Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things to go through

Looks like this blog is getting dead! And will come alive only once a month.
Ever since work, aih, so hard to find time.
I used to think, how come people just will loose communication with one another?
or how come, they just will disappear from the cyber world?
and i used to think that i will never ever leave MSN even when i get older.
But, how often i use MSN chat now?
I do not even bother clicking on it now.
And even in Facebook,
i rather look at pictures or do my own things than using the Facebook chats.
Is it the same for every human?

Somehow this month, i really spend a lot of time with my family,
with JunDear as well...
and i also get to meet Jun's secondary school friends finally.
They are great people, very funny people, i guess that's how Jun get all his jokes too!
They are also very 'bad' always bully Jun.. hahaha!
i guess Jun just don't mind that as long as everyone is happy :)
I really admire Jun, his patience, his ability to take jokes and laugh about it, doing his best to tolerate with everyone, being a friend to everyone...
i, on the other hand, was ONCE patience, not anymore. =/
i cannot take jokes, well it also depends la, but i don't take it as well as Jun can.
i can tolerate with everyone, actually, i thought i am.
i am friends with everyone... everyone as in those i know lah, not strangers.
but, sometimes people just do not accept me, people thinks i wrong them,
and they don't tell me what i did wrong, they do not forgive me...
what to do??
I try pleasing everyone, but sometimes people don't appreciate.
what to do???????
Questions like that i can only ask in prayer, i am sure God will do something in his own time, i shall just wait patiently.
And i shall keep reminding myself.. God is with me :)
However, I was also having a load of things to do!
Setting exam papers, doing assignments etc.

Setting exam papers isn't easy, so many to set, so hard to find pictures etc =/
The exam papers that i set this time, are Mandarin y1, y3, y4 and music y1!
but because there is a teacher who needed my help, so i set Mandarin y2 too!
hahaha! i don't mind helping, she is very appreciative.
But anyway, what i'm trying to say is...
it's not easy to set exam papers, and there are so many to set!

Then, I am also enrolled in Wawasan Open University, doing distance learning on Degree in Primary Education. This semester, my subjects are
- English language for Teachers
- Inclusive Education
- Curriculum Theory, Design and Assessment

but there was a lot of complications, and i only get my questions one week before my assignment submission date! LOL!
but i really want to thank God that I am able to finish 2 assignments by the submission date,
and 1 more, my lecturer approve my application for extending submission date.
so, i have a week now to get that done. and i already see the questions, i'm sure i can do it. HAHA!
Jun is also enrolled, but he is in Taylors. Doing his Masters in Finance.
Glad to know that he is doing so far so good. The first day of class is like a piece of cake for him.
He literally studied everything already.

But, ofcourse it will get harder.
And his time to spent will get lesser.. because, he needs to go for class every weekend.

It's a tough journey to go through for him and i. So many commitments.
and not forgetting setting aside the money for family, and studies, and for each other.
ahhh, but we will go through.
i could get through my assignments so easily is also because of his perseverance.
he would come over everyday to do his assignments,
and i too have to do my assignments because he is doing his!

I wasn't having the confident that i could go through my Degree course.
and he wasn't confident how he could go through his Masters.
but from what we see now, we're quite confident that we'll go through all these together.
What's life without Wen-Jun??
more challenges to come =P
imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, February 5, 2011

January updates

Hahahaha! Looks like this blog have become a monthly update thing than daily. =p This is what happens when you really have no time to spare =/ When there are actually time left, it is when you really just want to lie down on your bed and sleep! because it was dead tired everyday!
(LOL! The sunlight that shines through the window of the toilet makes the picture nice LOL!)

Anyway, I have already enrolled and already started studying in Wawasan Open University! It is an Open Distance Learning on Primary School Education. So, I'm studying at home all the time, I do not need to go for classes physically! That shows how much discipline i must have though.
This semester I have 3 subjects - Inclusive Education, Curriculum Design, Theory & Assessment, English Language for Teachers. I have finish 1.1 for each subject ONLY! oh well, after CNY i will start studying intensively :D The orientation was on 16th January.


20th January, It was a Thaipusam Holiday. So i stayed home and make pineapple tarts with mummy and ah Mei. =D This is the best attempt, see FB for more pictures of pineapple tarts :D
oh, i even dyed my hair that day. I dyed medium golden brown, but it looks like red in some angles. But JunDear says that my hair looks healthier now :D
On 21st January, we finally get a chance to try the food in Toilet Bowl, Pyramid. It was really quite delicious! Go during weekdays, you get set lunch which are more worth it! :)

The same night, we celebrated Zhanwei's 23rd birthday.
On 22nd Jan, we had BBQ Night.
On 23rd Jan, i forgot what we did the whole day, but there is a moment of the day where we sit down and play primary school games. really bring back all the fun then. :D

On 25th Jan, it was our 1yr&1month anniversary. We went to Pasta Zanmai, and that was my first visit :) we order set again, and our dishes look bigger than the picture! Was so bloated :D ahaha!

on 28th January, it's Wei Wen's 21st Birthday :) She invited us for a steamboat in Tasty Pot! And to Tim's house for cake cutting! Once again Wen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I havn't give you birthday present yet!!! You wait awhile kay. I havn't buy wrapping paper. But your present is there with many eyes looking at me everyday! Hahaha! 29th Jan, MIYF had Worship workshop. After worship workshop, we played PingPong. I wonder who took this, but i seldom have PingPong pics, so here you go.
On 30th Jan, before we go for committee meeting, we went to Pyramid. And coincidently, there was Lion Dance! I love Lion Dance. But I'm afraid when the 'Lion' come near to me, although I know it's fake. But oh well, the looks is there!
Yup, and one of the best events is Balings Night! Our first ever Balings dinner together! Balings = Babes + Darlings! The babes are, Matt, Jem and Jun! and the Darlings are = Ya-Pei, Elaine, Ee Laine and I! Hahaha!
These are my darlings, who are always always always there for me :) Thanks Darlings *loves!*
So, can you see? Jun and I link Darlings and babes together! That's why we have Balings! LOL!!!!!! So funny... just some playful thoughts! =P

No matter you are babes or darlings, or any friends or any family members that have given me supports... you guys will be deeply treasured by me :)

imperfects may be perfect