Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanks to Wei Wen & Joy, I get to know about this blog.
it's a very pretty blog.
and i recommend that you guys go and look @ it yourself.
you may find things that change your day
or change the way you are living
SEEE!! I found PANDA in the blog *wink*wink*

and check this out!

imperfects may be perfect

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

being in totalchild

i know that none of my TotalChild teachers, parents or children are ever going to read these since i did not invite any of them. Just want to blog about it.

I've been with TotalChild as a practice teacher since March. and I'm officially employed in July.
and i got to say that i really enjoyed teaching there. the children are just so lovable. and i really love the activities that could bring them together in having fun and learning in the same time.

the problem with this kindergarten was not management, or the syllabus, or how busy it is. I believe every job has it's own stress.. it's the matter of how we manage it.and we have to manage it.

during these few months being with them,i'm just upset because of an irresponsible colleague. and that cause me to take over most of her duties which was really unfair for me.
however, she was and still is a very good friend. but i won't stop because of a friend.
the real reason is that i have to get up so early in the morning. and the journey makes me even more tiring. i don't know whether anybody experience this kind of driving before, but my mind was practically blank all the way i drive to OUG. it's like, i don't think at all, i just drive? because it's dead tiring.

After work when i just want to be home and rest. i have to go through that long journey again.
and sometimes i was so sleepy in the car, my eyes shut a few times when i'm driving on the highway. Not to mention the killing jam sometimes when i have to stay back in kindergarten
and prepare the things.

I really don't mind staying back, if it is for the children's benefit, i don't mind putting my effort in it. making things look nice, interesting and safe for the children. i stayed back until 10pm before in kindergartens. all i mind was the jam and the distance.
And next year i would start my Degree in Primary education. Not that i don't like little children anymore. But just want to keep my options more wide.

and so, i'll be teaching in Sedaya next year.

However, just really want to say i love TotalChild. i just don't like the distance.

i especially love the children from my class. they're just adorable. i can list out many many reasons for why i love each of them. and no matter how good or how bad they are, all i want is to make them enjoy learning in my class... and the best of all was when they start laughing about the things i say or do. or when they smile confidently and tell me the answers. or when they giggle with their friends while they share about their life with one another.

I regretted for not saving up money to get a better camera earlier, because their smile are so beautiful.

Now that I'm leaving TotalChild, i need to make sure i can still make children smile wherever i go. Because I'm getting a camera soon!

Still looking, most probably Canon products.
i will miss the children, colleagues and parents very much!

Jun say, "it's hard to get appreciative teachers and parents in Sedaya."
But, children are my main goal. i want to touch their life.

My parents and teachers ask me, What's your goal? Is it opening kindergarten or what?
I told them, "i just want to teach, i only love teaching. Opening kindergarten means you need to manage, and that will draw me further away from the children."

I want to be part of their learning,
part of their growing, part of their laugh,
and also part of their tears.

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, November 19, 2010

Privatized 2

I am beginning to wonder whether i make the right move to privatize my blog and facebook all. Somehow, i find myself hard to explain when some people ask me about it. Because some of them are just those I do not want them to be in touch with my personal life. And i do not want to invite them in, because i do not want them to be in touch with my personal life.
And, because they asked, but i did not invite, it makes them think that they are the one I'm avoiding (which is true), but how to make it less obvious? hahaha!

And some people whom i am not very close with, like those Hi-Bye kind of friends during Secondary School? I don't want them to be in touch with my personal life either.

Can anyone suggest me the reason for why i privatize my blog?

Those whom I invite in my blog, are my family, friends that are so close they are like my family, friends that i've grown up with. Other than that, i really do not want any other strangers reading my blog already. hahaha!
i used to publicize my blog because I hope that my blog could somehow touch stranger's heart as well? But now, i could not stand random people coming in my blog. Or i cannot stand my colleagues coming to me and telling me "I read your blog, so that is why you are upset." Yeah, sometimes some things i want to keep to myself and only let certain people know.

And those people are those that I invited in my blog.. people i could trust.

But what i post here is not ALL ABOUT MY LIFE, i do have secrets that i can never tell.
(why do i sound like Gossip Girl? But, anyway.. everyone have a secret!)

fyi, regarding the last post about make-up,
i obviously know what a mess of make up i did
and to clarify myself again
i am just playing with the colours
& did i mention that i will not wear such colourful colours out?
i don't like ppl looking @ me.

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, November 13, 2010

playing with make-ups!

"It really disgust me looking at girls with overdose of make up on their face."
Quote Michelle Siah

Totally agree with Michelle IF that person really use too much make up for the wrong occasion,
and way of blending is totally wrong hahaha!

but, too much make ups like these pictures below are really some beauty!
i love the art.

"The sweetest thing a guy said is that I look pretty with or without makeup."
Quote Vanessa Hudgens

Yeah, JunDear told me that so often, but he also says that he do not prefer make-ups.

and most guys out there also prefer girls without make up on, no?


"too much makeup has ruined many a kiss.”
Mae West

so why girls put make up huh?
According to Tyra Banks, "I love the confidence that makeup gives me"

Is it?

For me, i DO NOT NEED make up.
i just use it because i am feeling GOOD, that is why i put make up.
or when i am NOT FEELING LAZY, then i will put make up.
or when i go to a function (like Parents Teacher meeting) that needed some professional look,
and i will put make up.
Or going for wedding or some dinner.

Some people thinks that make up makes them feel good?
nah, for me... I feel good, that's why i put make up.
and when i doesn't, it is either i don't feel good, or i'm just plain lazy.
But sometimes, make ups does boost confidence yeah?

when you just don't feel your day, try make up, and smile at the mirror.
i think it will made your day too!

however, make up doesn't make one beautiful.

"Beauty is about perception, not about make-up.
I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself."
Quote Kevyn Aucoin

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin."
Quote Gwyneth Paltrow

It is being yourself that makes you beautiful,
the beauty will shine out of your heart :)

So, what's make up for?

"Makeup is simply
an extension of the personality
and colors, clothing, makeup all express something."
Quote Gene Simmons

To be honest,
i do not know most of these people i'm quoting from.
i just googled "make-up quotes"

For everyday wearable make ups,
there are many YouTube MakeUp Gurus
like Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty and so on!
i love watching them.

OH! and, i just MAKE UP my blog ;)
(just copy and paste)

imperfects may be perfect


Days have come to a point where I have to privatize my Facebook and blog. It's all too personal, and sometimes I just do not want other people in the coperate world to come in and view through all my personal life. I am just not that open. And i find it uncomfortable for people to find out about my life and asking about it.

Ever since the last Halloween post, i havn't been posting anything here. But that is also because I'm way too busy with kindergarten things, even when I am free, I will be watching Gossip Girls. I am done with Season 2 already. Can't wait for Season 3!

And tomorrow, I'll be going to Sedaya school! Well, if you guys are free, do stop by. They are having Canteen day, and they are in Malaysia book of record for making the longest cake! And every pieces of cake sold would be going in to charity.

Just, don't be surprise if you don't recognize me. Well, you might see me and you doubt is me; or you don't see me at all.

you just got to hide a part of yourself,
be it yourself in person, be it the feelings,
or your thoughts and ideas,
you just got to hide them,
so that others would be happier,
so that the world lives peacefully.

and sometimes, there are people who are illogical,
inconsiderate & self-centered.
But, we have no choice
but to love them anyway.
It is a tough task to do.
But that's life.
Either you tolerate them with love,
and make your life happier.
Or, you grumble whole day
and make your life harder.

imperfects may be perfect