blessed :)

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, August 21, 2010

this is how it started♥

When I first entered youth during 2002 (12 years old), i was so lonely. I still went every Saturdays without fail because Karjie and Korkor is there. The youths members tried talking to me, however i was naturally a shy person. I only answered Yes and No.

During 2002's Appreciation Night, i saw Ya-Pei. I took up the courage and went and talk to her. Somehow, from then on, we have become a pillar for each other. Every week when I come to youth, it was Ya-Pei's smile that first caught my eye.

This went on for a year until Elaine Siah came in youth in 2003. Ya-Pei and I were so close that we go everywhere together.

One night after youth, Ya-Pei, Elaine and I was waiting for our parents with Aunty Julia there as well. All of sudden Ya-Pei and I decided to buy something from the shops opposite and we walk off.
Aunty Julia call out to us, to me, "Why only take care of Ya-Pei? How about Elaine Siah?"
And i say, "Ok, Elaine come along, lets go buy things."

From then on, it was 3 of us. And then we join in the committee.

And then not long after that Wan Ee Laine join committee too.

During Ee Laine's first planning retreat, we had a great fellowship.

And this is how all it started... ♥

The History Of Darlings

Planning Retreat
We are always behind each other's back!
Supporting each other everywhere we go.
*even into the changing room! ---inside joke---*

we aim high, we jump high!

we get wet together!

Christmas Celebration
we have each others shoulder when we need it.

Family Day

We'll just part with smiles every time we meet.

MIYF Outing

we ponder over things together.

Youth Camp Yeah! We stick together!!

We lead each other through rough rivers and wild jungles!

Ya-Pei's farewell 2009
And then, it was time for Ya-Pei to go Singapore.

Church Camp 2009
Without her, it was really someone missing

JasonFei's wedding 2009
We miss her no matter during what occasions.

Caroling 2009
Thank God she had holidays and join us for Christmas and Open Day!

Open Day 2010

BBQ Day 2010
But, not long after that Ya-Pei went back to Singapore,
and Ee Laine went for National Service.
Darling Reunited 2010
And soon, Ee Laine came back from National service!
Ya-Pei came back for a holiday! :D

Family Day 2010
And we start fellowship-ping again!

Youth Camp 2010

And we rejoice together again!

And also emo together.

Elaine's Farewell 2010
However, it was Elaine Siah's turn to go Kampar study... =(

Musical Night 2010
But she will come back every now and then...
but she'll be busy soon.
Our first Darling Night 2010

And so, we have our first Darling Night
recalling back all these time we have together.

And though everyone will be far apart,
And we'll still be in each other's heart.

I thank God truly for 3 of them
whom i could hold to my heart so closely.

p/s: no matter how far you all go,
no matter whether you have ba-lings or not,
no matter i have Wen-Jun or not...
and no matter who are your bf next time

you guys are still very important to me :D

imperfects may be perfect