Sunday, June 30, 2013

Year 4 Excursion - Seremban

 Finally I'm going to talk about the educational trip to Seremban that was taken place during end of May.
Only 3 students from my class did not go to the educational trip, other than that, the other students went.
And 3 teachers followed us.
 This is the group that I am taking care of.
 The first place of visitation was Yakult Factory.
And ever since then, I drink Yakult almost every day XD
 Well, it is tasty and it is good for health.

By the way, it was Pride Travels that organize this trip for us, and we have a very friendly and young tour guide - Amos.
Thanks for the great help.

Next, we move to our accomodation & Agro park
 Where the kids learn to be farmers and being fed by mosquitoes ahahahha
 We have the chance of picking seeds, planting, making enzyme etc...
and we have a target shooting session as well.
  I think I shot 6 out of 8 times ... which is pretty good I would say

 After that, we have some fun time at the river.
a very small stream. XD

 Basically, I was enjoying a lot with them, and then I just sit at the corner and say.. "Be careful, don't play so rough" etc etc
 Then students will sometimes just come to me and tell me stories while I am sitting there.
 We left Starfresh Agro Park on day two.
 We went and visit the Muzium of Seremban - the palace etc..
it's so big and beautiful... everything in there is 3D,
it's like literally touring in the palace
And then we head home after that. :)

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

MIYF 26th Anniversary

My holidays is soooo gonna end soon already and my blog is still soooo outdated 
i am always thinking whether I should continue blogging or not... but to give up really hurts my heart,
but if i want to continue, i would need to dedicate some time for it.
ahhhh, and i always find blogging useful when i want to trace back events as i am really really forgetful

So, anyway, here's the super outdated post on MIYF 26t Anniversary
and, as usual, we had our dinner before the worship begins.

Then, we have our praise and worship,
not sure if you can see my nails, I actually purposely painted my nails for the event.
But, i am sooo lazy to find the picture to post it here, I've uploaded it in my instagram before
Then, we have speech by President Sis. See Ya-Qi
Sermon by Pastor Raymond Choy
And drama by some of the youths.
I am acting as the MONEY temptation ;)
Pearl is the HUMAN

and yes, those are real money! my money! ahahha
A simple drama that explains the deep meaning of Jesus' love
Jesus' sacrificing Himself for the sake of human
My friend recorded the video down, view here for the drama
 We took it from the Youtube actually...
view here for the original one: 
The committees of MIYF 2013/2014
May God's blessings continue to be upon them as they lead the MIYF to do greater things for God!
Everybody else who attended
The drama team


My darlings

Presidents from Year 2007 - 2014

Presidents and their vice presidents from 2007 - 2014
Ee Laine, Ya-Qi, Jun and I
MIYF Committee - 2009 - 2012

MIYF Committees - 2007 - 2008
My dear and i