Saturday, March 31, 2012

this is so cute!

Ppl says panda just sleep and eat all day.
they havn't been observing enough XP

actually, older pandas they sleep and eat all day, while young pandas are very active.
but older pandas do feel like being once awhile and play around the tree and toys given to them too
other than that, when a mother panda has a panda cub, see how they interact with each other,
and how they play with each other!
your heart will eventually melt ♥

Friday, March 30, 2012

out with yr6

 15th March 2012, the std 6 students asked few teachers out and I'm one of them. Probably to spend some of the last moments with the teachers before some of them leave the school.
A student - Mun Yoke brought along her white polaroid, and took a picture of the teachers.
Really loving the polaroid, but knowing the cost of it and the films make me realize that investing DSLR is better hahahha (not that i want one.. coz i don't need XP)
but, it's really a great gift when you took a picture and it came out instantly, that you can gave it to your friends for memory :)
 one of my colleague brought along his daughter, and seriously, she is so cute!
all his children are so cute!
This girl is only 5 years old, and she is taller than most 8 years old in my school now. ahahhaha
Good genes :)
 then, they went and play bumber car after that.
even Jun played with them. ahahahha!
Loooook at his naughty face LOL!
the kids really love playing it, but i got to admit it that it's rather expensive.
the kids played for i think 5 rounds non stop. hahaha
and it's not one ticket for as many rounds as you want...
but you have to pay like RM 6 every round??
not sure of the cost, but i know it's more than RM 5 per round.

and then, to the arcade.
Yeah, they played many things. one of the thing that really caught my attention is that they kept playing the machine that grabs sweets and soft toy.
the machine is filled with sweets, but the main target is the soft toy, however it is really very hard to get it. You got to scoop sweets, then the machine will push the amount of sweets you've scooped up to push the soft toy nearer to the hole where we could redeem it.
The scoop looks big but so flimsy, unable to pick up a lot of sweet.

i think they spent RM 8 or more for a little duckling to be given to my colleague's daughter.

 and then we watched The Lorax.
very nice show :)
Love those trees though, feel like eating them.. coz they look like cotton candy ahahhaha
after the movie, we had a group photo and we left.

Spending time with them isn't that bad or hard.
however, i felt a responsibility for awhile during that morning because they look extremely small comparing to the outsiders./
While, when they're at school, they're the big korkors and jiejies. ahahha
so, i felt that they're kids once again suddenly.

but after awhile, knowing that they too can take care of themselves ease my heart a little. :)

during my time, students are very fearful of teachers. Esp during primary school. When you know the teacher is coming, the whole class kept quiet. Though there's this discipline, but the relationship with teachers then is just teacher-student.
However now, though the discipline is there, but not often would happen.. usually the teacher would enter the class to settle them down.
but, the relationship is now much more closer, more heart-to-heart talk, more understanding between teachers and students. Which makes less misunderstanding, and more tolerance and more respects too.
students make the choice to respect you, not because you own a rotan. LOL

but there are times too when they step over your head and you need to do something.
*and, i'll never disagree that a teacher should use a rotan.LOL*

hahahahhahaa. but, i really do enjoy spending time with them.

you know, sometimes even though you are a teacher, you just got to let yourself go and enjoy with them. even as parents, you can't just be superior all the time, you got to come down to the kids' level and do things that they enjoy together.
furthermore, they need to know when it's time to be serious and when is the time to play.
there's time for everything, but if you do not demonstrate it, how are they suppose to know?
they would just think that.. you are serious all the time, ... no time for fun?

sometimes when some kids tell me that they don't get to see their parents for a few days coz they are always working makes me feel sad. and then
i would ask, "do you all go out during weekends then?"...
then they'll answer.. "no, they go out with their friends."
"then, who take care of you?"
"oh, my maid."

though it's good that they're earning money, but the time spent with children are very important.
i always believe that parents should spend a lot of time with children.. coz children who are lack of parent's supervision are prone to many learning problems and discipline problems in school.
they need attention, they need parent's attention.

and when we say love motivates? yes it does!
when parents spend time with the child, and the child know that they love he/she,
it will motivates them to do better.

pls note though that spending time and giving attention to them doesn't mean pampering them or spoil them. Upbringing is very important.

ah, how all these outings connect to upbringings? oh well.
just my thoughts :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bentong 2012

 On 13th March 2012, my parents, Jun, Lenajiejie and I went to Bentong for a day's trip and to show Jun around. We departed at 7.15/7.30am, and went straight to Lentang first. 

It was early in the morning then, around 8.30am, and the place is so cooling. 

No one was there then except for us, and the place is so quiet, just surrounded by all the jungle sounds and the sound of waterfall rushing down the stream.

 Then, we head to the market to get breakfast and lunch. We tapao a lot since it's Jun's first time in Bentong. and he want to try everything!
 After getting so much of items, we went to those kopitiams for DimSum. It's still looked really old and vintage here, with all the signboards that is made of wood and written with paints. 
 We head back to our Bentong's house for some rest and going to the loo XP then, we went to my uncle's restaurant. My uncle is also an actor (the one standing at the back with his wife), wonder anyone see him before?  He acted in many Hong Kong series though. This coming April, there will be one TV show with him inside too. Hahahha. Unfortunately i don't watch TV shows, so i don't recall the title of the TV show. 

 After having some drinks at my uncle's restaurant, we went to Chamang Dam. Jun was astonished with the large waterfall, he fell in love with it instantly and went and took pictures.

 After taking many pictures and enjoying the scenery, we took out our lunch and start eating.

 Then we took a few more pictures, and we head home.
Bentong is a food place, there isn't much thing to see in Bentong, but many things to eat. We did not explore all the eating areas though, there are so many more things that we havn't try. And so, this give Jun and I more to look forward.
Btw, Bentong is my mom's hometown, and i love going back. Just that we didn't have time sometimes.
I'm most proud of my Bentong's house (own by my grandparents) ofcourse. It's filled with history.

for more pictures, visit Jun's facebook page.

However, if you're not his friend, you can't see. I'm sorry XP

Friday, March 16, 2012

Chocolate Raisin Cookies

 Wanted to bake the cookies from the cookie book, but after selecting the cookie that i wanted to bake, i realize that those ingredients are hard to find hahaha

so while I'm searching for choc chips, i found their recipe.

and then, i decided to follow that. the only different i did was substitute chopped nuts with raisins coz i'm so lazy to chop those nuts ahahah

 Mickey Mouse
the picture tells it all yeah ;) hahahah!
this is i think my 2nd or 3rd time baking cookies, but first time without guidance.
just recipe, ingredients, oven and me :)

i got to say that i'm rather proud of myself for baking such delicious cookies
not to brag, but yeah, i love it very much.
the taste motivated me to keep this interest.

and everytime i bake, i bake with a reason, coz i want to give it to someone,
even this time, i bake it for my 2 colleagues who are leaving the school.

but the next time, I'm gonna bake so that my family would enjoy it,
and i will not forget about my fellow youths.. i'll find a day to bake for them to try too :D

I especially love to see Jun's expression after he eat the cookie, it's like he has enter to heaven,
to a land where dream comes true.
hahahaha, yeah, it was that magical XP

and he said that i taste like "Subway Cookies"

wow, i'm honoured ahahhaha.

There'll definitely be more next time :) and ofcourse, no matter how good it taste, there is room for improvements.
Probably less sweet next time coz my dad said that it's quite sweet.

and i am also wondering why my cookies are soft... hmmmm.
but my parents and Jun love it soft XP

Definitely more to come.
Shall work on some banana flavoured soon coz I've got so much of raisins left

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dell Streak

 My students saw it and say.. "wah, Samsung Note ah teacher?"
"no. i reply. it's dell."
Students stop asking, coz it makes them wonder. Dell?

Another student of mine saw it and say.. "what is that?"
i said.. "Dell"
"oh, cannot make phone calls also."
i said.. "Can!"
He stop asking and wander.

Then he continues.. "that's the best computer that i've ever seen!"
I said. "no, it's not. It's a phone" and gave a smile.

he goes .. "wahhhh"
I've been bad. After i got my nokia phone (view it here), i kept complaining about it.
Coz it's too slow, and apps just crash like that coz it doesn't have enough memory to run it
no doubt it was white, and it was good.
but after many installs and running of many app, you realize that the phone is not enough.

after much discussion with my dear, after much research, and after knowing what kind of phone i need,
we actually decided to get Samsung Galaxy W.
but just before he went to the shop and get it, he saw a promotion from the same shop.
He saw this good deal on Dell Streak
they are selling it at RM 899 (original price - RM 1899)

some high-end phone selling at mid-range price? Steal!
 and when he gave it to me.. he said "happy birthday"
so yeah, it's like one of the most expensive gift ever.
and i treasure it a lot.
and i hope that it will last. so that i don't have to change phone.

btw, i really love the big screen. Makes reading notes so easy ;)
and i think Android rocks!
and no, i'm not against Apple. Coz Apple is real cool too!

thxxxxxxxx to dear Jun for this phone! ♥

birthday dinners

 Ah, another year.

On 4th March, my parents brought us to Klang for dinner.
I never expect them to buy cake. 
But that simple gesture of theirs really caught me by surprise and makes me happy.
However, i still don't prefer suprises ahahah. coz you see, I'm so not prepared. XP
 heavy eyebags!! ahhhh.

but i really appreciate my parent's effort :)

 my dear daddy and mommy

 korkor and Lena jiejie
 PMC 's church member :) they joined us for dinner that night as well.

On 6th March, my original bday date.
i invited my parents for birthday dinner with me at Salmon Steak.
and the dinner was on me.

These are my birthday presents ;)

by daddy & mommy

 by korkor & Lena jiejie

 Korkor & Lena Jiejie
 dear & i

 my parents and i
then, after that, we head to Swensons.
My bday was on a Tuesday, so there is off on the Earthquake whoooohhh
 that's korkor's hand
 that's Jun's hand with the plaster XP
 earth quake!

that same night after i came back, Ee Laine, Rachel and Joshua dropped a cake for me.
sorry, didn't take a picture. coz bring to school the next day for breakfast,
morning morning forget to take picture ahahhaha

But thank you so much! it's delicious :)

On 8th March, Jun's parents brought us to Kenny Rogers.
 The food is super awesome! especially the muffins.. taste like heaven!
however, this will be our last visit for a long time.
Price too bomb already XP not very worth it according to Jun 
But, i really thank each and everyone for going through this birthday with me.
with your wishes, your presence, your presents and even when you are reading this... :)

God had really blessed me through this 22 years and may God continue to bless all of you too as well.

for more pictures visit -->