Monday, October 25, 2010

31st October stands for?

October is coming to an end so soon
you know what that means?
oh nono, don't get me wrong, i'm not excited about it.
just want to post some pictures and have some say about it =p

though Malaysians do not celebrate them,
but because of Media or shopping centres,
children are still expose to Halloween.

last time, Halloween was nothing but scary for me.
not like i'm so afraid that i do not step out of my house,
just that, during this kind of season,
you can see more shops selling disgusting stuff than usual.

and obviously i feel very disgusted just by looking at them.

and there are more scary movies than usual.
however, it slowly become such a joyous season =.=!
where there are so many parties, trick and treat and so on.
children will definitely enjoy them,
because one of the class in my kindy had a mini party on it.

and ofcourse the children don't look scary!
some parents made the costumes themselves, really creative!
but, because Halloween is related to ghost, spirits, ugly stuff.
it strikes my head, "Should Christians celebrate Halloween?"
and i went and google it..
ofcourse, the answer is NO!

oh, but as i search further about Halloween,
i found out, and i recalled Halloween have more than 1 meaning!
it's so contradicting now because the secular world is celebrating it in a NON-Christian way,
that actually covers the meaning of Halloween for Christians.
And i think,
i will not elaborate here because if i will there will be so much to say!
but, here is a link that i suggest to you,
go and read it yourself and understand the meaning of Halloween.

Is Halloween for Christians or pagans?
why should we celebrate Halloween,
why shouldn't we celebrate Halloween,
what we can and cannot do during Halloween,
and how can we reflect Christ's glory during Halloween!

however, please do bear in mind that this Halloween are celebrated by Celtics and Catholic Christians.
I'm actually still not very sure whether protestants Christians can celebrate or not.
Really want to ask Pastor one day ;)

ALRIGHT, this is the LINK

in the meantime, these are just SOME of the pictures
from Halloween Party in my kindergarten,
just showing you how pretty they are.
the twins!
a fairy and a witch!
I really do not know why there are fairies!
But it makes Halloween so much less violent LOL!
so cute la she pose!
a student of mine pluck me a flower that day as well

more fairies... LOL!
you know, i think girls are vain since young!
will it be their mummies' influences?
make-up artist : his mummy!
for more pictures, you can view this LINK!
imperfects may be perfect

Friday, October 22, 2010

JunDear birthday♥

Jun's birthday was on 17th Oct
After church that day, we went straight to his house to pick up his parents,
and we headed to Puchong to pick up his uncle,
then, we went to IOI Mall.
It's been some years since i last went IOI, there is a new wing there.
we went to Papa John's for lunch, love the pizza,
love the sauce and cheese butter served.

After lunch we shop around.
The IOI new wing is like Pyramid's shop.
They have Brands Outlet, FOS, GUESS, PADINI, SUB,
MNG, ACE HARDWARE etc etc. but no computer shop

so we just walk around, had some wafer and drink in A&W,
then we fetch Jun's parents and uncle in Puchong, and we left to Pyramid.
Jun want to find his laptop, and he saw this mega huge laptop.
OK, exaggerating, it's not mega huge.. it's just so much bigger,
i forgot the size.. i think it is 17" HP Laptop

and they have really good functions, and only in RM 2500 or less!
Jun was so tempted, but he was in doubt.. worrying that it is not original
Funnily, all those shops that sell this laptop are own by Pakistan'ist or Bangladesh.
=/ are the like the same type of person or different ah?
and they say the laptop will be under HP, but only one year!
and the thing is, they don't give HP Warranty Pack, they ask us take laptop's serial number go online and register by our own. hmmmm...
other than that, they do not have an original box for the laptop?
they kept taking ANOTHER MODEL's box to show us the specs
oh well.. so, it was really quite a thing to worry whether they are actually cheating us.
we walk around Pyramid while thinking whether Jun should get it.
and everywhere we go, we just find a place to sit down, and take a picture.
We went and enquire a chinese shopowner (another shop)
he claims that 17" laptops are no longer produce in Malaysia,
not selling in Malaysia anymore.
So, those 17" laptops are actually not under HP Malaysia!
geez, almost got it you know.
somehow we just think that Chinese are so much more trustable haha!

* you know, i think i look so much prettier NOT smiling!
because no eyebags! and no matter which angle, i still look good without smiling LOL! *

So Jun just throw off the idea of getting 17" laptop,
he went and look at other laptops.

we head back to Jun's home, because it is time for dinner.
When we're home, Jun's grandmother, parents and uncle is already home.
Then, we went to Taipan for dinner in 2 cars.
we went to a restaurant forgotten what name,
and i suggest that you all don't go there! LOL!!
(i don't think i did any help here..)
after that, Jun fetch me back to SS15,
we went out with Karjie and Ah mei to Beans.
ate Peanut Soup and fruits..
and we went my home.
he stay just awhile looking through the net for his laptop.
and then he went home.
*oh oops, this picture he blinked! but he says it's okay to put it up,
so here it is! LOL!*

do you want to guess the colour of his laptop?

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jenny, Jun & Mich's mini bday celebration

October 17 is so special! I have 3 friends, birthday on that day!

My school teacher's, my secondary school friend and my boyfriend! LOL!

First, we celebrated my school teacher's birthday on the 15th Oct.
before we start our weekly teacher's meeting,
we did a mini celebration of cake cutting and presents.
this is the card made for her.
hopefully she don't get headache. hahaha!
spot panda! ;)

Next, Jun's bday was celebrated with the youth on 16th Oct,
a real mini one.
just sang birthday songs, and cut the cakes.

Then, Ben called and ask me to go over to Subang Avenue's Old Town.
i went there after mamak.
Ben celebrated earlier for Michelle already in Secret Recipe.
Then i went over to old town and chit chat.
Last time, we use to talk about studies..
and probably school things - the girls, the guys..
which one pretty, which one handsome...
etc like that.
Now we talk so much on relationship.
we were trying to figure out possibilities of so many kinds of situations..
and because i did not met up with them for such a long time...
when they update me about their relationship status,
i was so shocked!
but glad to know however that friends are always there for each other.
and that each of them are still strong!
You know, everything happens for a reason!
this phrase is everywhere.
if the bad doesn't go away, the good will not come.
or however, if you can overcome these challenges in your life,
your relationship would be much stronger.
Just remember that... friends are for life!


imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, October 16, 2010

When Jun is not around how?

Jun was away from Monday night, and back during Friday after midnight.
i was feeling rather 'sien' at home, and thought of just going out with the youth for some fellowship. Then, i post on Facebook asking them whether any of them is going out that night.
And Wei Wen called me, and invited me to go Pyramid with her, Matt, Jem, Sean and Mich.It's a great time of fellowship, though some topics i may not understand. But by just listening, it's a kind of new understanding towards each other. Wen&Jem had their dinner in 3JC. And we chat there regarding so many things.

Then, we went to GNC and spent so long there to use up the voucher Tim had.

And, we went to Brands Outlet for some window shopping.

And to Cotton On to buy Rubi shoes. I didn't have the intention to buy, but since Wei Wen asked, and i saw that the floral Rubi is really very pretty, so i just bought it. Thanks Wen!
I saw a pair of pink sandals too! I think the colour is really sweet! However i only like the pink one, but they only sell 2 pair together. Oh well.. see how lah. ahah!
and we also played with Sunglasses. I think Jem looks so yeng here. haha! Since I have never tried Big Thick Glasses, i try it that day.
Hahahaha! I look so funny LOL!
I don't think i will wear it out if you dare me lah.
For camwhoring still okay lah LOL!!

Then when all the shops are closed, we go back to the car.
But the jam was really terrible!

Matt playing with Wen's Iphone4 during jam.
Jem kept making noises!
Wei Wen gotta concentrate. LOL!

ahh, i camwhore with Wen's CJ7.
What else I can do right?

Went to 7-11, 3 of them bought Slurpee
since 100Yen already closed.

and then we head back to home.
Though Jun is not around, doesn't mean I have to emo at home... but though I'm out with others, doesn't mean that I don't miss Jun, i was still waiting for Jun all the while while I'm out with them.

However, it starts tickling in me.. why is it that Matt & Jem always say that "Jun, no Rachel only come and find me." "Rachel, no Jun only come and find me" ? Is it really that I've pulled Jun away too much? Is it that we spent too little time fellowship'ing with the youths? Is it that we're too in our own world?

Though Matt & Jem may be just joking... but sometimes it is worth to be pondered over. What makes them have the opportunity to joke about that. It must have been something we did or did not do.
But, i do believe that friends are important in a love relationship. because they are always there to support you through the relationship.

So a reminder to self and others, do not neglect your friends when you get yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend.

imperfects may be perfect