Thursday, April 12, 2012

God Answer Prayers

At 9pm today, those who attended a Disciple course prayed to the Lord for mercy and protection against the Tsunami. True enough, He intervenes, He calms the waves and the earthquake... and there is no more Tsunami. I think not only our church is praying, but all the nations. And here we see how God listens to our prayers and do miracles in His own way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Notes from my handphone :)

easter sunday
romans 1:18-20
rev.david boey. 8/4/12
what do u think God looks like?

God is like a King on the throne.

Some view God as "the old man upstairs"
if this is true, God would now be weak and helpless. He will not have strength of power anymore.

Some view God as "The great judge in the sky" waiting to send ppl to hell.
perhaps a judge of some sort. its true that He is the judge of humankind. but not the kind that slaps, torment ppl and sending ppl to hell. coz that isnt God's desire.

some view God as "   "

some ppl do not believe that there is this Creator until they get in btwn of life difficulties.

all the things around us tell us clearky that there is a supreme creator!
He is also a loving heavenly Father.

when we do what is right, God would love us with a glad heart. but when we r wrg, God love us with a heart filled qith sorrow. God love us despite of who we are. God is slow to condemn, slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Matt 7:11
1 John 3:1
God is a forgiving Father.
God love us unconditionally. He never treat us as our sin deserve. He wait for us patiently to learn from our mistakes. But dont treat God's grace as cheap grace.. coz Jesus die for us.

Christ is risen!!! the grave cannot hold Him.

He is everywhere present. He is eternal
 Alpha and omega. He always was and is and will be God and forever present! God is holy, pure and clean and without sin.

Isaiah 6:5
if compare with the holiness of God, we will be convicted and humbled.

If we have no mentor, no Holy God.. how are we to change ourselves to better?

God is a loving God
1John 4:7 -8
1 John 4:15-16
if we know God we should love one another. we rely on God's love for us.
without God there will x be real love. real love flows from God. God is the.source of genuine love.
there's no greater love than the love on the cross. He die not only for us... but for the wholeeeeeee world. the love that we never can comprehend.

We need to go b4 God in heart of repentance. turning away from sin and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

God is all wise and all powerful.

he is the living and ressurrected Lord.

we are Christ ambassadors to all who is now living in the dark, yet to see the light of God.

John 1:18
John 14:9
John 10:30
Jesus and the father are one.

if ppl want to know how God is like, we must know Jesus more. Jesus heart is same like God.

John 14:6

thru Jesus, we have knowledge of God.

Changes should take place in our life when we accepted Jesus.

we will experience God's sweetness and abundant blessings.


Just That.

Went to Pyramid with dear to get his and my things. He was holding a few plastic bags filled with out stuff. So i asked:" do you need me to hold anything?" And he reply :" just hold my hand. " <3 — with Wen-Jun Cheong

Saturday, April 7, 2012


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But that doesn't really talk about what i do daily,
I just use those to reblog pictures,
or share part of my life. ahahah!

Seventeen Magazine Date :)

 Finally gonna upload about this,... didn't have much time.
So, Jun and I finally go for our date as set by Seventeen Magazine on 23rd March 2012
We went home right away that Friday to prepare after school, then head to 1 Utama.
 see, i still have my wet hair on. hahaha!
we arrived there around 3.30pm, but the make-up is suppose to start at 4.00pm only.
but since we're there and met the organizer - Mingle, we could start early.

met the other winner - Shahmila too.
However, didn't get to meet the Michelle coz she was unfortunately sick that day.
 this is my first experience in a makeover @ Benefits Counter
adding to that, there's a camera man from Seventeen Magazine who kept taking picture of me.
As much as i want to relax, i was also very nervous.

The product of makeover hahahah!
 I think i look better in my own light-make ups though.
Probably i'm really not use to it. hahaha
adding to that, i really thinks my eyebrow makes me look like 'not-me' ahahha
 since after everything it's only 5.00pm, the dinner wasn't ready.
we went for small snacks at YooTiao
 Jun also took this opportunity to study.
He had exam on 24th March but willing to accompany me for this date & makeover XP

 Then finally when dinner is ready, Mingle messaged Jun to notify him
so we head to the restaurant - Watami Restaurant
 Jun ordering food.
 Yeah, then we enjoy our food... :)
 Even when we are eating, the photographer kept taking our picture.
You know, when we are actually talking to each other, he didn't realize and did not take picture
however when we stop talking and start eating, he kept going around and take our picture.
i have to look down, felt so embarrassed, afraid that he might take an ugly picture of me eating hahahah!

Then, he commented that he can't take a good picture of us, coz we're like always eating.
ahahha, so then we did some pose for him to take. LOL, but i'm not sure whether i would be able to get those pictures or not..

I would say that the food from Watami Restaurant taste really good!
however it is really isn't cheap to eat there, glad that it's a free dinner XP
and it's really very tasty!
A great big thanks to Seventeen Malaysia, Benefits, Watami Restaurant, sponsors and organizers for this opportunity
and to all my friends and family who voted for us!

 a gift from Benefits.
 Love these!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hot Air Balloon + Photoshoot

on March 16th, Jun, Matt, Fiona and I went to Putrajaya for the Annual International hot air balloon festival.
This is our first time there though, i havn't seen a hot air balloon in real life...
just like i havn't get a chance to see a panda yet.

 Anyway, we went at the wrong time that day and didn't get to see the hot air balloons.
i saw the balloons on other's blog though, and they're so pretty.
i must go again next year!

 However, our journey there is not in vain, we walk around and relax.
we took many pictures for ourselves and for Matt & Fiona.
Really nice pictures, but i'm not posting here... Visit Jun's FB to see kay

 Fiona & i
 In each other's......... sunglasses. LOL!

 My dear completes me :)
(Polaroid pictures are taken with Fiona's polaroid camera )
for more pictures, visit Jun's FB  album here
if you are not Jun's friend, you will not be able to see :)