Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MIYF 25th Anniversary

 MIYF celebrates it's 25th Anniversary this year.
I have been in this anniversary for 10 years by the way,
and I'm really proud of that. hahaha.

So, we had dinner, catered from Lynn's.

Then, we start our celebration.
 The worship enablers commit the time to God.
 The crowds await.
 And the celebration starts with praise and worship.
 The song leaders.
 The musicians.
 Ya-Qi worshipping and Hui Qing playing piano.
 Hands held up high to the name of our almighty God.
 Time for president's speech. 
This should be my last time.
Appreciating the presence and support of many.
 Bringing them down memory lane.
Testifying the growth of youth.
 Urging the old to serve with joy.
 Encouraging the young to take up initiative to serve. 
 Will post on my speech later. :)
As a memory for all.
 Pastor's sermon.
 Paying attention to the sermon.
 Mime sketch by the representative of MIYF
 What is love?
 Love is when Jesus sacrifice Himself to died for our sin.
 So that we may be saved and drawn near to God the Father.
 Then, here comes cake cutting session.
 Creative cake by Jeremy, Ya-Qi, Hanniel and Tryphaena.. the MIYF cooking Bridget!
Its a cake with hole in the center, and with lemon syrup in the center.
It taste really awesome! (but it has a story behind it)
That makes the cake look and taste so interesting!
 Photography session.
The whole MIYF!
well, some are absent XD
 But you can see how much they've grown! 
Closing song by the musicians.
Thanking God for all the wonderful deeds He has done to us.
Find this picture interesting because we both did the same action.

Closing prayer by pastor. 

 More photography session. 
 All of us presence that night!

 Mamak time.

 Some lovey-dovey moments.
 And that's all! ahahaha
For more pictures:
Amos's facebook :
And King's facebook:

These pictures are all taken by them as well! TQ so much :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sedaya Night

 This is the one on Sedaya Night!
and I really love how my dancers looked.
They are so pretty.
I did not regret going all the way to Petaling Street and get those belly dancing scarfs
It really add to the effect. ahahha
 Made the head accessories from bracelets. ahahha
DIY-ed the fringe spaghetti myself
Dresses passed down from ex-colleague
Belly dancing belts from Petaling Street

 These are the standard 2, participating in Ali Baba Dance

These are the standard 1 thieves ahahha,
so pretty and high class thieves yeah 

 Practicing while waiting for their turn to perform 
 Their teacher - Ms. Nila!

Ballet dancers! 

Us. :)
Will post up the videos soon, and probably upload pictures from Jun's camera too.
He went that night and he took some awesome pictures too :)