Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All that has happen in 2013

Dear all who have been following me (if there is) hahahaa
I am sorry, but I think I have no time to cope with updating the blog
Therefore, I think I will stop posting a lot now,
I won't stop, but I will post very much lesser
As I still want to use my blog to keep track of all the wonderful events that has happened
And from now onwards, all blogpost will have less or no photos,
all photos will be posted in Facebook instead,
and descriptions will also be written in Facebook.

So, if you are not my friend... I am so sorry, I couldn't share joy with you anymore
As I only accept people whom I have met before in my Facebook
But, you may follow my Tumblr as my Tumblr is public.


However, here are what I have missed so far...

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31st August 2013 - MIYF Sports Day
Jun's FB

7th October 2013 - Celebrating GongGong's 94th Birthday and Popo's 92nd Birthday

17th October 2013, My dear BF Wen-Jun's 25th Birthday

19th October 2013 - Karaoke at Loudspeaker, First Subang

4th- 7th November 2013 - Family trip to Guilin, China

23rd November 2013 - Korkor's wedding thanksgiving at Sarakei
30th November 2013 - Korkor's wedding Holy Matrimony
30th November 2013 - Kor kor's wedding dinner

8th December 2013, Tick Hoong's Wedding

Tick Hoong's FB pictures

Pictures from my FB

13th December 2013, International Week & Christmas Celebration at Kingsley

14th December 2013, Eric (Jame's brother) 21st Birthday

20th December 2013, GMSJ Christmas Caroling

21st December 2013 - MIYF Annual Lunch

21st December 2013 - GMSJ Children Caroling

22nd December 2013, Celebrating parent's anniversary & Making tongyuen

24th December 2013 - Christmas Countdown


25th December 2013 - GMSJ, GMAD Christmas Celebration & 4th Years of love

26th December 2013 - Boxing Day

26th December 2013 - Celebrating 4 years of love by watching Hobbit Imax 3D and Snow White Live Theatre Show at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

27th December 2013 - Beloved GongGong returned to God

That's how my 2013 went.
Especially when towards the end of year 2013 my gonggong left my family and i
Miss him dearly, but... I know we will meet again one day
Here is a link to the Youtube video of the song "Find Us Faithful"
that really calms my heart when I thought of GongGong.

Okay, please wait for 2014's posts.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pulau Ketam Trip

Dad, mom, meimei and I went to Pulau Ketam one fine Saturday
It was super random and planned last minute
But we enjoyed ourselves so much!
Here are just some pictures...
Since I need to rush to update a lot of other post,
I will just paste the facebook link below.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

to KL & Bentong

 During the Summer Break for Kingsley in August 2013,
I have spent some time with my parents
We took the KTM to KL for some shopping at Petaling Street, H&M, Kenanga Wholesale City
 Mom and Dad in KTM
This is also my first time in the newly designed KTM
 Then after that we went to H&M
for my parents to see if there are any bridesmaid clothes etc
 My sister and I
 Well, I didn't take much picture of us shopping
but this is when we are returning home
Some guys just don't know how to read signs
or really ignorant and inconsiderate
 One week later, we went to Bentong
just a day trip and for my mom to get some cheaper groceries
and to settle some of my grandparent's things
 meimei and I get to take turns to drive down to Bentong!
This is our first time :D
 Oh, these garden pictures are taken when Dad is at the dentist to fix his dentures
 Took some panda themed pictures for this trip after the influence from my friend ahahha
 And here is the busy stret of Bentong
Oh, and my panda found some panda friends too! 
 and Bentong is still using the old way of parking ticket
 This is the famous Bentong Ginger!
 This is Bentong sign.... /duh/
 And Bentong is famous to have many birds on the electrical wire line
they used to have more electrical wire line
and there will be thousands of birds!
After that, they start to minimize the wire line or they revamp it to be unseen,
then the birds gets lesser

However, it is still really alarming that during the evening,
there will be SO MANY BIRDS like thousands and millions of it flying in the sky
That you have to walk out with an umbrella,
or else there will be a big chance you get their poopoo on you
 Here's a kitty cat
 and durians
and this is my grandaunty's cat

Now i know, all cats are afraid of my panda toy. XD

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ice Skating

 It was so long ago, I forgotten how it all happens.
It is either I hope to go Ice-Skating and Charmain ask her friends together to go.
Or, they were planning to go Ice-Skating and Charmain ask if I want to go.
All I know is, I have not been skating very long,
and I hope to go skating.
Till date, I have only went Ice-Skating for 3 times!
and each time I go I have to start learning all over again.
And since I have gotten older and less daring, to learn is harder as well
because I told myself not to let myself fall - as falling is painful 
So, I just started by gliding along the side, and then after that nearer to the centre,
but the speed isn't as satisfying as last time.
I got to admit, I did everything much smoother last time.
Since we are not allowed to take handphones in the ice-skating rink,
we got to take turns to go out of the ice-skating area and take picture through the blurry plastic divider. 
 And then I met my long long time ago neighbor.
we used to play together almost everyday or every weekends.
However, I always can't remember if he is Wen Han or Wen Jie,
but I remember his english name hahahahha!
 And here is my OOTD! LOLOL 
 Then after that, I heard someone called 
'Ms. Rachel!'

I turned around and I saw these familiar faces!
 Such coincidence to meet these kids during a school holidays.
 Yup, here ends my random Ice-skating story.

But, I must really thank Charmain's friends who are also my friends - Pearl, Geraldine, Brandon
as they have been a real great companion!
Being with them makes me feel young and care-free hahahah
They are one crazy bunch of people!

Now I get why Charmain is always so happy XD

For more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/rachelwsf/media_set?set=a.10152145796255661.1073741873.523290660&type=3