Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY: Fringe shirt

 You know while Sedaya Night was coming up then,
there were so many things to plan about.
It was rather rushing since we just finish celebrating Teacher's Day,
and next thing we know after holidays was,
we had less than one month to prepare for Sedaya Night.
 I was told to do Belly Dancing with the Acting and Dancing students.
I had no experience dancing any Belly Dance before,
And no experience in where to get the costumes.
 So, i thought, okay, i'll do it myself.
I drafted the costumes, and I start buying the materials for it.

I was kinda stress, and I even dreamed of doing the costumes.
However, what i dreamed, I did not succeed.
 The Acting and Dancing Club already had some dress,
so i just buy some extra dresses and buy tops to match the colour of the dresses.
 I looked into YouTube on tutorials to make fringe shirts,
and so this is it.

 And then, at the most last minute time, I went and bought the belly dancing belt,
.... I could've just went to that shop in Petaling Street though,
but I am really proud of the outcome of the costume. :)

Stay tunes for updates on Sedaya Night.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shalom Malaysia

 Okay, this should be my last update for today. ahahha
I'm trying to catch up with my events XD
So many more events to blog about.
 *the crowds*

Anyway, our church had a Musical Evangelism Night, by the Korean groups.
this is their first time here, and all of them are really so talented.

 *the koreans*

 They used their talents to serve and praise God.
And also to bring good news around the world.

 This night was more for youngster though,
but I saw lots of older ones who enjoyed themselves too

 By the end of the night, around 3 responded to the altar call,
and are refreshed in the Lord and rededicated themselves.

 Now, we should also thank God and praise God for 3 respondents,
for as long as even1 soul is saved, the angels in the Heaven would rejoice together with us.

 They are call the Korean CCM group - iBig
They go around singing gospel music, bringing people to Christ
They create albums, however the income of those albums sold are not for themselves,
but to support other evangelism groups.

 Sometimes I wonder how they survive, but i know God would definitely provide.

 It's a wonderful night, I must say.
Was hoping that they would come back next year,
but I guess our church is too small XD

 They could be going to Klang's Methodist Church though,
and we could meet them there again

 Till then, may each of us remember them in our prayer as they go around spreading God's love.

 I shall end my words here.
May you all continue browsing through the pictures :)

Sedaya Staff Trip to Melaka

   Sedaya Staff Trip was also held last month.
During 23rd - 24th June if I'm not mistaken.
We went to Melaka.

Well, i won't say much here XD
coz Melaka is always the same.
We went for Buffet lunches and dinners
We went to Afamosa Waterpark, Cowboy Town, Safari Zoo...
Yeah, what else? ahah
Last day we went to Jongker Street.

 What i do know is, that I really enjoyed myself there with my fellow colleagues.
I'm glad that I went though, away from home, away from church, away from work..
and spend time with colleagues, and get to know them more :)

 Sad to be said, I would be leaving this school soon.
It wasn't that I do not like the colleagues or children,
in fact, all of them are like my family already.
It took me awhile to get use to them,
and now I got to move on to another school.

 But, I'm glad that I had this opportunity to work with them
I'm gonna treasure the moments left with them..

In less than one month's time, it would be farewell. :'(