Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello 2011!

on the 1st of Jan 2011, we have a happy couple's Holy Matrimony and dinner! Really a great wedding.

on 2nd January, 1st Sunday of the year, it is the lauching of GMAD!
and in the same day, we had lunch with Jun parents, at night, we had lunch with my uncle and family.
on 3rd, that's the first day of school!
at night, went and bid farewell to Pearl.
and the whole week was so busy because I'm getting use to the system and schedules of Sri Sedaya! But, it have been a really fun week...

the best part of being in the school is when a child comes to you with a smile and greet you.
the best part of being in the class is when a child gets what you want them to learn.
the funny part is when they innocently changes your topic. hahaha!
the best part of being in the same school, once awhile we'll bang onto each other. LOL!

but......... A LOT OF THINGS TO DO LA! but which work doesn't have things to do?
and how can money comes easily without working hard?
And in this post, just want to say how blessed i am to have Jun, because he is a very mature guy, who really cares for his family, who work hard in whatever he do, who thinks and infest in future, and always giving me a hope in the future. Though, sometimes things are not as promising, but i believe when that time comes, he and i will still go through it together. and i'll surely still stand by him no matter what happens.

Dear, just remember... God will bless you in many big and small ways, just try counting the blessing, and you'll see how overflowing his blessings are. :)

and i love you.

imperfects may be perfect

Goodbye 2010

i cannot believe i havn't been updating since Christmas Party! hahaha! So and again, let me just briefly tell what happen in year 2010. Coz, i really need to move on already. Too many others things ahead of me.

on 18th Dec - MIYF Christmas Party :D

On 22nd Dec - Winter Festival! Made TongYuen at home with mummy, and bring to GMAD at night to eat with the youth after Christmas Rehearsal!

23rd Dec, Caroling!

24th Dec - Jun and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary.
At night, we went to church to play Mafia & countdown for Christmas.
25th - Christmas in GMSJ & GMAD!
26th Dec - after Sunday worship, we went for Peter Pan The Musical! Really love it! I like stage shows. I think it is nice, i don't know about others. ahaha! Thanks Joy for the tickets!

On 27th Dec - I start going to Sri Sedaya to plan for 2011 with all others teachers and with Jun as well.

On 28th Dec- i have TotalChild Dinner. Time to bid farewell.
On 31st - Watch Night Service :D
And ..... Oh ya, wait for next post :D

OKAY. Bye 2010!

imperfects may be perfect