Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9th mensiversary♥

so fast, another month passed by.
and now, it's our 9th month together.
(25th September 2010 is the actual date)

During that Saturday itself, we did not do much,
but we're together for the whole day.
Fixing car early in the morning, Seminar, Youth.

But on Sunday (26th Sept)...
we just know that we need to go out!
but we really DO NOT know where to go....After choir, he decided to go Ikea (again!)
Coincidentally, I do need to get some boxes there for my kindergarten.
They actually assigned me to get boxes because they saw my facebook shout outs that frequently state that i go Ikea. hahaha!
and so, in Ikea, we ate meatball (again!) ofcourse.
it's really delicious... kinda craving for it now.
We went and see cameras too,
because my (i mean daddy's) camera lens got problem already.
gotta get one new one for daddy ;)
psst.. he don't know about the spoil camera yet

went to Cine-Leisure for movies.


Really a nice movie.. watched it in 2D ;)

really like the comfort of Cine-Leisure.
it was my first time there.. and I especially love their staircase
with blue lights.

and love their comfortable chair,
where you had your head rest at the right place.
You need not sit lower to get your head supported.

the only picture of us that day in the cinema.
super low quality.. but super memorable =p

Happy 9th Mensiversary,

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, September 26, 2010

mid-autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival just passed not long ago.

during this week of Mid autumn Festival,
my kindergarten prepare some events for it.

Firstly on Monday (20thSept),
the children had Art and Craft session to make lantern.
On the Friday (24thSept),
There is a celebration for Mid-autumn Festival and Birthday Bash for Septemberbabies.

On the actual day of Mid-autumn Festival (22ndSept),
my family, Jun and I went to my uncle's place to celebrate.

and even now, when it's over...
there are so much more mooncakes left... hahaha!

It's better late than never,

p/s: you can find pictures in my facebook ;)

imperfects may be perfect

Sunday, September 19, 2010

no matter where

while Jun was still in Bangkok last Thursday,
i did a great shopping with my family.In the afternoon, i went to Parade, then back home.
Then to Parade again, then to Empire, then to Parade..
and back home.

It's all walking distance, so i walk with my sisters.

When i got home it was around 5pm.
My sisters got home around 6pm, because I got separated awhile.
and we end up walking separated ways.
They couldn't contact me because i did not bring my handphone along.

And then at 7.30pm, Daddy and mummy bring us to Summit.
Wah, so long havn't go there.
and there are so many pretty clothes there lah.
Some clothes there are really not all that lala you know?

It was really exhausting to go out shopping whole day.

However, in some days, i would love to go out and not stay home.
I just need to do something productive, and not wasting my time.

But, in some days, i would love to be left alone at home to relax.

However, i do hope that no matter where I am ........
he will be there. ;)

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, September 18, 2010

adam saaks designs

Charmain tag me in one of the video post of Adam Saaks.
He is really good in cutting & designing T-Shirt. really some art!
Look at the pictures, see how he cut and tie those together
to create a great effect!
But it's really quite exposing eh?
Don't think any Asians would wear like that though...
Maybe to the beach ...
However, really need good body shape to wear such shirt.

I like those with designs behind though,
I find those more sexy.
In front ones are too expose lah...
Maybe it'll be hot on those with better shape..
but those with back designs can be worn by anyone
no matter what shape you're in.
But one thing i kept thinking was,
if he just cut the shirt like that, how long will the shirt last??
Kinda risky getting an expensive Tees from Edhardy and let him cut like that.
I think these shirts are really pretty,
but it kinda take guts to wear it out.

I think, if i am going to wear it....
I'm gonna wear a tube or spaghetti inside that
contrast the colour of the t-shirt.
i'm not so adventurous or daring...
or let's just say, not liking to expose that much.

But the art of Adam Saaks designs are really good!

My dear is back already!
With many many many souvenirs.....
But he is not giving me any........ :(
He say, he'll give next time......
Have to wait again.........

imperfects may be perfect

ikea, ikano

the night before he left to Bangkok (14th Sept)

we went to Ikea, we wanted to go during my holidays,
but we do not have time to go.

i have never go there as to really shop before,
i only went there once last 2 years around this time to get Pastor's day present

That day, the first thing he did was to let me try the
Ikea meatballs & chicken wings!

It was really delicious!
Now, i get why people rather go through the jams just to go Ikea, Ikano etc etc.

We ate, we walked around in Ikea finding for photoframes.
We took some time to find the photoframe section.
That explains that Ikea is big!

Then, we went to Ikano, he got me a 2GB SD card.
i have this camera (actually, my dad's), and i have 2 128MB SD Card.
1 128MB SD Card would be able to store up to 100-130 pictures.
and everytime my SD Card is full, i need to change the card =/

So, Jun just bought me a 2GB one,
and now i can take pics up to 1400!!
Thanks dear!

Then, we went to Brands Outlet,
i only did window shopping there...
but i really love those clothes they sell there!
It's like F.O.S, but a little nicer ;)

Can't wait for Pyramid's one to be opened!

We were in BrandsOutlet till they close Ikea and Ikano. hahah!

see, left Jun's car only. hahaha!

and we headed home,

however feeling heavy to depart from each other.

yeaaa, i miss him
imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

beautiful white flower

at this point of time, i would be sms'ing.
but he is not around to sms, so i shall upload photos here =p

these are times when i'm in his house playing DDR and badminton.

he is so good, every step he made is 'perfect'!
mine is always 'boo' or 'miss' LOL

and he made me breakfasttaste like love

imperfects may be perfect


I'm a little late on Merdeka! LOL!
but this is what we did!
I'm really amazed at how the children draw the flag,
doesn't look perfect, but it's all perfectly fine!

you can see from the picture that they wear colours of Malaysia flag ;)

the 3 boys in red!

i get my time of picture taking too...
taken by one of the child ;)

Class picture time,
sadly, not all attended that Friday.
Because holiday was near.

and hereby announcing happily that I have a off day tomorrow,
because it is Malaysia Day!

however, couldn't spend my day off with Jun,
he's off to Bangkok already!

Shall go for a swim with my sisters then ;)

p/s: not forgetting that on Merdeka day itself,
i spent my day with JunDear & family
in Midvalley ;)

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

home fellowship @ see's

Home fellowships was on 5th Sept, the photographers just love taking random moments.
found some random funny faces of mine, all kind of facial expression..

i lazy to type.. let the picture talk :P

for home fellowship pictures, go see in Facebook ;)

imperfects may be perfect

some artistic value ;)

these are some pictures that i uploaded in Friendster last time... then and now, i still like pictures like that, when the pictures went a bit off but it has some artistic value ;)
these are all pictures by coincidence... because i always flip my hp too fast after snapping.
hp shutter speed a little slower than i thought.

i love this picture best, because i like how my necklace shine like that LOL!

imperfects may be perfect