Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Frasers (own pics@outdoor XP)

Thx to Uncle Steven, Jo Chiam and Pastor Lydia Ng. No doubt, the most beautiful thing in Fraser's Hill is the creation of God. What can be compared with what God has made? Everything that God has made is precious and indeed beautiful.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Genting with my Korean boyfriend!

On 22nd November, Jun and I head up to Genting. This is our 2nd time to Genting this year. But being there with someone so special does make it worth while to be back there again.
The first time when we go there as escape for both of us, to relax, to take pictures.
This time, Jun's sis got him a really nice top, and so we decided to go to Genting again, so that he could wear his top XD

I really thinks he look so handsome in it :D No matter what others say, whether they like it or not.. by the end of the day is whether HE likes it or not.. and I really love it
I really love the trip this time though, because of the thick mist. It really feels so cooling and nice. With the mist (it's not an effect), you know that the place is cold at that point of time.

We got the indoor theme park ticket since i am not into extreme rides and Jun's aim is to take picture, so yeah. One thing that we see and learn are the morality of people there. It's quite saddening that through out our day there, we could see many people breaking rules and misusing the facilities there.

When there's a non-smoking sign, some people would just smoke, ignoring the signboard. What's even sad is that, his wife and his children were there. As they always say, Second-hand smokers are worse right? Did those who smokes care about their beloved ones around them?
(I'm not saying that you didn't care, but probably, you could smoke somewhere else? It's clearly stated "NO SMOKING", if you can't read.. there's a BIG PICTURE there.)
Next, we see kids. Well, kids are kids... probably when they do wrong, you would just shut one eye? But, those as parents, it's because they shut an eye, and it cause the kids to grow up thinking what they did all the while is right, but it's actually wrong. Kids, those metal dividers placed at the lining up area is for you to line up, not for you to climb up and down, and jumping in and out. And the parents just didn't bother stopping them as well. Kids can have fun, but in the same time, they should know what is should be done and what should not isn't it?
And well, some parents are i-don't-know-how-to-say, kiasu or what? After their kids line up for so long, they instruct their kids to ask the ride operator (R.O.) about taking a few round of rides, so that they do not need to line up again. Well, the conversation is something like that:
Mum: Go ask the kakak let you play a few round lah, so don't need to line up again.
Child: Don't want lah.
Mum: Why don't want?
Child: Don't want to ask lor.
Mum: What did you learn in school? How come you are not brave to ask?
(And, i think we should ask back the mum instead... "What did you learn in school?")

The child did not answer her since it's her turn to get on the ride already. So the mum ask loudly..
Mum: Can my child play a few rounds? She line up so long already.
R.O.: No, she have to line up again. There are so many people waiting, no such thing as playing a few rounds. (She said firmly.)
I'm quite sure everybody wants their child to grow up healthily in terms of physical, spiritual, mentally and having healthy attitudes and behaviours. Children reflects their parents. And if it's not the parents who implant morality and good characteristics in the child, then who else? Responsible parents who think of their kids will changed so that their kids follow their parent's examples. And with those examples, that is how you inculcate these values in them. The best way to influence someone is through living examples.

Nevertheless, i learn a lot through this trip, and enjoyed the conversations held with my dear.

More pictures @ Jun's FB's album

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