Monday, April 29, 2013

Super Belated Port Dickson Trip

 Yay, my boyfriend finally uploaded pictures on Port Dickson!
We went to Port Dickson in June 2012 you know, and I received these pictures during June 2013!
That is exactly like 1 year LOLOL
However, if you observe the date of this post it is written April 2013, because it is now June 2013 but I  have not update since April 2013. XD
So I am still trying to catch up, I am so tempted to just skip all the events and go to June 2013,
but I am afraid I will regret when I look back next time..
I want to record down all the beautiful memories of my life.

The thing is... everything in my life is so beautiful that I want to record everything down ahahhaha
So, anyway, I went there with my boyfriend and my boyfriend's colleague.
The accommodation of this trip is sponsored by my boyfriend's company - Mesiniaga.
Every staff of Mesiniaga can apply for it, but may or may not get it.
My boyfriend was lucky enough XD
We stayed at Ilham Resort - quite a cozy and nice place to stay and it is actually located in Melaka already haahha.
There are 3 bedrooms. Every room have an attached toilet.
The master bedroom have a queen size bed, the other 2 rooms each have 2 single bed.
And the hall really nice too :)
Not forgetting the seafood in Port Dickson are really cheap and tasty!
We technically drive around Port Dickson to find random food.
And everywhere you turn, you are still able to smell the beach, and see lots of stores selling batiks, bikinis and colourful kites!
I have not play kite before, and I have been telling my boyfriend to bring me... well, we have not really officially fly a kite yet... and he didn't actually want to buy for me, it's rather a waste of money since we may not have the time to play and there's no place in Subang to play. ahhaha
But, it was really a nice getaway! But this getaway soon become a nightmare for me, but at a same time... I would consider it a sweet nightmare.
 Port Dickson's sea breeze at night cause me to feel cold and I was down with fever on the first night.
and all through the night I was feeling so cold yet so hot... and my dear have to come over and check on my temperature.
 The next morning, I was still sick in bed while my bf and his colleagues went out for breakfast.
He came back with breakfast, medicine, isotonic drinks for me.
I feel so loved you know? AHHAHAHAHA
And guess what? He actually bought me a KITE too!
How cool is that... :):):)
Well, i bet he'll never get it for me if I wasn't sick ahahhaha. He just wanted to make me feel better. 
 So, after much rest, we went to the beach during the evening, I was still feeling uncomfortable, but I insisted to go. That is why you can see many pictures of me even though I am sick.
The pictures may not show that I am sick though, because I was more happy than feeling sick.
 Other than that, we even went and climb up some hill and look at the view from the top of the hill.
There was some history with the hill too.
Something about Parameswara standing on the hill to see something too or to look out for enemy or something like that. ahahahha
I have never find history interesting. :P
And the journey to the top of the hill is about 30 minutes walk, so I actually sweat a lot.
And yeah, my fever was already near fully recover that time. 
 Went back to the room to bathe after that, and went for some ikan bakars and pasar malam kind of thing in Port Dickson.
 Hit the bed after that and leave the next morning.
 Getaways with not much planning, just go with the flow is really relaxing :)
I will never get bored of visiting places and just getaway. hahahah
 For more pictures you may visit the link: 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My New Toy

Hi all, this is such an outdated post.
I got this on 28th April, hahaha... this is the thing that keeps me going to finish my assignments.
Well, actually, if there isn't anything like that, I will eventually finish my assignment too XD

 Anyway, these are my reasons for getting this Samsung Tab 2 7.0

1) I love big phones
I love how the technology today incorporates so many things in one phone/tab etc
And being such a cheapo, I like to get things that are affordable yet having lots of benefits to me
and can do many things.
My previous phone is big, but this is bigger.
However, I think this will be the maximum size I'll get since my fingers can't go any further
And since it is a big phones, fonts are bigger.
It will be good for my eyes as I store many of my PDF notes in it ;)
Yayyyyy to more studying, no? hahaahhaha

*finally i can screenshot*

2) I want a white phone!
Yea yea, i am spoilt like that. Jun always say that colours does not matter,
yeah, i know colours don't matter but I really like white.
and since this phone is selling cheap with white as well!
Might as well right? XD
And everytime I see this phone sitting in the Samsung shops, i just can't help but to feel that it look so beautiful 

 *I wanted a really pretty cover, but I got the black cover after much persuades from Jun so that it is protected and it will not be dirty.*

3) It is so much faster than my previous phone
My previous phone is not bad, I can bear with the laggy-ness of it.
I didn't really thought that I will be getting one this soon because my previous phone was just last year,
but since Jun ask me to get one and he paid half for it, so I just get one which will satisfy me most. ;)
So now, I have phone that can open up apps and so many things in just 3 seconds,
I know compare to other phones that open up in a split second, this phone is still very slow.
But i really love how it is faster than Dell XD
and it can SUPER MULTI-TASK! ;)
I can switch around so many apps if I want to... of course up to like 7 heavy apps it will get to slow down, so I have to close some of those that I don't use.

 * Screenshot this to show my tuition student on this flower*

4) It has many more features
And again, not as many as the other phones, but this is just so perfect for me ;)

*Jun got me a pink cover after that to be used only for special occasions :D *
In conclusion, I really love this Samsung Tab 2 7.0

Below are some pictures:
Its camera quality is lower than my previous phones, but I think it is still adequate. 
It does not have auto-focus and flash
but camera editing apps helps a lot
My sister and I 

What I bought using the 1 Malaysia Book Voucher ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OOTD Series: Blue Black

From 21st to 27th April, I thought of the theme: Blue Black.
Kinda funny, it sounds more like bruises to me. But, I probably didn't think long enough, therefore I just use the colours as the theme XD

Coincidently, on that week's Sunday, my dear wore blue too :)
I love it when we just wear or do the same thing coincidently. ahahha

So, this is what I wore on Sunday.
It is actually my mom's dress when she was a teenage.
So, it should be about 40 years ago. ;)
How ancient is that right...

I don't know why is it still here, but I found it somewhere when spring cleaning the house.
And I went and alter it for myself.
And ta-daa it fits perfectly ;)
Just that the bust area is too big for me, but I really love the colour and the small yellow flower in the center which was the reason mommy bought this dress that time

For a more formal / Executive look, and since I was songleading that Sunday,
I put on a black jacket that is cropped by myself.
Felt that I did great though ahahha.

This is the 3rd look, whereby I just wear a normal blue Tee with a tube inside and a black slacks.
I wore pants every Mon, Wed and Thurs for convenience sake

This is on Tuesday - where I wear dresses/ skirt, but since the dress is a little short,
I wore a black leggings underneathe.
And, it is a bare back dress, so I wore another black shirt underneathe it. ;)

On Thursday, I wore the black slacks again, the blue top again, but this one I layered it over the black Tees and I folded the sleeves, so it looks more like a blue tank above of my black tee Yay!

And on Friday, I wore my bare back dress as a skirt.
I folded the top part in the skirt,
I wore it at the opposite way, and then, I fasten a belt.
And hence, a skirt ;)
Really love those big buttons though.

So, this is the compiled look.
1 bare back dress, 1 black tube, 1 black shirt, 1 blue shirt, 1 black jacket, 1 black belt, 1 black leggings
6 looks ;)

Just a picture of myself :)

And please allow me to share my mom's masterpiece with you guys too :)
It's really delicious hahaha

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OOTD Series: Black and White

So, I have taken vanity to the next level.
It probably could help me to save some energy from laundry too.

This is my first series of ootd whereby a theme is applied.
the theme for this first ootd is Black and White
ootd 1: white plain top + black and white flower flared skirt with lace + black belt
plain white tops are great for mix-matching :)
really love this look, and love how my hair look wavy here.. 
by the way, my hair has the natural wave which i love very much :)

Felt so girly <3 p="">

ootd 2: wearing my black and white skirt as the top, below it is another plain black tee, and wearing a high waisted skirt with the same belt as well.

A great look for corporate? or executive? haaha.

ootd 3: wearing white top and white pants with black belt.
since the white top is sleeveless and have holes, i wore my plain black tee under it

Looking more casual here, I wore my black Sketches with this look too.
and I tug in the front of the shirt to show off the belt, left the back flowing to create a high-low kind of style.

ootd 4: a simple look by wearing the plain black tee under the spaghetti dress
and putting a black ribbon belt over it to accentuate the waist
this dress is given to me by someone else, so it's not mine, but i love the design though it doesn't really fit me, so i have to always put a belt XD

ootd 5: just a plain black tee with my white pants

since election is so near, i just want to say that...
I will cast my vote for the change I want to see,
and no matter what happens, I must trust in God!
Of course I hope that the change will happen, but with many dirty tactics around,
I can only depend on God, and let God do His job according to His own will in His own time.
Hope that God will also open the eyes of the Rakyats to truly see what is happening around now.

couple ootd XD
Korea T-shirt bought by Carrine jiejie

Stay tune for more ootd series ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Eyeliner Noob

I am really bad at putting make-ups, not even just applying eyeliners.
I always go the easiest - that is to just put on pencil eyeliners
I have done 2 liquid eyeliners before, well they are rather successful but it took me a long time to actually get them right.
So, in order to save time, I have been avoiding them XD

Being a little more vain nowadays, just because I want to dress up better.
I have been going online to observe how to put on liquid eyeliners.
Or, what kind of eyeliners suit my eyes.
Found the picture above while going through some of the sites, and I think that I have almond eyes,
my eyes isn't very cina-ish unless I smile and squint them,
It's not down turned, and not monolids.
I have double eye-lids, just that they're uneven.
But some days, they look even... not sure why though.

Then I found this picture, and the more I agree with myself that I belong more to the almond shape eyes.
I have shared to some of my friends that I think the best feature of me is my eyes, and yet it have always been giving me problems.
Nevertheless, I am proud of my eyes :)
At least it teaches me much more now on how I should care for it.

To read more about the different shape of eyes please look at the picture below:

After reading the above image, I think i have a mixture of Almond eyes and Protruding Eyes.
Oh well, but I'm still very happy about my eyes.

So yeah, after knowing what kind of eye shape I belong to, and having knowing that I can use almost any eye liner / eye shadow techniques, I proceeded with watching Youtubes XD

From Michelle Phan, one of my favourites.

Random Youtuber - but I find this very useful.. they show you by drawing on the paper. Cool XD

There are more techniques here for the beginners and the professionals XD
You may find out on them here: eyeliners for beginners and pros

I decided to share a lot of other things rather than the activities in my life so that when I click back my own blog, I am able to find out about the interesting things that I have seen.
I don't really want to forget them and have to go Google search it all over again every time :)

Here's the latest picture of me in my eyeliner:

 This is in brown pencil eyeliner before I watch these videos.

And this is in black liquid eyeliner attempting some winged kind of eyes ahahha
I guess I am barely there, but I really like the look anyways.

Just that, the day when I finally put on my liquid eyeliner, I screw it up by crying because I was touched during the Praise and Worship.
So therefore, I wasn't able to wear it long enough, my tears wipe it all away XD

But, of course, I really felt God and how He reminds me of His love for me.
I am really happy for being so close to God. :)

So yeah, screw the eyeliners that day and screw the effort hahaha!
The experience with God is so much more meaningful ;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Being proud of who I am

Girls are always unhappy bout themselves?

Well, not always.. but most of the time!

Honestly.. we girls should really make a list of what we dislike of ourselves be it inner or outer, and then make another list of how you can appreciate what you dislike.

This will help you to appreciate yourself more & brings you more confident!

To begin with, I will do it first.

How to appreciate
 * Hair drops and dry hair
 * I love it because it is wavy!
 * Pimples & pimple scar on the cheek
 * Makes my face look naturally blush
 * Dry and frequent red problematic eyes and uneven eyelids too!
 * I think that it is one of my best features, I like my long eyelashes and almond-shaped eyes.
 * Big nose and big ears
 * At least I have nose and I can breathe! Have ears and I can hear!
 * Uneven teeth
 * Well, at certain angles they look straight & it makes my smile more beautiful ;)
* Body that is not proportionate. Small and big at wrong places
 * I still appreciate though that I still have a bit of shape hahaha and; petite looks good sometimes too.
 * Short
* Can wear many pretty heels! 

 * Quiet around strangers
 * At least i can learn about them first & then slowly open up to them
 * Can't seem to say no
 * But I am glad to be able to help.. always using 'helping others' as a stepping stone to know others more & to build relationship
 * Burry complaints in my heart 
 * So that I won't appear to be fussy over things, but if I can't stand it, I have my lovely bf to hear me out. I just don't tell it face to face with the person
 * My work require a lot of me
 * But, glad to experience God's strength in me because everything usually falls into place! and, I'm enjoy the appreciation from colleagues, parents & students
 * Have been making myself busy which i like & dislike at the same time because I get tired too
* But, I am able to finish lots of things because I can persevere. 

Yup, that's all I think ;)
I don't think I have any character problem. ahahaha.
I only don't have a lot of confident.

Doesn't mean you 
But anyway, my dear told me that day when I complain to him - he says "Just be proud of whatever you have now.. everybody wants something else but never appreciate what they have already got."

and here's a video for girls who have small boobs like me.. and like bubzbeauty.
very inspiring ;)

ending the post with an outfit that I recently bought from H&M
love how the dress wraps my body.
I should not care how some parts appear too big or too small already..
and how some clothes are probably not suitable for me..
but if i like them, i will just wear them to flaunt my flaws and be proud of how i'm created ;)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leaving work on time

Jun and I have always believed in leaving work on time.
Well, it is not because we are lazy, but we have a life.. and our life is not all about work!
So working hours to me are rather fixed, it would probably take an extra of averagely 30 minutes everyday, but that's all!
Jun is always punctual in leaving the office too.. and I think Asians should start practicing these.

Asians always think that staying longer in the office may seem to look more hardworking and producing more products.
and those who leave early doesn't seem to be able to finish their work?
These are just the perceptions planted in Asians overtime.

*Found this picture other day on Facebook.*

I totally agree with the points that the picture above shows.
The reason that I usually stay back is not because of I am producing more things,
but just that I am unable to finish the work that have to be submitted the next day or so.
My working hours is until 3.30pm, but if I have to stay, I will only stay for an average of another 30minutes and that's all.
But, I usually leave right away.
I probably only stay back for staff meetings which is held three times a month.

My colleague asked me before on why I would be able to finish my work when I came later than him and leave earlier than him. Adding to that, I seldom bring my work home.
I probably only bring them home once or twice a month, but usually I won't do so as I find myself doing it more efficiently in school (my workplace).
Well anyway, I just told him that by the end of the day everything will falls into place.
And of course it is God's strength guiding me through :)

There's really more to life..

like spending time with your loved ones.

Indulging in God's words

Doing something you liked most.

Blogging like now.

Chilling and relaxing.


Just mere being lazy.

and the list will surely go on... because... YOLO!!!
Whatsapp on office's PC ;)... YOLO!!!