Sunday, September 30, 2012

MIYF 25th Anniversary Speech

Good evening to everyone seated here, welcome to this 25th Anniversary of Methodist Intermediate Youth Fellowship. Before I proceed, I would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and prayer for this youth group. This youth group would not have gone this far without your support and prayer. I want to thank our all our advisors of MIYF, current and past, for they have never give up on us – I especially want to thank Uncle Steven Tan who is appointed by LCEC of the church. He has been our longest advisor yet, he was the advisor ever since I join MIYF and still is the advisor now.  I want to thank you Rev. David Boey who have always nag nag nag us to lead us to the right path because it is for our own good. Also, I want to thank all the parents, that you have been faithfully sending your children – the youths to church, no matter rain or shine. It is this effort that you’ve put in, helped your children to grow and help to make this youth fellowship successful.

Tonight’s celebration is going to extraordinary as we are celebrating the 25th year of MIYF! And we could all agreed that we have walked through many God- given moments of our life in MIYF together with the members of youth fellowship. I personally have been in MIYF for 10 years already, yes.. in fact this is my tenth year.
Since I did not pursue my studies away from home, I have been serving in MIYF as long as I could. The older members of MIYF left for studies one by one but they never forget us, everytime they are back from their studies, they would definitely come back to MIYF and join our fellowship. 

Currently, I’m the oldest female youth, or should I not call myself youth anymore? Coz looking at the members of MIYF, I have seen how much my age escalated since I first joined youth.  Many times when I actually go out with the girls for shopping, they would call me “mommy” even though they are only 2 years younger than me. Or I would also sometimes ask the members, like Samuel or William.. “Hey, how is your preparation for for PMR?” and they would tell me.. “Over already lahhh!” or.. “I’m sitting for SPM this year lahhh”. Sudah tua… everyone is growing so fast and I could not catch up with the age. ahahhaha.

However, I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity to serve in this ministry. I personally watch the youth grow into maturity. We used to be so dependent on advisors, pastors and parents. Well, we still depend on them a lot because their love, help and care always flourishes for us. But, I could testify that, many of our youth, the girls and boys of our youth, have now grown men and women of God. They have taken up many responsibilities in church, they would take up opportunities given to them with joy, and they also portray initiative in doing things.

Sometimes I wonder, how come I am not informed of anything to do for events or programs? And then I found out, that they already planned out the whole program and delegated the jobs to people concerned.  It’s not easy to let go since you’ve learned to pick up so much… but as I learned to let go, I see the youth members grow.

While we are still in youth fellowship, we must admit that, it is not perfect, as each of us are imperfect. We have moments of disagreeing with one another, moments when we would point fingers on others, and moments when you felt too burdensome. However, each of us have learned to overcome it with God’s help and with the help of brother and sisters in Christ. The bond of friendship in this youth fellowship is so strong that we feel like a real family. Whenever there’s a MIYF break, most of us would feel uncomfortable because MIYF is already part of our life, and we would find ways to gather with our friends.. be it playing basketball at night, playing computer games, shopping, playing mafia in someone’s house and so on.

Dear members of MIYFs, some of you may just joined us this year, some of you are as old as me, but I just want to end my speech with some notes for you to remember.

1)    Phillippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
As you grow older, you’ll be given with more responsibility, sometimes you’ll find it hard to cope.. but always remember that your strength comes from God! However, this doesn’t mean that you take it all on yourself, do seek help, as we are one body of Christ, not one person.

2)    Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human.
Whatever responsibility given to you, work it with all your heart, work it with joy..

3)    For those older ones, please never forget MIYF… all of us will grow up. We may part from one another, we may one day leave MIYF, but please remember MIYF wherever you are and pray for this youth fellowship. Take time to drop by when you are back.

4)    For younger MIYFs, I hope that all of you will have wonderful years in MIYF. Take up initiative to serve, accept challenges and opportunities given to you. Learn, cry, laugh and grow. One day when you are as old as me.. or as old as Pastor, you’ll look back during your youth and laugh about it. God gave us a beautiful life, use it well to glorify God’s name.

Thank you for all the attention you have given to me. All glory and honour be unto God.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Since I did not update

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