Friday, December 30, 2011

Loudspeaker & Lina's Visit

I know i havn't blog about Christmas but I am already talking so much about after Christmas' a activities.
i have school meeting on 27th to 29th, well, 29th is actually orientation, but yeah.. i still have to go to school
and each of this day even though i'm tired from school meeting, i have lots of other activities
gotta enjoy all i can before i start my studies and start my work officially again ahaha

so on 27th, after meeting, i went to Loudspeakers with my dear, Hui Qing, Angel and Darren.

Lots of Korean Songs by Hui Qing and Angel hahaha

JunDear can sing some of those Korean songs too hahaha

Darren join us after that

I also sang a few songs after that. and we head home for dinner
Before dinner, we played monopoly.
we finally get to use that Monopoly set coz korkor finally open it haha

but we didn't get to finish it and then dinner is served.
we wanted to continue after dinner, but it was too late

These are the food, and the hungry ppls hahahha

After dinner, we had great chats. :)

Christmas Public Holiday's Futsal!

I liked the idea of having Christmas on a Sunday, coz the next day is the Public Holiday for Christmas :D
It's like we're having 2 days of Christmas! hahaha
Guess it's just me being naive XP
Anyway, that day, i head out for Futsal with some youths and an EMMCF member - Clarence.
I think i didn't go for Futsal for 1 year already.
The last time i go Futsal was before i teach in Sedaya i think XP
But ever since i started teaching in Sedaya, i enjoyed sports more :)
And honestly, i love playing basketball with the kids during lunch time..
i hope i can still do it next year :D

 Angel and i
 Dear & i
 getting ready

 Some warm up
 and after that, they invited some boys from another court coz we don't have enough ppl LOL

 Elaine and i
The monkeyssss

Caroling 2011

Caroling is held every year without fail, i guess it's like the tradition already.
I remembered that there was one year when the advisors were considering to cancel off caroling
but the committee insisted to still keep it and have it every year.

Well, it's great you know, because it's during this time of the year when the youths are more bonded together, through the many practices of caroling and christmas.
And it's great to see so many people coming together to sing carols of God's love and having fellowship :)

This year, we combined the caroling together, and we had 24 participants including Rev. David, Uncle Steven and Pastor Caleb.
We change some songs, and we add in some narration.. and we went to 4 houses.

 1st house is at Mr. & Mrs. Sean Ha's place @ Ara Damansara

 2nd house @ Mr. & Mrs. Ooi San Kooi's house @ Puchong

 3rd house @ Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Chan's house @ SS17

 Last but not least, @ Mr. & Mrs. Teh Siew Keat's house @ SS15

 and always, we had photo session @ Uncle teh's house
 My darlings & Jeremy
 My darlings

 The Babes

 The Ba-Lings

 The Ba-Lings and Rev. David
 The Babes
 CarrineJiejie and i
(JunDear picked her up from KTM after her work)
 His Jie, Her Ah Boy 

Once in a year, it's not thought amiss to visit your neighbours and sing our like that! :)

Though it was stressful, but i am always looking forward to Christmas
coz we will have times like this together

thx to JunDear, King & Andrew for pictures :D