Sunday, July 17, 2011

WOU: 1st semester's exam results

First of all, a great big thank you to God because of these results! it wasn't a super good result, but it means a lot to me! i only went tutorials once, i sometimes struggle through my assignments but manage to pull it through and still get satisfying grades for assignments.
one week before the exam, i realize i was studying the wrong topic (it will not be tested until
December) and just a few days before my exam i was enjoying myself in HatYai!

Hey, but, i did my revision while on vacation too okay! during all my free times, i will just grab my book and study by God's grace, i manage to get my studies done, it wasn't deep down in my heart, but God continues to give me the confidence during my exam.
During the actual exam day itself, i didn't bring my exam slip! i actually didn't know that i am suppose to have one since I'm not given one! but you know, i'm studying from a distance.. it's hard to be given one as well. it's my responsibility to check My student's portal to get my exam slip printed. Thankfully, the examiner was kind enough to let me in because i have proof of my IC and Student ID. they already guessed that there are student like me.

But to have done and completed this exam is really an amazing thing, i really did not expect i could really accomplish a semester since i was so busy with so many commitments. Really, it's not by the work of my brains, not my strength, it's not ME!

Yes, it's God!

So below is my exam result..
I was really quite happy when I see the result as I thought i would really just get Cs.. I didn't expect myself to get any A- or As. But yeah, i guess i could've done better, but still i want to thank God that i still manage to pull it through somehow. :)

and one thing is that, Jun was with me through it all as well.. so thanks JunDear, you are always the ♥

So, my next semester is starting real soon, and these are my tutorials dates! It will usually fall on the last Sunday of the month till exam. But, i will usually not go anyways. I kinda told myself to go all tutorials this time, but i want to try doing it independently again first and see if i have any problem with it.

This time, i will be learning on Grammar and Usage (G&U), Management and Leadership (M&L) and continuing the Curriculum, Design and Assessment (CD&A) module.

What worries me most is the CD&A's module. It's one with the most theory and applications that i still do not get it. I will need to spend lots and lots of time going through it!

Yuppp, so this is my study life :)
And look what i just did to my desktop! hahaha! ♥it!
Alright, that's all! Ta's!

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, July 11, 2011

family moments♥

Since i did not mention about how i celebrate with my parents for Mother's Day and Father's Day, just want to blog something about it here.

One of the Sundays in May, Jun and I brought my family to 1U's Fish & Co. for dinner. Daddy loves fish and chips, and they have never been to Fish & Co., they seldom go to 1 Utama, because of the traffic and they're lazy to drive. So this is a special treat for them, where they have drivers, nice and free food to eat! Haahaha! After that, they could just walk around and shop and not worry of getting tired, because they are not driving anyway :p

For Father's Day, we walk to Empire to dine in Pasta Zanmai. With Pasta Zanmai promotions on Mini Sets, it doesn't really cost a pain in your pocket. And they serve really nice and delicious food which my parents love it a lot! I guess they will be back there real soon again!
And one of the random Sundays, my dad just feel like eating Steamboat. So, he brought us for Steamboat! He didn't know about Summer Steamboat though, he didn't really know where to go for Steamboat. So Jun and I bring my family again to Summer Steamboat.

It was a great time together with unlimited food and wonderful fellowship together! :D

A scrumptious dinner, wonderful fellowship around the table.
one of the Sundays again, my family went to Furniture shop to look at the furnitures and to order some bed frames. Charmain and I are shifting room hahaha and my mom wants to change some bed frames, it's been many years and some are rotting already ahahha!
yuppp, that's what i did with my family. There were many more things too! Just that, no pictures. so i don't really recall. :/ so from now on, whereever i go, whatever i do, i would just bring my camera along to snap a picture or two. LOL!

imperfects may be perfect

Morib,Genting,MIYF Anniversary

I havn't finish blogging about my June holidays! LOL!
So here.

After Thailand Trip was my exams, and seriously, i still do not know how bad i do yet -.- i don't know whether the results are out already or not haha! i should check it myself real soon.
*cross fingers*

Anyway, the next day after my exam ended, Jun and I head to Morib for picnic and taking pictures. I have been asking me to bring me to beach since ages ago. =p finally, he grant me my wish hahaha!
Well, and again, i wouldn't be showing much pictures here. But if you are Jun's friend, just click here to see his album in Facebook. :D Well, just so you know, there are lots of my pweetie face in there, and sweeet pictures.. hahaha *perasan, i know.*
one thing is for sure, i really like those little huts there, it's so convenient for people to go there. but, it's actually belongs to a restaurant, you cannot use it if you are not a customer. but no one came out and chase us away, so yeah :D

but the sand there is really a little dirty. and they threw construction stuff everywhere =/ in some pictures you can see those pillar kind of thing.

and very strong salty smell. LOL!

but i enjoy myself a lot there :D

3 days after that, Jun and I went to Genting. we took the bus from 1 Utama, then to Skyway, and to Genting :D Finally wearing my boots, sometimes i just don't know when to wear boots like that and for what occassion. so far, i wore it to Victoria station for dinner (which suit the night well) and to Genting!

we bought indoor park tickets, and we go for every ride. All the rides are really relaxing :D well, i'm not the kind who really like challenging rides anyway. I only sat the DragonCoaster once, and i chickened out. Jun went for it like 4 or 5 times? LOL! He love it so much... small boy! XP

we also visited the casino since I'm officially 21 3 months ago. So, i went in and see how they loose. LOL! for those who are yet to visit, let me summarize for you. There are MANY MANY people inside. There are bets for no brainers, and for skillful players. No brainers game are like pure luck games, machine games etc. Skill games are like BlackJack etc? But anyway, all these games are pure luck too anyway =/

From my point of view, they are really wasting their time and money. The way the play are so extravagant. And, money disappear just in a blink of an eye. Many place bets using chips (which also represent money), and many times, these chips are just swept off infront of your eye =/ i felt a bit painful looking at it.. thinking that my money is hard earn, i would never place it on bets like this. i don't get how it can be an addiction. Because they kept loosing? =/

it was a good experience. it makes me think a lot a lot, and it makes me care a little more about those people in the casino.. at least now and then, i would pray to God about them.

more pictures for Genting *click*

and after 2 days again, it was Youth 24th Anniversary! :D I am glad to say that this year's was really a blast! I do not know how it could be like that, but I'm sure God gives wisdom to all those who make this event successful! For example: the working committees, the worship enablers - Darren, Wei Wen and their team, the performances, the cake-baker and team - Jeremy and his gang, Rev.David Boey and his message,Ya-Qi and Ya-Pei who is incharged of food, Amos who did the video! Everything was so well prepared!

it was a larger crowd this year! and thanks to Jeremy to open our eyes to see that God is faithful as long as we trust him, and not limit this event to a small one in MPH, but in main sanctuary!

And also, really a great big thanks to all fellowship groups for coming - SISF and EMMCF... and also thousands of thanks for the church for all their support :)

Glad to see such smooth event, and an event that gives back praises and honour to God! Will next year be as great? It's 25!! :D May God gives us the wisdom and strength once again :)

Till here first. wanna nap and continue cleaning my room :)

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



我知道我已慢慢的长大了 - 红蜻蜓

It simply means..
When more problems and worries occur in life,
and when glass marbles are lesser
(means: playtime are lesser)
is when you know that you are growing up gradually.
Song title: Red Dragonfly

I have been practicing this song with the Sedaya kids,
it is a song with really nice tune.
And when i first heard it was when I am probably 8-10 years old,
from the Four Golden Princess band.
They sang it with much joy then, and i mistaken it as a happy song.

However, since I am practicing this song again and again,
I begin to realize that it talks about how childhood or youth will pass us by,
and worries in life will devour us slowly.

And when that happens, we can only keep these wishes in our heart,
to feel young again, to play again, to just do whatever you want again.
keeping these wishes in our heart, however we can't just do what we want anymore.

So while we are still young, we should do all we want! :)
-of course, it must be within some measures


imperfects may be perfect