Tuesday, August 30, 2011

daddy's 67th birthday ♥

Heyyyy, heyyyy, hey, it's a beautiful day!
went down to my 7th uncle's house because Linajiejie is here to visit gonggong and popo.
we spend some time chit-chatting with gonggong and we left for dinner.
we had dinner in a place near some pasar malam,
but we have no idea where it is =/
after dinner, we celebrate daddy's birthday!
can you believe it? he's already 67 years old!
i think when korkor get married that time,
he'll be 70 years old already!
i loveee my daddy, he is a silent hero!
he does so many things, yet he doesn't boast.
there are so many things i have now,
is all because of him,
and what he have been doing all this while to support my family.
i also want to thank God, that because of His protection
my daddy is still so healthy and still working to support us.

and if you all don't know, i love my daddy's passion in taking care of the plants!
he never forget his plants no matter where he go,
and he is really very happy to see his plants grow.

and my daddy also love family reunion, like when korkor and karjie is back at home.
then we have dinner together, i guess that's the best thing in his life!

and i love the way my daddy smile when he play with kids.
i guess that's how he smile too when he play with us while we are little.
daddy is not a person with much opinion,
not a very humorous person...
not much words will be spoken...
but his actions tells it all.

his actions already told us how much he loved us
all theseee years!

and we really love him too :)

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, August 20, 2011

a night at dear's♥

Saturday night, I feel the air

Is getting hot
Like you baby
I'll make you mine you know
I'll take you to the top
I'll drive you crazy
Saturday night, dance, I like
The way you move
Pretty baby
It's party time and not one
Minute we can lose
LoL! yeah, it was Saturday night, the night that we do not have youth.
Coincidently, Jun was home alone.
so, got permission from my mom and could stay over a night.
he pick me up after his badminton with his college mates.
and, then we went home.

he cooked the dinner for that night!
simple as it could be, but the taste of love is scrumptious! LOL
baked bean is turned into black beans, but it still taste really good :D
this is my love ♥
(i'm talking about the baked beans!)
oh wait... this is my love ♥ toooo!
Ferrero Rocher!
Yummmy dinner... :D
and the next morning, he made toast with left over black baked beans
and then, we left to church.
my dear and i :D
whom i love ♥♥♥ very muchhh :D

i've got so many lovessss...

more is better than nothing mah :D

imperfects may be perfect

Lil gathering & Mel's farewell 2011

5th August, Chii Min organized a little gathering for us,
and also to do a farewell for Mel.
venue: Umami Steamboat in Sunway

Michelle and I arrived rather early.
so we took pictures ;P
soon after that, swee arrived.
together with the others.
Mel was the last one to arrive, no?
she's the VIP! haha
Sheen & i
taking pictures, what's Tick Hoong doing?
Mich, Mel and me!
happily killed.
Ben & i
Chin yong&i
Jiat Yeen & i.. haha! same hairstyle.
Allllll of us that attend that night :D
the steamboat was really not bad!
but i enjoy the fellowship more...
taking pictures, chit chatting and catching up :)
as usual, please visit my facebook for more!
and Ben's one too!
imperfects may be perfect

Oh, Jared!

There are many students leaving Sedaya,
whatever reasons they are leaving, i'm so gonna miss 'em.
especially this little man here who have been both angel and devil in my class.
well, okay.. he's actually more than an angel!
sitting all the way back of the class,
he still stay focus and very responsive to my lessons.
his crooked teeth makes him all the more adorable!
sometimes he walks like penguin, and it's so cute!
And he is just so lovable when he calls 'Ms. Wong' when he sees me.
never gonna forget that kind of voice when he calls me.

imperfects may be perfect

Monday, August 15, 2011

Broga Hill :)

Woke up really early on July 31st,
to go Broga Hill with my secondary school friends.
Havn't went out with my secondary school friends for a really long time,
so i thought just take out this time for them.
We hike up Broga Hill really early in the morning while it's still dark.
and when we reach the 1st peak, it's getting bright already.
But i'm really happy enough when i reach the first peak.
I use to climb up with just 2 legs.
but now i need my hand to pull me up as well,
it's really steep because there have been
so many people who came here since last year.
You can literally slide down if you did not hold yourself tight enough.
Jun & I only went till the 2nd peak,
because it is where all the nice photographs could be taken.
My friends went right up to 4th peak and came back down.
this is their first experience to most of them.
and i'm glad they love it :)
Before the sun officially take over the sky,
we hike down and we went for DimSum.
It's the tastiest DimSum ever! :D lovelovelove!

for more pictures, visit HERE :D

imperfects may be perfect

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charmain's 19th birthday

We went to Kalamazoo in Damansara for Charmain's birthday.
it is a restaurant open by Tracy Jiejie and 3 other friends.
their food there is really tastyyy :D
Charmain and her gifts from Korkor and LinaJiejie :D
I'm sure she's loving it a lottt hahha
Pictures with daddy and mummy
Pictures with me and korkor
Pictures with Jun and I
Making a wish and blow the candle
Cutting the cake
The cake is freshly out of oven, the chocolates are still melting :D
Yummiest chocolate cake ever! TracyJiejie made it for Charmain!
how jealous!
Yup, after cakes, we even play IQ quizzes.
TracyJiejie and her colleagues pasted IQ quizzes around the toilet
so we spend time solving the puzzles
and we create new ones for each other to solve too ;D
that's fun!!
ofcourse, for more pictures,
please visit HERE
imperfects may be perfect