Wednesday, February 29, 2012


taking picture in the dark when all my lights are off, only using the laptop's light. haha

feeling anxious, can't sleep. coz.. XP

but anyway, nothing to do with the competition.

and, the date was postponed to March, date to be confirm.

I'm tired. can't sleep. but will try to sleep.

anxiousanxiousanxious.... need to calm my heart


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2nd Runner Up :D

 I just blog yesterday saying that i will not win. hahahha
and today when i check my email and Seventeen Malaysia FB page, i found these.
i must say that I'm really surprised!
I really thought that only the one with most votes will be selected,
i didn't know that the TOP 3 couples with most votes will win.

And with all the votes that i got from our friends, we are the 2nd runner up with 1343 votes!
really want to thank you all so much for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity
and really thank Seventeen Malaysia as well :)

So, we will be heading to Watami in 1 Utama for our free dinner tomorrow :)
I really don't know where that is, but I'm looking forward to go.
Not for the food, but a date with my dear ♥

I got to say that they decide the date and time for our date & makeover really fast coz we're really not prepared to be winners.
and it's tomorrow!
Jun and I quickly make phone calls and send messages to delay/postpone/cancel whatever plans we have tomorrow for this once in a lifetime opportunity. hahaha

So, yeah.. once again thank you to all of you who places your votes, and praying for us through out.
it's not something serious to be prayed for.. but God says : Everything to God in prayer.
I really want to thank God for all the supports He provides, and thank God for such opportunity as well.

Especially thank God for Jun ♥
Jun is one of the reason we won.
Coz he is the one who took this picture and photo-shopped it.

The story behind this picture:
Like I've said, Jun loves taking picture and i like posing XP but, I don't know how to pose (how irony!). Anyway, but it's because that he always took pictures and i pose in it, we often have pictures that have me but without him. :( So, we took one day off to take pictures for ourselves.

We drove down to Morib early in the morning and took many pictures of ourselves. FYI, there were only two of us who went down. So, how we took the pictures?

Jun and his crazy creativity - he put the camera on top of his camera bag (so that his camera will not get dirty). Then he will direct me to the spot which i should stand, and which the camera could capture.

Then, he will set the timer for 10 seconds, and he will run towards my direction.

In this 10 seconds, he got to get up, run to me, think of a pose, pose and smile!

So, all these pose here were decided really last minute. The smiles on the faces were really genuine, because it was so funny during that time.

He do that through out all the pictures, run to the camera, direct, set timer, run to me, pose. This process repeats itself again and again until we are satisfy with the number of poses and the number of pictures we've taken.

This picture itself is a sweet memory between Jun & i :)

*some morib pictures found here
and all the morib pictures are in Jun's FB here ->


Once again, thanks to all of you who supported us.

And wishing all of you out there... to love & to be loved ♥

hahahahha! Now i know why :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thanks for the support :D

Today is the 26th, and 29th will be the result.
you will see that i have now 1200++ likes as votes.

Frankly, when Jun said he wants to join this with me, we make a promise that we will just try whatever we can do, and then if we still can't win, we will let it be.
Knowing that we got selected as one of the finalist really got us excited, and we kept tagging people on Facebook asking people to 'like' the picture and 'share' the picture.
From only 60 votes, we saw our votes increasing rapidly.
We thought that we are really going to win.

So we let it be and one day, someone just went passed us by 1000+ votes.
that point of time, we know we couldn't do anything already.
but if we want to, we could still do it, but it get rather pointless all of sudden to compete till the end.

I know feeling of sitting in front of the computer for 4 - 5hours, doing nothing but just keep tagging people to ask them for their 'likes'.
When by the end of the day, we only won a free makeover, a romantic dinner and probably fame.

Winning may be good. But not winning doesn't mean it's not good.
it's just a competition, it will not affect us.
So, then, we agreed to just let it be and stop competing.
Let the number grow if it wants, but we will stop trying already.
*note that, stop trying here only refers to winning in that competition, doesn't mean that we'll stop trying in our relationship, coz obviously, that will never happen. ahahhaha*

But, i really want to thank all of you - the 1200+++ people who have taken out your 10 - 20seconds of life to 'like' our picture and 'share' it on your wall.
I like how Ya-Pei put it - "every 'likes' / 'votes' is a blessing"
and indeed, the moment we see those 'likes' and comments, we know that many supports us, not to just win this competition, ... but the truth is they support us in our relationship, blessing our relationship.

Sorry that if you guys are expecting us to win, but we disappoint you XP
but really, we appreciate your support to us.
and we promise that your support to us will not be in vain coz Jun and i promised our love to each other. ♥

God bless all of you :)

dear, you are always the sweetest!
coz you spoil me beyond repair! XP
♥you always.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

my valentine days♥

 Notice that i have an 's' in my title? that means my Valentine Day isn't just one day, that's why it's Valentine Days XP
 * i really like this picture. After i caught this picture and kept the camera, an aeroplane flew below the moon... it will be such a nice picture if i got my camera back out again on time XP*
On 12th February,
 early in the morning, we sent Xin You off, and after sending him off, Jun and I headed to 1 Utama. 

 ate Pizza Hut with the vouchers i got from Blood Donation
 look @ da cheeezeeee.. yummmmm
Jun really love the crust in pizza hut, and it is really the crunchiest compared to many other Pizzas outlet

 dear & i
 After food, we shop for Valentine's Gift. XP
At night, we head down to Puchong to meet up with Jun's family.
 and we had some Ice-Kacangs.

 These are our Vday gift.
His vest, my shoes.
 The price of the vest dropped monthly! hahaha.

 we could've waited for some months, and get it cheaper.
but it's the last size! hahahahaha XP
that lucky man
 this is my shoe, as posted previously XP

Then, on 14th February. 
 We went to Carl's Jr in Subang Parade for dinner coz i was craving for Beef! hahahaha

 This is the shirt i bought for him XP
 and this is the shirt he bought for me XD
 I really like statement tees. Just can't get much of it coz i seldom wear them.
need more working blouses though.
 We ordered 2 burgers, and i really love the Teriyaki Beef Burger!
You can taste the Beef .. like so pure!

 After dinner, we had some picture time and games time while waiting for the movie to start.

 Oh by the way, we watched Chronicle.
Jun told me that it's a nice movie through watching the trailer, but i don't like it at all,
i find it having no meaning.
But the actions are quite okay for Jun.

Then, on 16th January, Jun and I went to Sunway Pyramid XP

 We went to Papa Johns this time.
 Jun is crazily in love with the cheezeeee sauce XP
i think he rank Papa Johns #1 already.
 we walked around, and then head to an Italian Restaurant in Asian Avenue
we share a plate of Cabonara!
It taste really good for the price!
 and he also bought me a pair of slippers from Daiso,
so that i can wear it around in school's staff room when i have no class
then i can rest my leg

since teaching = standing!!! hahahahah
People says Vday should be everyday! and that is very true!
you should not only express your love on Vday, but everyday!!

And I'm glad that God gave me Jun, coz I felt more and more loved everyday. ♥

oh ya, about the Seventeen Magazine competition.. it doesn't really matter now XP
we thought we would win, but we're totally fine if we don't.
since we are apart from the 1st place by 1000, i guess it's time that we give up.
Giving up winning doesn't means giving up love XP

but truth be said, i rather the Melaka couples win than the clubbing couples.
hahahah, i felt that clubbing is not good.
my personal opinion, no offense!