Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yea, i only have time to update about it. Well, i basically abandoned my blog for awhile, and now I'm reviving it! And guess what? I re-set my blog to be read by everyone. I guess I should not hide it, just be who i am... others will just have to accept it or leave it. :)

I will not show all the pictures here, so click on the TITLE of each day to see pictures from Wen-Jun's facebook :) But if you are not Wen-Jun's friend, then I am sorry for you. ahahha!

The journey was really long, 12 hour-ish (including lunch, stops and visit a place) to reach Alor Setar’s Hotel, Kedah. Kedah is really not like Selangor, it’s so much quieter. The streets are really dark at night as there are no shops that are open, and not much of street lights too! But their Kedah Tower is really something, Jun took artistic pictures of that tower. Their Fried Kuey Teow and Fried LoBak is awesomee! So much nicer than Selangor’s FohFoh or Yew Sing’s one! :D

2nd Day – Kedah – HatYai, Thailand *click*
We got up really early to visit more places in Kedah. And because it is a really beautiful morning, I look out of the window, and admire God’s beautiful handiwork! I really love the scenery of the wide paddy field with people wearing straw hats and folded pants working there. They use to have bulls last time yeah? But I didn’t see it! It will be a bonus if they still use bulls to work in the paddy field too :)

After that, we took a really time to reach Thailand’s immigration. Got down from the bus to check passport etc, and the first place to visit in Thailand was to their toilet! I find that their toilet bowl is very funny. I can imagine if someone actually lost their balance and fall down. heehee.. I know I’m bad. XP

And then, we took a really really long time again to reach HatYai city. The bus riding really make me sick :( and we went to visit a temple really high up in the mountain, it was so hard for the bus to make it to the top, and hence the long ‘hours’ again! But it’s so worth it when you see the beautiful scenery from the mountain! :D Yup, I really love looking at sceneries.

Thais really honour and respect their King, they have large photos of the King everywhere – by the street, on the buildings etc. Malaysians only have those pictures in office area, and it’s in A4 size only. LOL

And around evening time, we arrived at HatYai’s hotel – Lee Garden Plaza Hotel (LGPH). HatYai is a busy city. There are lots of cars, motorbikes, TukTuks etc. Our tourist told us to get our pronunciation right, because there is a huge difference between TukTuk and TutTut.

TukTuk=vehicle. TutTut=Aqua! LOL!

There are lots of shopping areas around LGPH ranging from something like pasar malam to something like Pavillion! Even bags could cost 7000Baht (RM700).

That night after dinner, we went and watch Aqua show. At first I doubt that they are Aquas, because they look so pretty! And there is this ‘girl’ I kept observing and telling Wen-Jun that she is so pretty! She have the serious yet sweet and pretty face!

There are funny performances where there is this not-so pretty aqua will sing song giving funny emotions, disgusting yet funny. And ‘she’ would go and kiss on male audience forehead etc and ‘she’ sat on one of my colleague’s lap. My colleague looked so embarrassed. LOL! ‘She’ even come to Wen-Jun and open ‘her’ bra! But Wen-Jun turned away. Good boy! *Pats head* Haha!

Everytime when it is ‘her’ turn to perform, I will feel really nervous, because they would come down from the stage and involve the audience in their performance! LOL ..

After Aqua Show, the aqua would stand at the exit, trying to get audiences’ call card for you-

know-what-reason. There is this pretty aqua who wants to shake hand, so I told Jun.. “Shake only lah, then faster go.” Once Jun shake ‘

her’ hand, ‘she’ ask for money. Aduih! Should have knew it earlier. But Jun didn’t give, ‘she’ merajuk, but we went off quickly. LOL.

After that, we went for some night walk around LGPH at the night market. There are many things sold there, and you can bargain all you want until both party are satisfied.

While we head back to our hotel room after that, we saw some Chinese boys (I am guessing they are Malaysians) with some Thai girls in the elevator. Hmm.. you know, I know. According to Jun, it is legal to be prostitute here. This land needs serious transformation. =/3rd Day - Songkhla *click*

And again, we visited another temple up on the hill (named Monkey Hill), and again we saw the sceneries of HatYai :) Hahaha!

On this hill itself, we saw the Cat island and the Mouse island. I don't know why Wen-Jun do not have a picture of it. But i found this on the net. The big one represent cat, the small one is mouse. hahaha!There is a story behind all this cat and mouse thing. Actually, it also involve a dog! LOL! Wen-Jun took a picture of the description board. But it is hard to be read, but do go and read.


But, i will also sum it up for you :D

According to the local legend, a cat, a mouse and a dog were traveling on a Chinese ship where they tried to steal a crystal from the merchant. Swimming ashore with the crystal, both the cat and the mouse drowned and became the islands. While the dog made it to the beach and died there to become the hill which is called Monkey hill (the one i mentioned above). As for the crystal, it turned into the white sandy beach. You can see the white sand from the picture below where the mermaid is.

There is also a mermaid combing her hair at Songkhla beach. There is also a story behind it, it's just about this mermaid sitting on the stone combing her hair, then a fisherman walk pass. The mermaid saw him and she quickly jump back in the sea and never return to this beach =.=! Yup, and many go there to like worship this statue? Some touch her breast, some touch and kiss her hair, some buy accessories to put on her. LOL.. yup.

After that, we went for seafood lunch, and also lots of shopping! Then we went for dinner at the highest floor of LGPH - Skyhigh Buffet 33rd floor! There is very nice scenery there too, adding to the scenery was the Sunset, makes everything beautiful!
not me! the scenery! LOL!

At night, some of her took a van up to another hill to visit a Chrome Temple. Not google chrome that chrome, but some Chromium alloy! It's like metal! It is bright and shining in white if you see it with your bare eyes, but in pictures it appears greenish, kinda eerie. You need lots of courage to travel up this hill to see this temple, as it is really dark, there are no lights at all, and lots of trees! All along the way, Jun and I sang Christian songs to remind ourselves that God is with us. haha!
You know, there are many temples in HatYai, and for a Christian to enter temples is a risk. But, if you are going there with the purpose to visit, to see the architectural of the buildings, and remain strong in Christ, i am sure there will not be any problem :)

and so, the 3rd day, i actually sleep in a room all by myself because my roommate need to accompany another woman who is afraid of sleeping alone because her roommate fly back to Malaysia in the morning for important things.

And the 4th day? Needless to say, we travel all the way back to Selangor .. and it took so.... so...... so............ long for us to reach :'(

But overall, the tiredness just show how much we've enjoyed ourselves! I love spending time with my crazy colleagues, and also my dear

imperfects may be perfect