Sunday, January 20, 2013

3 years 1 month

 Yay, Jun was said that he wants to bring me to try a new restaurant.
so, that Sunday, i was into good mood and dress myself up ;)
 Jun did not reveal to me where we're going, but he only said it is at Curve.
We walk around Curve, Ikea etc while waiting for lunch time.
Then, he brought me to - Bavarian Bierhaus.
 Ever since our first meal at Brotzeit, we have been to a few German restaurants that serve pork and beers
and every restaurant just satisfy our tummies with their unique dishes.
and yes, this is also one of the delicious one I should say :D
 Well, one of the thing that really brought into discussion was whether technology should be allowed at the table. ahahaha.
I dislike, and Jun dislike dislike dislike having technologies on the table.
Technologies like camera/ hp to take pictures, ok!
Technologies that hinder social, not ok. ahahha
This will be one of the rule that will be enforced when we have a family next time XD

Reason this was brought up, it was because there was a little girl playing with iPad while the parents were eating. And all through their meal, there was no conversation.
Kinda sad i would say...

However, though i dislike it, I sometimes took it out to check too.
I was asking Jun if I could get dataplan some time ago, but he said no, and I could see why.
ahahha, i don't think I can control myself not taking out my hp if I have dataplan, think my hand will be too itchy hahaha.
Anyway, at night, we went and try out the burgers at Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw, hahaha,
it's not bad I would say, worth the try, but still Jun and I have our own preferences. ;) 
Yeap, this is our 3 years and 1 month celebration.

One of the many thousands uncountable things that I really like about our relationship is - we share everything from our hearts.
We do not keep secrets from each other, unless they are friend's secrets.
We would tell each other whatever we dislike about each other, and we will try to change and accommodate.

Yeah, they always say - no one is perfect, and we just have to embrace their imperfectness.
Which is also true, but we try to change for each other too.
Change to the better, not change to someone against ourselves.

Of course, there are some things unchangeable - old habits die hard - but that don't make us love each other less.

And no, we don't often argue hahaha, he often spoils me you see XD
and most of the time, I'm the one at fault -after he tells me my wrongs, he will hug me, kiss me and let me know that he loves me.

blessed i am :)

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Singapore Day 2 & Day 3: At Marina Bay Sands & Bugis

This is a continuation of Day 2.
After Universal Studio that day, we went home for shower.
and then off to a restaurant for Seafood.

Above is the picture of Black pepper crab
This prawn is super awesome!
This is the curry/ spicy crab, don't know the name ahahha

Uncle Steven (Xin You's uncle) bought us there,
and it was all so delicious!
When we ask of the name, he said that it is called "NO SIGNBOARD"
Thought we were trick, but no!
It's for real!
After dinner, we went to Marina Bay Sands.
I forgot how we get there.
Did Uncle Steven fetch us there or what?
I think he fetch us there right??
Anyway, Marina Bay Sands is such a romantic place for couples.
They can just go there to chill.
Hold hands and walk around the whole area.. with breezing wind blowing.
We took lots of photos there, just that it was dark,
therefore the blur pictures.

But.... we enjoyed the moments.
It's like, so romantic!

I wonder whether anybody propose for marriage before at MBS or not..

Hey, Michelle and Xin You took some really nice pics as well,
just that, it is privatize for them to see only ;)
We took all these pictures while waiting for Ya-Pei.
And then, we chat, we walk around and spend some time with her.
Ahhh, it's so nice to meet her in Singapore.
Never in my life would I thought I will go Singapore while she is still studying there.
We saw some really cool thing flying in the sky from far.
And we walk towards it to check it out.
It's like kites, but electronic.
I don't see kids playing, but man of 30s and 40s ahahha
It's so cool, i almost get one for myself..
but there's no place to play this in Subang.

Before we knew it, it was time for the Lights and water show.
It is Free Of Charge!
and very family-like kind of show.
Not very awesome, but nice enough to chill and rest there to watch something like that after a super long day.
And they have this awesome swirlpool there.
The water falls INSIDE of Marina Bay Sands shopping mall 's pool LOL
We walk and talk and talk and walk.
and we took pictures around the place.
This is us staring at the mall, dreaming to enter and come out with many bags.
never gonna happen LOL

Well, we did enter to look around, but the shops there have prices that literally kill you ahahha
There's a beautiful lighted bridge there too,
which i forgot what it is called.
It's the Art and science Museum thing.
At night, we took a cab back to Uncle Steven's house.
while Ya-Pei take a bus and MRT back to her hostel.

And then we ate Strawberry Strudels, or is it Durian strudel?
but it is a must try if anyone is going to Singapore,
the store for these strudels is in Bugis.
Speaking of Bugis, that is where we went on the third day!
We went around to shop and to look around,
we had our lunch.. we had some dessert.
And from there, we took the MRT back to the bus station
and bid farewell to Singapore.

I really enjoyed myself with all of you...
Thank you so much for making it a real cool and relaxing vacation for me.

For more pictures: visit Jun's fb ahahah

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Singapore Day 2 - Universal Studio

During the Day 2 - Xin You and Jun woke up early to get us breakfast while Michelle & I remains in bed.
I woke up after awhile they left for Plants VS Zombie game on Mich's iPad ahah.
and get myself ready for breakfast too.
Then, Michelle woke up, we prepare our things and have bfast after the guys bring back the food,
then we left for Universal Studio.

Again, thanks to Uncle Steven (Xin You's uncle) - because he dropped us at the VivaCity Mall,
and we just went over to take the Sentosa Express to Waterfront Station for Universal Studio.

It took us awhile to actually find the ticket counter where we can retrieve our tickets we bought online so to avoid lining up at the long que.
And then, we entered with our eyes widened.
It's like.. "Wahhhhhh" when you first enter.
Jun said since the crowd isn't many yet, they decided to go for all the rides first.
He brought us all the way in to where the roller coaster are.
I thought I would ride on it. 
However, after looking at all the loops, I freaked out.

There are two kinds of roller coaster - one which looks like the normal one, 
the other with the feet dangling --- ohh! Scary much!

Therefore, i stand there holding all their bags - to save them from keeping it in the locker,
to take pictures for them while they are on the ride.
It wasn't very easy taking their shot.
The roller coaster is too fast.
But manage to catch a few of their faces ;)

Pro-photographer?? Nope. Just spamming the camera HAHAHA
After that, we went for the Transformers ride.
We heard that it was super awesome, and yes, it's a ride that we do not want to miss.
We took lots of photo before we even reach the ride.
That's because it is like a maze inside.
You keep walking and walking and walking.. it's like never ending.
And the queue is rather long too.
since the place is separated to a few rooms,
everytime you think you are going to reach the ride,
they bring you to another room.
It was quite a good concept  I would say, 
it will deceive the visitors on how short the line is so that it will not discourage them to walk away.

However, the visitors will soon realize that they are brought into room after room of queuing, but they are no longer able to escape - since it is very tedious to actually squeeze through all the crowds to leave.
There were so many LCD screens there, as if you are really in some high tech world.
And they have different scene on LCDs,
one on the formation of the transformer, one is on some CCTV showing the bad guys coming and we are suppose to battle them, and one is on some guy from the transformers
(which i don't know who) talking to us to prepare us.
We finally reach the room where we are able to take the 3D glasses.
And then, soon, we were on the ride.

The ride is so cool, it's like super awesome, it's like you are really there doing the fight.
and because it is 4D, you can feel the water/the heat/ the wind blowing and so on.

Definitely worth the ride!

After the Transformers, we went for the Return of Mummies.
We met the "Cleopatra" there and some of the "gods" or whatever those are. ahahha
The "Cleopatra" is really scary.
She stares at you! ahahah, some guys went and take picture with her,
she just keep staring without emotion.
The guys laughed nervously ahahaha!

She is also freaking tall, so sometimes she walk towards the guys staring at them, the guys back off a little.
hahaha, so funny!
Well, since we can't bring in any bags for the Mummies' ride.
Xin You and Michelle went in first while we took care of their bags.
We also took a few pictures around us.

Asked Jun to take this too, coz I found my gang..
the one who stands outside to hold the bag while others enjoyed HAHAHA
I think I enjoyed myself more like that too sometimes.
Rather than experiencing the fear, but carrying other's bag so that they can experience,
share it with you and you will also have a good laugh ;)
Well, the Mummies ride is really scary.
They have scary images, in very dark caves.
and not much of security feel.
The coaster ride is so fast, and there were backward motion too.
I swear I almost cry.
I was clinging on to Jun so tightly. :(

I'm so sorry, but I'm of no fun ahahaha.

But I'd say that you all should go and try!!
I was just scared... :(
Okay, yeah.. I think I'm more of the relaxing type.. the girl who suits this kind of ride
I can't take it to have my butt be lifted off my seat during coaster rides.
This is so much more enjoyable - where we can chat and not be worried ahaha

This was at the Madagascar area.
There wasn't any queue for this, and it actually said no photography.
But Jun took it anyway. LOL
Ahh, MERRY-GO-ROUNDS are romantic, don't you think so?

After that, we went for the water show.
It is really nice - they were really good actors and actress.
Furthermore, the sound system is good.
They splash waters to the crowd during the show, hahaha, but we sat high enough to avoid it.
Well, it's a story on good and bad guys fighting, then you have a hero saving a pretty girl. ;)
always the same - but this is real life! ahaha
At the end of everything, they had an aeroplane crashing through the place,
and fire explosion too!
it's like.. WOWWWWWW
We also went for some Jurassic Park ride after that - which is also super cool!
Yes, you will get wet, but it soon dries up.
Hahaha, there are parts where we enter some dark caves, there are parts where there are fast current water.
And parts where we have to enter some elevator to bring us to somewhere, then they will push us down through some waterfall kind of thing. ahahah
Very cool. ;)

Yupp, so after that, we went for lunch at the Jurassic Park's food court.
Then we went around for pictures and more mini rides.

*Photos from 'Egypt'*

*Photos from Accelerator*
This is the one where you are turned round and round in a cup.

Then Xin You and Michelle to sit on the roller coaster again - the one with the feet dangling. 
While Jun tries to take some random pictures of me. ahahah
I love candid pictures of me which are nice HAHAHA
I love taking pictures too.
Just that I do not like posing in them if I'm alone.
I'd take it with someone so that I do not have to pose.
But candids are fine ;)

Yeah, this is the roller coaster ride!
super scary just by the look of it!
Freaked out even before entering ahahah.

The blue track is the one with feet dangling.
After that, we went to New York.
and found that it is snowing 'bubbles!'
many of them just stopped by to take picture.

We met "Charlie Chaplin"

We met "Marilyn Monroe"

we squad by the police car.
we went up the stage! ahahah
And took some photos of Jun piggyback me around LOLOL

The Hollywood street.

Coming back to Madagascar for photos!
Taking pictures of the booths
coz they are so colourful and creatively decorated.

After that, it leads us to the Shrek's movie.
OH YA, we went for the Shrek's 4D show too.
Which is less violent compare to the Transformers and other rides.
This caters to pregnant ladies as well.

At Shrek's house

Michelle and Xin You after a long walk to farfar away land.
One of the entrance.
The castle.

Then, we met Shrek and Fiona!
And more pictures!

This is at the Jurassic Park again.
Jun and I hatch from the same egg!! HAAHHA
Well, we are equally yoke :D

The dinasaur 'bones'

Passed by Far Far Away land again
1..2...3... JUMP!!

And that's the end of the whole tour in Universal Studio!
I'd say it is a MUST-GO :D
It's so much better than Genting ahahahahha
Well, i guess I got bored of Genting.
Yeap, pictures of us before we depart home.
It's such an awesome day together at Universal Studio

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