Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just go to Him!

MSSD Story No. 2.

I bring the children to MSSD on Thursday (3/3/2011).

The children had race during the morning, they have a long break in the afternoon and have another race in the evening. Therefore, we decided to take the children out to somewhere near for lunch.

We brought them to the Kelana Jaya's Giant's food court. After lunch, we head back to our car to go back to the stadium.

I place the key in the keyhole, start the engine, but couldn't! it's like no battery, ... i kept trying but it kept dying.. it couldn't be started at all. =/

So i quickly called the other 2 guy teacher for help. Both of them try starting, but failed. The children were waiting there all the while for my car to start. So, while Mr. D go and get a nearby Mechanic to check my car. Mr. Cheong sits in the car trying again and again to start my car.

He says it might work if let the car to cool down for awhile.

I thought of calling my parents, but my parents are in Subang Jaya, and to have them travel here will be quite troubling. so, i did not call...

We wait for around 30 minutes to 1hour for the mechanic to come. While the mechanic check my car, Mr. David and Mr. Cheong get the children to the stadium.

Then, Mr. Cheong came back to accompany me.

The mechanic check for a very long time and concluded that he could not find what is the problem. It is not the starter problem, not the engine, not the battery. He claims that while i try to start the engine, the power is not starting at all. =/ So, he said he needs to bring the car back to his shop to check again. And he calls for the toll.

At that moment, i called my mum.

R: Mum, Saga break down in Giant.
M: Ah? then how?
R: I already ask the mechanic to come, already check for a very long time and could not find what happen.
M: Why didn't you call me earlier?
R: I thought of not troubling you. So i settle it myself. Now they are calling the toll to bring the car back to their shop.
M: Why you ask them call the toll? You call me not to ask me pay for the service?
R: No. I am just informing you. I can pay for it. No choice already. The car cannot move at all. And the children were all waiting for me.
M: You should call me at the first place to inform me. I could get the Honda down and you can go and fetch your children to the stadium.
R: I just didn't thought of troubling you.
M: It's not trouble. So now the toll is coming? But we are insured!
R: Are we?
M: Yes! We need to send the car back to Proton.
R: But the car is coming.
M: Can you cancel it?
*after much hesitation, i speak to the mechanic and cancel it.*
R: okay, cancel already.
M: Okay, i'll call daddy now and come over.

After i put down the phone. Around 5 minutes later. Mummy call again.
M: Did you drop the remote on the floor?
R: Nope, but it was opened just now.
M: Maybe you drop the chip.
R: What chip?
M: without that Chip, you cannot start the car. It's small.
R: But i can lock and unlock the car.
M: Ya, but try finding for the chip, i think you drop the chip.

Immediately after that i start finding, inside the car, in my bag, underneath the seats, underneath the carpets. Keep finding again and again.

Then, i gave up a little.

After resting awhile, i search underneath the car. I saw something black and it looks like chip, but i thought it's something else, but i just took it up. And i place one side first.

Then i look @ my remote control, and i look at the chip... somehow i found a place that fits the chip. I try putting the chip in, close the remote control.

Try starting the engine... and it works!

Just then, my parents arrived.

However, the things are already settled. They just pass me the spare remote just in care any other thing happen.


In relation, whatever that happens,
I'm sure God is like our parents,
He wants us to tell him in the first place.
He will make a way.
God doesn't mind us complaining to Him,
God doesn't mind us crying out,
God doesn't mind us sharing our stories to Him...
He just want us to tell Him.

Many a times we wants to do things our own way,
we thought we could handle it ourself.
But think it through again,
without God...
can we possibly do anything?

God is with us without us realizing..
and when we succeed we got so proud
that we forgot to thank God.

When we meet obstacles,
we did not call out to God.
Because pride make us think that
we can do it ourself.

So from now onwards,
cry out to Him whatever problem you go through.
He will make a way.

* And again, just want to thank you Mr. Cheong that he stays with me through it all... he was having a really high fever then... 39Degree Celcius! The next day he MC.*

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Follow Him!

On Tuesday, I bring the kids to MSSD with 2 other teachers from my school. The stadium was not really far, however it may take awhile to go back to the same junction if i miss it, and it was a traffic jam morning.

A teacher explain to me the way, however i did not really pay attention, or i assume i already know, so he said, "nevermind, don't worry, you just follow behind me."

When we are at the small road with less car, i can follow behind him quite easily, he even stopped to wait at moments. When we arrived at the highway (LDP), there were so many cars that block my way, and i could not follow behind him anymore, so i thought, since i know the way, i shall go myself lah.

I know i need to turn left after PKNS in Kelana Jaya, and i did! But once I'm in the junction, something doesn't seem right already.

So i called up, "Hey, Mr. Cheong, i've already turn in the junction, you said i need to go straight and turn right at the T-junction, but there is a cross road, which way should i go?"

Mr Cheong said, "go straight go straight, until you reach the T-junction!"

"Are you sure?? Infront no T-junction, it's like a curvy road!"

"Which road you turn into? After PKNS you turn left right?"

"Yeah, i turn left after PKNS, the Shell station there right?"

"HAH?? Wrong turning! You miss the turning!!"

"OH NO!" and the kids in my car echo after me... "OH NO! Ms. Wong went the wrong way!!"

And i continued, "okok, nevermind, what time it'll start?"

Mr Cheong says, "long time more, take your time and come, remember to turn in after PKNS!"

After making a round back to the highway, i saw the little junction on the left before Shell station, i turned in, and try to remember the directions, and arrive at the place.

Mr. Cheong was waiting right infront of the car park waiting for me.

What i am trying to say is....

Let's put it as... the relationship between God and you.
Somehow i do not know how, it kind of relates =p

You are assigned with a job! God gave you the instruction, you did not listen properly, or you listen half and assume you get all of it right already.
God walk infront of you through the journey, expecting you to follow right behind Him! But, there are obstacles in life, you meet challenges and difficulties, you start to think, I can go my own way ;) I can manage, I'm sure!

And then, you turn in the wrong road, or make the wrong choice, you missed the opportunity etc.

And you call back to God, and He directs you to the right path again. But, you must make the move to go back to Him, admit that you sinned, admit that you foolishly make the wrong turn, and, make sure you did turn back, and you will definitely be on the right path again ;)

A difference is, Mr. Cheong was waiting for me... But God will be there with you bringing you back to the right path :)

He will carry you through!

That's what I learn on Tuesday (1/3/2011)

Thanks for reading :)

“But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil.” (Proverbs 1:33)

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way should go; I will guide you with My eye.”(Psalm 32:8)

*okok, Mr. Cheong was there to guide me too, through the phone XD*

imperfects may be perfect