Monday, December 31, 2012

MIYF Planning Retreat

Hello! I know December is a busy month for me, so sorry for the lack of updates.
Finally had our MIYF Committees Planning Retreat at a holiday house in Melaka.
(17th - 19th Dec)
I would say that it is a great place to stay in.

It is a holiday house for 6 people, but 20 of us squeeze in there XD
Of course, some of us sleep on the floor.
The flooring is really hard, so if anybody wants to go there, 
please do get mattress instead of sleeping bag. 

This is the website for that place:;label=luv2stay-RxhhzfUVIeKY7KNT34S84gS23108957593:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap1t1:neg;ws=&gclid=CK2M-dT92LQCFUwb6wod1BwAMA

*Jeremy's sharing on Anticipating for the End of the World*

Well, that was my last Planning Retreat as a committee of MIYF
and I surely will miss being part of the team.

However, I cannot tell how glad I am that the presidency post is now taken by Ya-Qi whom I know for sure she can do it ;)


Other than plannings, we had fun moments as well.
That Luv2Stay holiday house is just 5 minutes away from Jongker Street.
We used the iPhone's map to search for this place hahaha.


And we tasted the oh-so-famous Chicken Rice Ball.

But to me, i still prefer the normal Chicken Rice haha.


We also went for some Beef Noodle the next day.
Which I love very much :D

The committees of 2012 and 2013

The committees of 2013 praying together


While the ex-committees take pictures ahahha

On the 2nd night, we went to Mahkota Parade,
to have our dinner and to try the Nadeje cake.

All of us at Nadeje.

The cake is made layer by layer, and according to Chef Jeremy,
it is a very tedious thing.
To me, the taste is normal, but I love the texture though.
Definitely worth the try!

Guys having fun

3rd day, we went for Pork Satay!

this is really DELICIOUS!

We ate so many sticks of it!
I ate 15 sticks!

These are all of our sticks, it is grouped in tens, so you can count it for yourself
So yeah, bye bye Rachel and committees,
let's now welcome Ya-Qi and committees while all of us give them our best supports!

Officially palm off presidency work.

President retired.

For more pictures:

3rd Year - Date night!

26th December - Jun and I went to 1 Utama for a date to celebrate our 3rd year of courtship together hehehee
And it has been awhile to have a night of ours to spend together - without the need to rush to places..
it's like we have the whole night!

First, we bought movie tickets - CZ12.
2nd, we went to hunt for heels.

I have told him a few times that I wanted a beige heels/wedges, just that I didn't get it everytime I see it.
I didn't really have the heart to get ahahhaha since I really am trying to save.

So that night, he said, he wants to get me one.
And then.. I just grab the opportunity hahahah!
I did said no... but he said it's time that I buy ahahha
And since beige can match with everything coz it's skin colour... why nott!?!?!?!

We wanted to visit a few shops to choose the right heels.
But guess whatttt? After trying on a few beige heels from Padini - Vincci itself.....
I fall in love with the a pair of heels in Padini - Vincci heels.

We wanted to leave the shop already.. but I just went and walk another round..
and we found the perfect colour and design. :D


It's called dusty pink but it blends in with my skin colour and matches the colour of my 'beige' bag.

and the colour is like a more matte colour so it's not stricking.
it's like a basic shoe that every girl should have hahaha

And then we had our dinner at Chicago Restaurant.
It serves pork!
I have been eating so much of pork pork pork pork pork lately.
Gotta grow fat this joyous season ahahha!
Well, it is really not bad  - that the pork is made of 100% pork.. it's so meat-ish, i find it hard to bite.
But Jun kinda loves it. 
I kinda like unhealthy food more? So, i prefer those pork mixed with flour and it is super easy to bite hahaha.
Just go try and you'll know.

Jun caught on texting during date! It was Xin You LOL.

Matching outfits for the night :D

Anyway, we watched CZ12 after that too, and it is the last action movie for Jackie Chan most probably?
and I always loved his shows - he has lots of humour.
This one is funny too, but to compare with some of those older movies, the older ones are funnier.
and please note that the storyline isn't very clear, so try to capture it yourself.
and it is speaking in China mandarin, French and a little of english. 

I looked at the subtitles almost all the way hahaha!

A great night out, and a tiring one as well.
Can't wait for the next outing with him - to the Bird park ;)

For more pictures:

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello Everybody!
I know the year 2012 is coming to an end.... and I'm so late.
but better late than never XD
Merry Belated Christmas 
Jun and i

Christmas has been a mixed of emotions for me.
Well, at the early morning of Christmas, my mom came to tell me that grandpa was ill and mom had to send him to the hospital.
I was worried too, but I got to go church as I was song leading with a few others on that day.

Then, while I was songleading, I screw up the song, I sang on the wrong key.
I got pulled to the Alto part instead of singing my own Soprano's melody :(

And all through the Christmas service, my grandmother was sitting right infront of me.
I don't know whether she is worried bout grandpa or not, but I was certainly worried.

Was tearing all through the sermon silently, just that I control my tear and I try to breathe deeply a lot.

However, no doubt the Christmas finale was awesome!
Just that right after the finale, i received a message from mom that said grandpa was admitted.
and then asked me to arrange dad and grandma to go to hospital.

After that, I went and talk to dad and popo and I started crying.
Got to hide myself in the toilet to clean up my tears, but with the worries in my heart,
my Christmas morning was definitely not pleasing unto God.
As I was not trusting Him.

So then, I had my lunch, and then we went to the hospital.

While at the hospital, we got to wait before entering the ward to see gonggong.
He was admitted in the High Dependency Unit because of his old age,
he needs more nurses to take care of him.
and he had lung infection.

The doctor said that gonggong is very fortunate because mom bring him to hospital early.
If we were to wait for a day or 2 more, the condition would be more critical.

After the ward is opened up, I went in with Jun to see gonggong.
It's such a pain to see him with all the tubes around him ...
His eyes wasn't open and he breathes heavily.

I called him, but he did not respond, his eyes remain closed.

But Jun said, he was probably just sleeping
 coz his breathing is in fact regular as according to the heart rate monitor.

So then, I sort of put down the worry in my heart,
it's like I know gonggong is now in the good hands..
and all we need to do is to wait for his infection to clear.
and to trust God.

So after I see him, I am less worried and I began to trust God!

We were in the ward only for like 5 minutes, then we left, 
we need to take turns to visit him.

We went home and rest & prepare for the night's Christmas celebration in GMAD.

Hui Qing, Angel and myself

And since I know that God will take care of everything,
I was feeling so much better during the night and praise God & thank God even through situations like that.
And through the songs & sermons and everything,
I once again feel the joy of Christmas whereby Jesus was born to save us.
He is our savior, our brother, our friend - whom we can trust!
and He will take care of us!

So yeah.. I should still conclude that I have a joyous Christmas :)

After the celebration in GMAD, we also went to See's house for Mafia.
Mafia has been our night's activities for almost 2 weeks now.
Enjoying ourselves before we start school and work again.

Just to let you all know - 25th my grandpa admitted into High Dependency Unit
26th - my grandpa is transfer to normal ward.
And since my uncle is a doctor there - my grandpa had a suite ward for himself!
27th - 29th: he rest in the hospital.
30th - my uncle is back from his vacation & discharge gonggong.

Praise the Lord for his healing hands :)
The babes - Matt, Jem, Jun

Christmas is a love story - because God loved us & He sent Jesus to died for our sins.
Who can ever do that to someone they love? Only Jesus is willing to.
And He expect nothing in return... but our love for Him as well.

But we as sinners who are saved by God's grace, should give Jesus the honour and glory that He deserves,
and serve Him with our heart!
Some of the girls

Christmas is also another love story for me - it marks the beginning of the courtship of Jun and i.
And yeah, .... I would still say - though it's not always smooth sailing but it's always worth!
And I never regret having Jun in my life. 
& I thank God for him :)

We celebrated the 3rd year of our courtship on 26th, which I will update later.
Girls with Jun as the photobomb

So yeap, this is my Christmas.
How was yours???

More pictures below :)
Mary Ann and i

Ee Laine and I

The worship team

Last but not least - Pastor Lydia and I!
Of course, a group picture is a must :)

For more pictures:

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hungry Hog with some of the High school friends

*dear & i*

It was a random day when I saw Farah updating her Facebook status,
then i thought to myself "it has been awhile.."

So, i asked if she wants to meet up.

Next, i saw that Soo Lee update and said that she is back!
She have been away for quite some time in Aussie too.

So yeah, I plan a meet up with a few ppl.
* Farah and i*

So we went to Hungry Hog again in SS15, we ordered delicious pork-y meals
and catch up with each other.

*Sik Yee & her food*

After Hungry Hog, we went to Tong Pak Fu for dessert and more talks. 

*Soo Lee & i*

And then we head home.

* Sik Yee and i*

Now, I am awaiting for Wei Yiing and Swee Huan to come back.
Oh, and also Melanie. 

*Ben and i*

Then will meet up more often.
Ppl say college friends are most important?
Coz they are the one with the same dream as you and they could support you in the future?
*The girls*

But I think, friends from kindergarten/primary/secondary will shape your character as well.
generally, ppl who walks in your life during these years will shape you.

*Us and Ben*

Not saying that college friends aren't important.
They are too!
Coz they encourages you to persist on in the dream that you all shared together.
But I miss those crazy young days.
I'm not as crazy as many... but I do miss my high school moments.

For more pictures:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas @ Kingsley

Hello everybody,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
ahahaha, my blog is still so back dated. :(

Anyway, this is a post for 14th December - which was my last day of school before the term's holidays.
And just wanna share with you what my students & i did to celebrate Christmas in Kingsley. XD

These are some of the decorations.
They asked me a lot like what's a stable,
who is Jesus.. etc etc.
and, I can't help but to tell them the story of Jesus, and His birth.

Well, and yes, I did tell them that Christmas is not about Santa Claus.
It's just a simple deco that I did with the kids since the last week before holidays was also English week which made all the teachers really busy as well.
On that day,the kids brought gifts to be exchanged with their friends.
Ofcourse, those who did not bring will not get to exchange LOL

These are the boys from the 2 year 4 class, which will soon be merge together to one class taken care by me.
and these are the girls from the both classes as well.
soon will be taken care by me as well.

and oops, don't mistake me as the student up there ahahha

next, we have some talent show,
just some presentation, no prices though XD

Above is Sonia presenting on - Live while we're young
This is Sarah - dancing on the song .... i forgotten what's the title ahahha
the four guys presenting a song on - one direction's song
Next is gift exchange.
Below are the pictures!
IMG_9687 IMG_9688 IMG_9690 IMG_9691 IMG_9692 IMG_9694 IMG_9695 IMG_9696 IMG_9697 IMG_9698 IMG_9699 IMG_9701 IMG_9702 IMG_9715
more presentation by Jack and Seo Jun on Gangnam Style.
Sarah again singing the Feliz Navidad in Spanish IMG_9728
However, it was also the last day of Ms. Jacquelin,
wish her all the best in life.
These are the gifts received from the kids. hahaha
Feel the Christmas!