Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Out & About May & June

 Decided to compile some of the events ;)

29th May 2013

It is a simple burger, it is just really big!
We were really fascinated by it and so we ordered two kinds of BBB to try it out.
One chicken and one beef.
It is so big, it is impossible to hold with hands and eat ahahhaa

They provide knifes for us and we will have to cut it like cutting cake slices.
We manage to finish them all, it is a good night out having some epic meal time.

These burgers are from Asia Cafe

But i think the normal Ramli Burger taste better, but hey... it is really big and filling & i think the meat are unprocessed meats.

Coz they are not able to get patty that big, they have to DIY them right? ahahha

And the next day, we had Joseph Fellowship - makan night
and so many pizzas are bought!
They are really yummy.
They are all from Sarpino's.
Go try it out ;)

I'm so bad at reviewing food :/ I'm better off blogging about the events in my life ahahhaha

8th June 2013

So, Ya-Pei is back and Elaine Siah came down on purpose from Kampar as well.
The rest are having holidays.

We decided to have a darling night again to catch up with one another at Upstairs Cafe.

12th June 2013

Matt asked Jun and I to follow him to fetch Fiona from the airport,
he is super excited to see her again after bout 1 year of separation by distance.

Took lots of pictures of him with his excited face, but will just post this 2 photos up.

Other than that, Matt planned something naughty.

We waited for Fiona to come out, and all of us went and hide.

Then we observe Fiona from afar,
while Matthew made his way through the crowd to surprise Fiona from her back hahahaha.

Finally reunited again :)

Double dates will be on the way hahaha!

17th June 2013

Wei Yiing is back, and its time for a meet up, so we asked Farah (have not been seeing for a long time too to come along)... and Mei Xian (didn't see her since after high school) ahahah.

We dine at Rakuzen, Empire Gallery.

Somewhere in June

Was eyeing Spaghetti Grill, Paradigm for some time but didn't went in.

One fine day, Jun and I went Paradigm to shop and just decided to go in for a try!

And we really love it ever since then :D

Other than that, I like how some of their appetizer are bottomless.

We ordered the onion rings the other day.

It's so unhealthy, but it's so tasty :D

Definitely going to go back there again ;)

Then sometime after that, should be around end of June, 20th something,

we went there for a farewell dinner with Mary Ann and Elizabeth :)

Both of them went to Singapore with filled tummy ahahahha

For more pictures: CLICK HERE

Till here, the next few post will be solely dedicated to that certain event as there are so many pictures ahahaa. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jun's Master Degree Graduation

After lots of weekends and weekdays nights committed to his Master course, he have finally graduated!
I must say that I am really proud of him as he uses his God-given perseverance and dedication.
As he was doing his Masters, I am doing my Degree course, however, I could never find myself as hardworking as he is. 

However, he always motivates me to study hard and do things earlier and not procrastinate.

*Carrine jiejie and Jun*

Sometimes, he would even bring his study material to my house and we study side by side.
Sometimes, I would bring my study material to his campus - Taylor's Lakeside and study in the library while he go for his weekend classes.
Sometimes, I will follow him to his campus and study in his lecture hall as he discuss about his assignments with his group of friends.

*Carrine jiejie and I*

Hahaha, I am rather clingy, i know. Sometimes, he will ask me to stay home because he foresee that he will go home really late.
Sometimes, he will be the one who ask me to go, so that i can do more of my work.
I can't really work at home - in my own comfort zone and my bed ahahaha.

So, anyway, I am sure that I am not the only one who is proud of him.
Even his family and his friends.
I am really blessed though to have someone like him,
I like how he is so independent and clear of the things he wants to do and he will try hard to pursue it.

His family calls him 'ah boy' (sooo cute!) since young.
He is always and forever their 'ah boy' because it shows that this is really their son and they are proud to have him showering his love to them in many ways.
I really admire him that he have never ask his family for a single cent in his education ever since he left high school just like me.
I am glad that God gave us a kind of family whereby he and I kinda have no choice but to make wise decision on how to spend our money so that it can benefit us and our family.

Well, to me... honestly, I love the part of him whereby he really takes care of his family.
In my opinion, I think that is a part that all guys should learn. If you can't take care of your parents or if you don't love your family, I don't think your gf will find it easy to be part of your life.

Other than that, and again .. I love how he have a clear goal in his mind for what he wants to do in life.
I can see that every step he takes really is able to lead him to what he really wants to do in life.

He is softhearted but firm when he needs to be. He is very forgiving and he don't find faults with others. He is a human, he can get angry too, but he would forget bout it really quickly. He is good with new people and he does not judge people.

All in all, I think that he is such a great role model to myself and everyone out there. ahahah.
And to me, he is not only a 'ah boy' to his family, he is also a man that God place in my life.
A man that is mature in his decisions, goal-oriented in whatever he does, love and cares for people and myself and live a life dedicated to God.

So that morning, we all went to the campus really early so that he can get ready.
I took my study notes with me to study as exams was near.
He gave me his DSLR so that I could take picture of him, but unfortunately, the battery died.
Thank God I still have my compact, but the quality isn't very good.

He was the first name to be called.
And we joke, whether we can leave the hall... but ofcourse, we need to be seated and respect the ceremony as more than thousands of names are called after that.

That's him happily walking up the stage as the first person and happily taking the scroll and certs.

After the ceremony, we went and have our buffet lunch at one of the restaurant.
The food are not bad.

And then, we met Jackie while we are taking pictures.
So we asked him to take for us instead since he is having his DSLR.

Well, really... I thank God for Jun and thank God for guiding him through his Masters studies.

and, I pray that God will continue to guide Jun in his life in whatever that he wants to do.
There are still some goals that Jun have in his mind that is yet to be fulfilled.
and I know that by Jun's God-given nature, it will be fulfilled.

for more pictures, please visit:

I would like to end this post with...


Friday, May 17, 2013

Meet up with MCKL friends

 Mohana & i

Have not met up since Mohana's birthday celebration before she goes to UK,
and since she is back, we decided to come together for a mini gathering.
We ate at 3 little pigs in Bangsar... it's really a nice place for gathering.
Though the food are rather pricey, but I think the taste is awesome.
I didn't asked for any food though, I ordered their drink - Nutella Milkshake something like that and it's sugar rush!

 Rachel Tee & i

So, that day, we had lots of chats and updates from each other about our work especially and regarding the kids and the parents. ahahahha The topic won't run far usually.
It is such a joy to be able to have friends that share the same dream and passion :)

 Charleen and I
 Rachel Tee and I again ahahhaa

 All four of us
All four of us again :)

Probably I must share that one of the most joyous news is - Mohana have received Jesus as her Lord and Saviour!
Welcome to the one body of Christ, Mohana!
And may God continue to bless you in the walk with Christ. :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

 I have always wanted to visit I-city again since my I-City trip with Jun and his family last year.
The reason is because my parents want to go, and there is an interesting illusion art museum there too!
Therefore, on this Mother's Day, we went to I-City ;)

There are a lot of pictures, please bear with me, but they are really interesting!
 Mommy pushing the girl on the swing as I catch her shoe
 Dad and Mom photo
 I love this mirror image thing, it is soooo funny!
 Mom was asking dad if he could kiss him.
But they kiss too quickly and we could take the shot ahahhaha
 This is funny, i love this picture :D
 Daddy climbing up to find treasures
 korkor and Leh Nah jiejie walking on plank
 Charmain was confused and bringing Leh Nah jiejie down the staircase
Superman dad protected mom from dinosaur
 He's my angel
 He's my hero!
 byebye korkor XD
 Tilting the photo and pouring out water ahahha
 Greedy Jun
Dramatic Charmain 
 Strong Leh Nah jiejie
 I failed badly at posing ahahhaha
 Charmain is good! She found her soulmate
 Kevinkorkor tried to scare the Gorilla
 Run for your life!
 Oopsie daisy, spiderman is being naughty ahhaha
(it was actually cause by the gush of wind from the aircond machine thing )
 After that, we went and look around the place and beautiful, colourful lightings
 I have to comment that I-City is not a very good place for night photoshoots for normal ppl like us
and one of the important button for Jun's camera is not functioning well
but for me, the smiles and the memories are the most important ones
Jun would said that he rather have quality photos to remember those important smiles and memories
 The beautiful lightings

 If you guys havn't been there before, you should go and just see for once
Ppl may say that it is boring, but it is actually a good place to chill and spend time with family
I always hope to try everything at least once, and if it's nice, then I will go again
Else, once.
 Dad and mom
 Jun and I
 The ladies
The men

That's the end ;)
But before I go.... there are a lot more pictures!