Sunday, July 21, 2013

EduFair, Malaysia VS Chelsea

On 21st July, some of the Kingsley staff was asked to go to EduFair to promote Kingsley International school.
I am so not used to the promoting and so much of talking, but I just have to approach them with smiles and tell them all i know and my experiences.
Some of them are interested and fill up enquiry form, and the management office will follow up with them.
Was doing this for 6 hours straight with short breaks in between. 
 Some photos to end our day. 
 Right after that, went back home for a quick change and bath and a quick dinner,
then Jun and I head off to the stadium for Malaysia VS Chelsea friendly football game.
He did said that he wants to bring me one day to watch a football match, however both of us got so busy that we did not have time to fulfill some of these little dreams.
 Well, thanks to my colleague - Christine for introducing me to competitions.
So, Jun and I just join and we won a couple of things already.
Movie tickets, freebies and this time.. football match tickets :D
 I am super excited!
We wore black and yellow to support Malaysia!
 We reach there rather early before the match start and we took places for Christine and her friends.
Yes, she won tickets too, and she won 2 pairs of tickets, how cool is that!
 Well, if you look behind me, there are actually lots of people in blue 
They are all the Chelsea fans!

 my dear and i
 The mascot for Chelsea and Msia.
 Well, i forgotten what is the score for Msia and Chelsea match,
but I know that Chelsea won.
However, I would say that Chelsea's players has benefit of being built and tall,
but Msia players have benefit of being in their home ground.
Anyhow, this match must have brought lots of experience to our Msian players.
Other than that, you are able to see that although there are more blue tops among the crowds,
but you will be able to hear them roar and cheering for Msia more than for Chelsea. 
So yeah, the Msia spirit is there!

 Christine and I

 Christine and Hong Sheng
 Christine and friends
both of us again

We did not stay for the whole show as I have training the next day and Jun has work, but it was really satisfying, though most times it's rather slow... but there are moments whereby your heart race with them while they almost shot in the goal or cheer with them when they actually got it!
A good first experience of football match ;)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Out & about of July's event :)

 3rd July 2013

Won tickets to watch Blind Detective.
Was kinda praying hard to win these tickets so that I can bring my parents to watch it.

Thank God for answering my prayers.
And I get to fill dad and mom's night with some silly acts by Andy Lau and Sammy Cheng ;)

We also went and eat at Manhattan Fish Market 

 6th July 2013
Kingsley Charity Bazaar

Kingsley organize a Charity Bazaar together with World Vision to help fight hunger.

Many parents and students came to help, and though it is so tiring, it is all worth it!

Jun also came to visit.
To get himself some breakfast.

Our store sell smoothies, yoghurt and ice-cream.

He wanted to get some healthy breakfast, but the pasta from next door was too tempting XD

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 6th July 2013

The same night,

Ya-Qi and I wore the same cardigan :D
Yeah, it's bought from the same place but of different colours.

Other than that, I love those balloons! ahahahhaa

And so blessed to have Jun to cook for me :D

I'll definitely be the one washing plates next time ;)

But hey, i love baking ... just so you know ahhahaha
 7th July 2013

It's a Sunday

And here's a selfie of me on Sunday morning XD

Read on....

Was teaching in Sunday school as well.

And I just want to thank God for the kids for being able to stay seated and read the bible while their friends are reading it out loud. :)

After church,

Jun and I went for lunch buffet in Tony Roma's

This is my first time in TR Malaysia

and it's Buffet!!

It was to celebrate USA 's independence day

And this is Jun and his funny looking face when it comes to being in pictures

 16th July 2013

Won tickets again to watch Turbo :D

And it's really funny

Took pictures at the Smurfs 2 decoration.

TGV 1 Utama is really awesome by the way,
they have nice decorations for the movies :)

I should go there more often for picture purposes ahhaha

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Day of Academic Year 2012-2013

 In Malaysia, academic year starts in January and end in December.
However for International Schools that follow the UK curriculum like mine,
we actually started during September & end in July the next year.

Therefore, on the last day of school which was on 26th July 2013,
the students were gathered for a special assembly, given awards and had class party.
It was such a memorable day - where I will have to bid goodbye to my 22 students.

If you compare the number 22 to the government school's 50, it is no big deal.
Not to say that I can't handle 50 students, I think I can if you ask me to pay no attention to their needs,
just step in as an authoritative teacher & whatever I say they must follow. hahaha
However, International School is different, you don't actually step in as a 'teach-er' but a 'facilitate - tor'
Yes, a facilitator, whereby you facilitate learning.
And many a times, learning happens by students themselves, they created it, what I did was just facilitate.
Therefore, 22 can be really hand full if you were to observe each of them on their learning,
attend to their needs, and make sure you develop them to be good citizens too. 

 I was actually only have 10 of them, which makes things so easy.
However, they decided to combine the class, and I have to find my strength, courage, wisdom and skills from God to settle them down.
It is not easy, for the first few weeks after they combine both class, I entered the class with heavy heart.
And I came out with sour faces.
Every lesson, I will use half of the time keeping quiet and just staring and after that teaching them about respect and morale, and on their attitude and behaviour, also the classroom system that we set and agreed on.
Then slowly, they get use to my style and they listen in my class, i was not only appreciated through their little gifts, but also when they are at their best behaviour they will make me proud.
From the first few weeks of me struggling and acting all like authoritarian for awhile to treating each other with respect, when there is an instruction they will follow; when it is unclear, they will ask; when it is time for serious writing, they will write; and when it is time for fun, they played hard.
I won't say that I have done the most perfect job, but I will proudly say and thank God for the improvements I can see.... however, there are MORE to be done.
 Thus, 'tis the end of  my service with them for Academic Year 2012 - 2013.
Not that I won't see them again.
They will be in Year 5, but not my class students anymore.
I may not be able to continue to mould them - that's what I miss.
However, I will sincerely hope and pray that they will continue to grow in maturity.

Monday, July 1, 2013

KS1 excursion to Kidzsports

 I always love excursion, it's like a break from the boring teaching routine.
Okay, teaching is definitely not boring... just sometimes, you just want some change in routine so you don't need to prepare etc.
But I will never stop loving teaching, and working with kids, they bring unexpected surprises everyday :)
 All thanks to my colleague from KS1 who invited me to join KS1 (year 1 & 2) excursion,
i get to freed myself and let my hair down awhile WHILE watching the kids :)
 Teachers were actually asked not to play, well... they kinda said that it is for kids only...
but, the younger us were playing with them and the staff were all totally fine
 Well, I guess it is okay to go up and play with the kids as long as we do know how to behave ourselves, not jumping around and destroying their playground
 Kingsley kids are awesome isn't it?
They all gathered once they hear the whistle blow!
 Water time
 Rock climbing!
I did that too! It's awesome :)
 So yeah, basically, I went and play with the kids and try to snap as many pictures as I can :)
 This is like the only picture I have with students hahaha
 And i love this green slide! 
 Kinda looks like they are in a cage ahahhaha
And here's the last photo of the day :)

Just so you know, Kidzsports is a very child friendly indoor playground located in Empire Shopping Gallery.