Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vday & 3 yr 2 months Celebration

 Since CNY was so busy, my dear and i didn't had time to go for dates.
On 26th Feb, we finally get to go on a date to celebrate Valentines and our 3 year 2 months too!
Was rather rushing because we went for the dinner after work.
 I guess that is what will happen for couples who are already working.
I should count myself blessed since my work is only until 3.30pm and I can be home by 4.00pm,
or at most I'll stay and do my work and reach home by 5pm latest.. unless I have tuition, then I'll only reach home at 7pm.
While Jun is also blessed as his working time is only until 5.30pm.
Usually by 6pm he will be at my house already!
And once in a blue moon he will have meeting that makes him stay till 7pm.
But that's like once or twice so far only!
 So, anyway, he ordered from Groupon the TGI Friday's set meal.
We love Groupon! hahahaa!
We got lots of our monthly-versary meals from Groupon LOL.
 It's a set for two person, but it is really filling!
and because it is Groupon, there's discount!
We were really full that night. 
This was at Subang Parade, btw.
 after the meal, we asked the waitress there to take a picture for us.
And then, we left Subang Parade to go Citta Mall in Ara Damansara.
 We pay for the entrance fee (RM15) for the mini putt game.
Well, quite pricey... but if you really like golf or if you want to try, why not!
We were there for the first time, and we try for that few hours.
It could have been better if both of us have more time XD
 My dear took the blue ball as I took the orange ball.
My dear have such good aiming skills.
Of course, when he reach the more difficult formation, he needs to take a few more shots to get the ball in.
As for me, I can even miss the hole even if it is like a palm's length away :(
Sometimes I hit too hard, sometimes I hit too soft. hahaha.
well, this is one very good example.
The original place of the ball was where the golf stick is.
And I hit too softly, it didn't enter the hole.

 Nevertheless, we had a great time!
It's a very relaxing game.
I lost badly, but who cares?? ahahahha.
It's still great! Like I said, very relaxing.. and it's actually very good for your mind too!
 Mini Putt in Citta mall has lots of stations,
I think 17 or 18 stations if I'm not wrong.
some with moving objects,
some with crazy slopes,
some with obstacles... wow!!
The stations are really challenging sometimes.

Take a look at our scores!
Look at my number!!! ahahahha... I exceed the maximum score!
The scores actually means how many hits you have attempted ahahah.
I attempted more than 10 hits for some rounds ahahah.

 Here are some pictures of me!

And here are some pictures of us! 
I have tried many more things ever since I'm with Jun..
many new things and many new experience together with Jun.
And I do hope that more of these will come next time :)
 He also taught me how to live more healthily with good and healthy eating habits,
sleeping early, saving money, doing sports!

I've change from worse to bad ahahaha because he still spoils me a lot! XD

I wouldn't say that everything we both do is perfect for each other,
I wouldn't say that we are always very smooth sailing in our relationship...
There are conflicts once awhile.. there are times where we do argue and have our own perspective...
but solving it together, either being able to tolerate or being able to change or being able to admit your mistakes will help building a stronger relationship :D
 I love him very very much :)

 Here's my OOTD for that night! :)
Cutout spaghetti crop top with swan printings
and high waist jeans with black belt :D
Top from Phatculture and bottoms from October Origin
While the belt is from Asian Avenue!
 I shop a lot online last time..
but I have not shopping online for last 6 months already!
It has really been a great achievement!! :)
and I'm so happy to see the savings in my bank increasing :D
money is not everything... 
but there's a need to be discipline and have a good financial management too :)

For more pictures:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

More updates on CNY

 Okay, I have no idea when these pictures are taken,
I have lost count of the days and the events during CNY.
Every CNY is filled with much family activities that I can't keep track which event belongs to which day.
So these are the ones that I've compiled but without knowing which date it belongs.

Anyway, we finally get to see the ship, oh i think this was during Day 3, since we went to Pyramid Pasta Zanmai ahahha.
 I would say that the place is so crowded, I wouldn't know that there's a ship in the picture unless stated.

Then, the youth also came to my house for visitation on one of those days.
we went to others house too - like the Chan's, the See's the Siah's, the Tan's and so on.
And this is the Wong's.
We didn't go to the Wan's this time, but the Wan's came to my house for a birthday celebration for William, and they gave us angpao there too. hahahha

 Coincidentally, it was also Lena jiejie's birthday, so we cut a slice of cake from William's cake to sing birthday song for Lena jiejie :D
 Future Mr. & Mrs. Wong :D

 The MIYF-ers also celebrated CNY and Vday too!
Sarah's mother bought us Yeesang.
Thanks Aunty Hana!

Going to side track since my students bought me some chocolate from Japan.
This is the Green Tea Kit Kat ahahha
It taste okay.
But i still prefer the usual classic chocolate wafers. :)
Original is the best yeah? ahahha

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CNY Day 3

 Day 3 in Bentong, and the day we will leave Bentong.
Many of us (cousins) woke up a little later and pack to head home.
On the way home, we stop at Bukit Tinggi for the Garden View Restaurant which is our favourite restaurant.
And we never fail to go visit the garden and take lots of pictures.
 Unfortunately, the colour of the sky that day isn't very nice.
Don't be fooled by the colour of the picture, 
it was actually very hot and sunny, that's why the picture comes out so flat.
I look like a ghost XD 
Yup, and I was wearing the same #ootd as the day before
since i only wear the dress for dinner.

I don't know bout other girls, but I usually wear my clothes 2 times minimum before washing them.
However, I will mix and match here and there a little, but since I didn't pack many things to bring to Bentong, I couldn't mix and match much, so hence the same style again XD 
 Below is the view of the garden.
They plant their own vegetables, they have their own goose and chickens !
ahahhaha.. really love this place.

Last picture with Jia Yi before we bid each other goodbye as we will not be seeing each other after CNY in Bentong.
and she already fly back to England last 2 weeks.
 At night, we ate at Pasta Zanmai, Pyramid.
To shop and to see the decorations.
 Oh well, still the same dress LOLOLOL!

And just because I have been wearing this dress for almost everyday during CNY,
i end up not touching it at all since after CNY.
Guess I will bring it out soon again XD
Kevin and Charmain ;)

Here ends our day 3.

Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY Day 2 - Bainian during afternoon

 Continuing from the previous post.
once again, i am showing you all the Bentong street!
It's noon time now, so you can see the increase in cars yeah?
* love the nature wave ;) *

 When I was back, we took quick shower, had short naps and I style my hair.
Always dream of doing many hairstyles with my hair, 
 however it was layered last time, so many hair was jutting out.. and it just created much more of a messy look.
So that's why I opt to cut them short and all in the same length to try out whether or not it will be easier to style.
 But yeah, this time my hair is so thick that I give up styling them sometimes because I need to use lots of bobby pins and it just won't stay.
Well, but i still do love this kind of hair cut, a good change from my boring layers.
And Jun said that it is much neater.

 Well, i do not know what kind of hairstyle this is called.
I watch it from Youtube weeks ago and did it out of my imagination once again.
Isn't as perfect as what we see on Youtube, but I feel so much joy playing with my hair XD

 This is the top that I wore for bainian in the afternoon,
pair it with jeans.

While on the way to bainian (visit relatives) this is what my family and I saw at the side of the street.
Check out the banner below!
 If you read chinese characters, you will get the meaning right away!
for those who do not read chinese characters, what they are doing here is just the play of mandarin words.
They have two chinese new year wishes here, but with the play of words, they are encouraging the people to "ubah roket style" - make a change and support a fair and clean election!

As for me, DAP ftw! 
 We went to our grandaunt's house for visitation.
this is not the only house though.
We went for three houses, but I only took picture of this house hahaha.
Forgot to take at the other houses because I was busy eating cookies XD

 After all the visitations, we went home for shower.
Then prepare for dinner. 
 This time, i had a side swept ponytail.
This side swept ponytail are very secure and the rubber band will not come out at all/ loosen like the other pony tails.
This is because I have created a loop to secure the ponytail on the side.
Not sure if you understand or not, but yeah... maybe I can take a picture of this style again next time ahahha from the back.
 And being a little more vain, i took a few more pictures XD
just scroll down okay.

 And this is my #ootd for the dinner! Yay!
It's made of chiffon, bought it online and really love the coral pink colour!
It's such a sweet colour! :)
We had dinner at a chinese restaurant again.
and this time, instead of going out for wifi.
I stayed home chatting with my parents, with my cousin sister - Jia Yi since she haven't been around for such a long time,
listening to political stuff from my uncle aunties and after that,
playing new card games with my cousin brothers and sisters.

It's like.. they have new games to introduce every year.
Seriously, i do not remember how to play the card game last year anymore XD

Oh well, it's a new year anyway. ahahha

So, we played till 3am this time and I went and sleep. :)