Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mooncake Celebration in GMAD

on the same night, Charmain and I went to GMAD for Mooncake festival celebration.

That evening, we wanted to prepare Thai Taufu, however i bought the wrong taufu and end up we gotta find another recipe and we prepare Mapo taufu instead. actually, Charmain did most of the job ;)
After that, we were so late, we rushed to GMAD. Almost got into accidents, and i learn my lesson, i drove carefully and slowly.
The evening in GMAD started off with praise and worship, then to dinner, and then to lantern procession.
Matt prepared games for the kids, however there isn't much kids. When we arrived after the lanter procession, the adults just finish their movie. And they were guessing riddles.
After the riddles, we had some time fellowshipping around, and then we head home around 9.30pm.
Though it is a simple programme, yet it bring the church closer together ;) that's our first mooncake celebration in GMAD
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imperfects may be perfect

Home alone with Charmain

when daddy and mummy is away from 8th Sept to 11th, we cook our own meal for the dinner.we did house chores, we went for movies and getting things done for mooncake festival.
this is our can food to go for a rerun movie at MBO.
The amount of can food that are bought by other people. Unfortunately, we bought the wrong one (which is non halal).
So, we went to carrefour and get another 2 which is halal ones.
We watched Mr. Popper's Penguin in the cinema.
I really love the lightings there.
Spending time with Charmain is also priceless and cherishable.
i always feel blessed to have sisters, they shop with me, they joke with me, they listen to my heart.
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imperfects may be perfect

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mummy's birthday

It's almost end of September now, but i only have time to blog about mummy's birthday now.
actually, i'm not that very busy, just that i was busy spending time with Lorrainekarjie and playing games on Facebook XP

my mummy's birthday is on 8th Sept, however we celebrated on 4th Sept because she having vacation with daddy and karjie to Singapore on 8th Sept.
We went to the HongKee Restaurant to have our dinner. It's like a total family reunion, when korkor bring his gf -Linajiejie and Wen-Jun came along too! Adding to that, Rev.David and Aunty Julia was there too!

After dinner, we went home for the cake.Since everybody is there, we had a great time of social together, it is really a great time spending time together.
Just one person is missing now from this picture - Burkejiefu who is in USA.
Korkor, Linajiejie, daddy and mummy.
This is mummy's cake. It's an ice-cream cake that we bought from Raspberry.
Linajiejie volunteered to cut the cake, and mummy is good this time, she did not give anyone any pressure HAHHAHA
Then JunDear offer to help too...
And then we have our cake.
Nothing under heaven will beat having a family that loves one another. I guess that is my mummy and daddy's dream always! They are most happy when we gather together without conflicts and spending quality time together :)

And yes mummy, i love you :D

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imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Port dickson family trip!

Karjie came back earlier on Monday when we leave Gambang.
and the day right after we came back from church camp.
my family headed to Port Dickson right away.While we are on the way there, we watch some movies, we chit chat, played iPad and sleep!though the journey isn't very long, but since we have been travelling so much to and fro Gambang and karjie from USA. What we needed most when we arrived are the comfy beds.The first room we went to had a beautiful scenery at the balcony. However, later that evening, my parent's room aircond spoil, so we gotta shift room.
How nice to go to a place with family, because of Karjie visits, we bring her to many places as a family, and brought the relationship of my family even closer.This is what we do most in PD. playing cards games!Look at those smiles and smirks of victory!
We played card game the whole day for the first day in PD. and then we went to a seafood restaurant in town. That was the longest meal ever in my life! they took 1 hour until the food arrived. There were so many people then, and so few workers.

AND, the food isn't all that nice! Couldn't think of why it is so famous... =/ So, ppl... don't go to the restaurant that is called SiongHoi Seafood!Yeah, this is where we stay for the 2 nights.The next day, early in the morning, we had breakfast and went to the town to walk around. Because it was Merdeka Day. Many shops weren't open. We got lots of junk food and street food for the picnic in the beach.PICNIC! :D trust me, with the wind of salty taste and adding some sand to the food.. the food does taste better and crunchier HAHAHA XP
we didn't eat a lot, we were more excited to head the beach than hungry.
So, we went to the beach and took lots of pictures there.
We did not play with the sea water since it does looks a little dirty. But, we had fun catching crabs and building sand castles.
Oh, we even took lots of couple shots.. of daddy and mummy....
and of Jun and I! ahahha
Jun was asking Karjie to piggy back me so that he could show her a sample of what couple shot he wants.
Unfortunately the accidental sand-go-into-the-eye pic is much better than the smiling one. ahahaha
there, we build sand castle. We took down cups from the hotel. XP and we pick up rambutan skin around the beach. Some ppl just didn't clean up the beach after they use it.

This is my first sand castle! we never really build a castle before. I want to make it more grand and big next time.
then, we built mermaid tail on Charmain.
after playing with those sand, we went and bathe at the swimming pool.. and we soak ourself in there.
At night, we ate at the resort's restaurant.
After eating, we took a walk around the night markets in town. and night walks at the beach.
there are actually many people at the beach during the night time. Some of them were drinking. Some taking pictures. Some playing lantern too! Jun and I just took a few shots and went back to the room.

1 Hr after we left the beach, it was raining SO HEAVILY outside, until the BRICK signboard of Bayu Beach fell and crack the car porch in front of the lobby. We felt a shake in the building as if there is earth quake. but thank God that it was late night and no one is actually there.
Yupp... so that's our 2nd night, and then we head home on the third day.

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imperfects may be perfect