Saturday, May 14, 2011

suffer now, enjoy later!

Bought wax from Watson and curl my hair :D i wonder how long it will stays.
hahaha! I like wavy hair.. my natural hair's wave is good, but not enough volume :D

Anyway, I was at Taylors last night studying. And I'm in Taylors today as well :D I'm suppose to be studying just havn't start yet :D

This month is such a screw up month! so many things are happening the same time.. almost everything clashes together :/

Family day, Talent Night, Hat Yai trip, Exams.. Teachers Day, Teachers Lunch!

Well, there are good and there are bad. :D

But in order to enjoy later... i got to suffer now. I need to spend nights and nights studying!

The day after i come back from Hat Yai will be my EXAMS already! *Gulp*
Anyway, i checked about Hat Yai! it's a city in Thailand. I wonder what's nice there? But i read from internet that we're not encouraged to go since there was a lot of havoc and riots there! and many worship idols there.. so yeah.

As much as I'm excited and looking forward to it, I am also a little worried.

Those who read, do keep me and my school's teachers in your prayer :)

*Jun Dear will be going too! like of course!
i hope we'll spend good times together too :)*

imperfects may be perfect

Thursday, May 5, 2011

nokia c5-03

Hi people! I have not come here for a veryvery long time! I have some free time now, i'm suppose to study though, but. ... ... XP
I spent my day from 6.30am to 5.30pm in school! Not exactly 12hours, but almost! Tomorrow is Friday, so i need to return books to the students, therefore i stay back and mark the books!

Weirdly, i always have pile and piles of books on my table! Well, others have too! But mine is like so high! Okay okay, yeah.. my student's mandarin books are like really thick! and, really heavy!

For the first few weeks when i'm in sedaya, i always carry the books up and down for the students. now, i ask the students to do it! :D Somehow, they also love to volunteer.

Well, whole day in class, i would also love to walk around awhile :D
anyway, pass few weeks, i was thinking of changing phone. I was thinking of iPhone at first, i thought since it is like RM 1000+? Probably i could get it 2. But as i ask more about it, i felt the more i should not get, because i am not really some heavy user of internet etc..

So, Jun showed me.. Xperia x10 mini pro! This is really cute! My heart fall for it for a few days!
it is really small. It's 8cmx5cm! Shooo cute right? And i love those QWERTY keypads! So cute! and i have a thing for slide phone too! :D

The last time i bought a phone for myself was Sony Erisson's W580i - a white slidephone.. (okay, it's silver..nearest 2 white then)! However clumsy i am, i left my bag's zip open and pooooffff! there goes my phone. =(

this time, i fall for SE again! To be honest, SE's functions are not as good as other phones.. but its' designs are like the best! The keypads of W580i last time crack open so quickly!

the thing with this Xperia x10 mini pro is it has no white colour! but i'm still falling in love with it :D Xperia x10 mini got white, but no QWERTY! ahahah, but both are cute! :D

but, after much persuades from Jun. I finally made up my mind to get Nokia C5-03 since it has white too! and it's functions are like 10X better than Xperia! :D
We check an online seller, she is selling this phone at RM588! However she doesn't have white anymore, and she is currently unavailable.

I was really impatient to wait. =P And i worry that when is back from outstation, i wouldn't be able to get WHITE from outside market as well.

Straight away the next day, i went to Sunway Pyramid! Went to Nokia shop, they don't have white too!

Went to the Nokia shop in the digital place.. thank goodness they have WHITE! and it's the LAST ONE! selling at RM650!

Without hesitation, i got it :)

And hence, TA-DAA!
i am really loving it! It's soo pretty :D It's my OFFICIAL WHITE PHONE! :D:D:D:D:D:D
i really loveeee white! Screw the slidephones or the qwerties... IT'S WHITE :D

i'm still learning the functions of a touch screen phones though. Because i cannot feel the Qwerties.. therefore i always type wrong. hahaha! Got to be so focus when i type.

And i love best when my internet is OKAY, then i can connect to wireless..get to Ovi and get those applications :D &i also love the GPS. It's kinda accurate, however it sometimes bring me to a longer route. i test it almost everywhere i go, from school->home, from home->school :D it's like a cheaper version of iPhone now :P just that the apps are different.. and I'm using Symbian! But looks like Android is more popular? Gah, don't care!

I learnt a lot of technos language ever since Jun and I start researching on phones :D
*and ofcourse i know iPhones use Apple! :D* oh wait, or is it iPhone belongs to Apple? wait.. how about Mac????? =// ................. oh welllll.....*
i just love this white phone now.

oops, i mean..
ofcourse i still love you too
& i love you sooooo much more than
the nokia C5-03!

imperfects may be perfect