Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trip to Sunway Giza

back track a bit, on 16th September after Gonggong's birthday.
Jun and i went to Sunway Giza in the evening.
He went to this place about a month or two earlier
There are many places to drink and catch up with your friends in Giza,
and many expensive restaurants.

After much consideration, we picked to go Full House for a bite.
We ordered 2 dishes. A spaghetti dish and..
Some chicken meat.. this is awesome!
However, even with this 2 dishes, it did not satisfy our tummy.
Jun & i
Taking outside of the Full House.
Later after that, we went to another expensive Italian restaurant,
and ordered Fish and Chip.

didn't take any picture since we were still too hungry XP
yeah, since i don't drink, i will not be visiting Sunway Giza much
it'll be nice to come by once in awhile for the food.
and pictures maybe.. XP
but i love being everywhere with Jun :D

imperfects may be perfect

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Karjie's departure to USA again!

Karjie came back during August, and have spent lots of time with us. I got to admit that ever since she come back, i too spend lots of time with my family. Probably it's the trips and the events that coincides with her return... coincidently, Charmain, Jun and I also had holidays, therefore our family planned many events as well.
*no, that's not Karjie, that's Ah Mei.*
But, everything comes to an end where Karjie have to return to USA, and Ah Mei back to college, and Jun and I go back to work.
I still remember the year that Karjie finally board the plane to go overseas, all of us actually walk all the way to the end of the airport where we can see planes and train that bring the airplane passenger over to the other side.

I swear that pathway is always making me miss her more, and don't want her to go. The more i see her through those glasses, the more my tears flow down.

Standing at the end of the pathway, we stared blankly outside, waiting for karjie to leave in the train... there must be lots of memories playing in each of our head. And we just couldn't resist our tears.

And daddy just got to break our thoughts saying "if you guys don't go now, the airport parking will cost even more when we exit."
So, we went off. That was Year 2009 when she got to go. *click to view blog*
In Year 2010, i only bid her off infront of the door. I don't even remember whether i hugged her goodbye or not. All i know is i woke up really early that morning. And stand at a distance looking at Karjie while she doing her last check on the luggages.
She asked why am i looking at her like that. But i didn't reply. and i went back to my bedroom.

Then, i heard the car engine sound, i heard the auto-gate closing. I quickly open the curtain, just in time to see the Unser leaving to send Karjie off. And instantly, the tears rolled down again.
I send message to Karjie telling her that I'll miss her. and that i was staring at her before that because i got too use to her being there, and then she were going off again.
This year - 17th Sept 2011, we went to the airport to send her off. We took many pictures, we look happy in them, but our hearts were heavy just like the first year she left us.
Karjie left us after our lunch. I promise myself not to cry. But as we stare down to her, my heart got heavier. And we even walk the pathway to follow her. As we do that, Mum, Charmain and I started crying again.

It's really so hard to bid goodbye to a person you love.
Before Karjie left, she told us to distract mum and dad after she left. So Charmain and I ask them to see the exhibition they layout in the airport about the history of Malaysia's airport.
And then, we left and went home.
Because we woke up really early in the morning, and the tears made us really sleepy, Charmain and I slept all the way in the car.
When we reach SS15, we saw a newly open shop. We went inside to look at the things.
I guess that's how we got carried away and not thinking about karjie anymore? hahaha!
But really, while I'm typing this right now, i began to feel the heaviness in my heart all over again even after a month.

I truly miss her.

imperfects may be perfect

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gonggong and Popo's birthday!

my family celebrated gonggong and popo's birthday on 16th Sept in Pantai Seafood Restaurant.
Jun came along :D
And karjie ofcourse, one of the reason that she is now in Malaysia is for Gonggong and Popo's birthday :)
Wong family together with Gonggong and Popo
Wong family together with korkor's gf and my bf ♥
Come to think of it, if adding Brother in Law - Bro. Burke,
and when Charmain gets one,
there'll be 10 of us :D
adding Gonggong and popo, we can go play football already haha
it's a joy to see the smile on my grandparent's face, especially Gonggong :)
We had our lunch and karaoke, then we sing birthday songs for gonggong and popo
dear ♥ and i
Carmen - Jia Yuin and i - my baby cousin sister
it's a great time for us girls to catch up too :)
i love family events like this
please visit Jun's FB for more :) and thxxx a lot to my dear wen-jun who took picture on that day and upload it ;) i love the pictures a lot!
imperfects may be perfect