Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jun's bday celebration!

 It's 24th birthday, can't believe time is passing so fast for him and I.
His sister bought a voucher from Groupon for the family to eat in Setia Walk.
It is rather difficult to find the place as it was raining, dark and it was our first time.
We went through lots of U-turns to get in the entrance.
But everybody was joking in the car to make the situation less tense XD
3 Wise Moneky, famous for their beer and pork!
The pork is awesome!!

Jun and the pork bone.
I really love the design of Setia Walk.
Though it is not really my kind of place because it is full of pubs and bars etc.
But it's will be nice to just walk along the lake and streams of water.

That night was really cooling as well.

Next, Jun brought my family to Piccadilly.
I havn't been there for such a long time already.
Jun introduced the 800+ dishes for my parents to choose from.
They are completely spoilt of choice.
They need Jun to recommend them a few before they start deciding on what to eat.
In the end, everybody ordered and was happy with their food :)
On 17th Oct, his actual birthday date.
It was a Wednesday, usually I'll reach home around 4.45pm that day.
However, due to the heavy rain in my school that cause some pipe to burst and end up flooding my school,
I stayed back to helped out a little.
When I reach home, it was already 5.15pm and Jun will be home at 5.30pm,
so I decided to probably just stay home and not surprise him with cake.
But mom decided to cover up for me, and said that I was not back from work.
Therefore, i went to Cake Sense and bought 2 cakes.
We celebrated it after dinner and before Disciple class.

Ohhh, my fail camera skills :(
Yup, that was one cake.
The other cake was brought to church before I went home to greet Jun.
During the Disciple break time, we took the cake out to surprise him one more time.
This is Oreo Cheesecake XD
I got to say that Cake Sense's cake are really quite nice!
And guess what? Jun's colleagues celebrated for him earlier that afternoon during lunch too.
and the cake is also from Cake Sense. :)

So there, surely you enjoyed yourself dear 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Aquaria KLCC (Jun's camera)

More pictures from Jun's camera.
 Love those motion effect XD
 Hui Qing and myself.
 Motion effect with the MIYF behind me. But Jun's hand were a lil shaky.

Spot the soon-to-retired President ordering around

 Group picture!
 Charmain, Ee Laine and I with the piranhas. 
 With the... ... ... :/ I forgot what. Otter I think.

 The big Komodo dragon/ lizard.
 Everybody behind there is gonna be eaten up by the shark, while Ya-Qi and I survived ;)

Jun and I with the diver
 Jun and I under the Underwater Tunnel

More of us!
 Fascinated with Jellyfish!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game of Life

 Havn't been playing this game for such a long time.
Great to be playing again while we have nothing to do :)
The players for today is Matthew, Brandon, Jun and myself.
Matt is green, Brandon is blue, Jun is orange and i pick my favourite colour - white ;)
So, we waited at the start area for the game to begin. 
 I picked career life straight away, I am really sick of studying :P
Matt and Brandon took career life too, but Jun went to college life first.
 I was the richest and the fastest at the beginning of the game, and i got 'married' first.
The 3 guys were stuck at the same place.
 Then, Matt got 'married' too.
Add caption
 Went and buy a stock after that too. However, later after that, I changed my job and got a lower salary job which is police. But i got money from them almost everytime XD
 And guess what? We all got ourselves 2 children each.
 Except for Jun who only have his beloved 'wife' with him the whole journey.
But he amazingly became a grandparent when they have no kids XD 

The game end with Jun being the richest, followed by myself and I forgotten who else after that ahahha
And his conclusion was: That's why we must study!
He was the only one who picked College life. ahahha

That's Game of Life for you! :)
Entertaining and Educational 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

MIYF Outing @ Aquaria KLCC

 Went to Aquaria KLCC with the MIYF last week.
We gathered infront of church, and then went to KLCC with cars arranged.
 Reached KLCC around 10am, and we went to their food court for some breakfast.
I really love that food court, it is not very expensive.
Some of the food are even cheaper than FohFoh.
 Had lots of breakfast since we will be in Aquaria for long. 
This is one of it. It's super awesome!
Draw something?
Since we will only enter Aquaria at 11.30am, we went around window shopping.
 I must have a big mirror in my house next time! LOLLL!
 at 11.30am, we went in Aquaria.
 We can see, we can feel, we can smell the creatures that we've never seen before.
 I love those big aquarium with lots of fish inside.. and the underwater tunnel.
Really awesome!
 The fishes, turtles, stingray, sharks are like so near to us!
We even saw the feeding session.
Now i know how stingray eat. ahahha
 This is the teeth of Whale shark.
The largest shark in the world!
My kids have been talking about it, but I've never heard or seen anything call Whale Shark.
And guess what? It's a herbivore! Glad to learn it now.
 I'm really fascinated with the jellyfish though.
I was teaching the kids about what animals use to support their body if they have no bones.
One of the topic was jellyfish.
And I found out so much about jellyfish since then.

That day in Aquaria, i get to apply my knowledge and observe their movement.
They are literally semi-transparent. And their tentacles are really fine.

Somehow i am still wondering, why are these Jellyfish moving upside down.
It usually has it tentacles at the bottom, and it look like umbrella.
But this time, it is upside down. ahahahah.
 Oh, and I really love the bright colours of the prawns!
They are so beautiful!
God is such a great artist!
 Well, there are more... as in really MORE!

So please check my facebook for pictures!
Will post up other links when my friends with better photography skills post up their pictures ;)